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  1. Harper's BAZAAR

    Harper's BAZAAR10 meses atrás

    What beauty advice have you taken from your mom?

  2. luxman edvina

    luxman edvinaDia atrás

    Drink enough water

  3. Chandan narayan

    Chandan narayan2 dias atrás

    Do you oil your hair too

  4. Majo Ferreira

    Majo Ferreira5 dias atrás

    Eat healthy, use some Aloe Vera or honey for he face, prevents and reduces acne. Also drink a lot of water and after being in the pool, use something hydrating

  5. Trisha Meloling

    Trisha Meloling8 dias atrás

    Harper's BAZAAR its more like I teach my moms skincare

  6. Liliana Cruz

    Liliana Cruz21 dia atrás

    Isabel Grace i

  7. Alaa Atari

    Alaa Atari13 horas atrás

    That face mask is a middle eastern recipe! ❤️ Been using it since I was a kid

  8. riyaelsa Mathew

    riyaelsa MathewDia atrás


  9. Vijeta Das

    Vijeta Das3 dias atrás

    Watch my channel for summer skincare routine for dry sensitive skin

  10. alfredo lopez

    alfredo lopez3 dias atrás

    he nuts get married

  11. •Buy Ethnic • luk Gorgeous

    •Buy Ethnic • luk Gorgeous4 dias atrás

    Yep Indian skin is perfect and sexy hair and eyes plus lips. The brown tone makes it more attractive. Indians are very beautiful people and warm at heart With rich culture.

  12. Bindu krishnan

    Bindu krishnan4 dias atrás

    U r awesome dear #pc

  13. Lazy Lajsiab

    Lazy Lajsiab5 dias atrás

    What foundation do u use?

  14. shweta chandrakar

    shweta chandrakar6 dias atrás

    What a beautiful bonding 🤗☺

  15. Sadana Saravanan

    Sadana Saravanan7 dias atrás

    I know the secret behind everyone ‘their mother’

  16. Giga Fall

    Giga Fall7 dias atrás

    pretty face. I'm always bothered by her neck lines for some reason.

  17. Shiza Khan

    Shiza Khan8 dias atrás

    Whole wheat flour is chakki ka aata?

  18. Trisha Meloling

    Trisha Meloling8 dias atrás

    What if your allergic to wheat 🌾 can’t use whole wheat flour Jesus I’m screwed

  19. Katten i ̈Slakten

    Katten i ̈Slakten8 dias atrás

    She used to bleach her skin

  20. I K

    I K9 dias atrás

    I need to know that lip color 😩

  21. Susmita Mohanta

    Susmita Mohanta9 dias atrás

    I saw little black book of other artists but I find your routine can be used by normal people like us.... Love you woman...

  22. Neha Neha

    Neha Neha10 dias atrás

    Nice 😘😘😘

  23. Daina Clbks

    Daina Clbks12 dias atrás

    I wonder if priyanka has ever gotten a nose job? Maybe not it’s fine either way! I say go for what makes you happy!! 💖

  24. Nobody y

    Nobody y13 dias atrás

    After seeing her today I can say I’m also a celebrity!!! I’m really beautiful! and could get Miss world award if she can get that lol 😂🙏🤣

  25. Saima Ayoub

    Saima Ayoub13 dias atrás

    Look at her walk...I mean itz breathtaking

  26. Jasmine Nasim

    Jasmine Nasim13 dias atrás

    Priyanka dont fake react to sugar plumt lips, because you botox the hell out of your lips

  27. Jasmine Nasim

    Jasmine Nasim13 dias atrás

    You still are insecure, still a tom boy, you still walk like a boy.....but you look alright. I can clearly see you try desperately to foy in, you have alot of body movements when speaking, due to looking not being confident

  28. Matthew Santiago

    Matthew Santiago14 dias atrás

    Very beautiful woman

  29. evelyn okoh

    evelyn okoh14 dias atrás

    Just days after watching Quantico icame across this video. Wo!i love uuuuuu!

