1. Marcia Srivastava

    Marcia Srivastava24 dias atrás

    I would use a better quality highlighter and shimmer might create a more iridescent quality

  2. Ксения Рязанцева

    Ксения Рязанцева5 meses atrás

    I like see it morning so joy Unicorn exist 💖💖😭😆😆😆

  3. Stephanie Glover

    Stephanie Glover5 meses atrás

    Doesn’t look like a bruise. I see all rainbows 🌈

  4. alaura poe

    alaura poe5 meses atrás

    Yes it look's like someone punched you in the face

  5. alaura poe

    alaura poe5 meses atrás


  6. melania noamirino

    melania noamirino6 meses atrás

    looked amazing on your skin

  7. Tifa Coldheart

    Tifa Coldheart6 meses atrás

    wet n wild has a rainbow highlighter now! :)

  8. Evita Pukstija

    Evita Pukstija7 meses atrás

    Omg my rainbow highlighter was only 3 dolors

  9. Angela Stone

    Angela Stone9 meses atrás

    I don't get it. Couldn't ya just put shimmery eyeshadows in a rainbow on your face? Forgive me, I'm old. 😉

  10. Alexandria Adams

    Alexandria Adams9 meses atrás

    Ummm bunny there's more rainbow highlighters especially at Walmart

  11. Ashley Burt

    Ashley Burt10 meses atrás

    you wear red lipstick so well

  12. Sarah Spindler

    Sarah Spindler10 meses atrás

    it is not the only worlds highlighter

  13. Vanessa Estrada

    Vanessa Estrada11 meses atrás


  14. Todoroki Snake

    Todoroki Snake11 meses atrás

    I think you're is better

  15. Kacie Chromatic

    Kacie Chromatic11 meses atrás

    As a face painter, I'm dying from this. They make shimmery rainbow "split cakes" for face painting that can be used as a highlight. This has been a thing for as long as I remember. I'd like to see Bunny play with face paints lol!

  16. G Wolf

    G Wolf11 meses atrás

    You are the best😀😁😆

  17. Olivia Moss

    Olivia Moss11 meses atrás

    wow up in 2018 and still watching her old vids

  18. Neon Kitty

    Neon KittyAnos atrás

    my heart crushed when she smashed that gorgeous PF highlighter😦😢

  19. Adrian D

    Adrian DAnos atrás

    Well that was interesting. Hahaha

  20. teresafer

    teresaferAnos atrás

    The nyx palette, i cried

  21. Ms Naida Co21

    Ms Naida Co21Anos atrás

    You waisted your make up

  22. Isabella Martucci

    Isabella MartucciAnos atrás

    Actually there is a highlighter thats rainbow at the store for 98 cents

  23. Bliss W

    Bliss WAnos atrás

    add more highlight maybe

  24. Kii Merle

    Kii MerleAnos atrás

    Omg?! Noooooooooooooooo

  25. luckyDancer100

    luckyDancer100Anos atrás

    Omg that looks like so much work

  26. Jean Proctor

    Jean ProctorAnos atrás

    You might get more of an iridescent look if you mix the eye shadows with Barry M Dazzle Dust in Apollo as well as the highlighter compact before adding the alcohol to it. :) Great experiment, btw.

  27. Phaedra Blue

    Phaedra BlueAnos atrás

    IM GETTIN UR HAIR KIT TODAY!!! Yayyyyyy!!!

  28. afton kalous

    afton kalousAnos atrás

    I like Bunny's highlighter better than the og :))

  29. Izzy Powell

    Izzy PowellAnos atrás

    You should have added more hilighter and less eye shadow

  30. mary kormancik

    mary kormancikAnos atrás

    Doubling the highlighter will work

  31. Di Love

    Di LoveAnos atrás

    Oh wooo i like that compact it has a brush section.

  32. Tracy Herwig

    Tracy HerwigAnos atrás

    It's a MONET!

  33. Tracy Herwig

    Tracy HerwigAnos atrás

    I gotta say, the coffee filters were GENIUS.

  34. Pekitas113

    Pekitas113Anos atrás


  35. Melissa Dowdle

    Melissa DowdleAnos atrás

    I loved it when she called the mallet a MEAT BASHER

  36. ayako koharu

    ayako koharuAnos atrás

    why does she have to shout?

