Players React to Their Madden 20 Ratings


  1. NFL Rush

    NFL RushMês atrás

    Watch The Full Episodes Here: Browns - Falcons - Lions - Vikings - Jets - Giants - Eagles - Bears - Bucs -

  2. Yah Yeet

    Yah YeetDia atrás

    NFL Rush where are the Dolphins ?

  3. Kadeem Liburd

    Kadeem Liburd19 dias atrás

    @NFL Rush Do a video asking NFL players what they think their rating is and then give them fake low ratings to see their reaction

  4. ChefGiovanni

    ChefGiovanni20 dias atrás

    Walter Payton was the best.

  5. Gavin Gamer23

    Gavin Gamer23Mês atrás

    NFL Rush ,

  6. For sure Brendan

    For sure BrendanMês atrás

    no saints dang you really doing them like that

  7. Alaskan Pipeline

    Alaskan Pipeline3 horas atrás

    NFL players suck

  8. F U

    F U12 horas atrás

    I just love being a New England born Patriots fan! best overall everything for 20 years boi !!! now bring on the hate comments ya soar losers! 😁😁😁😂😂😂🤣🤣

  9. Captain Ramirez

    Captain Ramirez13 horas atrás

    The real question is what is madden’s rating? Probably not very good

  10. Mattes Fischer

    Mattes Fischer16 horas atrás

    "madden 20 has you rated as a 50." ...when you realise your career has got no future😂😂

  11. givenchy

    givenchy19 horas atrás

    they got too much brain damage to care

  12. Rusty Nail

    Rusty Nail22 horas atrás

    Not sure why they give a damn. Ratings are obsolete in Madden apart from speed.

  13. Lil Gravy

    Lil GravyDia atrás

    Saquon not even that good tbh

  14. 890flyer

    890flyerDia atrás

    put the names of the players

  15. SirLoin06

    SirLoin06Dia atrás

    Well I’m mlb the show 19 Mike Trout is only a 80!!!

  16. William Beer

    William BeerDia atrás

    i love that the ravens and jets r on this video they r everywhere on this vid

  17. Grandma

    GrandmaDia atrás

    My ratings are better.

  18. DEAN

    DEANDia atrás

    How is this football it’s rugby for girls that wear protection football is a round ball that you kick in a net


    MASSIMO FETTADia atrás

    Who do you think has a higher throwing power you or Tom Brady? Tom Brady: Obviously me "shows 5 superbowl rings* Defender: Me. WHY Defender: Cause Im me. What else do you need?

  20. No Me

    No MeDia atrás

    Baker being an 83 is a mistake

  21. J. Wellington Spitler

    J. Wellington SpitlerDia atrás

    Madden literally hasn’t been good since ‘06 don’t @ me


    CIA AGENTDia atrás

    I play FIFA and there's not even a single player rated 50. I'm assuming that guy is really bad?

  23. Salsa

    SalsaDia atrás

    CIA AGENT he’s a long snapper

  24. Justin Macho

    Justin MachoDia atrás

    Thanks for having the vikings in this. Appreciate it

  25. Duarte Falcão

    Duarte Falcão2 dias atrás

    it's Weatherly for real? he has like 3 sacks since 2016... talk about ego.

  26. KiTT

    KiTT2 dias atrás

    no one plays madden

  27. Dayvien Playz

    Dayvien Playz2 dias atrás

    Me me me me

  28. molly shearer

    molly shearer2 dias atrás

    someone please explain to me how these numbers work i’m so confused

  29. OG Scept

    OG Scept2 dias atrás

    Who is so Ficking hype to see Patrick Mahoms raiding

  30. TheRealDcTron

    TheRealDcTron2 dias atrás

    Sad because Madden is trash now

  31. Mitchell Holladay

    Mitchell Holladay2 dias atrás

    Carson Wentz looks like he’s headed back to school.

  32. Nick C

    Nick C2 dias atrás

    As far as I'm concerned, Joe Theismann's ratings have been the same since 1985. -π to be exact.

  33. David Raak

    David Raak2 dias atrás

    I from bisnarck

  34. 26 Pixels

    26 Pixels2 dias atrás

    0 fumbles and doesnt get a 99 carrying. What sense does that make lol

  35. Mario Morua

    Mario Morua2 dias atrás

    I wonder what Al Bundy's rating would be?

  36. Zake Maj

    Zake Maj2 dias atrás

    87 for Akeem Hicks? 79 for Calvin Ridley? That’s a joke ea

  37. killjoy cola

    killjoy cola2 dias atrás

    And this is why I wont buy madden 20 for no more then 20 bucks.. wait until Christmas and it will be 80% off

  38. Trip Westbrook

    Trip Westbrook2 dias atrás

    football player are the worst type of people 80% of people say themselves or have they’re rating is like 15 higher like what

  39. ISAI MLG

    ISAI MLG2 dias atrás

    I live 2 hours away from Fargo

  40. Jerry Vah

    Jerry VahDia atrás

    I live in fargo

  41. dbaksh3917

    dbaksh39172 dias atrás


  42. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac2 dias atrás

    Can you imagine Mean Joe Green or Larry Czonka getting bent out of shape because their ratings on the old Mattel Green Light electronic football game didn't do their game justice (yes i am dating myself) but with these Iphones and Ipads and Video games this generation has turned into a bunch of Space Odyssey 2001 sissy's

  43. Ned Bainbridge

    Ned Bainbridge2 dias atrás

    Well the energy would go to the egg if it was in there very tight but if it was loose then it would not get all of the energy

  44. Okiro Babers

    Okiro Babers2 dias atrás

    Barkley gonna that rating much higher

  45. David Bozic

    David Bozic2 dias atrás

    Hey narcissists, get over yourself. It's just a stupid video game. 🐈

  46. Avionic

    Avionic2 dias atrás

    Madden gave a 99 to Hopkins and a 98 to Brown. They have no clue what they are doing lol.