  30. Jennifa Jenny

    Jennifa Jenny15 dias atrás

    love priyanka

  31. Minahil Tariq

    Minahil Tariq15 dias atrás

    Im just wondering the amount of lies they tell us seriously. They just think of us as stupid. Over here they're pretending to use these "natural ingredients" to make a face mask and everything, but in another video her makeup artist revealed that she puts on a 111 mask before makeup for better skin. And btw a 111 mask ranges from 100-160€. They think we're complete fools to believe that they've got amazing skin by these "natural ingredients" 🙄

  32. Yagurlachan

    Yagurlachan16 dias atrás

    She still scares me from Baywatch 😂😂

  33. Yagurlachan

    Yagurlachan16 dias atrás

    She still scares me from Baywatch 😂😂

  34. zee matt

    zee matt16 dias atrás

    God shes so ugly.

  35. Angel

    Angel17 dias atrás

    I honestly LOVE her. If she spit in my face and called me a bitch, I’d still be thankful she gave me attention .

  36. Punam Sapkota

    Punam Sapkota18 dias atrás


  37. Some One

    Some One18 dias atrás

    She's intolerable. The mom seems dignified and genuinely fun.

  38. Fary M

    Fary M19 dias atrás

    Most overrated actress ever!

  39. Fatima banoo

    Fatima banoo21 dia atrás

    PC is Love !!💝

  40. Eveh Ogban

    Eveh Ogban21 dia atrás

    Who else dropped by here because of how beautiful she is💝


    FOREVER A.R.M.Y21 dia atrás

    Awww! They're sooo cute....😍

  42. Soldiers Unite

    Soldiers Unite21 dia atrás

    I don’t think she looks that young no offense.

  43. Crystal Yuan

    Crystal Yuan22 dias atrás


  44. Reshmi S

    Reshmi S22 dias atrás

    Another kind - Besan flour Green gram flour Turmeric powder Lime Yogurt Rosewater Result: Forget suntan Glowing soft skin 😇

  45. Varsha Beauty care

    Varsha Beauty care23 dias atrás


  46. Rebecca Massey

    Rebecca Massey23 dias atrás

    I love the interaction and special relationship she has with her mama. So wonderful to watch that.

  47. ieat lipstick

    ieat lipstick24 dias atrás


  48. sharmistha nandy

    sharmistha nandy24 dias atrás

    The relation between every daughter and mother ..🥰🥰

  49. S S. love special

    S S. love special25 dias atrás

    P. Star

  50. Sharita Dhanradj

    Sharita Dhanradj25 dias atrás

    Priyankas mum is gorgeous😍

  51. Sakshi 06

    Sakshi 0626 dias atrás

    it really works against tan. its really good

  52. Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    Claudia Okyere-Fosu27 dias atrás


  53. Ellie Nai Lee

    Ellie Nai Lee29 dias atrás

    I used to adore and admire her until she married Nick Jonas. My whole perspective of her completely change. I am disappointed, embarrass and disgusted by it. I will never be able to think the same of her as if she was a fake. Not the kind of women I will look up to. Disgusting, a disgrace, it look like she married her own nephew or son.

  54. indu indusree

    indu indusree29 dias atrás

    Nice over action

  55. Ali Jahani

    Ali Jahani29 dias atrás

    I'm so lucky that my brows are like her. We Asians are so gifted when it comes to hairs.

  56. Ali Jahani

    Ali Jahani27 dias atrás

    Meme Girls well, I don't know about you but I'm definitely gifted.

  57. Meme Girls

    Meme Girls27 dias atrás

    Ali Jahani no. Not at all lol ahhaa

  58. Julissa Diazj

    Julissa Diazj29 dias atrás

    does anyone know what brand the rosewater is ?

  59. Ali Jahani

    Ali JahaniMês atrás

    Those who consume alcohol are at risk of putting their offspring into a birth defect. It's a sad truth but no one realizes until it's too late.

  60. Ali Jahani

    Ali Jahani27 dias atrás

    hani bee well good for you but everyone is different and if my intention is to let people know and create awareness then that's what I will do. I'm entitled to my opinion so are you. I don't want to debate this topic anymore as I have other things to do. All the best. Bye.

  61. hani bee

    hani bee27 dias atrás

    +Ali Jahani let me be clear here. I'm not attacking you or anything, im just saying tryna say that Priyanka is grownass woman and she knows what she's doing. also, i do not promote drinking or smoking at all. in fact, im quite against it. but, it's not my place to tell people what they can do and what they can't.

