Protests In Hong Kong Turn Violent | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


  1. Mercelin Gawanas

    Mercelin Gawanas10 dias atrás

    This is why it is important for the use of antibiotics in food producing animals be strictly regulated and the withdrawal periods be strictly adhered to

  2. ka tia

    ka tia10 dias atrás

    What about algeria here there is manifestation since 8-9 month

  3. Bowman C.

    Bowman C.11 dias atrás

    Ah yes, protesting this intensely after their demands have been met. Amazing

  4. Lord Slapaman

    Lord Slapaman11 dias atrás

    I really hope that macrophage treatments are gonna be approved for human soon

  5. Rick

    Rick12 dias atrás

    I dare Daily Show send out Ronny to interviewers in HK. ;)

  6. Diana

    Diana12 dias atrás

    How about the protest in Iran???

  7. ChBilal Hussain

    ChBilal Hussain13 dias atrás

    What about the worlds largest jail in Kashmir?

  8. Uncle b

    Uncle b13 dias atrás

    The threat is real though. I work in the lab and I understand what he's talking about.

  9. Jesse King

    Jesse King13 dias atrás

    Trever never takes a stand when it comes to politics. He just make painless/meaningless jokes...

  10. NigelGB

    NigelGB13 dias atrás

    Is the "Comedy Central UK" channel just a re-run of "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" channel ?? ... seems that way recently ... sure Trevor Noah is great ... BUT the Daily Show has its own channel where you can see all this material ... AND it's from the US not the UK ... how about focusing on comedy from the UK !!

  11. Eddy Smith

    Eddy Smith13 dias atrás

    this guy is a tool

  12. HoshiReed

    HoshiReed14 dias atrás


  13. Akbar Khan

    Akbar Khan14 dias atrás

    They don't sustain protests in America because they start getting shot with real bullets on the third day of the protests, in Hong Kong the police barely get a chance to defend themselves before the great America starts complaining. What a joke the u.s is !

  14. Jon Lee

    Jon Lee14 dias atrás

    finally!!! now you address HK rioters problem right! there are a lot of discrimination and media bias here but there are still fairness lover

  15. Silin Chen

    Silin Chen14 dias atrás Trevor, if you agree with people pointing a laser in your grandma’s eye, keep calling this thing amazing

  16. John Lee

    John Lee14 dias atrás

    I used to be an HK Poice, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  17. Yanke Zhou

    Yanke Zhou14 dias atrás

    Lol protestors trapped inside. Nice news twist. The police literally asked them to go home for 3 days but they continued to trash the university and putting highways on fire. So police said alright times up we are coming in to arrest you all and all of sudden they be like, OH WE ARE TRAPPED! The brutality! Also it was the Uni they called the police in, cause you know... they were being trashed. They were the ones trapped not these rioters.

  18. Kwan Linus

    Kwan Linus14 dias atrás

    SOS. From Hong Kong

  19. max bobo

    max bobo14 dias atrás

    U think it’s funny? The protest? Where r the footage of police shooting protester? What a joke,

  20. cming lee

    cming lee14 dias atrás

    Two attacks by the police at Hong Kong universities actually... And last week they warned live ammunition would be used.

  21. Jing Chai Loo

    Jing Chai Loo14 dias atrás

    Trevor, did you have seen the HK police suffer?

  22. wasp

    wasp14 dias atrás

    He's not funny

  23. Zack ñø

    Zack ñø14 dias atrás

    Hong Kong look like Gotham City

  24. petter wong

    petter wong14 dias atrás

    Why students appear in their home school will be prosecuted or killed? In the pass, at least two students did not do anything wrong just appear in the incident were killed. A lot of teenagers suspected killed by police were said to be suicides and thrown into sea without proper investigation. The police shoot at protesters near heart with real gun. Over thousands of tear gas bombs and mass destruction weapons shot at head of protesters from very high place. Many were tortured to fracture and sexually abuse or raped after arrested. Many fact can be found from youtube videos. HK Police are Killers!! Save HK please!!

  25. 6ix 9ine

    6ix 9ine14 dias atrás

    Okay fellows vegan is the only hope

  26. J O

    J O14 dias atrás

    Maybe stop feeding cattle with penicilin. That is the sole reason they evolve super bugs.

  27. J O

    J O8 dias atrás

    @raji ratala well there are def arguments to be had in that regard, going vegan in a sustainable way both for man and nature would not be bad at all.

  28. raji ratala

    raji ratala14 dias atrás

    Cattle live in crowded and dirty farms. without antibiotics, they will catch infections. Milk already contains pus cells, if you don't know. That's why most of the so-called doctors and nutritionists on the internet tell people to eat organic, free-range meat. But free-range meat is not an option for everyone. It's a crazy idea, Maybe stop eating meat?

  29. lmz

    lmz14 dias atrás

    3:50 american protester want sustain their protest? i guess many country can contribute their money like how hong kong protester get their money.

  30. lingo starr

    lingo starr15 dias atrás

    Hk protests. Backed from day 1 by the establishment like a Clinton

  31. B.K.

    B.K.15 dias atrás

    All the fakes record laugh

  32. B.K.

    B.K.15 dias atrás

    He's not even funny

  33. TheRawBabe

    TheRawBabe15 dias atrás

    AMNESTY FOR ALL freedom warriors 👍 we love you 🌷free Hong Kong 🆘 save humanity ❤️

  34. TheRawBabe

    TheRawBabe15 dias atrás

    Paid rioters are commie thugs from Mainland China on tourist visa to Hong Kong. They disguised as protesters to create chaos and divide the support to local peaceful protesters. MAO, the founding father of Chinazi Communist Party was a true believer of this plot. That’s how they rise up and maintain the power for 70 years! History of CCP itself was violent bloody shit 💩 Dictator Xitler cares nothing but FACE, power and money while majority of Chinese starve to death.

  35. M.F Ali Peeraullee

    M.F Ali Peeraullee15 dias atrás

    Am sorry, i was expecting some real news, theres nothing here except bad jokes

  36. bigemugamer

    bigemugamer15 dias atrás

    UGG, every restaurant I've ever worked in had a staff infection! >=/

  37. Likh Hilton

    Likh Hilton15 dias atrás

  38. ellen he

    ellen he15 dias atrás

    They are not protesters, they are terrorists! They are burning an innocent person alive! They killed an innocent old man with a brick! They beat up many innocent people who just have different opinion! They already lost their minds. Trevor Noah, you should watch that video those rioters/terrorists burnt a man alive and afterwards they were just standing by watching the man burning and laughing. Please watch it and then tell me if you are supporting their actions.

  39. harry krishton

    harry krishton15 dias atrás

    *Comedy Central UK has been banned in china

  40. MsFly9999

    MsFly999915 dias atrás

    I wish Trevor could tell people more about Hong Kong which is getting so serious!


    YIFANG YE15 dias atrás

    This video shows how little the US mainstream media knows about the protest in HK. The ' police' went inside college campus arrested everyone indiscriminately and shot tear gas right in front of people faces and dragged female students' hair even when they were cooperative. Maybe US media doesn't care enough or they are just too weak to offend Communist.

  42. 吴哈哈

    吴哈哈14 dias atrás

    YIFANG YE ??are you serious to send some fake information?don't make me laugh man

  43. Moondancer Targaryen

    Moondancer Targaryen15 dias atrás

    Hong Kong leadership is dense. How can people be so mad and they won't change their policy.

  44. Markus Antonio Babor

    Markus Antonio Babor14 dias atrás

    Because they only know "communism" and *they* think democracy as "freedom of speech" only.😢