Putting your glasses down for 5 SECONDS


  1. Dharmang

    Dharmang3 horas atrás

    When you have cylindrical numbers and a 8 in both eyes.... Lmao 😂 like me

  2. Maria Maez

    Maria Maez4 horas atrás

    More like the title should be "when you are on the pills for 2 hours

  3. Dan K. Meme

    Dan K. Meme5 horas atrás

    The banana part got me

  4. Rx Benzo

    Rx Benzo10 horas atrás

    These commercials for stadia fucking suck

  5. terrick Jones

    terrick Jones10 horas atrás


  6. Susu Omar

    Susu Omar15 horas atrás

    a partipfoR deCT apartipfordeCT scaver rava de scaver KISHMIRGA!

  7. royce536

    royce53615 horas atrás

    Put your grasses on

  8. Taco

    Taco18 horas atrás

    a pritickydab scaburn rav a dick scaver kishmeardah!

  9. Jitters.-_

    Jitters.-_19 horas atrás

    This literally just happened to me when i was washing my hair

  10. GripWiggle27 Aka GoAwayDumDum

    GripWiggle27 Aka GoAwayDumDum22 horas atrás

    I have weak eyesight and this was all very relatable, especially when waking up realizing I left my glasses out of my bedroom

  11. B1lly Butter

    B1lly Butter22 horas atrás

    Tik tok bruhh

  12. Gabril Duero

    Gabril DueroDia atrás


  13. Marcus Turner

    Marcus TurnerDia atrás

    Damn I wish I would have saw this video earlier. That merch is so fire

  14. Tomasi Qoriniasi

    Tomasi QoriniasiDia atrás

    welp.... tiktok noticed you caleb

  15. Z Survivor

    Z SurvivorDia atrás


  16. thedragoshi

    thedragoshiDia atrás

    gahd dayumn that merch sold fast. Wanted that sticker for my laptop.

  17. FancyMonkeyGaming Gaming

    FancyMonkeyGaming GamingDia atrás

    Where is that From I heard that from somewhere 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

  18. sayasean

    sayaseanDia atrás

    it would be more funnier if that guy who speaks like a sims character is actually what it was

  19. Chaspin avi

    Chaspin aviDia atrás

    A part tip a dact stab burn

  20. It's Bunny

    It's BunnyDia atrás

    I am literally blind without my glasses, like I'm serious 😧

  21. mirandaaa Flori

    mirandaaa FloriDia atrás

    Ayepartip redact? Ayepartip redact scavern??? Raverdickt scavern!!! Kishmierga!!

  22. Daniel D

    Daniel DDia atrás

    lmao you was the banana?

  23. DeContractor

    DeContractorDia atrás

    What?! ... I can't hear you! What did you just say? Hold on a sec, let me get my glasses real quick. Ahhhh... Much better. So you were saying?

  24. LightKingdomKnight 1

    LightKingdomKnight 1Dia atrás

    0:08 he is speaking the language pf Gods

  25. Eine Junge

    Eine JungeDia atrás

    Apartiperdact. Apartiperdact. Scavern.RAVERNDINSCAVERN.KISHMIRGA

  26. lurker

    lurkerDia atrás

    0:08 when you meet your Sim in real life.

  27. Hec's Vids

    Hec's VidsDia atrás

    U should of won

  28. Chantel Charles

    Chantel CharlesDia atrás

    “Apartipferdakt scavern”

  29. Exotic Drifty

    Exotic DriftyDia atrás

    Get contacts

  30. TGJ riker

    TGJ rikerDia atrás

    0-14 that sound is use one tik tok

  31. Michael Redden

    Michael ReddenDia atrás


  32. Celeste Koh

    Celeste KohDia atrás

    Man i want your stickers buts sold out ;_;

  33. tyton rooke

    tyton rookeDia atrás


  34. tyton rooke

    tyton rookeDia atrás

    Fire merch im copping that jeez

  35. TheWaffleman211

    TheWaffleman211Dia atrás

    This is my favorite fucking video you’ve ever done

  36. Lt Edelweiss

    Lt EdelweissDia atrás


  37. Ducky Retro

    Ducky RetroDia atrás


  38. Amanda Chen

    Amanda ChenDia atrás


  39. Randy Ravenell

    Randy Ravenell2 dias atrás


  40. 음악

    음악2 dias atrás

    This video: exists Tik tok: HIPPITY HOPPITY THIS AUDIO IS NOW MY PROPERTY I hope more people find his vids because if it though 😂 he’s really funny