PUR Cosmetics 100 FOUNDATION SHADES?! I'm Confusion Luv | Jackie Aina


  1. Jackie Aina

    Jackie AinaMês atrás

    PEEPUL - before commenting about my feedback, PLEAZ watch the video IN FULL. I beg, seriously. We saw what happened the last time a beauty brand tried to stunt on us with 60 shades (and how much of a flop that was) OF COURSE people are going to be skeptical of 100 shades! A lot of shades does not mean they are all QUALITY and wearable!!!!

  2. onlooker4564

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    That thing of you chanting your own name....weird....

  3. Grace Riccini

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  4. DejaAdor

    DejaAdor2 dias atrás

    Hey Jackie you should show the foundation on your sisters!

  5. Nataya Prater

    Nataya Prater3 dias atrás

    HeyJackie Question, what do you do with all the products you don’t use?

  6. Mitchell Tatum

    Mitchell Tatum3 dias atrás

    10 shades: a disgrace 100 shades: gimmicky FFS the brand is trying. We should be glad that it’s a step in the right direction rather than calling it gimmicky.

  7. Maggie E

    Maggie E3 dias atrás

    As s makeup artist it is SO ANNOYING to have to mix a foundation for every client beyond a medium complexion. Besides the lack of variety in shades, the undertones are sometimes totally off. Look, I’ll do anything for my clients but it upsets me that I can’t just hand a foundation over to them like i can with lighter clients.

  8. Maggie E

    Maggie E3 dias atrás

    I subscribed within 2 minutes of watching this. I kinda love you 😍

  9. rio

    rio3 dias atrás

    Alight stupid comment but ive never seen a girl with deep skin with skin problems??

  10. really regular

    really regular3 dias atrás

    The longer I stare your bare face, the more beautiful you become.

  11. Mia Thode

    Mia Thode4 dias atrás

    what brush does she use to blend the foundation in?

  12. Angie Kistil

    Angie Kistil5 dias atrás

    100 shades?......we are really need that number of shades?

  13. candy knight

    candy knight6 dias atrás

    Thank you for clarifying about swatching shades on different skin tones.

  14. Dominic's Way

    Dominic's Way6 dias atrás

    They went “100” % the way Get it 100 % and 100 shades

  15. solis

    solis7 dias atrás

    I love you Jackie. Period. All bad mind & bad attitude kiss her feet. Team Aunt Jackie.

  16. jayla bryant

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    And that’s exactly what I did. Watched another video 🤣

  17. Blu Blaq

    Blu Blaq9 dias atrás

    You are teaching me soooooo much about makeup. ❤

  18. Ivy Aiken

    Ivy Aiken9 dias atrás

    it kind of upsets me seeing the jump in shade between the tan and dark. like it is kind of extreme. even tho this is quite good with the diversity the entire makeup community needs to step it up. there are a bunch of slightly different and varying shades in the light but in the dark all the shades are very different and there are definitely shades missing in between. it’s really upsetting because i’m someone who is quite fair but i’m just seeing the favouritism and how unbalanced it is. very disappointing with the entire community with how this is really good but still there is so much improvement that is needed

  19. artemisia trifone

    artemisia trifone9 dias atrás

    honestly everyone gave this foundation an Amazing review, i think the beauty comunity is sleeping on this!!

  20. Joy Yi

    Joy Yi10 dias atrás

    I don’t think that 100 shades is gimmicky some of us haven’t ever found a perfect shade

  21. Skye bouwkamp

    Skye bouwkamp11 dias atrás

    People say there’s not enough shades and then they say there’s too many shades. No one will ever gonna be happy with what brands do.

  22. Ashley

    Ashley7 dias atrás

    People were happy with Fenty and their foundation range.

  23. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina10 dias atrás

    people don’t watch THE FULL VIDEO before commenting and it shows. those of us who are used to being left out are allowed to be skeptical.

  24. Mollie Schonberger

    Mollie Schonberger13 dias atrás

    for those of us ordering online, they have an EXTREMELY extensive shade matcher on their website. I tried it out with several of my foundations and got the same result every time! Way to go, Pur!!

  25. doorframepush

    doorframepush13 dias atrás

    Teint Idole is over-rated imho. I used to use it, the coverage sucks.

  26. Charity Smith

    Charity Smith15 dias atrás

    Pls do a video with the fam!

  27. McKenzie Jones

    McKenzie Jones15 dias atrás

    If you think about every race has their own definition of what is dark for them so it makes sense that their are some colors in the dark category that aren’t dark to you, but they may be dark to people in other cultures who’s used to lighter skin. Does that make sense ?

  28. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina15 dias atrás

    that once again ignores specific demographics of people who ACTUALLY are dark. For example there are some Asian cultures who are just as dark as black people are. If we continuously allow what is the “majority” (white) to set the standard a lot of us will continuously be left out.

