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  1. Robfenix

    Robfenix4 horas atrás

    @5:50: Gouda is a cows milk cheese, not goats milk. That’s actually quite a huge error.

  2. nerdy cherry kitten

    nerdy cherry kittenDia atrás

    Goat cheese is good tho wtf they talking about

  3. nerdy cherry kitten

    nerdy cherry kittenDia atrás

    That older woman is the grandma everyone either has or is glad they dont have

  4. Andrew Reyes

    Andrew ReyesDia atrás


  5. Dea Magnusson Luelmo

    Dea Magnusson LuelmoDia atrás

    Gouda made with goats milk? I don’t really feel that’s fair. It’s a weird version of Gouda. In NL we are very proud of our cows and have a booming milk industry. Gouda here is made with cows milk. It’s creamy and soft. I have never seen goats Gouda and I live in the land of Gouda

  6. Christopher Manella

    Christopher Manella2 dias atrás

    Velveta is da best. Lol

  7. Ataud *

    Ataud *3 dias atrás

    No les gusta el queso oaxaca :(

  8. Artmaster102

    Artmaster1023 dias atrás

    when gabby said theyre all cheese i felt that

  9. Stephen McGee

    Stephen McGee3 dias atrás

    "we are geting kinky" "BRING IN THE CHEEESE" best weekend ever

  10. Macwizzard

    Macwizzard6 dias atrás

    No soft or bleus? sad :(

  11. the dibsy

    the dibsy6 dias atrás

    Gabby is the whole mood😂😂

  12. micglou

    micglou7 dias atrás

    Gouda made with goats milk? Ehhh... that means it's not Gouda. Doesn't even look like Gouda, it's much too white... white like a goats cheese, so definitely not Gouda.

  13. Patrick Swanberg

    Patrick Swanberg8 dias atrás

    Everyone else: UGH Velveeta! Brad: Tastes good though.

  14. Morgan

    Morgan9 dias atrás

    everyone else: *gagging* brad: “it’s good though”

  15. Aranneas

    Aranneas9 dias atrás

    who picked those colours lol

  16. beamy amy

    beamy amy10 dias atrás

    2:05 w e i r d f l e x

  17. Holly Abair

    Holly Abair11 dias atrás

    To be fair to the chefs, while Velveeta melted isn't the worst thing ever I would not want to stick a cube of room temp Velveeta in my mouth either

  18. lehnxx

    lehnxx11 dias atrás

    Alternate title: Cheese Snobs Guess Types of Cheese

  19. Julia Alewine

    Julia Alewine11 dias atrás

    Producer: it’s Velveeta Everyone: UGHHHH 🤮🤮 Brad: it’s good though

  20. Ana Lozada

    Ana Lozada12 dias atrás

    Gaby is too funny, and cute! 🙈🤣

  21. Meaghan LaCelle

    Meaghan LaCelle12 dias atrás

    It’s $13/lb....Brad

  22. god of Mistakes

    god of Mistakes13 dias atrás

    *ba chefs* :*gagging at Velveeta* *me* :*slicing velveeta to put in my lasagna*

  23. Misael MV

    Misael MV13 dias atrás

    Have they ever tried Honduran cheeses though?......

  24. syd jensen

    syd jensen15 dias atrás

    I love you braddddd ahaha

  25. Edward Chun

    Edward Chun16 dias atrás

    Now you guys have me chewing on a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano...

  26. Pharaoh Avalon

    Pharaoh Avalon16 dias atrás

    Priya gets one thing right outta six and says not bad lol poor girl her taste buds are not her friend 😂(didn’t mention gabby cause she always has a favorite, but priya doesn’t eat egg yolks which I find weird) where was Clair in this one I missed her 😔

  27. Renee Cheng

    Renee Cheng16 dias atrás

    everyone: VELVEETA eeeewwwwwWwwwwwww blegh brad: it’s good though 😋

  28. King Kagle

    King Kagle17 dias atrás

    Too much hate in Velveeta :(

  29. Pug

    Pug17 dias atrás

    Gabby 😂😂😂😂😂😂


    XZELIA GSX17 dias atrás

    ahhh yes, cometé

  31. Nellie K. Y. L.

    Nellie K. Y. L.19 dias atrás

    Everyone: “the taste...” Chris: “the yielding...”

