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  2. Sanch Sai

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    Plz let Drew know that i absolutely love her.... Love u too Nikkie 😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗

  3. 우다닭

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  4. Lorna Lessing

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    Karem BASRA Are you located in the United States? No shade i'm honestly just asking because if you are in the U.S. and dont know who Drew Barrymore is that is a little bit strange because she's a massively famous movie star but if you dont live here i can understand you not knowing!

  5. FashionistasRus !

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    When she said duochrome I was Like Yaaasssssss you got it right Christine would be proud

  6. Bu Bubble

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    Drew so pretty, left and right!!!

  7. Jasmine Hanway

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    Nikki: So Sheila stuffs her freezer with meat, what's the weirdest thing you've stuffed in there? Drew: hmmm... (Long pause) Me: a body?!? . .... Honestly why is my brain like this?

  8. Gira

    Gira6 dias atrás

    Su base no era de su tono, se notaba el corte

  9. Alaina Valentine

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    Oh my GOOOOD DREEEEW my heart just explodes over you!!! She has such BEAUTIFUL energy and warmth and such gebuine appreciation and CONNECTION with Nikki. She is just the absolute realest and I can look up to her in so many freakin ways. What an outstanding angelic human being.

  10. antidentite

    antidentite6 dias atrás

    Drew is so sweet..love her!

  11. Jasmine Martinez

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    My friend said NikkieTutorials looks like Fiona and Adele had a baby 🤣🤣

  12. Wolfie_ Playz

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    Also I love that Drew just seems so relatable and down to earth and normal, not at all full of herself

  13. Wolfie_ Playz

    Wolfie_ Playz7 dias atrás

    Drew's head in comparison to Nikki's has me dying, she looks so tiny and I'm not talking weight at all lol

  14. Love Yourself

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    I like these. Why only 3 videos though?

  15. Leah Lounsbury

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    Dude, I fucking love Drew Barrymore more than life. Y’all don’t even know how much I love her. She’s the best thing to ever exist.

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    I have melatonin too

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    Nikkie es como una muñeca, se ve bellísima. ☺❤

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    Drew is such a cutie pie omg!! *-*

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    I love Drew so much 😭😭😭

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    I love you two soooo much! The moat humble & funny girls❤️❤️👭👭😘😘😘💃 love you Drew!

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    I think im in love with Drew Barrymore

  22. Javona Gavin

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    Please pleaeeeeeeeeease Continue the season of the power of make up and also tell us your age because I saw you talking. about a teen choice award And the next you should do Ariana Grande.

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    20 minutes of Nikkie and Drew girl crushing at each other. I love this. 😍

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    I just filmed mine:) if y’all can please check it out!

  25. Life's Student

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    18:59 who else was afraid she was going to say beast

  26. Rosario Armas

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  27. Sofia Benali

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    Omg you're so big compared with her

  28. Franky King

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    Why’s drew so tiny 🤨

  29. valzep

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    Drew is absolutely adorable. ❤

  30. Jayne Forster

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    Drew Barrymore is stunning!

  31. Lili Silva

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    O nikkie es una gigante o drew es muy pequeña!

  32. Emily Taylor

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    Oh my god aaaahhhhh I cried when I saw this in my feed

  33. callumonmars

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    the ULTIMATE collab

  34. Jacki Warren

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    I Love you nikki!!!!Your the real deal😎

  35. EisAngel

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    Drew's a knockout with red lips!

  36. Anna Palmer

    Anna Palmer16 dias atrás

    Love you Drew Barrymore for encouraging women to embrace aging as something that doesn’t need to be ‘fixed’ with plastic surgery. Too many people in Hollywood have opted for stiff, cookie-cutter faces which are actually not attractive. You have remained beautiful and have allowed your face to have character and expression.

  37. CeeCee2118

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    Oh ma gosh drew looks so tiny next to you like even her head and face haha

  38. xoxoPRN

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    I don't know why I'm only now seeing this, but you and Drew together are total magic!

  39. SparkledStilettos

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    No fucking way 😭😲❤️

  40. Queen Morena

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    I Love Drew's part about Happiness ❤ @6:55

  41. Jean Saari

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    Just binged the latest season of Santa Clarita Diet 😍 Drew is my favorite actress OF ALL TIME!

  42. Ana Martínez

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    Nikkie you look beautiful!!

  43. Maria Novak

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    Couldn’t stop looking at Nikki’s makeup, stunning!

  44. patricia m

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    Hermosa de cualquier manera Drew Barrimore

  45. Lisa Whitty

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    Omg I love her!!!!! ❤️

  46. Lisa Robertson

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    Finally we get to see the face behind the brand now I'll try it

  47. Slimey Slime

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    I love worlds best

  48. Magnificent Bastard

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    It's hilarious how you guys think this is a good thing.... You're wearing a mask to fool people....

  49. Elena5ize

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    Drews teeth? Ewww :/

  50. Montana Skylar

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    Clarita diet😍😍😍😍 I thought she'll just jump on her neck🤭🤭

  51. Bill P

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    Drew Barrymore is second only to Salma Hayek in beauty.

  52. Nicola Heimbecker

    Nicola Heimbecker17 dias atrás

    I adore Drew. Thank you for aging naturally. No fillers, no Botox, just a natural 44 year old beautiful woman.

