Penny's Dark Secret In Kindergarten 2


  1. ImmortalPrinceBoris of the Fallout Dragon Empire

    ImmortalPrinceBoris of the Fallout Dragon Empire20 horas atrás

    Spoiler alert: when you get all the cards and press the button something happens

  2. Orland Julio

    Orland Julio4 dias atrás

    Rip Buggs 2018 -2019 Look at Stevies eyes shift to the left and the right

  3. itsyaboiii !!!

    itsyaboiii !!!4 dias atrás

    when jack couldnt figure out how to get to the principal's office i was screaming "idiot!!!!!!!!!!"

  4. Sharon Page

    Sharon Page5 dias atrás

    16:23 asdfmoivie?

  5. jimmie mccoy

    jimmie mccoy5 dias atrás

    omg sneky jacky boy he acts like hes on one dut he rechis his recordig cam your so sneaky

  6. jimmie mccoy

    jimmie mccoy5 dias atrás

    that robot voice is for that person that robot and OMG NUGGET GOT A CHANNLE THATS ASOWME

  7. CaRhonda Simmons

    CaRhonda Simmons7 dias atrás


  8. PrplaysYT

    PrplaysYT8 dias atrás

    Don't mess with Penny!

  9. Shanda or Dan

    Shanda or Dan9 dias atrás

    anyone else watching in December?

  10. Silent Stalker

    Silent Stalker10 dias atrás

    I'm pretty sure Penny is only half terminator and predator, just that her *mom* didn't *push a single thing on her*

  11. Jeb_ The water sheep

    Jeb_ The water sheep12 dias atrás

    The green goo is robot juice

  12. Jeb_ The water sheep

    Jeb_ The water sheep12 dias atrás

    He never does nuggets accent right nugget says his name like nouget

  13. Seth586 Lol

    Seth586 Lol14 dias atrás

    Jack: Can I go outside? Science Teacher: *I dOn't kNoW, cAn yOu?*

  14. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum14 dias atrás

    any other BRreporterr: says pp BRreporter: *DEMONITIZED* Jack: swears multiple times BRreporter: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

  15. Seth Prov

    Seth Prov14 dias atrás

    If my teacher ever said '' I dOn'T kNoW, cAn YoU?'' i would just poop on my desk.

  16. Mohamed Diallo

    Mohamed Diallo15 dias atrás

    jack play call of duty WWll PLZZZ

  17. HI GH

    HI GH16 dias atrás

    31:27 that reference

  18. Papa Kermit

    Papa Kermit17 dias atrás

    Monstermon ending: Charizard comes out and fucks you 😂

  19. Mike Davidson

    Mike Davidson18 dias atrás

    In ur second vid Ozzy said I need toilet paper

  20. Olivia Fears

    Olivia Fears19 dias atrás


  21. Nadyasss sssnk

    Nadyasss sssnk20 dias atrás

    Nugget Nugget nugget

  22. Sebastian Demerjian

    Sebastian Demerjian22 dias atrás

    When you see the Opposites Attract mission: Awww, that's cute, they're gonna date! When you play the Opposites Attact mission: WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE?

  23. Sympyl ¿

    Sympyl ¿23 dias atrás

    Penny's voice reminds me of Dolores Umbridge..

  24. Alyssa

    Alyssa23 dias atrás

    “I’m penny, the android sent by cyber life”

  25. AnxietyCat

    AnxietyCat26 dias atrás

    Awww I used to hate penny,But I kinda like her alot now.The Cyborg thing adds more depth into her,she's a neat characther.

  26. ThaBestAnimations

    ThaBestAnimations26 dias atrás

    Buggs: Cut through the principles office.. Jacksepticeye: WhErE Do I gO

  27. Callum Fewster

    Callum Fewster28 dias atrás

    Buggs says penny randomly searched him. me:POLICE BRUTALITY

  28. سینا شانسخه

    سینا شانسخهMês atrás

    Zero damage that heard real bad _2019

  29. Lilycheese4

    Lilycheese4Mês atrás

    Where's the appreciation for the Dr Danner voice? I mean obviously Nugget and Ms Applegate are the most entertaining, but his Dr Danner voice is also legitimately good voice acting. If I didn't know that was him, I would not have guessed it. The Ozzy voice too. Bravo Sean.

