Paul Pogba 2019-20 | Dribbling Skills & Goals


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    Who do you want to see next?

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    Ma dove cazzo vuole andare questo. Sei solo un montato in Italia non ti vuole nessuno torna in Francia al Lione forse sei forte... Ti devi svegliatevi sei come bernardeschi.. Fai come i campioni prendi allenatore lo attacchi al muro e gli dici che devi giocare da seconda punta

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    ManuScoutHD Best Assists of the season so far

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    Daniel James

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    Volta pra Juveee!!!!

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    Best midfielder in the world

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    Gente aqui eu brasileiro pobre porfavo mim ajuda a conhece o jogador pogba eu sou maior fã dele eu não durmo direito porque eu jogador do futebol que eu mais a dimiro mais como eu não tenho dinheiro eu não conhesso porfavo galera eu não quero dinheiro nem nada eu so quero conhece esse jogador pogba vocês vão realizar sonho tenho 21 anos e agradeço a todos meu nome david salvador rangel moro em campos dos goytacazes amo atodos de coração eu sou muito humilde so em conhece meu idolo para mim nossa já e tudo obrigador atodos facebook deivid salvador

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    Poul pogba zindidine Zidane number2 best midfilde we always need him

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    He needs to play CAM or CM.. not cdm

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    8:17 *I thought this was a skill and goal video*

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    Quick thinking is actually a skill...

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    Mason greenwood

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    Overrated player pretty average.

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    Créer et vendez vos propres livres 👉

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    ILove paul pogba

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    quem acha q o barcelona deveria contratar o pogba da like

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    5:03 to 5:15 Breaking ankles for fun.

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    How is it 19/20 when Lukaku is still playing?

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    izdatsumcp dang, ya that’s fair. Maybe it’s one of those trick videos where. Means but the 2019-2020 season, but all of 2019 and all of 2020

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    @MaskedSZN Really? Some of these goals are definitely from last season. Look at Rashford's at around 02:55.

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    izdatsumcp preseason

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    Paul Pogba Special Midfield In Manchester United

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    paul pogpa🙆‍♀️

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    And It was so funny that I forgot to laugh aswell

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    Ur so funny u don't understand

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    I just miss watching this generational talent play football. What I love about this video is we all know how gifted PP is with his attacking but it also shows how hard he works for the team in terms of defending. To all those calling him lazy get lost.

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    Who is watching this when mancity and man united are playing Saturday 7 december And when Liverpool and Bournemouth are playing

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    Ayaan Subhani ye and we have won 🤩🤩

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    Bngu c.f u

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    Cant wait to see him in front of fred n scott behind the forwards. Hopefully he gives something to cheer for before he eventually leaves

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    Pogba in Juventus was the top

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    Its amazing how United still have fans... Most of u guys didnt Even watch fotball when they where on top most People only like the team Because their fathers do

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    Ok boomer

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    Manutd is shit right now we need pogba back as soon as possible

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    Cough cough 18 / 19

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    I miss him on the pitch so much and United to

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    Make a video of why Man United fans loves Daniel James

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    @ManuScout the next video can u do is Matty Longstaff from Newcastle?

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    Sean longstaf

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    The perfect mid

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    Do a vid on AWB best tackles I'd love to see that 🤪

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    Good Video🔥👏👏 amazing edit, music 10/10 TOP👌🔝🔝

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    Still waiting for Maguire though nice vid!

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    I miss pogs man😕

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    Great video 👌 💯🔥😈

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    2019 pogba is down😢

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    We miss PP soo much. Ppl chat to much shit about him. Now they realise what our midfield is with out PP. we’ve barely created any chances with out him. We all miss him. One of the best CAM in the world

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    Pogba need to move to another club.

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    R.nwldn 24s exactly

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    I miss you pogba

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    Good vid!😃, amazing edit and music 10/10🥳🤩

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    Have you done a Harry Maguire??

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    Can you make a video on Marcus Rashford dribbling skill and goal 2019-20

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    Radha Sookoorree please inform him not to missed free kick against Chelsea

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    Bro we are waiting Brandon Williams Hope yu Will make that video ♥️❤️ Great videos 👍

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    Nice video bro 🔥👏👏