Priyanka Chopra's Guide to Skincare | Little Black Book | Harper's BAZAAR


  1. Harper's BAZAAR

    Harper's BAZAAR7 meses atrás

    What beauty advice have you taken from your mom?

  2. Gennysel Boleno

    Gennysel Boleno7 dias atrás

    to not use lipstick very early it might makes ur lips black later on 😁

  3. Preet Saini

    Preet Saini14 dias atrás

    Apply nothing on face 😅 always said

  4. Guli Kuzieva

    Guli Kuzieva23 dias atrás

    yogurt on my face. all natural, cheap and works amazing. 😚

  5. Chitra Uttamsingh

    Chitra UttamsinghMês atrás

    +Bimal Saha it also bleaches or de tans your skin

  6. Patriceia Yu

    Patriceia YuMês atrás

    dont use chemicals and artificial fragrance

  7. shah jehan

    shah jehan2 dias atrás


  8. Shazeeda Husman

    Shazeeda Husman2 dias atrás

    Can u ask your mom what's good for oily and acne scars and pimples face please super star

  9. Twinklesalman is very generous nature like u Soni

    Twinklesalman is very generous nature like u Soni4 dias atrás

    Priyanka is lucky for that her mom ..nd also priyanka is naturally beautiful

  10. Seema Gupta

    Seema Gupta5 dias atrás

    Thank you soooo much priyanka this face pack is loving and fairness its pack used after 10 days my skin glowing and fairness thanks and i love you soooo much

  11. Let's talk

    Let's talk5 dias atrás

    Im i the only one who's thinking why her face is lighter than her hands and neck?

  12. Syed Riaz

    Syed Riaz6 dias atrás

    mam your mom so lovely and so cute

  13. Kavyam Kate

    Kavyam Kate6 dias atrás


  14. Shalini Singh

    Shalini Singh6 dias atrás

    Her lipstick?

  15. Eliza Fernandes

    Eliza Fernandes7 dias atrás

    Love to watch u ...the way u speak... expression action love it prinka

  16. Simple Daphne

    Simple Daphne7 dias atrás

    Victoria Leeds ❤💕

  17. Hina ali

    Hina ali7 dias atrás

    she is too ugly after plastic surgery

  18. Valerie Gomez

    Valerie Gomez8 dias atrás

    Coconut oil is not good for oily skin unfortunately try argan oil instead!

  19. Ankita Saini Upadhyay

    Ankita Saini Upadhyay8 dias atrás

    its easy to live life after losing that parent with whom you connect less ..n with mom u would always have something to’s so difficult for me to revive my dad coz i lost my mom part ..i can’t even connect to him or spend time with was so difficult..

  20. RIZA Channel

    RIZA Channel8 dias atrás

    Absolutely beautiful bonding😗😗😗

  21. Khopchaaa group

    Khopchaaa group8 dias atrás

    0.1 her nose is looking like her old nose



    She said "she didn't feel beautiful". She is so damn correct

  23. Beenish Shaikh

    Beenish Shaikh10 dias atrás

    I dont think coconut oil or any oil is an exfoliator lol

  24. Joy Priyyam

    Joy Priyyam10 dias atrás

    Pc fab,bt her hubby luk like a kid together

  25. blondie 4lyfe

    blondie 4lyfe11 dias atrás

    One thing I'd have to say is that coconut oil will actually *majorly clog your pores!* 😬

  26. Monalisa Maity

    Monalisa Maity11 dias atrás

    They both looked so good

  27. Preeti Bharti Bharti

    Preeti Bharti Bharti11 dias atrás

    She is very much confident about her self. This is very important for every girl .

  28. Sayma Tabassum

    Sayma Tabassum12 dias atrás

    She have a good relation with her mother

  29. kailas pawar

    kailas pawar13 dias atrás

    Love you my dr mom.😘😘😘

  30. Karen Alexandria

    Karen Alexandria13 dias atrás

    You are a lovely women. Wish you can be my sister. Love

  31. kaur Amar

    kaur Amar13 dias atrás


  32. MLima Rosebud

    MLima Rosebud14 dias atrás

    *I just love her 💕*

  33. Sheila Ramirez

    Sheila Ramirez14 dias atrás


  34. Kayron Simmons

    Kayron Simmons14 dias atrás

    U suck lol y not sure the beauty secret...