  32. Fran G

    Fran G20 dias atrás

    Brad is like the only who proabably didn't grow up cooking and didn't grow up eating at 4 star restaurants and didn't grow up with a big palette and I appreciate that

  33. Jess Lynn

    Jess Lynn20 dias atrás

    "squishy boy" really got me giggling

  34. ScarletAsmodai

    ScarletAsmodai20 dias atrás

    Gouda is NOT made of goat milk. Or it isn't Gouda.

  35. clintonfiske4prez

    clintonfiske4prez21 dia atrás

    Gruyère is literally a Swiss cheese, Priya!

  36. Hachem Weirdo

    Hachem Weirdo22 dias atrás

    brad answering velveeta on the gouda just ....

  37. Viktor Chmiel

    Viktor Chmiel22 dias atrás

    Wait, gouda is goat cheese? Here in Poland gouda is probably the most common cheese (kind of like cheddar in US and UK, we don't really eat these much) but it's made of cow's cheese. Maybe our gouda is different.

  38. Nux Lee

    Nux Lee22 dias atrás

    God gabby sucks at this lmfao

  39. Jamie Gutierrez

    Jamie Gutierrez23 dias atrás

    These chefs had more impressive terminology related to cheese then I've had my entire life.

  40. _Lezley_

    _Lezley_23 dias atrás

    Bon Appétit is so good at listening to viewers recommendations, and I honestly appreciate it a lot..

  41. Camron Monroe Jackson

    Camron Monroe Jackson26 dias atrás

    I love Gaby!!!!!!

  42. Rachel Gantt

    Rachel Gantt26 dias atrás

    Squishy boy

  43. maximus2357

    maximus235726 dias atrás

    Btw I can't read that light grey text on my monitor *at all*

  44. bananinx3

    bananinx328 dias atrás

    "Vache qui rie" a.k.a La vaca que ríe HAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE

  45. Aditya Jain

    Aditya Jain29 dias atrás

    stop throwing the cheeses dudes, its expensive stuff!

  46. Syak RM

    Syak RMMês atrás

    2:35 Gabriel : I can't tell what it is, it's *cheese* Text graphic : *_FACT_*

  47. Michael Gould

    Michael GouldMês atrás

    Why no bonus round?!

  48. C C

    C CMês atrás

    HAHAHA! when pro chefs gag over Velveeta! me too guys, me too!

  49. Hubert Krasuski

    Hubert KrasuskiMês atrás

    "wait a minute" 4:20 the best part so far

  50. Jack

    JackMês atrás

    vaguely lactic is my stage name

  51. yaya

    yayaMês atrás

    oaxaca is not mozzarella!! justice for oaxaca

  52. Blake Louthan

    Blake LouthanMês atrás

    Gruyere is my favorite cheese

  53. danny hero

    danny heroMês atrás

    This youtibe chammel is my favorite !

  54. Just Joshing

    Just JoshingMês atrás

    Baby is bae

  55. CodyL95

    CodyL95Mês atrás

    Is the contrast off on my monitor or are Carla's points the same color as the background, can't see the number.

  56. CodyL95

    CodyL95Mês atrás

    Update: It was my monitor.

  57. elnubnub

    elnubnubMês atrás

    Isn't cheese a coagulation of fat molecule ??? I don't think there's a lot of lactose in cheese, the lactose is in the whey

  58. M N

    M N23 dias atrás

    fresh cheese has a good amount of lactose compared to aged cheeses

  59. Lizbet Cruz

    Lizbet CruzMês atrás


  60. Angus Robertson

    Angus RobertsonMês atrás

    4:43 Priya guesses correctly and is not awarded a point. I do believe Velveeta is an American cheese.

  61. Jorian Grey

    Jorian GreyMês atrás

    5:31 "Its Velveeta" Everyone, "BLAHHHHHH" Brad, 5:46 "Its good though" Lol

  62. Mrs. V

    Mrs. VMês atrás

    oh Gaby lol