Punch the Person through the Wall Challenge!!


  1. Hunter Everhart

    Hunter EverhartHora atrás

    Jeff is a cheater

  2. Ashley Frye

    Ashley Frye3 horas atrás

    Jeff cheated

  3. Ezequiel Hernandez

    Ezequiel Hernandez3 dias atrás

    6:46 both you so cheaters Cheaters


    FOOT DAP LIT # MOMMY Clark3 dias atrás

    Jeff is jealous

  5. Evan Cao

    Evan Cao3 dias atrás

    Jeff looks like a nub in the first part lol

  6. Melvin Chaffin

    Melvin Chaffin5 dias atrás

    jeff cheated

  7. Thomas Karpinsky

    Thomas Karpinsky6 dias atrás

    Your mean

  8. Kim James

    Kim James7 dias atrás

    Jeff cheated

  9. andrew griesenauer

    andrew griesenauer8 dias atrás

    bring back wipeout!

  10. CROSS gameplay

    CROSS gameplay8 dias atrás

    Jeff why are you cheating

  11. Noah Crawford

    Noah Crawford9 dias atrás

    6:44 brothers fighting XD

  12. Francisco Castillo

    Francisco Castillo10 dias atrás

    Jeffrey you look like two face

  13. OPLX_Spectic yt

    OPLX_Spectic yt12 dias atrás

    Dude your the best i do on my friend and i kill him j.k. Dude don't take that serious

  14. gary wanstall

    gary wanstall15 dias atrás

    Are u okay Cris?

  15. Lime The Twist

    Lime The Twist16 dias atrás


  16. EpicEmpire Ty

    EpicEmpire Ty17 dias atrás

    Jeff sucks butt

  17. Jason Gilman

    Jason Gilman20 dias atrás

    Jeff cheated

  18. Erick Ortiz

    Erick Ortiz22 dias atrás

    In almost all vids that they do a camera ends up knocked dow

  19. Fartbros . Com

    Fartbros . Com24 dias atrás

    Win Jeff winn

  20. Tori Eleonora

    Tori Eleonora25 dias atrás

    Jeff hit Chris in the head🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤯🤯🤯🤯

  21. Tori Eleonora

    Tori Eleonora25 dias atrás

    Re watch it he did

  22. Judy Woods

    Judy Woods26 dias atrás

    You guys rock

  23. Springdude 11

    Springdude 1126 dias atrás

    Jeff had the coming. Dirty cheater.

  24. Chantelle Lee

    Chantelle Lee29 dias atrás

    I hate jeff more like Jeff the killer such a big CHEATER I like Chris and Robert more than him I wish jeff did not exist

  25. Chantelle Lee

    Chantelle Lee25 dias atrás

    Tbh I was just joking I like all of them

  26. Doris and Tom Duncanson

    Doris and Tom Duncanson29 dias atrás

    You to are nutshells

  27. Ashleigh Wagnon

    Ashleigh Wagnon29 dias atrás

    Jeff cheated

  28. Cohen Rogers

    Cohen RogersMês atrás

    Chris ducked

  29. Timoteo Villatoro

    Timoteo VillatoroMês atrás

    i hate jeff cam is better

  30. Chase Murfey

    Chase MurfeyMês atrás

    Chris moves at the end

  31. Zara Stevens

    Zara StevensMês atrás

    Those silly huge gloves 🤣

  32. Wyatt Schlosser

    Wyatt SchlosserMês atrás

    Chris lost like a big nub

  33. angle angle

    angle angleMês atrás

    they are christians but in their 2016 videos they liked saying what the f**k

  34. Jacob Stinson

    Jacob StinsonMês atrás

    Jeff Cheated

  35. Sophie G 918

    Sophie G 918Mês atrás

    Today, June 10 is national nub day! ( I made that up but still celebrate:) 🎊 🎉

  36. Lane Messer

    Lane MesserMês atrás

    Woot woot! Happy nub day!

  37. Glazed Bee

    Glazed BeeMês atrás

    Literally every video they drop the camera 😂

  38. Conrad Villanueva

    Conrad VillanuevaMês atrás

    On the 6 minute and 17 seconds Jeff made a six in the wall

  39. Home

    HomeMês atrás

    Jeff:you cheated Cam:you cheated JEFF :hit cam Cam : aww you hit me

  40. shae Eastick

    shae EastickMês atrás

    I love how they mainly forget the camera is still rolling

  41. Abraham Felipe

    Abraham FelipeMês atrás

    cam you remember the time you punched jeff (fake) in the face :)

  42. Gerrard Masanding

    Gerrard MasandingMês atrás


  43. Katherine Laidlaw

    Katherine LaidlawMês atrás

    Cam cheated at the end

  44. Katherine Laidlaw

    Katherine LaidlawMês atrás

    You both cheated

  45. Katherine Laidlaw

    Katherine LaidlawMês atrás

    A little

  46. Merve Küçükköse

    Merve KüçükköseMês atrás

    8:26 J-Fred just got roasted🔥

  47. Travis Pierrelee

    Travis PierreleeMês atrás

    Jack Pierrelee

  48. cody Ott

    cody OttMês atrás

    Jeff,s crazy 😂🤣😂🤣

  49. Lyndy Loxton

    Lyndy LoxtonMês atrás

    Jeff cheted

  50. Donduck M

    Donduck MMês atrás


  51. Donduck M

    Donduck MMês atrás

    Jeff you are one odd guy and I love when you hit each other

  52. Josie Montilde

    Josie MontildeMês atrás

    Chtir !!!!!!

  53. Aislynn Dauzat

    Aislynn DauzatMês atrás

    Jeff cheated

  54. Isaac Moore

    Isaac MooreMês atrás

    At 9 minutes 34 seconds Chris moved