Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sour Patch Kids | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Ellie Corr

    Ellie Corr19 horas atrás

    Pausing at 21:44 to almost scream bc sour patch kids are vegan candies and if you add gelatin then they’re not the same! I’m really hoping gelatin doesn’t get used so I can make these but a happy plant alternative is agar agar! Please consider using that for vegan specific candies 😊

  2. Michelle C.

    Michelle C.20 horas atrás

    Make dippin dots next!

  3. NoTheOtherJonathan

    NoTheOtherJonathan21 hora atrás

    Next gourmet makes should be Claire on a beach in Hawaii making a gourmet margarita for herself.

  4. Panini_Pizza

    Panini_Pizza21 hora atrás

    Make rainbow nerds next!!

  5. 잘생긴방탄보라해

    잘생긴방탄보라해21 hora atrás

    저거 엄마가 호주갔다오셔서 사오신건데 존맛탱!특히 레몬이 제일...

  6. 잘생긴방탄보라해

    잘생긴방탄보라해21 hora atrás


  7. Jessica

    Jessica22 horas atrás

    i wanna see her make "poppin' cookin"...itd be hard but like👀

  8. Ethan Knight

    Ethan Knight23 horas atrás

    Please make gormet kinder buenos

  9. Lia Dabbles

    Lia DabblesDia atrás

    Please make a star crunch

  10. BOMB.COM

    BOMB.COMDia atrás

    Cute ending

  11. Minaal Cheema

    Minaal CheemaDia atrás

    Dylan has entered the chat

  12. Georgia McInnes

    Georgia McInnesDia atrás

    gourmet pods chocolate!!!

  13. Stefanie Schweigler

    Stefanie SchweiglerDia atrás

    I need to see Dylan is in Trouble reacting to this!

  14. mal

    malDia atrás

    Make now and later

  15. Orri Greaves

    Orri GreavesDia atrás

    Claire is a genius.

  16. Erdrick68

    Erdrick68Dia atrás

    Delany has never been more right (about the watermelon).

  17. Rachel Miller

    Rachel MillerDia atrás

    Claire you should try making a Daim or TimTam bar!

  18. The Bomb Digity

    The Bomb DigityDia atrás

    Claire I have to say normally I really enjoy these but this episode was a huge let down. It very much felt like you didn't care for the project. Looks as if your coping out on this one. Still love u tho 😘 10/10 best chef ever

  19. Victoria

    VictoriaDia atrás

    Ese pañuelo verde en el 5:00 es de Gabi de casualidad??? Aborto legal, seguro y gratuito

  20. Fernanda Pomares

    Fernanda PomaresDia atrás

    My mouth was watering the whole time! Here in Mexico we have a candy called Selz soda which is a hollow hard candy with citric acid powder on the inside, it fizzes in the mouth. Also, what if you tried making Milk duds or Takis fuego (I'm specially curious about how would you achieve the flavour of those).

  21. Saqib Ahmad

    Saqib AhmadDia atrás

    I feel like Claire MUST do a gourmet candy corn next. I hate candy corn but. Spooky season 🎃💀🦴

  22. Seeran Enayet

    Seeran EnayetDia atrás

    I love you Claire but....did no one mention Turkish delight? A similar dessert in terms of consistency that doesn’t have any gelatin...

  23. O'Donnell Andrew

    O'Donnell AndrewDia atrás

    Me: "Oh this episode should be pretty eas-" Episode length: *50 hours* Me: "O-oh"

  24. Shani Sp

    Shani SpDia atrás

    Make popcorners

  25. Fallen Rose

    Fallen RoseDia atrás

    Do slim Jim's!!

  26. E B

    E BDia atrás

    “That’s the description. What are they gonna do, give tasting notes of the grain alcohol??” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Jake Fletcher

    Jake FletcherDia atrás

    Claire make Nilla Wafers!!

  28. Br. Joseph Paul Albin

    Br. Joseph Paul AlbinDia atrás

    I would like to hang out with everyone in the BA kitchen. That is all.

  29. Lacey Bennett

    Lacey BennettDia atrás

    Gourmet Dino nuggets 😂😂

  30. A I

    A IDia atrás

    Did anyone read the detailed description?! 😝😂

  31. literallysydd

    literallysyddDia atrás

    every time i see this i just think about how high their food cost must be

  32. DasVERMiT

    DasVERMiTDia atrás

    If Claire loves sour so much, she should do *WARHEADS!*

  33. Sadie Nailed it

    Sadie Nailed itDia atrás

    when she pulls them out of the dehydrator and says "look at what happened" too funny

  34. Daba Willian

    Daba WillianDia atrás

    31:38 2 shots of vodka!

  35. Lucy Legassie

    Lucy LegassieDia atrás

    She should make fruit by the fruut next! Like this to get it to the top

  36. Samanta Choi

    Samanta ChoiDia atrás

    Gourmet chef makes goldfish crackers snacks!!

  37. I Did This For The Comments.

    I Did This For The Comments.Dia atrás

    why even use the rind? Serious question.

  38. Melissa Robyn

    Melissa RobynDia atrás

    Do a Passion Flaky.

  39. alana davis

    alana davisDia atrás

    2 shots of vodka 31:38

  40. Anais Bilodeau

    Anais BilodeauDia atrás

    Please make Coffee Crisp chocolate bars!

  41. Charlotte The Unicorn

    Charlotte The UnicornDia atrás

    20:54 that eye roll tho

  42. Tondria Sanders

    Tondria SandersDia atrás

    I love Cosmo! Carla you’ve got a cute baby 💜

  43. SJBLivesOn

    SJBLivesOnDia atrás

    You should try moon pies!!

  44. ellis rell

    ellis rellDia atrás

    gourmet terry’s chocolate orange? (claire ily and apologize in advance)

  45. Anh Hong Nguyen

    Anh Hong NguyenDia atrás

    Claire, can you make butterfinger next?

  46. Sena_T

    Sena_TDia atrás


  47. Brayden Register

    Brayden RegisterDia atrás

    Did she read the ingredients?

  48. Amanda Ingraham

    Amanda IngrahamDia atrás

    Claire: '...but I still don't want to do it.' Claire is my spirit animal.

  49. Majilikin

    MajilikinDia atrás

    Has she done gourmet easy cheese? I think that could be interesting, if not impossible

  50. Kaylei Mason

    Kaylei MasonDia atrás

    she didn’t make a blue 😤

  51. Ashley

    AshleyDia atrás

    Please make different types of gum! I think Claire would enjoy wrapping them

  52. taotefling

    taoteflingDia atrás

    Poor Claire. I think she could use a couple shots of that Everclear.

  53. DontBurnTheDOPE

    DontBurnTheDOPEDia atrás

    can you make sour patch ice cream?

  54. Ara Karbaski

    Ara KarbaskiDia atrás

    My mouth is watering watching this.

  55. eli

    eliDia atrás

    is this not just basically tasty's make it fancy??

  56. Antoinette Albert

    Antoinette AlbertDia atrás


  57. Reagan K

    Reagan KDia atrás

    I want some

  58. Silvia

    SilviaDia atrás

    Bit mad about the 6 ads 😒

  59. Valeria Esquivel

    Valeria EsquivelDia atrás


  60. The cheesy gamer

    The cheesy gamerDia atrás

    You should make gourmet takis!

  61. Maria Bou

    Maria BouDia atrás

    Alex is so supportive and sweet,, I wanna husband him up.