Phone Water Cooling is REAL! But does it work?


  1. sonny_69

    sonny_6916 horas atrás

    "if you're an avid mobile gamer"- *clicks away from video*

  2. Michael Forbis

    Michael ForbisDia atrás

    I’m sorry but this whole thing is just ridiculous.

  3. Richard Kelbe

    Richard KelbeDia atrás

    I dont know why, but the odd ball videos like this are often my fav

  4. toluschr

    toluschr3 dias atrás

    Phone gaming xd

  5. XxOAtraxOxX

    XxOAtraxOxX3 dias atrás

    Linus, this type of waterblock are usually used in Chinese Farming phone usage. They use watercooled phones because they are charging all the time and loading spam for make money. I think it’s not designed for Mobile usage.

  6. Yooo

    Yooo3 dias atrás

    Using iPhone and sharing internet, downloading games, phones too hot to hold. Iv used watercooler onmy phone over an year now, chill 40-50°c, definitely worth it

  7. Skizzits2

    Skizzits24 dias atrás

    Lol this mans got a banna stand

  8. Maverick Hargrave

    Maverick Hargrave4 dias atrás

    Who games on the phone? Android games suck balls.

  9. Janak Poojary

    Janak Poojary4 dias atrás

    No other phone(/heater) in the market could make a better prop for this video than a s10+😂😂

  10. Asmit Rawal

    Asmit Rawal5 dias atrás


  11. xXGhostIsHereXx

    xXGhostIsHereXx5 dias atrás

    You guys should make a water cooling fitting for the phone with bigger tubing. Not that there would be much difference at all since that one already seems to work, but it would be an interesting project, and would show a more practical use case scenario where someone could essentially just pop on a case and go for long mobile gaming sessions without throttling performance loss.

  12. Trey B

    Trey B6 dias atrás

    I'm thinking this is for app game farmers.

  13. Ultimate Gamer

    Ultimate Gamer6 dias atrás

    Why am I even watching this? LOL!

  14. Ian-Devon Lewis

    Ian-Devon Lewis6 dias atrás

    that advert. buying your privacy from a company that you dont know lol

  15. Jackson warnick

    Jackson warnick8 dias atrás

    Never hace had it because i have an iphone X

  16. Max Newell

    Max Newell9 dias atrás

    the question is who the FUCK plays games on their phone

  17. Sam Doubet

    Sam Doubet9 dias atrás

    Does this mean you'll find a phone that you can fit a cooling plate on the inside of the phone and cut holes in its chasis? Then overclock the processor and see how far you can boost it? That could be cool!

  18. Luca trapani

    Luca trapani9 dias atrás

    now use that to keep the phone cool while using samsung dex and doing some demanding tasks.

  19. GK PinkyDemon

    GK PinkyDemon9 dias atrás

    your own hands heat the phone i think its not fair to benchmark it on a cold surface

  20. Cheeze

    Cheeze10 dias atrás

    Watercooled sink

  21. Joshua Allen

    Joshua Allen10 dias atrás

    For as much heat transfer as water has, you don't need the radiator. The water pump on its own should be enough for a week's worth of gaming from a phone at least.

  22. Geo Monkey

    Geo Monkey10 dias atrás

    @linus tech tips is red magic 3 a real water cooling ??

  23. Brian Gibson

    Brian Gibson10 dias atrás

    So.... I may be wrong, but didnt you run the first round of tests with the phone laying on the table, with the back literally just on that pad or whatever it was the entire time.. Then the second round of tests you had the phone in your hand and in the air, and not on the pad. Maybe the phone was cooling better because it wasnt laying on the pad like the first round of tests?

  24. Captensomethin

    Captensomethin10 dias atrás

    What app did he use to show his cpu usage

  25. DavijoMan

    DavijoMan10 dias atrás

    Is there a big crossover between people who game on their phone and people who would have the technical ability to install this eyesore?

  26. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    10,000 Subscribers With No Videos11 dias atrás

    There is actual water cooled phones

  27. Andy Roid

    Andy Roid11 dias atrás

    Or you can try to play in your freezer

  28. miaowzerz

    miaowzerz11 dias atrás

    just wait 1 more year, there will be external gpus for phones

  29. viper9cz

    viper9cz11 dias atrás

    Now you can play Mafia City at 60 fps.