  30. Yeeto Cheeto

    Yeeto CheetoMês atrás

    I like that toward the end of 'opposite attracts' Jack basically gives Penny a little bit of a higher voice than Calculester.

  31. Allana Chase

    Allana ChaseMês atrás

    No one: Dr. Danner after he blew up Cindy: "GoTtA bLaSt"

  32. Ryan Plays

    Ryan PlaysMês atrás

    PENNY the android sent by siberlife

  33. Kenny Gemelli

    Kenny GemelliMês atrás

    5:09 he sounds like joe from family guy

  34. Kid Spino Boss

    Kid Spino BossMês atrás

    nugget:THE NUGGET CAVE

  35. Kohta Weese

    Kohta WeeseMês atrás

    Hi nugget

  36. Jason Lance

    Jason LanceMês atrás

    Hello, my name is Penny, the android sent by Cyberlife.

  37. CharlotteDupont

    CharlotteDupontMês atrás

    1:22 I was doing something in another tab with this playing in the background and I legit thought he got a female voice actor for it. That's how good that female impression was. Props to you mate.

  38. Austyn Turner

    Austyn TurnerMês atrás

    I got rwby volume 3 flashbacks :(

  39. Chivas Rogel Valladolid

    Chivas Rogel ValladolidMês atrás

    If you collected all of the monstermon cards then push the botton the shelf will move and nugget is in there and you will kill all the students and the teachers in the school

  40. Alissa Lou

    Alissa LouMês atrás


  41. Lolypop B333

    Lolypop B333Mês atrás

    Cain's not Able! Like the peoples in the Bible! That just clicked for me! He did say he wanted to kill his brother in order to gain his father's inheritance.

  42. Donavan Hughes

    Donavan HughesMês atrás

    Nugget needs his nuggets to feel his nugget cave

  43. MayMei Zaelani

    MayMei ZaelaniMês atrás

    Buggs has the same face as the main character. I don't know his name though... only now I realize it

  44. the walking nightmare

    the walking nightmareMês atrás

    I kind of new she was a robot...

  45. Marcus Vasquez

    Marcus VasquezMês atrás

    Some will disinigrate and some will be striked by thunder

  46. Pyro Sans

    Pyro SansMês atrás

    I love you Nugget! You are my favorite character in this entire game!

  47. T.M. Gacutan

    T.M. GacutanMês atrás

    i feel bad for penny!

  48. the cool vloger

    the cool vlogerMês atrás

    It t0i peno

  49. the cool vloger

    the cool vlogerMês atrás

    Igt6yyyghhhhhhhhhfģ was

  50. the cool vloger

    the cool vlogerMês atrás

    Nuggets nugget nags

  51. Cupcake Gaming and vlogs

    Cupcake Gaming and vlogsMês atrás

    I was eating nuggets when whatching this :/

  52. Hat kid :3

    Hat kid :3Mês atrás

    The arms are *SMOL* in the thumbnail.

  53. Pink Qwolf

    Pink QwolfMês atrás

    9:28 oml my teachers always do that xD

  54. Mari 33149

    Mari 33149Mês atrás

    Nobody: Absolutly nobody: Penny: *dancing Android girl cover from Rachie*

  55. Watermelon Gamer

    Watermelon GamerMês atrás

    Dr danner: I’m so fired Ozzy: you think genius Dr danner: SHUT UP OZZY NO ONE LIKES YOU

  56. Kameron Redford

    Kameron RedfordMês atrás

    Spoiler: the button reveals traps are not gay. Lol jk XD

  57. Happy Geo

    Happy GeoMês atrás

    acting for penny 100

  58. Carguy 427

    Carguy 427Mês atrás


  59. AA Gaming

    AA Gaming2 meses atrás

    Penny is an android sent by CyberLife.

  60. Sam Stanell

    Sam Stanell2 meses atrás