  47. Eddie Harris III

    Eddie Harris III3 dias atrás

    I'm playing with all these young guys.. wait.. I didn't buy this glitchy game anyways..

  48. Eddie Harris III

    Eddie Harris III3 dias atrás

    Better to be young with a low rating.. #FranchiseMode no one's picking Larry Fitzgerald lmao

  49. KingPelican

    KingPelican3 dias atrás

    None of these guys have played madden

  50. Mikel Reece

    Mikel Reece3 dias atrás

    I haven't played Madden since 2016. Series is trash now

  51. Weston Anderson

    Weston Anderson3 dias atrás

    Wouldn’t it make sense to compare position stats. Like an overall rating for everyone in that position vs everyone in general. So that “lineman” don’t have a strength buff and subsequently a “running back” has a strength nerf.

  52. Young Bull

    Young Bull3 dias atrás

    Doesn't matter most of them play 2k loool

  53. Alex Fata

    Alex Fata3 dias atrás

    "I would say they probly did the same as last year." EA developers making the game

  54. Diego Flores Valenzuela

    Diego Flores Valenzuela3 dias atrás

    Dont even watch NFL or play Madden, but i loved this video lmao

  55. I Accept Visa

    I Accept Visa3 dias atrás

    The problem with Madden is they give out way too many 90+ and high 80s. Where as in fifa, only the best of the best get 90s. And literally like less than 20 players have an 86 or higher

  56. Josh112096

    Josh1120963 dias atrás

    Holy shit look at the animations @4:30. This game is booty cheeks 😂🤣

  57. Josh112096

    Josh1120963 dias atrás

    Madden 20 sponsored by *Home Depot*

  58. OSCAR and EMMY

    OSCAR and EMMY3 dias atrás

    How is 81 strentgh disrespectful for Barkely ??? He is a RB

  59. Burton Jekel

    Burton Jekel3 dias atrás

    It’s ok cause Madden is awful

  60. The.joint.gamer Helgesen

    The.joint.gamer Helgesen3 dias atrás

    Brain damage is number 1

  61. Puro South

    Puro South3 dias atrás

    1:52 did that announcer really not know who Wentz was?

  62. Nostalgia

    Nostalgia3 dias atrás

    7:11 that nigga look like offset and Kevin durant

  63. Eric Ottiano

    Eric Ottiano3 dias atrás

    You guys don’t know how to rate player

  64. Benjamin

    Benjamin4 dias atrás

    Football is shit. Play rugby.

  65. Andre macklin

    Andre macklin4 dias atrás

    Dude that had the 50 was hurt 😂

  66. Beborincon1996

    Beborincon19964 dias atrás

    They capped my son barckly

  67. Zimbaa

    Zimbaa4 dias atrás

    Caleb Mcgary had me dead 😂😂😂

  68. I HoMelEsS MaN

    I HoMelEsS MaN4 dias atrás

    Greedy sound like Blueface 😂😂😂

  69. Greg D

    Greg D4 dias atrás

    Saquon is a beast, He can bench Linebacker numbers and run faster than most people

  70. Down Hill

    Down Hill18 horas atrás

    his madden numbers say otherwise

  71. Alex l

    Alex l4 dias atrás

    Saquon needs higher speed and acceleration. He's probably the most dynamic and electrifying player in the league. His agility needs to be a 99 too.

  72. Drippy M

    Drippy M4 dias atrás

    2:50 is when did christian from wwe make the team☠️

  73. Rudy’s Brother

    Rudy’s Brother4 dias atrás

    Maddens overall rating: 0 dead game.

  74. PysCh0 Zikul

    PysCh0 Zikul4 dias atrás

    Whoever makes the player ratings does a good job of..... Insulting the players

  75. BlaseSavage 11

    BlaseSavage 114 dias atrás

    81 strength for Saquon. Wow

  76. BlaseSavage 11

    BlaseSavage 114 dias atrás

    Mike Evans is the A team player that plays on B Teams

  77. Squid Urbina

    Squid Urbina4 dias atrás

    Madden is butt tbh

  78. Jeremy Fisher

    Jeremy Fisher4 dias atrás

    Lol no cap

  79. Shawn Watterson

    Shawn Watterson4 dias atrás

    To bad they play Football cause if they didn't they would realize how trash Madden is, what a joke sports games are jesus.

  80. Blackjack 844

    Blackjack 8444 dias atrás

    My rating would be a 5

  81. KathR

    KathR4 dias atrás

    they all so cocky lmao

  82. Malisha Wesson

    Malisha Wesson4 dias atrás


  83. Gaven Atkins

    Gaven Atkins4 dias atrás

    Too bad the game is trash so they really shouldn't care lol. People did no research for this game

  84. Jim Green

    Jim Green4 dias atrás

    How does Matt prater not have higher kick power when he has the longest kick in nfl history and it wasn’t even close to the bottom of the posts and it could’ve been a 70 yarder

  85. Selena Sweeney

    Selena Sweeney4 dias atrás

    I wish Madden games weren't such blatant cash grabs these days

  86. Kevin Lachance

    Kevin Lachance4 dias atrás

    Too bad Madden suvks every year and can't seem to make any good improvements to the game. Literally an easy cash cow for them. Plus they have no competition when it comes to a football game. That's bad for the fans only.

  87. ZackM

    ZackM5 dias atrás

    Haven’t watched football in years, more in too mma, cant anyone tell if this was accurate lol.

  88. TTH

    TTH4 dias atrás

    ZackM so why even comment

  89. Slumped

    Slumped5 dias atrás

    “52” “Lower” See fella, now that is when you realize you’re not where you are supposed to be.