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  3. Lorna Lessing

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    Karem BASRA Are you located in the United States? No shade i'm honestly just asking because if you are in the U.S. and dont know who Drew Barrymore is that is a little bit strange because she's a massively famous movie star but if you dont live here i can understand you not knowing!

  4. Amy Valencia

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    Of course beautiful❤

  5. Amelia Rybczynska

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    Polska pozdrawiam

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    Loved this ❤️❤️

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    how fucking big is Nikkie? G'damn she looks like a monster next to Drew.

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    Melatonin, so true!!!! It will change your life!

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    I love u both

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    1) Drew without makeup still looks like that little girl from E.T. her face and expressions are so damn sweet. 2) Nikkie you say that you don't usually (well never) do "natural makeup" BUT for me your makeup on this video looks like the perfect example of it, I mean your lips and your eyelashes...STUNNING! LOVE IT!

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    This is literally the best!

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    i feel like id have a blast smoking with drew lol

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    She’s so stinking cute

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    loved the show if you give makeup out please send 4305 Strickland Landing Blvd perry fl 32348 let's see what happens for people who cant aford mackup

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    Can we talk about how freaking gorgeous Drew looks without makeup? Because sweet jesus!!!!

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    Holy Moly! Now i get it! What other people see, when I'm next to my mom. My mom is 5'1 and i am 5'11 :)

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    I love Drew Barrymore. She's speaks to my soul.

  18. kjp551

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    Drew?! Holy big names Batman!

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    Drew looks stunning even without makeup. :))

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    So Drew is super weird and I think I love her.

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    Drew just seems so REAL. I've always wanted to meet her omg

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    I am new to your channel and I don't usually subscribe to make up channels but can someone link me how I can get Nikkie's look here? I mean she looks super beautiful I just had to subscribe and Drew is just so down to earth they are both darling.

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    She did a good job on makeup Drew looks beautiful.

  24. SkeyeU

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    I wanna see her wear purple,gold and green eye shadow.

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    What you look so big!??

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  27. Christina Lellio

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    Nikkie please do a video of your favorite brushes!! I keep trying to pause the video to catch a peek at what type of brushes you're using and it's driving me crazy!!😛 I notice a lot of them are ones that you use frequently. Please do a brush favorites video I beg you!!! XOXO💋

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    “..well that’s quite a wingman.” 😂

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    Drew!!! you were in my favorite movie 50 first dates I love it.

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    Esta enorme nikkie parece un gigante al lado de Drow

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    I looooove Drew and both of you together is EVERYTHING 😩😍👏🏽🙌🏽

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    The size difference is the only thing I can focus on

  35. Emoxtional

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    Drew looks like nikkie’s daughter 😂🤣

  36. Cindy Sin

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    What?! Is Nikki’ really that big?!?!

  37. Queen Anastasia

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    I think the thing I love the most about videos like this is how you get to see someone who is famous in a raw, real, way

  38. Suzanne Wilson

    Suzanne Wilson12 dias atrás

    melatonin is sooo much better than sleeping pills!

  39. Kruthika Jayatheertha

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    I love Drew Barrymore!

  40. G. Strobl

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    Yep, "gorgeous both ways" pretty much sums it up. :)

  41. stacey Johnson

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    Omg. I just stumbled across this video. Subscribed for sure. Nikkie is 1 stunning woman. Another fan right here xx

  42. Evgenia

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    i love Drew in "Santa Clarita Diet " TV series, you guys should watch it!

  43. XtremeKaiba

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    I get that whole sleep thing, I have stress induced insomnia so I wake up at least 3 times a night and have trouble going back to sleep. My problem is the pills make me groggy the next day so I usually don't take sleeping pills unless I have a day off the next day.

  44. Babyloser19

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    Awwww I wish I got to be told I was the other shoe with Drew. Lucky! She's so cute and sweet!

  45. Phianett

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    I can't tell you how much I looooove Drew Barrymore. She is one of my favorite actresses. When a security question asks "What is your favorite movie?", the answer is always a Drew Barrymore movie. 💖💖😍

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    *Nikkie , R. Crumb would love to humb u insanely ,and i as well.*

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    You should try this power of makeup on Lilly Singh( iiSUPERWOMANii )!

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  49. mrs.mimi24

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    I love anything drew!!! I can’t wait to try her make up line

  50. Franco is d e t e r m i n a t e d

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  51. Pinky Hm

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    "She's my fav actress since E.T"😍😘

  52. Reba Carter

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    DREW BARRYMORE!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱This is the first time I've seen one of your Vida and I am SO glad I did!!!

  53. DeAnna Bates

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    More of The Power of Makeup! Pretty please??????

  54. Sarah

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    I love you DB!

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    Omg! Loved this! You just gotta love Drew. Please do more of these ❤️

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    Totalmente bella con o sin maquillaje. Excelente aactriz y como se ve tambien una excelente mujer!!

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    I love Drew Barrymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is my favorite duo... Ever!

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    Wow nikkie is tALL

  61. Nikki Sweet

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    Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore have been my queens since I was like 9 or 10. When Nikki said "the Chad" the first thing I heard in my head was "Was it The Chad?"

