Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sour Patch Kids | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Elizabeth Eriksson

    Elizabeth Eriksson6 horas atrás

    Love how supportive they all are when Claire’s feeling down and defeated.

  2. Jimmy Tran

    Jimmy TranDia atrás

    "I love sour" "tHeSe WaRhEaDs aRe ToO sOuR"

  3. Shelby LaCarte

    Shelby LaCarteDia atrás

    does anyone get The Office vibes

  4. L BANNA

    L BANNA3 dias atrás

    Can you do pop rocks?

  5. DavidW

    DavidW3 dias atrás

    Wher is the Haribo episode?

  6. Mimi Schünemann

    Mimi Schünemann3 dias atrás

    cosmo! cosmo! cosmo! please bring him back for other videos! you are killing it man!

  7. Cora Clark

    Cora Clark3 dias atrás

    I feel bad for the editors, all that video, you have to imagine there's probably hours per video.

  8. will :p

    will :p4 dias atrás

    That’s gonna be kinda weird if she doesn’t delete the photos of cosmo

  9. Sara You

    Sara You4 dias atrás

    Cosmo is a mad-lad

  10. Damola Alabi

    Damola Alabi4 dias atrás

    “Nothing is too sour”... Cosmo ftw

  11. Sophie Lukashenkova

    Sophie Lukashenkova4 dias atrás

    why r claire and brad not married

  12. Jose Velasquez

    Jose Velasquez6 dias atrás

    These are my most favorite candy in all of existence but I feel like I’m the only person that hates the watermelon ones

  13. Sandra Bennett

    Sandra Bennett6 dias atrás

    The name sour patch kids sounds like cabbage patch kids.

  14. Sandra Bennett

    Sandra Bennett6 dias atrás

    Literally the whole video my mouth is salivating 🥺

  15. Jean Eckhardt

    Jean Eckhardt7 dias atrás

    4:37 dark claire show me invert sugar

  16. Jean Eckhardt

    Jean Eckhardt7 dias atrás


  17. Prateek Choudhary

    Prateek Choudhary8 dias atrás

    27:23 Don't show me that. Respect our beloved Chris and cut that part 😅

  18. ohifonlyx33

    ohifonlyx339 dias atrás

    why does it ~t i n g l e?

  19. Ida-Emilie

    Ida-Emilie9 dias atrás

    I would die for gabby honestly

  20. Its Me Robyn

    Its Me Robyn10 dias atrás



    BİGVOWSTV11 dias atrás

    So awesome content

  22. gyups

    gyups12 dias atrás

    Still bummed that footage of Claire didn't make it into the steak ep.

  23. The Escapement

    The Escapement12 dias atrás

    Cosmo is gonna be a star

  24. Jenna Sanford

    Jenna Sanford13 dias atrás

    The more I see of Delaney the more I think he’s just a college kid lol

  25. Bianca Sánchez Origone

    Bianca Sánchez Origone13 dias atrás

    Omg the huge box of food coloring is my favorite thing ever

  26. Marley Wilson

    Marley Wilson14 dias atrás

    Red = $trawberry

  27. Alexandria Bailey

    Alexandria Bailey15 dias atrás

    I know there was discussion of everyone switching shows for April fools. But I kind of want Cosmo to follow Clairs recipe for a gourmet makes. They're so adorable.

  28. Inas Abdalla

    Inas Abdalla16 dias atrás

    All these chewy candies remind me of Turkish delight

  29. Todd Johnson

    Todd Johnson16 dias atrás

    It’s tough to see someone fail over and over and over again. I wanted to give Claire a hug.

  30. Hana Burgess

    Hana Burgess16 dias atrás

    They always get so much of the original product, I wonder where they put it all.