  62. Ali Jahani

    Ali Jahani29 dias atrás

    hani bee well, every time I watch any video about her, she has a glass of something. It's either tequila or wine or any alcoholic beverages. It just makes me sick that some people think contributing in these type of stuff will make them cooler in fact what they don't know is that drinking alcohol does not higher a person class nor bring them modesty but then again its social fucking media and you are entitled to your opinion. Let's not fight. I'm not here to prove anything, just stating the facts and what I believe in.

  63. hani bee

    hani bee29 dias atrás

    +Ali Jahani just incase u did not know red wine in moderate amounts doesn't do anything to your body. in fact, it is beneficial to your heart and intestine. also, wine will do nothing to her or her child unless she consumes it during pregnancy but like go off.

  64. Ali Jahani

    Ali Jahani29 dias atrás

    hani bee well, I like to educate people to not consume alcohol because it's not good for our body. Alcohol tastes bitter and honest to God, I don't know what people get out of it. It's like putting poison into your body.

  65. Ali Jahani

    Ali JahaniMês atrás

    She's so beautiful. Stop consuming tons of alcohol as its bad in our culture and you will look 10x better. 💕🧸

  66. inner strength

    inner strengthMês atrás

    i love it for how she is so close with her mom and how she has been teached to care for her skins since kids. I remember the only person close with me like this and bring me places and cares for my skins is my aunt whom i used to call mummy sometimes. lol.

  67. Sanaya Dey

    Sanaya DeyMês atrás

    Ughhhhhh her FAKE accent...feku kahi ki 😠😡

  68. Sathyasneha Sathya

    Sathyasneha SathyaMês atrás

    Good tips

  69. Poonam Kanth

    Poonam KanthMês atrás

    In India it is called uptan and we Indian girls use it(mom forces though) it really works (for us at least)

  70. madu wickrama

    madu wickramaMês atrás

    I thought this is absolutely about beauty serets

  71. Kayleigh Pass

    Kayleigh PassMês atrás

    Hi E bbbb

  72. wolfiekingdom

    wolfiekingdomMês atrás

    I really want to know what brand lipstick she wears and I love their chemistry! ❤️

  73. Keeper of the Lights

    Keeper of the LightsMês atrás

    I mean no hate, but why does she have so many lines on her neck??

  74. Lovely Pradhan

    Lovely PradhanMês atrás

    00:30 that walk though 😍

  75. 9 6

    9 6Mês atrás

    😠😠😠😠😠😠🤕Dont do this to sensitive skin...... Then u will have to go to skin doctor to get the normal skin again...... Because after doing this pack..... My skin totally damaged...... I spent lot of amount to get back the normal skin again......

  76. DNiharikaa

    DNiharikaaMês atrás

    9 6 what all ingredients did u use

  77. fetter Kater

    fetter KaterMês atrás

    Her mum is a boss lady

  78. Janie Acevedo

    Janie AcevedoMês atrás

    Wish I knew what lipstick she is wearing . Looks stunning on her!!!

  79. Mahak Khan

    Mahak KhanMês atrás

    Month me kitne time use kar skte h ye mask

  80. Kabeena Arul

    Kabeena ArulMês atrás

    Great Money can make anyone look beautiful!

  81. Nancy Sadi

    Nancy SadiMês atrás

    She's not sexy but she's very humble she's just not girly girl ya know what I mean

  82. Vanessa Morais♡

    Vanessa Morais♡Mês atrás

    her voiiiceeeeeee

  83. beautyandvlogger

    beautyandvloggerMês atrás


  84. Chithra Raphael

    Chithra RaphaelMês atrás

    Two strong and independent women.. Loved their bonding. priyanka's mom Truly genius in skin care. She mix science and simplicity in beauty care. Loved it😍

  85. Sophia Yunis

    Sophia YunisMês atrás

    I love you so much Priyanka like your move but I don't like Barfi but that movie your beautiful I love you

  86. Soha Khatri

    Soha KhatriMês atrás

    Am I the only one making this as she speaks

  87. sana S

    sana SMês atrás

    She needs to drop the fake accent it’s getting too annoying and she’s too fake overall, nose job fake lips etc

  88. TheSeaOnTheMoon

    TheSeaOnTheMoonMês atrás

    Coconut oil clogs the pores and lemon/lime is to agressive :/

  89. Aadya Srivastava

    Aadya SrivastavaMês atrás

    Hi, it's true. I'm an Indian and coconut oil does cause my skin to break out. And lemon just burns my skin. I guess we're the sensitive skin type.

