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  1. - weaponized64

    - weaponized6413 horas atrás

    Dont neg me, bro. 👌

  2. Alexander Roguski

    Alexander RoguskiDia atrás

    8:00 that picture looked like a wendigo without his deer skull on R/RareInsults

  3. Solarabyss

    SolarabyssDia atrás

    2:13, my last name is egger lmao

  4. ChaotiX

    ChaotiXDia atrás

    I identify with Eeyore to the max

  5. Creeper Aw man!

    Creeper Aw man!3 dias atrás


  6. Chooie xXx

    Chooie xXx4 dias atrás

    8:00 hey, 3199, what are you doing on tinder?! now the SCP foundation will catch you for sure!

  7. 《Sunrise Animation》サンライズアニメーション

    《Sunrise Animation》サンライズアニメーション5 dias atrás

    *the Patrick impression is so accurate it scares me*

  8. Red the Bandit

    Red the Bandit5 dias atrás


  9. T C

    T C6 dias atrás

    Egger 🙊

  10. Flawsome Woman

    Flawsome Woman6 dias atrás

    2:20 Maaan that guy just beat the flirting game. 🤯Where can I sign up for a course🤓

  11. Demented Mallard

    Demented Mallard6 dias atrás

    I once found a chick with a pornhub cap on tinder... if anyone is interested I can post it XD

  12. BLAZET

    BLAZET6 dias atrás

    incase patrick's voice actor dies-3:55

  13. Grace Finch

    Grace Finch7 dias atrás

    I was eating freezing cold choc ice trying not to choke and then *this man* here starts speaking like Patrick I made a mess of my desk :(

  14. Traps are GaY

    Traps are GaY7 dias atrás

    my 17 y/o friend once hooked up with a 14 year old on tinder, my brother as a 19 year old with a 15 year old

  15. Shadow Pokemander

    Shadow Pokemander7 dias atrás

    0, i don't use tinder

  16. DesingItTime

    DesingItTime7 dias atrás

    I'm having frickin' nightmares tonight cuz of the real human man!

  17. Jeremiah Plays All

    Jeremiah Plays All8 dias atrás

    Damien, Your Thor and Patrick Impressions are spot on dude

  18. Haline Medeiros

    Haline Medeiros8 dias atrás

    that kinda makes me want to give tinder a try though...

  19. Retro clan

    Retro clan9 dias atrás


  20. King CyberLarva

    King CyberLarva10 dias atrás

    6:38 Am I the first one to notice that her right tit is visible?

  21. Fazar Lazar

    Fazar Lazar12 dias atrás

    None because I'm under age

  22. Just Random BOI

    Just Random BOI12 dias atrás

    Its one hundred not a hundered

  23. Lixix

    Lixix13 dias atrás


  24. Facundo Galo Lopez Meyer

    Facundo Galo Lopez Meyer13 dias atrás

    I have never use a super like purposely, but I'm always out of them 😒

  25. lucas Cheeseman

    lucas Cheeseman13 dias atrás

    "She say she 21i might have to ID that" -lil yatchy


    ANIMAUL13 dias atrás


  27. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan13 dias atrás

    What happened to Michael? Bring back Slazo

  28. mr theawesome

    mr theawesome7 dias atrás

    Slazo abused his girlfriend...

  29. CaramelizedKitCat

    CaramelizedKitCat13 dias atrás

    I just clicked on this video without looking at the channel name and I was so excited when I heard your voice

  30. MR CRZY

    MR CRZY14 dias atrás

    4:47 stolen from Jim jefferies

  31. Somethingmore Lastly

    Somethingmore Lastly16 dias atrás

    World's First fat ugly stud, they're making a disney movey about it 😂😂😂

  32. CrispyBlazin

    CrispyBlazin16 dias atrás

    1:55 for some reason I laughed so hard I choked on my own saliva...

  33. Over glorified Marshmallow

    Over glorified Marshmallow17 dias atrás

    I'm taken sooo

  34. Matthew Gingras

    Matthew Gingras17 dias atrás

    this video has 669 dislikes... 3 likes to be the 700 dislike just for the sake of my sanity.

  35. The grand jerry

    The grand jerry17 dias atrás

    69 dislikes That’s nice and not nice

  36. Alberto Moreno

    Alberto Moreno17 dias atrás

    I tried using Tinder again and I just can't find myself to stick with it or any other "dating app" for that matter. It's validation galore.

  37. Dean

    Dean17 dias atrás

    Wait, so a girl can catfish a guy lying about being 18 or over and the guy is the one who gets all the blame? Why?

  38. Vaniberr UwU

    Vaniberr UwU18 dias atrás

    669 dislikes

  39. Xonde

    Xonde18 dias atrás

    Me: **Rapidly taking notes** what’s so fucking funny

  40. •

    18 dias atrás

    How. The fuck. Can u do so many voices so good? It's a blessing lol

  41. Havel Gaming

    Havel Gaming18 dias atrás

    Chelsea low-key quoted an entire Jim Jefferies joke 😂

  42. Salty Hester

    Salty Hester18 dias atrás

    No one: Add before the video: i CaN sMeLl YoUr ArOuSaL wOmAn

  43. Anw

    Anw18 dias atrás

    4:14 I'm more impressed that he was able to get all 3 of them to swipe right on him

  44. Mettaton Ex

    Mettaton Ex18 dias atrás

    "There cannot be a fat ugly stud." DANNY. DEVITO.