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    I know I’m late to the game but I’m about 5mins in a just subscribed.

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    Aaaahhh... So the movie Dunderklumpen... Is that like thunder shoes?

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    Drew, you were gorgeous 20 years ago, you're gorgeous now, and you'll still be stunning in the future!

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    3:18 *omg that artistic look Nikkie 👀 COME ON!*

  66. Marius Veerag

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    you both are amazing. such a good energy. xoxoxoxoxo

  67. Artizorg

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    She aged so beautifully. Its really refreshing to see in this industry ... And also I am in love with her since Charlies Angels :)

  68. Sandra Chodan

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    My 2 favourite girls! ❤️

  69. Mattison Whatever

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    when I think of Drew I AUTOMATICALLY think of a fair flush with a classic red lip. you did that girl.

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  71. Angela Rose

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    OMG I love drew Barrymore! I swear I can feel ur excitement

  72. Sanaya Taylor

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    Like for Santa Clarita Diet!

  73. JennyAHansen

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    Mad Love saved my life as a teenager. I have loved Drew ever since... and Boys on the Side? Her work is great and we are Pisces​ sisters, so...

  74. Cláudia Janyne

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    Amo elaaaaaaa... muitooooo

  75. Trinity Royal

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    Drew Barrymore!!!!! :D love love love her an her laugh lol

  76. imnotyourdweeb

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    Nikkie looks GLORIOUS in this video! Yas queen! Right up there with Queen Drew!

  77. Oliwia Szumska

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    Youre like 2 bigger than her, i mean even your head js w bigger xdddd

  78. DeborASMR4u

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    Drew is so cute

  79. Trisha Connelly

    Trisha Connelly21 dia atrás

    I love your channel and Drew was and still is such an important role model for me. She's just authentically beautiful inside and out. I actually got a bit teary eyed watching this as she shared some of her struggles, because I can relate. And just like that, says something that makes you laugh the next minute. Drew is a gem.

  80. ambidextra ambidextra

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    drew rocks.I don't think the orange going down over her jaw onto her neck looks super great

  81. mayra lopez

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    cierto para una entienda

  82. Giorgi Quigg

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    charles angels queen!!!!

  83. lan huynh

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    Why does drew look so tiny in this video. Oh it makes since nikki is just talll

  84. Nadia Ramirez

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    Nikkie! It would be amazing if you could put some subtitles in spanish in your videos, i've seen many people requesting it.

  85. Mande Peer

    Mande Peer22 dias atrás

    Holy cow it’s actually a real celebrity way to go Nikkie

  86. Jennifer N

    Jennifer N22 dias atrás

    Can you post what you used on Drew’s face in the pic that was posted (when Drew said she didn’t want to take her makeup off). I love that light dewy look! Gorgeous!

  87. Vicky Devine

    Vicky Devine22 dias atrás

    That was a seriously awesome video💗

  88. MiriINC

    MiriINC22 dias atrás

    This was actually kinda heartwarming. I feel like watching a rom-com now.

  89. MiriINC

    MiriINC22 dias atrás

    This was actually kinda heartwarming. I feel like watching a rom-com now.

  90. Carmen Chirinos

    Carmen Chirinos22 dias atrás

    I love the make up you have for this video, can you make a tutorial??? Please, please, please!!!

  91. miss dragon lucky china

    miss dragon lucky china23 dias atrás

    drew will always be beautiful inside and out because she has a old soul. good person to the core.

  92. miss dragon lucky china

    miss dragon lucky china23 dias atrás

    drews cute when she smiles. you can tell the other lady had botox in her lips and her eyes were cinched smaller .drerw doesn't need makeup looks like she has never had botox or anything.

  93. Tara Leigh

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    Seriously LOVED this video SO much!!!!! Love Nikkie, LOVE Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a new subscriber, Nikkie!!!

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  95. Ксения Нечепуренко

    Ксения Нечепуренко23 dias atrás

    Классная работа!

  96. Alejandra Royo

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    X favor alguien que traduzcaaaaaa!!!!

  97. nick orange

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    also sheila your make up in this video is fabulous. i just subcribed. :)

  98. nick orange

    nick orange24 dias atrás

    I love when drew says swing hard. lol and nikki says grab it by the balls. im gonna try and remmeber this later when im struggling.

  99. Yadis Lizeth

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  100. Nicole Interrupted

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    Dutch people are giants haha

  101. cssruth

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    I'm not really into makeup, I personally only use it on special occasions like Christmas parties. However, I really appreciate Drew and her positivity. Make up is fancy and nice, but it's important to feel beautiful and exceptable with a naked face! 😊 I feel like even though she has a make up line, she still promotes self confidence in the skin you're in and the idea that you are beautiful without makeup.

  102. kerryanne o'connor

    kerryanne o'connor24 dias atrás

    I love your make up in this nikki

  103. Isom Durm

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    omfg WIIIIIIIIIIGUH I love Drew Barrymore

  104. Nicole in love

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    Drew is a beautifull woman using or not using makeup 😘 but , you'r work is awesome ! 😍