  90. malaxy

    malaxyMês atrás

    Its actually pretty good for Indian skin type, I guess. It works for mee

  91. DhR. Nasywa

    DhR. NasywaMês atrás

    people's skin is different one another. it may work for her but not other people

  92. Lisa Scales

    Lisa ScalesMês atrás

    I always follow inda hair and skin video for past 2 years so i be putting onion and garlic juice on my hair lol wish i knew all tricks growing up

  93. Lisa Scales

    Lisa ScalesMês atrás

    Shes to pretty

  94. Tsering Dorjee

    Tsering DorjeeMês atrás

    Trust me ...she is pretty but not good skin n hair!

  95. bibhudutta swain

    bibhudutta swainMês atrás

    Huge lady crush on Priyanka She is my favourite actress ever forever she is so natural with her acts

  96. Shivani Juyal

    Shivani JuyalMês atrás

    Still you are not beautiful 😂

  97. maryam jawad

    maryam jawadMês atrás


  98. Qwerty

    QwertyMês atrás

    I am jealous.... The bond you share with your mom is so precious, and I can say the love in your eyes for your mom has nothing to do with the camera

  99. correct way

    correct wayMês atrás

    Hii priyanka i wanna ask u a question Which thing is vry imp in ur life as like u cant live with out it..

  100. Daya Anime

    Daya AnimeMês atrás

    Meant pretty

  101. Daya Anime

    Daya AnimeMês atrás

    Shes soooo pfetty

  102. Sneha Ali

    Sneha AliMês atrás

    Hi're soo beautiful...i want thick eyebrows like you....plz tell tips to grow thicker eyebrows...

  103. Sammi Sun

    Sammi SunMês atrás

    Miss World at age of 18 so amazing !

  104. عشقي لامي

    عشقي لاميMês atrás

    وين العرب

  105. Peggy-Jayne Jordaan

    Peggy-Jayne JordaanMês atrás

    Thank you Priyanka and mother. So helpful that tumeric. Regards, Peggy-Jayne Jordaan. The Netherlands.

  106. Swapnali Gaikwad

    Swapnali GaikwadMês atrás

    I think priyanaka without makeup much prettier than wearing makeup..

  107. Saify Uddin

    Saify UddinMês atrás

    If she can become a miss world then there is hope for everyone.

  108. Shailja Bharti

    Shailja BhartiMês atrás

    So cute

  109. Bani Roy

    Bani RoyMês atrás


  110. Ai Love Yeshua

    Ai Love YeshuaMês atrás

    Priyanka, please please make a favorite lipstick shades swatch video because You and I have the same taste in lipstick colors. I love your style I always see you as an inspiration for beauty and femininity.

  111. Danna Welch

    Danna WelchMês atrás

    Cuz saying negative shit is helpful rude ass pple

  112. Aadya Srivastava

    Aadya SrivastavaMês atrás

    The ubtan doesn't do anything for my face! 😂😂

  113. Aadya Srivastava

    Aadya SrivastavaMês atrás

    +Ayushi Raj ohh! I guess you're right there. It depends on skin to skin.. great that it works for you :)

  114. Ayushi Raj

    Ayushi RajMês atrás

    But it works for mostly people... although everyone doesn't use same ingredients for ubtan

  115. sulochana ravi

    sulochana raviMês atrás

    Plzz make a video on pigmentation

  116. sulochana ravi

    sulochana raviMês atrás

    Priyanka ur amazing and beautiful luv u

  117. Laurent les twins Girl

    Laurent les twins GirlMês atrás

    I love her relationship with her mother!

  118. Binu Amy

    Binu AmyMês atrás

    Thanks Priyanka for sharing this 😄❤️ we love you