  45. André / Pyroghoul

    André / Pyroghoul18 dias atrás

    9:20 I used to ponder on dating apps, son, but then... Then I found where the flowers bloom, and got to where the sun don't shine.

  46. André / Pyroghoul

    André / Pyroghoul18 dias atrás

    5:08 I check all eight of those boxes

  47. Sir Tard

    Sir Tard19 dias atrás

    thanks for the birthday gift this was posted on my birthday

  48. 8Bit Mage

    8Bit Mage19 dias atrás

    That Patrick voice is on point

  49. Xoitlajeno

    Xoitlajeno19 dias atrás

    Xd Patrick though

  50. HIYAA A

    HIYAA A20 dias atrás

    You've yee'd your last Haw -Dean Winchester

  51. Canine Teeth

    Canine Teeth20 dias atrás

    5:13 honestly scared the crap outta me, my name is Chelsea 😭

  52. AO4

    AO420 dias atrás

    how are they all so darn smooth?

  53. Gamer Beast Sedgwick

    Gamer Beast Sedgwick20 dias atrás

    7:56 me in my Tinder -By Real Human and not a human tv

  54. Artjom Manov

    Artjom Manov20 dias atrás

    Bees make honey Mans make cummy

  55. Dragonsalyer 0609

    Dragonsalyer 060921 dia atrás

    Pick up line I think you dropped something What my standards😒 No your heart because I THINK I'M BOUT TO STEAL.

  56. Faze XxAli_Ninja_69

    Faze XxAli_Ninja_6921 dia atrás

    How would you match with real human man?

  57. Faded GamesYT

    Faded GamesYT21 dia atrás

    6:37 nipple slip left boob

  58. batman batman

    batman batman21 dia atrás

    3:50 That fucking impresion though.

  59. Axenal

    Axenal21 dia atrás

    The first pickup line is now how I introduce myself and my actual bio

  60. Miguel Tejeda

    Miguel Tejeda21 dia atrás

    Freaking SCP 3199 🤣🤣 @7:55 mark

  61. richa16x

    richa16x21 dia atrás

    9:43 left is brown haired girl, right is the blonde.

  62. Official-DH

    Official-DH21 dia atrás

    Bruh Damien's patrick impression is stupidly on point i thought he was playing a recording of an actual scene

  63. Ajin Kazama

    Ajin Kazama21 dia atrás

    6:39 Man, showing naked breasts on youtube. what is this, 2013? You can see the nipples chief

  64. Fran Studios

    Fran Studios22 dias atrás

    I love how all your intros are synchronized with the music, adds a charm.

  65. Amber Nichole

    Amber Nichole22 dias atrás

    I’m 6ft so I prefer guys over 6ft and I hate how if I ever say I prefer guys over 6ft without clarifying that I, myself am 6ft I’m called a nice girl

  66. First Kek Last KEEK

    First Kek Last KEEK22 dias atrás

    A&W bacon and egged

  67. rocking godzilla

    rocking godzilla23 dias atrás

    Elon musk watch out

  68. Jesse Mae

    Jesse Mae23 dias atrás

    I loved Chad

  69. Killz That cow

    Killz That cow23 dias atrás


  70. EvakCorleone

    EvakCorleone23 dias atrás

    Man... you do a VERY good Patrick impression, honestly, that was on point!

  71. Im Just Here

    Im Just Here23 dias atrás

    Dora: SWIPER NO SWIPING!! Swiper: but honey were about to be divorced! Dora: *in spanish* i dont give a shit

  72. Thecakewhisperer 77

    Thecakewhisperer 7724 dias atrás

    Is his outdo the fucking KING DICE theme I’m subscribing right away

  73. Darah Greenwald

    Darah Greenwald24 dias atrás

    Why is his Patrick voice so good?

  74. A

    A24 dias atrás

    7:56 This is fake because he said walking with my leg not legs

  75. nell.i

    nell.i24 dias atrás

    hi you got a fucking hot voice and your laugh is the cutest thing ever. good day mate.

  76. Knox Arnold

    Knox Arnold24 dias atrás

    7:58 das a scp mate Also like if you a scp fan too

  77. Alicat Gtz

    Alicat Gtz24 dias atrás

    "Seems like I got what you're missing" 😏

  78. Jaddie 520

    Jaddie 52025 dias atrás

    6:57 - 7:00 seriously is me

  79. briennabradley

    briennabradley25 dias atrás

    I know you are a stud but ugly you ain't

  80. Jack Lehn

    Jack Lehn25 dias atrás

    Nip slip at 6:38

  81. Demented Mallard

    Demented Mallard26 dias atrás

    Honestly? Only 3 of like 10 or more super likes have actually been genuine.... I hate the app, but badoo sucks ass