POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1


  1. Coub4ik

    Coub4ikHora atrás

    Что так долго та? Я уже почти на пенсии был,пока не подняли.

  2. MelonMino

    MelonMinoHora atrás

    ok... I guess. Better be good tho

  3. Peter Ngo

    Peter NgoHora atrás

    How I wish ash was there

  4. UarchT

    UarchTHora atrás

    No No No just No, it need to go back to regular anime

  5. Sabah

    SabahHora atrás

    I really expected a cute little voice for Pikachu

  6. Grayson athin

    Grayson athinHora atrás

    We’ve been waiting

  7. J Jz

    J JzHora atrás

    Gott warum stop!!!

  8. MCA ~ Major Canadian Assassin

    MCA ~ Major Canadian AssassinHora atrás

    This can’t believe this

  9. Patrick Kainz

    Patrick KainzHora atrás

    Charizard makes me uncomfortable

  10. emmanuel nkana

    emmanuel nkanaHora atrás

    i wonder what problem the sjw’s are going to have with this movie

  11. Ильдар Ибрагимов

    Ильдар ИбрагимовHora atrás

    Of course it's interesting, but not with this actor, and I definitely won’t pay for it.

  12. Ray's channel

    Ray's channelHora atrás

    Oh my god Ryan Reynolds is playing pikachu

  13. オクラホマ弁財天

    オクラホマ弁財天Hora atrás


  14. piniwager

    piniwagerHora atrás

    Pikachu is a man now

  15. Rival Thomas

    Rival ThomasHora atrás

    Give me second...

  16. Narendra Lau

    Narendra LauHora atrás

    oh my god

  17. Marlen Aviles

    Marlen AvilesHora atrás

    Kids and even adult are gonna be excited for this so keep your hate to yourself people.. I bet all hater are gonna go see it 😂😂😂 just for the fun of it.. pikachu is still gonna make the money

  18. Life Sucks

    Life SucksHora atrás

    The one person I wanted to watch this with hates me now. Thanks cailey.

  19. debasht85

    debasht85Hora atrás

    how many franchises will be destroyed by capitalism? 🤑

  20. 。栗とリス

    。栗とリスHora atrás


  21. Stay Alive

    Stay AliveHora atrás

    *Pika pika pika*

  22. daisx beohfox

    daisx beohfoxHora atrás

    Pikachu sounds like an old man

  23. splitsauce

    splitsauceHora atrás

    Did that just.... Happen

  24. もものみはるみ

    もものみはるみHora atrás


  25. Dronethony Striketano

    Dronethony StriketanoHora atrás

    but why...

  26. ☆FRONT☆

    ☆FRONT☆Hora atrás


  27. Daniel Annergran

    Daniel AnnergranHora atrás

    Who came along and said "Let's make a movie about detective Pikachu!" "John you're drunk."

  28. Anup Nair

    Anup NairHora atrás

    this made my day.

  29. baccapvp

    baccapvpHora atrás


  30. Жора Тен

    Жора ТенHora atrás

    *почему май 2019?мое сердешко не выдержит!!!*

  31. Andre

    AndreHora atrás

    where ash?

  32. Watson Satot

    Watson SatotHora atrás

    This could work...

  33. Onyx Le Monde

    Onyx Le MondeHora atrás

    Everyone hating on this but I think it’s cool we’ve never understood the Pokémon so for Brock to hear him is cool

  34. Kevin Lin

    Kevin LinHora atrás

    Deadpool mix Ted

  35. Alex Langley

    Alex LangleyHora atrás

    Why is Pikachu furry?

  36. susu nascimento

    susu nascimentoHora atrás

    Que fofinho ❤

  37. Dogsmart 3

    Dogsmart 3Hora atrás


  38. Mateo Peña

    Mateo PeñaHora atrás

    Pokemon is animal abuse with special effects

  39. ほほほ ほほほ

    ほほほ ほほほHora atrás


  40. LouieTheHuman

    LouieTheHumanHora atrás

    Yo this looks sick!!

  41. Hermit Chicken

    Hermit ChickenHora atrás

    I've already watched this movie over 50 times...

  42. gary.

    gary.Hora atrás

    So excited for this movie. Totally gonna watch it.

  43. DEMi

    DEMiHora atrás

    Yo this is real!?! Bruh I thought it was a joke. In that case it BETTER be good. Cause you know damn well this is your one and only chance to make a good live-action Pokemon movie. DO NOT MESS THIS UP!!

  44. The Musician

    The MusicianHora atrás

    I don't know why so many people already hate on it. I think it looks fun. And yes I am a Pokemon Fan... Let's just wait for the movie and judge after that.

  45. Crunchy Puppy

    Crunchy PuppyHora atrás

    Who knew deadpool could be so cute

  46. rosie.

    rosie.Hora atrás

    I thought this was cool until i heard pikachu's voice. 🙄

  47. ヨッ ヨッ

    ヨッ ヨッHora atrás

    My decision whether I will watch it or not depends on whether Lucario is in this movie

  48. Christopher Diers

    Christopher DiersHora atrás

    awful CGI

  49. keil festin

    keil festinHora atrás

    Type your top 5 Pokémon let's go!!!! 1. Blastoise 2.Giratina 3. Palkia 4.Mewtwo 5. You're Mum pussy

  50. MUSZ273 Gedo82

    MUSZ273 Gedo82Hora atrás

    I think Garfield is so jealous 🤣🤣🤣

  51. 。依り

    。依りHora atrás


  52. Marshall Mathers

    Marshall MathersHora atrás

    Anyone here from pikachu memes?