  30. Benson Tamang

    Benson Tamang11 dias atrás

    Your a genius

  31. Artorius The'Bear

    Artorius The'Bear12 dias atrás

    I think a heatsink with a fan would do just as much, be a couple centimeters thick and potentially dry your fingers with the exhaust air. I've got a Motorola Moto so a Mod would be a simple snap on with a battery and fan and heatsink. It would be very easy to make.

  32. T FootBaller

    T FootBaller12 dias atrás

    5:44 packing tape! Motherpacker!

  33. L M

    L M12 dias atrás

    In this video and others you endorsed Pulseway and in the enforcement you said that on of the devices you could control was Mac OS. Based on your recommendation I stalled Pulseway. After a couple hours they called me to talk about the free trail. They informed me that Pulseway does not support Mac OS.

  34. J Co

    J Co13 dias atrás

    Unless you have a galaxy note 7 this is pointless

  35. sean juth

    sean juth13 dias atrás

    I may be biased. But you could just dunk the phone in cold water

  36. Cheezy Simmons

    Cheezy Simmons13 dias atrás

    I NEED THAT!!!!!!!!

  37. Henul R

    Henul R14 dias atrás

    Video starts 8:06

  38. Radi0he4d1

    Radi0he4d115 dias atrás

    I've bought a passive cooling heatsink for my Daydream VR, the games have never run so well.

  39. Mohd Ashwani

    Mohd Ashwani15 dias atrás

    U r crazy as i m bro...keep going god bless U 💙 💙

  40. ska hu

    ska hu15 dias atrás

    I have a mobile phone, because Is mobile and with that thing on the back Is not, so what do i Need It for??

  41. Jäger The Fäger

    Jäger The Fäger15 dias atrás

    Linus can you show me how to water cool my louis vuitton microwave

  42. z4x tech

    z4x tech15 dias atrás

    But isn't it's back panel glass

  43. Kevin Ferreira

    Kevin Ferreira16 dias atrás

    i guess it could be used to hold a display phone at a booth or store if its running all those high quality photos all day

  44. Ordinary Boy

    Ordinary Boy16 dias atrás

    It should be 15 minute of "playing" not "gaming" 😂 😂

  45. Richard P 765 Dyxrytru

    Richard P 765 Dyxrytru17 dias atrás

    tech video in kichen... like why not.!

  46. Coda

    Coda17 dias atrás

    *_Can't you just download More Cooling Programs?_*

  47. 爆姗辣酱Sayonara

    爆姗辣酱Sayonara17 dias atrás

    Does anyone know the background music of 8:05 ? qwq

  48. Andy Kim

    Andy Kim17 dias atrás

    8:58 Yea definitely dont apply that logic to condoms and you'll be good!

  49. Victor Otero

    Victor Otero17 dias atrás

    well,we have some ideas for Kickstarter. watercooled cases,peltier cell cases,watercooled peltier cell cases. when founded,next step Will be adding some RGBs but i was guessing why Linus dont Split the screen for benchmark and temp view.

  50. destruidor12-1488

    destruidor12-148818 dias atrás

    Apple and razer trash on the vídeo = dislike

  51. The Timelords

    The Timelords19 dias atrás

    According to Linus, 33 degrees is EXACTLY THE SAME as 30 degrees :l

  52. HyP3r’s S7UDIOz

    HyP3r’s S7UDIOz19 dias atrás

    But why

  53. GhostBoy

    GhostBoy19 dias atrás

    is mobile gaming even a thing? lol

  54. Cal

    Cal20 dias atrás

    okay but who the fuck would actually buy this. I wonder why these were even manufactured. I bet linus was the only one that bought them lol

  55. Julian Ong

    Julian Ong20 dias atrás

    What is that hair

  56. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin20 dias atrás

    My Microsoft Lumia 950 XL was liquidcooled in 2015 tho 🤷‍♂️

  57. Belial

    Belial20 dias atrás

    A wet dream of an Xperia XZ owner... Literally to just watch BRreporter without overheating.

  58. Agung Rizki

    Agung Rizki16 dias atrás

    I.... Change your phone guys 😶

  59. Humsamuel

    Humsamuel19 dias atrás

    You have yet to feel the heat of a Z5 Premium 😂😂😂

  60. CarouselBlind

    CarouselBlind21 dia atrás

    just buy a water sealed bag and play on cool water

  61. Phillip Fiorentino

    Phillip Fiorentino21 dia atrás

    This is rediculous. Phones should be able to cool themselves off and be engineered in a way where heat dispersion is optimal like on the Red Magic 3. Please make a review of that phone.