  35. karo badoyan

    karo badoyan15 dias atrás

    het face is gorgeouse but her nack shows her age she has to do something with it

  36. Heather S.

    Heather S.16 dias atrás

    I am going to try this but use ground whole oats instead of whole wheat flour since it's what I have on hand

  37. Bhagyashree Ambekar

    Bhagyashree Ambekar18 dias atrás

    Homemade remedies work

  38. Yogesh Thete

    Yogesh Thete18 dias atrás

    Amezing mam 😁😁😀

  39. Ani

    Ani20 dias atrás

    I hate her nose and lips 🙄

  40. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar20 dias atrás

    Hindi nahi atta hair jisko English nahi atta kaise samjh mein ayegaa

  41. Antara Amonkar

    Antara Amonkar20 dias atrás

    She did not tell about glutathione fairness injections !1

  42. Anna L

    Anna L22 dias atrás

    ALWAYS TRY ON YOUR HAND FIRST ladies , just in case if allergic reaction

  43. smilewith pallavi

    smilewith pallavi22 dias atrás Hey guys this is makeup tutorial video please watch this vedio till end and subscribe the channel to get more beauty vlogs

  44. Gaurav Kumar

    Gaurav Kumar22 dias atrás

    Mam your mom is amazing 😍

  45. kl298

    kl29823 dias atrás

    I'd love to see her without any make-up on

  46. Julii Ism.

    Julii Ism.23 dias atrás

    Holy shit, the glow up though. .

  47. Miry Reina

    Miry Reina24 dias atrás

    She is so beautiful!

  48. boby Refo

    boby Refo25 dias atrás

    Her mother and father are doctors. ..priyankas Mother is a doctor physician...

  49. Jack Jill

    Jack Jill26 dias atrás

    Haha😂 ...they may be intelligent but surely they don’t have the best hair n skin like Karena.i was wondering how they look like without hair straighteners n other cosmetic help.

  50. Patricia Penso

    Patricia Penso26 dias atrás

    I luv her because she doesn't use botox or fillers👍

  51. Saraswoti Budha

    Saraswoti Budha26 dias atrás

    What do u mean by yogurt ??

  52. Eva chowdhury

    Eva chowdhury27 dias atrás

    Love u close her mom

  53. Mouna Rupa

    Mouna Rupa27 dias atrás

    That face mask is used to repair damaged skin. She didn't say that once you put this mask you will become beautiful gosh everyone is busy about her nose job lol

  54. Kelsey Wayne

    Kelsey Wayne28 dias atrás

    Can this ubtan take off black spots?

  55. Wh at

    Wh at28 dias atrás

    Turmeric stains tho

  56. DzS S

    DzS S28 dias atrás

    Coconut oil clogs pores. If you have wide pores, definitely don't use it.

  57. Amirjon zikipe

    Amirjon zikipe28 dias atrás


  58. PowerofAwesome

    PowerofAwesome28 dias atrás

    0:10 Yes Bollywood makes many movies because they are all shit

  59. magic kitten

    magic kitten28 dias atrás


  60. NïR VÃnÁ

    NïR VÃnÁ29 dias atrás

    It's the perfect situation your star and ur mama is a skin care Professional 👌👏

  61. Mykid me

    Mykid me29 dias atrás

    If you don't have all those ingredients just use egg white

  62. Sanya Hassan

    Sanya HassanMês atrás

    she looks like Juhi Chawla here GOALS

  63. Devika Singh

    Devika SinghMês atrás

    Just take home remedies and take care of my skin. And must saying still looking good for 40 years old

  64. Lady Mercury

    Lady MercuryMês atrás

    Her NECK distracts me ://

  65. Linda Nanan

    Linda NananMês atrás

    Just wanted to wish u tons off success ❤️

  66. Ruquaya Naguthanawala

    Ruquaya NaguthanawalaMês atrás

    The mask recipe is great but best to do a patch test first if ones allergic to wheat flour it can cause serious breakouts after washing the mask.

  67. Neelima Sultana

    Neelima SultanaMês atrás

    She's ok not stunning Very meaty shoulders

  68. K.s.a

    K.s.aMês atrás

    سبحان الله ✨ والحمدلله ✨ ولا إله إلا الله ✨ والله اكبر ✨ ولاحول ولاقوه الا بالله ✨ استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه✨

  69. shana mohanty

    shana mohantyMês atrás

    i just love her and her mom's relation

  70. Kumari Priya

    Kumari PriyaMês atrás

    I saved it watch later, before her marriage. And today I'm watched it, after her marriage.

  71. Arwen Nguyen

    Arwen NguyenMês atrás

    Indian cosmetics are the best

  72. Violett Reyes

    Violett ReyesMês atrás

    This girl is literally on top of the world. She seems so satisfied and happy with her life. I have a lot of self love and growing to do, but her contentment inspires me. I hope I will reach to her level of happiness.

  73. nabila ahmad

    nabila ahmadMês atrás

    well, i only can see 1% indian people having pimples on their face. what's you guys secret tho

  74. Safia Khan

    Safia KhanMês atrás

    Aap kitni pyari ho pr aap k nek p rinkels q hai

  75. Samirul Islam Saim

    Samirul Islam SaimMês atrás

    Thanks Priyanka

  76. waiataaroha

    waiataarohaMês atrás

    She is not beautiful ... and her nick is ugly

  77. Ayesha Noor

    Ayesha NoorMês atrás

    Love you soooooooo much priyanka

  78. Ayesha Noor

    Ayesha NoorMês atrás

    Nice video

  79. Remi Martin

    Remi MartinMês atrás

    So cute

  80. Varun Gowda

    Varun GowdaMês atrás

    Why do I find her accent so fake ? What's this obsession with western accent Indian keep ?