  37. Rebekah Anne 420

    Rebekah Anne 420Anos atrás

    I feel connected to Bunny in some way now that I learned we have the same kind of silverware.

  38. Lachrechia M Johnson

    Lachrechia M JohnsonAnos atrás

    Mixing it on paper was where it went wrong first.

  39. Gina Sanders

    Gina SandersAnos atrás

    I like the one you made actually! You can see it better! Yes it is expensive if you don’t have it. But it would be great during Mardi Gras!

  40. Mary -Lane

    Mary -LaneAnos atrás

    Its so satisfying when people break makeup

  41. The Millie & Mira Show

    The Millie & Mira ShowAnos atrás

    3:20 Digging out? More like MURDERING

  42. aubie jean

    aubie jeanAnos atrás

    woah she’s on the other side of the table how come no one is talking about this

  43. Zara Zohl

    Zara ZohlAnos atrás

    Ohhhh nooooo do NOT blend the color/ highlighter in the filter bunny 🐰 the filter just sucks the alcohol like a cotton ball, you really should have used like stainless steal bowls too blend it in but I'm sure you know that now😉...

  44. Emma

    EmmaAnos atrás

    You crack me up ilysm

  45. D Woolam

    D WoolamAnos atrás

    love the one u did looks much better then the store bought one

  46. kushsparkle xo

    kushsparkle xoAnos atrás

    The reason it had no sheen is because the physicians formula one sucks i threw mine out

  47. Amanda Harker

    Amanda HarkerAnos atrás

    Who else burst out laughing when she said "meat basher"? I totally love that.

  48. Ruby Ryu

    Ruby RyuAnos atrás

    Maybe you should try using more then one compact highlighter prodect and use slightly lighter eyeshadow colors

  49. a j

    a jAnos atrás

    If you would have used 1/4 the eye shadow and the same amount of the other it would give you the shimmer you want

  50. Glitter*Pixie

    Glitter*PixieAnos atrás

    Bunny where did you get that shirt? I really like it!!

  51. Novaaa Divine

    Novaaa DivineAnos atrás

    You're so loud. I don't like it.

  52. like hell we are anxiously waiting

    like hell we are anxiously waitingAnos atrás

    Pretty pretty. I've always loved that statement

  53. Alexi Evans

    Alexi EvansAnos atrás

    U could just use your own makeup if u don't use it

  54. I want to die

    I want to dieAnos atrás

    The coffee filters absorb the alcohol 😁

  55. teddi13 cline

    teddi13 clineAnos atrás

    I made one too!

  56. Kate Medcraft

    Kate MedcraftAnos atrás

    Why did i get goosebumps when she scraped out the highlighter and eye shadows? Its like i was expect a scrapping sound as if it was ice😂

  57. Luna Reaper

    Luna ReaperAnos atrás

    I have sarafina and the black cloak too😸

  58. elyse reynolds

    elyse reynoldsAnos atrás

    I really wanna buy rainbow highlighter for if I ever get to go to a gay pride parade

  59. Sally may

    Sally mayAnos atrás

    You should do a food challenge PS hot food challenge

  60. knots nchains

    knots nchainsAnos atrás

    If you used a silver/white highlighter , and less eye shadow, I think this would have worked better. you would have lost less product if you used a glass bowl to mix the pastes in

  61. Shimin Bao

    Shimin BaoAnos atrás

    You working table looked like a drugdealer's table lol

  62. Colorado Rocky

    Colorado RockyAnos atrás

    I think this is a good DIY, if you have old make up laying around to make it with.

  63. Forever Fandom

    Forever FandomAnos atrás


  64. Blue balloon Dog

    Blue balloon DogAnos atrás

    acctual alcohol or rubbing alcohal

  65. Zoë Hilliard

    Zoë HilliardAnos atrás

    am I the only one wondering if she laid out all the stuff neatly and put everything in its place.... I know I'm a geek 😓

  66. Creative Dutchess

    Creative DutchessAnos atrás

    Finally found a use for my old 88 Rainbow palette I never use

  67. Rachel Stockton

    Rachel StocktonAnos atrás

    Oh hayy. This was a fun video. :)

  68. Skywick1

    Skywick1Anos atrás

    they have the product on Wish

  69. Leah Joslin

    Leah JoslinAnos atrás

    That was 11 swatches for you

  70. Natasha Jimenez

    Natasha JimenezAnos atrás

    wats the actual rainbow highlighter so I can buy that one?