  29. Ana Allen

    Ana Allen16 dias atrás

    wait.. thats it... out of 100 shades thats the darkest? DISPICABLE JACKIE. snd @PURcosmetics 100 fuckin shades means nothing if theres barely any dark shades. white society strikes again competing w each other n not caring b the consumer. ITS NOT AB HOW MANY SHADES U HAVE IN TOTAL ITS AB HOW MANY DARK SHADES THEIR. like jackie said this is a gimmick

  30. Super Kay

    Super Kay16 dias atrás

    Jackie...did you just hit the whoa? Lmao

  31. A Isse

    A Isse17 dias atrás

    Thank you for the review. I decided to make a purchase based on your review and used your swatches to pick a shade. The foundation is so great but the brush is just okay. I have been wearing the foundation for 2 weeks and I've been getting so many compliments. When I ask people if they know you everyone is like "of course". I have connected with so many people who also follow you. Thank you Jackie for the swatches and for your honest review. Love from Canada! 💕

  32. Victoria Stone

    Victoria Stone17 dias atrás

    I love you!

  33. Fermin Ortiz Jr

    Fermin Ortiz Jr17 dias atrás

    1,000 shades next

  34. Jamie Hargrove

    Jamie Hargrove18 dias atrás

    Where would you suggest going to get a foundation shade match that would have access to a range of good products.

  35. Jamie Hargrove

    Jamie Hargrove18 dias atrás

    The mind your childcare comment hit me hard lol

  36. LB Lipney-Burger

    LB Lipney-Burger18 dias atrás

    Jaaaaackie WHAT foundation brush is that? Dang I want to try it

  37. Oblong Polka Dots

    Oblong Polka Dots18 dias atrás

    Thank you Jackie for remaining focused and bringing the people what they came for: an honest makeup review. We appreciate the time, effort and insight you put into this review. Keep it up!

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    Your so pretty and funny it not fair you don't even need make up

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    “Yes my thumbnail is missing”. *I deadass thought she meant the video thumbnail*

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    This was such a thorough review. Thank you!

  42. The Fallen Star

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    Sis send me my shade!!!!

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    thanks for such an in depth review! you look amazing

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    Your makeup looks good.

  45. z a myers

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    I might need to go buy that

  46. Lexi Hamm

    Lexi Hamm21 dia atrás

    only you could complain that 100 shades doesn't fit your standards of the categories... like girl chill you're far from the darkest shade available and there are a variety of undertones... girl you reaching

  47. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina20 dias atrás

    if you don’t have dark skin and you watch my videos you do not get to boss me around about what criticisms are unnecessary. women like me have been excluded from the industry for decades. sit this one out. not everything has to appeal to you, Lexi.

  48. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina20 dias atrás

    I don’t know how you skipped over the part where I actually pointed out the shades are actually diverse and run very dark. how are YOU, someone 10 shades lighter than me, going to tell me, who is actually of dark skin, what I should consider dark enough? who are you in general? because a lot of you think tan is dark and this is why it’s important to have dark skinned black women in the forefront to share THEIR perspectives on what is considered dark enough and what isn’t.

  49. Lexi Hamm

    Lexi Hamm21 dia atrás

    @Jackie Aina you literally were saying that the shades in "dark" weren't dark... like dude there were still plenty to go through that would be deep enough for you and those deeper than you... it's such an unnecessary criticism

  50. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina21 dia atrás

    what are you even talking about like did you even watch the video...

  51. Gwendolyn Solanke

    Gwendolyn Solanke21 dia atrás

    I am gonna try this......just because you said I should be able to find my shade and its light weight.

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    Jackie did you just hit the whoa? 😂😂😂

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    I’m interested in this

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    Jackie:yes my thumbnail is missing, mind your own business and worry about your childcare Me: Tass 😂😂😂😂😂 *cant breathe *

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    Who else will give the entire video a thumbs up because Jackie made ONE funny comment? 🙋🙋🙋🙋😂

  57. The Dodo

    The Dodo22 dias atrás

    When creating the dark category I think they should actually consult several mediums, medium deep, medium dark, dark, medium deep, deep dark etc people of color to gauge the amount of shades they need to produce then average how many categories they need cuz tbh it makes no sense sending out products and calling it diverse if you're not including half of the population that you're targeting when creating and gauging various shades. Because I know that there are many of our people out there who are so dark they have to literally contour with black eye shadow because they can't find their shade so yes it is a step but we need more. Because I am certain that the number of tones and shades of ppl of colour out there does not stop at just a few deep shades.

  58. Charis Sims

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    Okay but when I think of olive , I think green ?? Somebody help me out 😭

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    O fawk nooo. Where is the theme song sis!! 😂😂

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    Guys i just started my youtube chanel from zero, would appreciate some love ❤️

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    It feels like ester lauder double wear

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    This girl is good. Lol. Jackie Jackie Jackie. Jackie Jackie

  64. Mary Macfadzen

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    It looks like that shade matches you perfectly!