  81. anu cutiepie

    anu cutiepieMês atrás

    Mera channel subscribe kr do koi

  82. Deepthi Abish

    Deepthi AbishMês atrás

    Priyankas's greatest asset is her mom not everyone has such great rapport with their mommies

  83. Yaha SabKuch Milega

    Yaha SabKuch MilegaMês atrás

    I love priyanka.. She's awesome

  84. Priyanka Singh

    Priyanka SinghMês atrás

    I used it this really works my skin feel soft n look more.fresh thnku so much😘😘😘😘

  85. Srisha S

    Srisha SMês atrás


  86. Carla Koogler

    Carla KooglerMês atrás

    Lovely. Mommy time. She’s amazing

  87. Mahek G

    Mahek GMês atrás

    what is with that fake accent?

  88. Siyapa Girl

    Siyapa GirlMês atrás


  89. Siyapa Girl

    Siyapa GirlMês atrás


  90. dory po

    dory poMês atrás

    She has average skin. I'd like to know about her makeup regimen that's why am watching this.

  91. poonam rao

    poonam raoMês atrás

    So cuutt Priyanka mem.😊

  92. Monsserrath Fernandez

    Monsserrath FernandezMês atrás

    Se parece a su mamá

  93. Violette Wellington

    Violette WellingtonMês atrás

    Married to a gay manlike everyone else in Hollywood

  94. Scarlett Nicholas

    Scarlett NicholasMês atrás

    I can’t stand Indian accent 😒

  95. استغفر الله

    استغفر اللهMês atrás

    She doesn't want 2share her secret w her fans..yeah 😏😏☺

  96. Ikram kinderliedje

    Ikram kinderliedjeMês atrás

    Blablabla show us your remedies 😂❤

  97. vid ya

    vid yaMês atrás

    Ithna make up

  98. Bahja Aadan

    Bahja AadanMês atrás

    I love you priyanka

  99. Varsh Dixit

    Varsh DixitMês atrás

    Love u priyanka u r so favorite. Desi girl.

  100. Arina dube

    Arina dubeMês atrás

    Priyanka kya app Hindi language bhul gaie kyo ki app itni vi sundor Nahi ho

  101. henny goblin

    henny goblinMês atrás

    Priyanka seems very overrated tbh.

  102. Pet Lover

    Pet LoverMês atrás

    Did her mom say that the mask removes fine hairs?

  103. Artur Boras

    Artur BorasMês atrás

    it might be useful for a would-be actress !!! one thinks so !!!!

  104. Ghadah Aziz

    Ghadah AzizMês atrás

    Does anyone know what lipstick she’s wearing? Or any suggestions for that same color? 😩😍💓💓

  105. Sana

    SanaMês atrás

    Geez the people in the comment section here are so hateful. Priyanka is very beautiful with or without makeup/cosmetic surgery. Stop bringing other women down.

  106. Sun shine

    Sun shine22 dias atrás

    +Richelle Echevarria they are jealous 😂😂

  107. Amelie Paradis

    Amelie Paradis22 dias atrás

    +Richelle Echevarria Who's hating? Never did i say that she was a bad person or i hate her or blah blah. Deviated septum involves a lip surgery too? Maybe get your head out of your ass. I like her too but wouldn't go so far as you in creating a myth around her surgery. She's free to do whatever, as are the commenters as long as they're not abusing her. Which I am not. So be fascinated as much as you want, but piss off while you're at it. Also, bother to read the whole comment to get the context instead of just yapping away.

  108. Richelle Echevarria

    Richelle Echevarria22 dias atrás

    +Amelie Paradis Selling hypocrisy? How about stop hating. She had a deviated septum, and collapsed nose bridge, which NEEDED surgery to fix. So, because of that, she's being "called out"? Grow the hell up. If you don't like it, piss off. I've been fascinated by this woman, since I was a little girl. Her beauty is outstanding, and that's why you have so much shit to say.

  109. Amelie Paradis

    Amelie Paradis23 dias atrás

    I'm sorry. But when you're selling hypocrisy, you'll be called out. If it's not a big deal why get worked up about it? It should be a cause for concern when ppl (mostly women) feel the need to resort to such procedures (and like an epidemic of sorts). What makes them feel not beautiful in the first place? Pushing everything under the rug in the name of self love and women power, when in fact it's probably a result of paucity of it.

  110. madam nutilla

    madam nutillaMês atrás

    تجاعيد رقيبتهه مخيفه🙄