Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober15 horas atrás

    I have spent sooooo much time working on this over the past 11 months it feels really nice to finally show it to you guys. I've got all 12 of my videos planned out for 2020 and in various stages so be sure to subscribe, bell, donate a kidney, etc.

  2. Statewide tfd

    Statewide tfd10 horas atrás

    I think you should use skunk spray

  3. Jeremy Glassford

    Jeremy Glassford10 horas atrás

    I've had packages stolen off my my porch, so this video made me extra happy. I've learned there are batteries that will last longer than I lifetimes now, I wonder how useful a battery like that might be for recovering your packages.

  4. Halston Kerr

    Halston Kerr10 horas atrás

    It would of been better if the sound was merry Christmas you filthy animal and a happy new year

  5. Soviet Russia

    Soviet Russia10 horas atrás

    Mark Roberhrllo

  6. se73n21 Pollard

    se73n21 Pollard10 horas atrás

    Great video Mark

  7. Pavel Georgiev

    Pavel Georgiev10 horas atrás

    you missed a great opportunity to put c4 plastic explosive in the box

  8. Kylar Howren

    Kylar Howren10 horas atrás

    Bet she enjoyed those really nice nose headphone

  9. Steven Patrick

    Steven Patrick10 horas atrás

    Love your content Mark. Whenever I see your videos on another social media platform, I make sure to refer people to your channel. 5x2=10 ads for an 18 min is too much in my opinion, worse then cable

  10. Medeoker doker shots ._.

    Medeoker doker shots ._.10 horas atrás

    Who else watched the original bait package when it came out

  11. Casey Douglas

    Casey Douglas10 horas atrás

    Make a new version where it either explodes or sprays out cyanide and spurts sulfuric acid instead of fart spray...

  12. Bradley Boatman

    Bradley Boatman10 horas atrás

    If this buttons grey you support t-seires | √

  13. Azriq Haikal

    Azriq Haikal10 horas atrás

    Only happen i america i guess. I live In Malaysia(sea), and the delivery guy always call if they infront of the house and they will hold the item if there is no one respond. Small stuff that I appreciate living in this country.

  14. Lisa Winningham

    Lisa Winningham10 horas atrás

    Oh this makes me so happy. They don't even seem chagrined.

  15. Doc Skate

    Doc Skate10 horas atrás

    1. FC KOELN 🤣🤣🤣 Unbelievable Gruß aus Koeln

  16. Joel Cummins

    Joel Cummins10 horas atrás

    Mother Earth?

  17. Stuart Ferguson

    Stuart Ferguson10 horas atrás

    I am a robot. Beep beep boop. I am incapable of independent thought. 2019: I can only repeat things that I see in youtube comments because I am a robot and don't posses a functioning brain. *insert future year here*: I can only repeat things that I see in youtube comments because I am a robot and don't posses a functioning brain.

  18. donjay

    donjay10 horas atrás

    But he got 4 phones from it

  19. MustardPiimp

    MustardPiimp10 horas atrás

    why does he have two watches??

  20. Nathan O'Shea

    Nathan O'Shea10 horas atrás

    That’s honestly the funniest prank I’ve seen on BRreporter in years. The Hillary one 😂

  21. CaelumEtAstra

    CaelumEtAstra10 horas atrás

    "I was just about to find this dude" THEN WHY DID YOU OPEN THE PACKAGE

  22. 1 Hour Music

    1 Hour Music10 horas atrás

    The guy who pretended to buy the package for his gf deserved it

  23. Sean K

    Sean K10 horas atrás


  24. Gracey Brooks

    Gracey Brooks10 horas atrás

    We love Mark Rober!!!!!!!!

  25. Lan chan

    Lan chan10 horas atrás

    You smart smart man

  26. maxthekit uchiha

    maxthekit uchiha10 horas atrás

    I just love seeing scumbags get what they deserve I needed this I was feeling really shity today this video made me feel a hell of a lot better

  27. Wolfie442 Wolfe

    Wolfie442 Wolfe10 horas atrás

    These people took mega Ls

  28. Draconfury

    Draconfury10 horas atrás

    This is amazing

  29. Vector

    Vector10 horas atrás

    1.4m Views in 4 Hours, that's impressive!

  30. crazybird

    crazybird10 horas atrás


  31. The Abstraction

    The Abstraction10 horas atrás

    3:28 Everyone liked that

  32. marthale7

    marthale710 horas atrás

    Ok new idea. After they activate the package the phones then hack their own phones in the room and their own phones become your slaves. The phones start saying "Thou shalt not Steal" at random intervals.