  65. Nikki Raynor

    Nikki Raynor23 dias atrás

    does anyone know what lashes she’s wearing? 🙏🏻

  66. kilyssah

    kilyssah23 dias atrás

    Their website is helpful too with finding your shade.

  67. Beatrice2 2

    Beatrice2 223 dias atrás

    Contacted PUR and they said Ulta decided on the number of shades they would have in the store and which ones, not PUR

  68. Andrea Guerrero

    Andrea Guerrero23 dias atrás

    Jacki the real MVP tho, suggesting tester bundles for us to find our match in this collection! I'd buy several of those bundles.

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  70. kldruh

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    AUNTY JACKIEEE could u make a video of urself fasting for 12 hours like us muslims?

  71. Amoy Hong Ping

    Amoy Hong Ping23 dias atrás

    I would love to have this collection because i have no idea what is my shade or undertone. And a lot of cosmetic stores by me doesn't have a lot of variety

  72. alwayzjello

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    Where can I buy the minis?

  73. alwayzjello

    alwayzjello23 dias atrás

    I consider myself in the light to medium category in most foundations, so I was surprised to be in the tan category for this one.

  74. cherrypie37

    cherrypie3723 dias atrás

    During the summer I am about your complexion, living in Germany is interesting on finding shades. But when your African hair braider call you light in July. There are a lot of shades darker than you.

  75. Sunset Gao

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    She looks like she isn’t even wearing foundation! Wowowowow

  76. TangledTresses95

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    I have hope that with 100 shades undertones will be easier for all of us and everyone should have that near perfect match without second guessing or having to mix or manipulate to “make it work” and they look so moisturizing and smooth 😍

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    Pores? WHERE?!?!

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    “No pores found...error 404” 💀. Loved this review!

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    "100 shades of what SIS? Who is YOU shading? YOURSELF!!??" *Jackie STAPPIT 😭😭💀💀!!* Kite m' viv souple (let me live, please) 😩!!!

  80. Maraviar McCoy

    Maraviar McCoy24 dias atrás

    Pretty foundation and I also have dry and oily combination skin. It's like for the dark shades it's to light and thanks for sharing your information.

  81. jdeang817

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    I bought the pressed powder for my daughter last night, it looks amazing on her!


    SANDRA DUDLEY24 dias atrás

    Your skin looks beautiful. Even before the foundation!! Gurlllllllll. Love this video. You made me want this foundation even tho I don’t wear full coverage lol

  83. Justine Deruyck

    Justine Deruyck24 dias atrás

    I wonder if the lighter shades in the categories are supposed to be possible concealor shades for the foundation shades in the category.

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    i love that you upload so much 💙 i never get tired of hearing you & laughing at how silly you are 💙💙 love you auntie jackie 🥰

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    Shoooooooot, that foundation made your skin look FLAWLESS

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    Cool heading there now!

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    Jackie is the female version of Kevin Hart. She makes me laugh so hard! Love ya girl!

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    Does... does she not realise that because something is light on her doesn't mean it's automatically light... like gurl if someone who was deeper then you put on YOUR foundation match it would look white on them. The shade range was bomb and FOR EVERYONE and ya'll still find a way to put down a brand that's so clearly trying...

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    Maybe it’s just on camera but DG6 looks exactly like your skin ❤️

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    I got so many goosebumps thinking about how much she changed the makeup world for us brown skin gals omg I’m shook

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    Keep killing it I love your reviews! This is Cat I met you at the elfbeautysquad event in NYC! I hope all is well and remember how you said keep pushing with my ASL? I’m still doing that 🔥🙌🏼❤️

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    That's a generous pump, i do love me a generous pump.... Me too sis, me too

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    Sabrina Mitchell girl 👏🏻 I just choked on my Reese’s puffs!

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    Can you do a video about shade matching to your sisters and cousins?

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    Jackie you look so beautiful!!

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    Sadly the ulta's in my area do not carry the deeper shades, surprise, surprise.

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    That's a pretty foundation on you girl!

  99. Jackie Aina

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    thank you!

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    Yes!! I'm glad that this foundation worked for you and wore so beautifully. Looks like PUR really came out the gate SWINGING 🙌❤


    GRACE KALE-LEE27 dias atrás

    I don’t even wear foundation anymore, but I NEED this! It’s soooo glowy.

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    No pores found... error 404!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Ok so now I have to immediately buy the milk primer AND this foundation. Thanks Jackie

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    Love watching you, always making me laugh!😂❤️

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    Hey @jackieaina I think your Instagram was hacked bc for some reason I’m blocked. Would love it if you could reach out so I could continue supporting you on all your platforms❤️

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    OK ! So am I the only person digging this calm black look or whatever 😁

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    I swear I freaking love herrrrr! 😂💀

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    Auntie just start your own cosmetic line pleaseeeeeee!!!! 😩😩😩😩

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    Jackie is basically the iiSuperwomanii of the beaut community