Paul Reed's near-perfect shooting day keys DePaul to upset of Butler | FOX COLLEGE HOOPS HIGHLIGHTS

  • 18 Jan 2020
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  1. FOX Sports

    FOX SportsMês atrás

    Did this win reignite DePaul's NCAA tournament hopes?

  2. strwbrybabyg245

    strwbrybabyg245Mês atrás

    we’re going to the tourney this year! the world isn’t ready for the blue demons baby!!

  3. Matthew Roberson

    Matthew RobersonMês atrás

    Their defense is nice..has been all year. Keep it up. #playingpossessed

  4. strwbrybabyg245

    strwbrybabyg245Mês atrás

    congratulations depaul! the world is going to learn they have to respect you!!❤️

  5. Emperor Krtek

    Emperor Krtek4 dias atrás


  6. B H Mch

    B H MchMês atrás

    Reminder of the old Joey Meyer days

  7. Red Acura

    Red AcuraMês atrás

    DePaul coming up 💪🏾