  53. U

    U17 dias atrás

    Saw this in my feed and just came to say how much I love Drew Barrymore. She is one of those actresses who just never lost any value in my eyes... Must also so she looks extremely young and good for her age... So natural and I love her personality!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Jacqueline Brown

    Jacqueline Brown18 dias atrás

    As a celebrity I am surprised Drew hasn't spent money on straightening her teeth. This shows how little she puts value on the norm celeb things way to go you!

  55. Rita Gaston

    Rita Gaston18 dias atrás

    Is that eye makeup the worst or what.

  56. Alwaes Surius

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    Far better without all the crap on her face. What's wrong with REAL?

  57. Гулнур Кулбаева

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    Çok çekici güzel kadın drew barrymore Maasallah

  58. LaVaun Johns

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    The hell with the makeup! These two are a comedy team lol

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    Loveeeee Drew😍 love Sheila 😋

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    Beauty just beauty , both Drew and Nikkie ❤️😇

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    Santa clarita diet, s team 😍😍

  62. Waabo Molapisi Anwar

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    She reminds me of Jenna Mabbles

  63. Asal M

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    زنه آدم بود یا دیو ؟! چقد ترسناک بود هیکلش

  64. Milagros Williams

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    Are they really in the same frame? They both gorgeous hands down. Must be something to do with optics

  65. Treefairy Fairy

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    Дрю и так прекрасна, не надо пачкать это лицо.

  66. lilly rose

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    👍 just for Drew.

  67. Heather Lucero

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    You’re an awesome makeup artist!!! My dream job, just feel too insecure to try it 😜

  68. Lais Batista Pires

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    Drew Barrymore é um amorzinho 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love her!

  69. Riley's game Plays

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    I think Drew looks beautiful with or without makeup on.

  70. Ella Nunez

    Ella Nunez18 dias atrás

    Drew is beautiful without makeup, she's perfect. 💜

  71. Steph Rodriguez

    Steph Rodriguez18 dias atrás

    Aww I LOVE this video! Drew is my favorite. I've never tried her makeup line and I really want it now! She is so humble and beautiful! 😍

  72. Camila Abarca Correa

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    Un amor ambas :3! Excelente video :*

  73. Janet Gomez

    Janet Gomez18 dias atrás

    I thought I was the only one wow the size difference

  74. waii bo

    waii bo18 dias atrás

    Beautiful drew

  75. zohra hussain

    zohra hussain18 dias atrás

    how did you do YOUR makeup..love it

  76. NY Nurse

    NY Nurse18 dias atrás

    From E.T. To Santa Clarita Diet I have adored Drew since Day One!!! She is beautiful inside and out! PS My girl said she love a good sleep, especially anesthesia🤣🤣🤣

  77. Rachel Gonzalez

    Rachel Gonzalez18 dias atrás

    I LOVE Drew Barrymore!! She is my favorite actress to this day. Loved her from E.T. And her most recent show, The Santa Clarita Diet! The funniest show ever!!

  78. PinkLadie007

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    Man, drew is wretched!

  79. Carolina Canche Quijano

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    Drew 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  80. envstudies

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    We are already empowered and beautiful. We were born human :) With adipose tissue, flesh, muscles for moving and hugging. It's so beautiful.

  81. eli beer

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    OMG 😍 ♥️

  82. Christine Bacon

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    Cool conversation

  83. Jesman Bautista

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    I love drew from philippines 🇵🇭

  84. Jason McGinley

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    Fucking love you drew Barrymore I grew up with you and I love how you went from addiction like me to a strong beautiful woman and mother like I pray I can be you are my true roll model

  85. Shari Cortes

    Shari Cortes19 dias atrás

    Sheee ♥ And you rock Nikkie♥

  86. Candis Carnegie

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    I don't understand why only half a face of makeup. I wanted to see Nikkie SLAY all of Drew's face!!

  87. Anna L

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    I love Drew Berrymore... that was too much makeup lol

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    Aww I loved this!!! 💕💕💗

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    Recien entiendo ,acabo de ver todo el video ,es una mujerona 😂😂

  90. Nidia Aquije

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    Parece aue no estuviera ahi . En esa toma .del video .

  91. Nidia Aquije

    Nidia Aquije19 dias atrás

    Porque se ve tan chiquitq Drew? 😆

  92. Betty Boop

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    Mon Dieu c’est un Golgoth celle de gauche!!! J’ai cru que c’était un montage au début !!! Flippant!

  93. Aryadna Garcia

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    Drew se ver igual de hermosa con o sin maquillaje.😍

  94. Look Frambuesa

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  95. Chemicalclowns

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    The way drew talks is so iconic omg its like home cooking just makes you smile omfg

  96. Nicole Baker

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    DREW....oh my gosh...there are no words for how incredible she is. My favorite by far. I love her so much!! I watched the video bc i saw her on it, but WOW Nikkie you are amazing!!

  97. Hislia Gunera

    Hislia Gunera19 dias atrás

    I loved this video with Drew !! Greetings from Honduras!!

  98. Rachel Salz

    Rachel Salz19 dias atrás

    She's a natural beauty

  99. VB VB

    VB VB19 dias atrás

    I love the makeup!! How can I book you to do my wedding makeup?!!

  100. July August

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    Giants are real!!!!!!!!

  101. Francine Scott

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    Drew till looks like my girl from ET

  102. Delicious Candy

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    Drewwwwwwww!!!!! You are such a sweet HUMAN❤.

  103. Danya González

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    Omg I love your makeup. You're both amazing.