  62. Léo777

    Léo77721 dia atrás

    The assembly of this thing is disgusting for smartphone, how can you imagine a liquid cooler on a plastic hood is ridiculous, and if the builders thought to "air" the CPU / GPU correctly to start, and if android did not have its Parameters open to everything, no doubt that telephones would heat less, they only have to cool them ... and think about changing OS also. Cool test! They really need to be refreshed.

  63. Fabian Sochor

    Fabian Sochor21 dia atrás

    anyone remember the Galaxy S6? Linus should have tried it with the Samsung Gear VR app, the phone runs so hot it displays a warning message and temporarily shuts down if you use that feature too long

  64. Mega Gizios

    Mega Gizios21 dia atrás

    I'm still waiting for the water cooled toaster.

  65. Ramon Wang

    Ramon Wang22 dias atrás

    Maybe cut out the back of a case and insert it there so you can have it constantly in contact to the back of the phone?

  66. PAM

    PAM22 dias atrás

    11:00 isn´t the thermal pad supposed to be between the plate and the case instead of between the phone and the plate?

  67. SmiksDK

    SmiksDK22 dias atrás

    i disslikes cus you call playing on you phone gaming

  68. Eddy Erkelens

    Eddy Erkelens23 dias atrás

    Yo Linus, this video was on Dutch Radio broadcast by station BNR radio as a techquickie... Just wanna let you know.

  69. scavenger 6

    scavenger 623 dias atrás

    Can we all vote to stop these stupid f****** Verizon ads they suck

  70. Bmx 121

    Bmx 12123 dias atrás

    how to get watercooling effect on phone for free take phone stick in freezer take phone out 5 minutes later

  71. Shenron TV

    Shenron TVDia atrás

    Do that*

  72. Shenron TV

    Shenron TVDia atrás

    Don't stop that it will affect your performance drastically

  73. Bmx 121

    Bmx 12123 dias atrás

    @David Martinez me to0

  74. David Martinez

    David Martinez23 dias atrás

    I actually do this. I has pos cheap android and it quickly overheats so I stick it in freezer. I once forgot it in there for almost 30 minutes lol. Took 15 minutes to "defrost" and turn on.

  75. Lee Xiang Rong

    Lee Xiang Rong23 dias atrás

    For me I just throw it into the freezer for 2 min and I'm good to go

  76. D4MP

    D4MP24 dias atrás

    Where’s the RGB?

  77. Michael

    Michael25 dias atrás

    just need to drill the case and put the metal inside it, you're good to go for streaming and gaming on phone :)) cheersss ~

  78. Adkatka

    Adkatka25 dias atrás

    glass is bad heat conductor use metal phone to check

  79. Nao Interessa

    Nao Interessa25 dias atrás

    Cool, now u have a weel cooled mobile phone, that's not mobile anymore.

  80. Stevan Miladinovic

    Stevan Miladinovic25 dias atrás

    .....Or you just install bluestacks...

  81. Ronke's DIY Workshop

    Ronke's DIY Workshop25 dias atrás

    Its pretty hot out here right now, with tomorrow being possibly the hottest day in history. Today, during playing some PUBGMobile I got an overheating message on my Galaxy S7 and it would shut down the game in 20 seconds... I was owning that match too... darn! Btw it was actually HOT at the sides of the phone, metal body...

  82. T-AS

    T-AS25 dias atrás

    Geat idea but my opinion if you take mobile gaming this far and serius you should a long time ago think about purchasing a gaming pc or a console

  83. MehdiBarka

    MehdiBarka25 dias atrás

    Is he talking Celsius?

  84. thepedropro

    thepedropro25 dias atrás

    How practical! Should come standard with all phones🤔

  85. Just a Student

    Just a Student25 dias atrás

    Linus Sebastian.. you had a radiator bigger than the bloody phone, it's bound to work xDD

  86. Felixe Ray

    Felixe Ray25 dias atrás

    nah ill just stick with my "sticking a wet cotton wipe on my glassback phone" and its just work for me esp. for gaming