  71. Natasha Jimenez

    Natasha JimenezAnos atrás

    nevermind sorry

  72. Natasha Jimenez

    Natasha JimenezAnos atrás

    hey I like ur eyeshadow where'd u buy it ? so i can buy it 2

  73. Cupcake Swirl

    Cupcake SwirlAnos atrás

    😱 beautiful

  74. Skylar Rage

    Skylar Rage2 anos atrás

    my frende thinks you are a boy

  75. Aniya Smith

    Aniya Smith2 anos atrás

    I love it

  76. Robyn Callow

    Robyn Callow2 anos atrás

    This might work better using a few different coloured highlighters, like the blue in the Anastasia Moonchild palette. Sleek has quite a few coloured highlighters and pink ones are easily available

  77. Emily Webb

    Emily Webb2 anos atrás

    You probably should used dollar tree makeup 💄 you no it's $1 but you might not have one

  78. Chris Nulph

    Chris Nulph2 anos atrás

    I am not sure i dont where makeup and i am a girl. I think this is not something i would put on my face.........I LOVE YOU SWAMP FAMILY GIVE AN ALLIGATOR ITS WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Misty Lovecchio

    Misty Lovecchio2 anos atrás


  80. aesthetic samm

    aesthetic samm2 anos atrás

    I love it 🌈

  81. Denise View

    Denise View2 anos atrás

    looks like bruised cheeks.

  82. elingeorgia x_

    elingeorgia x_2 anos atrás

    PLEASE CAN YOU DO A DIY CAMO HIGHLIGHTER ?!?!?! if u want this like to get this comment to get it to the top so that bunny will see it! SWAMP FAMILY IS AN AMAZING COMMUNITY! !

  83. Kilian Listens

    Kilian Listens2 anos atrás

    Bunny can you redo this with jeffree's white highlighter, and pale rainbow shimmer eyeshadows???? I don't endorse Jeffree's products but I feel like his highlighter would honestly work the best to achieve a truer dupe..?

  84. Jessi J

    Jessi J2 anos atrás

    ah e scorbasa

  85. Jessi J

    Jessi J2 anos atrás


  86. Julia

    Julia2 anos atrás

    Also, you should have gone to like drugstore. So much cheaper!

  87. FloraFish

    FloraFish2 anos atrás

    It destroyed me to watch this

  88. Misty DeForrest

    Misty DeForrest2 anos atrás

    Can. You make a Donut. Hillitr

  89. Robin Holcomb

    Robin Holcomb2 anos atrás


  90. Erin

    Erin2 anos atrás

    I love bunny don't get me wrong but i wouldn't wanna ruin makeup like that

  91. Erin

    Erin2 anos atrás

    I mean i would do this with like cheap cheap makeup but i cant believe she ruined a nyx palette and a physician's formula highlight for this tbh

  92. Charisse Aromin

    Charisse Aromin2 anos atrás

    you look so pretty but after applying the rainbows you look like a clown....

  93. Jordyn Turner

    Jordyn Turner2 anos atrás

    O my god that was so expensive for eyeshadow how could you crush it 😭I hope she u uses that stuff lol

  94. amnh TV

    amnh TV2 anos atrás

    مجنونه هي المره

  95. Narisa Amel

    Narisa Amel2 anos atrás

    Who's heart broke when she cracked the highlighter and when she digged out the eyeshadows?:(

  96. Puerto Shecan

    Puerto Shecan2 anos atrás

    weirdly enough, this actually would be much much cheaper to just buy the actual raw ingredients to do from scratch. its not any more work than this either. depending on the finish you're goin for, would just be one more step. This looked beautiful tho!

  97. Nanako Kerkadze

    Nanako Kerkadze2 anos atrás

    How old are you and can you do one scary video🖤🖤

  98. Damaris Torres

    Damaris Torres2 anos atrás

    Don't like it at all. Looks like bruces in each cheek bone. Thanks for this review, now i don't need to buy it. Good luck chica and keep up the good reviews.

  99. Elizabeth Rhodes

    Elizabeth Rhodes2 anos atrás

    i have the physicians formula highlighter and it is not that great.

  100. Atheist Jesus

    Atheist Jesus2 anos atrás

    I thought she was going to use a Diabetic's syringe😂😂😂 My diabetes has taken over my train of thought, haha!