  31. Ethan Lineberry

    Ethan Lineberry16 dias atrás

    The best series on BRreporter

  32. ayavela nqayi

    ayavela nqayi17 dias atrás

    My teeth hurt just watching this🤕

  33. ca vill

    ca vill18 dias atrás

    Erin: ThAT's nOt VegAN

  34. i i p u r p l e g a l a x y

    i i p u r p l e g a l a x y18 dias atrás

    I dont think she knows that the green one is lime.....

  35. AC ACTION!

    AC ACTION!18 dias atrás

    ''Nothing is too sour'' Sour Patch Cosmo, 2019

  36. Austin Graff

    Austin Graff18 dias atrás

    Why do they always buy like 600 bags of the product shes trying to make😂

  37. Marijana Brojcin

    Marijana Brojcin18 dias atrás

    to much speak 😂

  38. RNotelle

    RNotelle18 dias atrás

    I really like that Cosmo!

  39. Naomi Payan

    Naomi Payan18 dias atrás

    Rhoda looks like lily potter

  40. CoCo Toy tube

    CoCo Toy tube19 dias atrás

    Bon appetit💌

  41. Cozmo Janes

    Cozmo Janes19 dias atrás

    That my name

  42. BiggityBoggityBoo

    BiggityBoggityBoo20 dias atrás

    I'm surprised that Claire even went for the purée type approach. I would have thought she'd boil something up with the peel/pulp involved to get the flavours into some water then strain, reduce and incorporate it into the juice.

  43. austin marie

    austin marie21 dia atrás

    claire should make fruit roll ups

  44. Jordan Garrison

    Jordan Garrison21 dia atrás

    Mouth is literally watering this whole time!

  45. Itz _ellieplaysツღ

    Itz _ellieplaysツღ21 dia atrás

    3:09 sorry I just wanted to try this out

  46. Lily Tinoco

    Lily Tinoco21 dia atrás

    Sourpatch kids watermelon is the best candy ever

  47. Victoria Abel

    Victoria Abel21 dia atrás

    I think the birthday guy likes Claire

  48. Racing like a piss horse.

    Racing like a piss horse.22 dias atrás

    I know this is completely off topic but, I want to say she looks no older than 25 but there grey in her hair is throwing me off.

  49. RoYT

    RoYT16 dias atrás

    She said "It's gross" and giggles a lot, so she's under 30. The gray hair is just a genetic thing.

  50. Pyro Animus

    Pyro Animus22 dias atrás

    i feel like not removing the seeds when boiling the apples is a bad idea, its probably not enough cyanide to hurt you but its probably not good for you either XD other than that i think this is awesome :)

  51. wbexclusive

    wbexclusive23 dias atrás

    How many Likes for Cute Cosmo? Lemme see!

  52. Jazz

    Jazz23 dias atrás


  53. Emma Barnes

    Emma Barnes23 dias atrás

    Anyone else struggling with their mouth salivating???

  54. SaIamandr

    SaIamandr23 dias atrás

    What a nice kid 😁

  55. Cami Cri

    Cami Cri23 dias atrás

    Claire's Sour patch kids look cuter! I wish I could taste it love sauer.

  56. kamila turaeva

    kamila turaeva24 dias atrás

    "3*3 is ...... this is going to be a long process"

  57. David Lovell

    David Lovell24 dias atrás


  58. Alex Nolan

    Alex Nolan24 dias atrás

    Please try and make a Cadbury’s twirl

  59. Tim Walden

    Tim Walden25 dias atrás

    Can we let andy know he has a cute butt and I'm attracted to him? K thanks! Lol

  60. MyPaperTiger

    MyPaperTiger26 dias atrás

    Who is the lady next to Gabby at 2:10 with the big curl hair? I always see her in the back and wonder who she is. Anybody know?

  61. ThatBugBehindYou

    ThatBugBehindYou26 dias atrás

    I love Sour candy, I love the sour taste Sour Patch Kids has, but I also love their specific sweet taste and their chewiness. I wish they made non sour versions just for those moments when you want something like SPK but you don't want sour on your tongue.