  53. Skusioh

    SkusiohHora atrás

    well... i... dooooont know what to make of this...

  54. Potato Person

    Potato PersonHora atrás

    Excited 😁

  55. Ana Castaneda

    Ana CastanedaHora atrás

    This movie just might break box office


    TRANDING INDIAHora atrás

    If u start ticket now i will buy it right now.... Pica pica

  57. ネクラん

    ネクラんHora atrás


  58. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristHora atrás

    Lmao tf is this?

  59. 田中多中

    田中多中Hora atrás


  60. Sadwave

    SadwaveHora atrás

    Pikachu = Deadpool

  61. Nacho Kalibre

    Nacho KalibreHora atrás


  62. Zach E60

    Zach E60Hora atrás

    Why now,WHY NOW?!?!!??!??? *crying in the corner in some dead game

  63. Dumbledoreismyhubby

    DumbledoreismyhubbyHora atrás

    Lmao I’m too hype

  64. Martini and Cherry

    Martini and CherryHora atrás


  65. god of games

    god of gamesHora atrás

    3rd trending on India

  66. Mishi Mushi

    Mishi MushiHora atrás

    it's Ryan Reynolds 😂

  67. T T

    T THora atrás


  68. YuGo Asap4Ever

    YuGo Asap4EverHora atrás

    So Ash is black?

  69. Jeremiah Capers

    Jeremiah CapersHora atrás

    I’ll never see Pikachu talks I hear Deadpool instead of Pikachu

  70. Kirill Belousov

    Kirill BelousovHora atrás

    I don't think that pokemons was so hmmm mature all of a sudden...

  71. best vines compilation

    best vines compilationHora atrás

    awww....hell yah!!!!

  72. 마법의 소라고동

    마법의 소라고동Hora atrás

    Jesus...today is the last day of world...? I'm gonna freak out of this situation...Deadpool on Pikachu....My god...

  73. IAMCAT

    IAMCATHora atrás

    F for danny devito

  74. T Tauri

    T TauriHora atrás

    Bra .. Is justin bieber behind it ?? Are you being blackmailed?

  75. TheVoice OfTruth

    TheVoice OfTruthHora atrás

    Oh my god no way

  76. Cuythulu

    CuythuluHora atrás

    Ok, it's official. In the Pokémon world people hunt and slave intelligent life forms in order to make them fight just for fun. Like in Django unchained

  77. jai M.V

    jai M.VHora atrás

    Pika pika

  78. PotatoaBananaHybrid

    PotatoaBananaHybridHora atrás

    pikachu looks so furry

  79. Maharani Rajwa

    Maharani RajwaHora atrás

    For some reason, I'm dissapointed of pikachu's voice.

  80. Pug- Man

    Pug- ManHora atrás


  81. Rawnick12

    Rawnick12Hora atrás

    Pika Pika!!! Fuck all the other Pokemon lol except Charzard! 😂🤣 Subscribe to me & I'll subscribe back?

  82. Long Jonny

    Long JonnyHora atrás

    FINALLY 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  83. ひかる

    ひかるHora atrás


  84. 1 devious mama

    1 devious mamaHora atrás

    This looks fucking horrible.

  85. Mar Mar

    Mar MarHora atrás

    Почему гг нигер

  86. TheKate Ti

    TheKate TiHora atrás

    Пика пика чуууу Русские вы тута?

  87. abc KULUWU

    abc KULUWUHora atrás

    People don’t realize pikachu is a race

  88. Adora Belle

    Adora BelleHora atrás

    Ugh Ryan Reynolds was prob the worst voice to play pikachu. Fuckin Hollywood recycling junk like always

  89. SS Officer of the Third Reich

    SS Officer of the Third ReichHora atrás


  90. Bia J.

    Bia J.Hora atrás

    Xeroque rolmes

  91. ShiyKatsuo

    ShiyKatsuoHora atrás

    Weird flex but ok

  92. Prajjwal Rawat

    Prajjwal RawatHora atrás

    Awesome, pikachuu is so so cute

  93. druidboy76

    druidboy76Hora atrás

    This is just god awful.

  94. Amily White

    Amily WhiteHora atrás

    Wow... haha.. Ar you seriously?

  95. Penguiino

    PenguiinoHora atrás

    So the movie is about finding his dad and not trying to be the very best? 🤔

  96. Caleb60

    Caleb60Hora atrás

    Excuse me whaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!

  97. formula 1 fan

    formula 1 fanHora atrás

    Pika pika

  98. Richard Henckel

    Richard HenckelHora atrás

    This looks like a really fun movie to watch on an acid trip

  99. Erika Cendejas

    Erika CendejasHora atrás

    This looks l.ike it will be terrible... IM SO GONNA WATCH IT