  33. crazybird

    crazybird10 horas atrás


  34. CavalierNSN

    CavalierNSN10 horas atrás

    These thieves are some of the worst gd people in the world. Pure trash.

  35. _ Beferrr

    _ Beferrr10 horas atrás

    Mark, you should only use the cameras of the phones. Without the phones. So the robbers don't get a " prize "

  36. Efrain Vera

    Efrain Vera10 horas atrás

    What about a bomb package 😭

  37. some beach

    some beach10 horas atrás

    Interesting skin colors on the theifs

  38. Cruzman06

    Cruzman0610 horas atrás

    this made my day!

  39. Mercmad

    Mercmad10 horas atrás

    Mr Culkin looks a lot better these days. Must have gotten way from hollyweird.

  40. Clammiest

    Clammiest10 horas atrás

    This video just made my night 😂

  41. Andrue Ilanderr

    Andrue Ilanderr10 horas atrás

    Ummm... why in blazes did 1700 people NOT like this video?!? All package thieves, maybe? Awesome update on the old glitter bomb idea!

  42. C Johnson

    C Johnson10 horas atrás

    Awesome Mark, have a merry xmas too!

  43. Dude Man

    Dude Man10 horas atrás

    Macaulay Culkin is looking good these days

  44. Zementmörtel

    Zementmörtel10 horas atrás

    Couldn't you just put a C4 charge inside the box?

  45. Schnee Flocke

    Schnee Flocke10 horas atrás

    I would have taken that Furry Con registration.. wait what?


    ORGANIZED CoNfUsioN10 horas atrás

    I could watch these videos all day. Take that human garbage.I LOVE IT.

  47. Squig

    Squig10 horas atrás

    This is the best thing I have ever seen in the world. you can see u work really hard on these great videos

  48. Humza Noor

    Humza Noor10 horas atrás

    The last guys were fine... They were watching the office

  49. Lewis Busch-Vogel

    Lewis Busch-Vogel10 horas atrás

    A petty genius. The most deadly of combinations.

  50. Andrew

    Andrew10 horas atrás

    3.0 you should put pepper spray in there. That's what you get you filthy package stealing animals.

  51. Barney Rubble

    Barney Rubble10 horas atrás

    You need to put napalm in the box

  52. Seah Mira Fragile

    Seah Mira Fragile10 horas atrás

    Shipping company's should be making these in bulk with real police tracking and a unit made just for these theft, I mean it happens way to much and its not stopping sadly, You gave them the idea, lets hope they can put it to good use, Way to much effort and intelligence went into this think of what it can do if it was actually used !!! I'm in love with you lol, you are amazing God Bless you.

  53. SCP-1471-A

    SCP-1471-A10 horas atrás

    The downvotes are the theives

  54. Celestial Elements

    Celestial Elements10 horas atrás

    At 14:19 at least their whacking the office

  55. RedHD Momma

    RedHD Momma10 horas atrás

    Love your ingenuity! BTW I have a pair of the Bose headphones and they r AWESOME! Well worth the $$.

  56. Dave Micolichek

    Dave Micolichek10 horas atrás

    Damn! Cody is going to have to move soon...

  57. anwest

    anwest10 horas atrás

    Poor Billy Ray Morin. Don’t mess with an engineer :)

  58. Julio Villeda

    Julio Villeda10 horas atrás

    This is funny because I just watched the last gliter bomb video yesterday

  59. Josh Ortiz

    Josh Ortiz10 horas atrás

    Love it!!!

  60. Born Sniper

    Born Sniper10 horas atrás

    Next time do something like that shoots small pins

  61. Acer_TheHyperFox 3115

    Acer_TheHyperFox 311510 horas atrás


  62. ROM RAID

    ROM RAID10 horas atrás

    I would add an extra bottle of teargas or pepperspray.

  63. Awesomness x

    Awesomness x10 horas atrás

    At 17:21 when he said "Alexa" he activated mine and confused it

  64. Jayden Heidtmann

    Jayden Heidtmann10 horas atrás

    you had the man him self and didnt implement fireworks you need to add the genral lee horn a small craker and when the gliter spirals add some c02 that blast it out further

  65. liluzibertical

    liluzibertical10 horas atrás

    Next time use mustard gas and fish bangs