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  1. NoobKeks_TV • Gaming & more

    NoobKeks_TV • Gaming & more31 minuto atrás

    i'd like an egger, please

  2. hamer time

    hamer time19 horas atrás

    "Thats odly romantic, hes in it for the long run "

  3. Daniel Whiting

    Daniel WhitingDia atrás

    Listen Chelsea, I'm here to change the game. That got YOU a sub, and made ME have to clean coffee off my phone. This round is yours sir...

  4. Rasuization

    Rasuization3 dias atrás

    I deleted tinder off my phone after my ex super liked me 4 months after the breakup The biggest yikes of my life.

  5. VP

    VP4 dias atrás

    About the studs and sluts. What you call a key that opens every lock? a master key And what do you call a lock that is opened by every key? a shitty lock...

  6. Club Barnacle

    Club Barnacle4 dias atrás

    The Patrick impression made me sad :(

  7. Jakub Valigura

    Jakub Valigura4 dias atrás

    To finish the: 4:47 brreporter.com/v/video-X_CULy_-5FI.html

  8. Jeanicia Sparkles

    Jeanicia Sparkles5 dias atrás

    Like 3 times. I regret all of them

  9. Naj Renchelf

    Naj Renchelf6 dias atrás

    1:28 I like how this guy’s shirt say borrowed identity!

  10. Nury Mykael

    Nury Mykael7 dias atrás

    It seems there is a difference between Tinder in US and EU. In US is used for std sharing,in EU ppl actually use it for dating.

  11. Allon Ifrah

    Allon Ifrah7 dias atrás

    She:"Pineapple on Pizza?" He:"When I'm emperor of England this will be punishable by death" She:"I see" He:"But I may show mercy on beautiful women" She:"Well that's a relief" He:"You will not be spared" Savage! LMAO. This man won the internet for the next decade. :')

  12. Rikard Nilsson

    Rikard Nilsson8 dias atrás

    I fall asleep some times while browsing tinder on my ipad...then I wake up and wonder "how many shallow dumb ugly broads did I just swipe right on by accident?" and now you reminded me that I might have super-liked them too? Thanks a lot dude, as if I didn't have enough to worry about...

  13. Ekimu Creation

    Ekimu Creation8 dias atrás


  14. Dannie Parra

    Dannie Parra9 dias atrás

    1 accidentally

  15. SportsTalkLive13

    SportsTalkLive139 dias atrás

    listen chelsea, i know where you stole that from

  16. Dinos04 ded

    Dinos04 ded9 dias atrás

    Damn. That Patrick impression is amazing, congrats man. Now you know who to go as to that Halloween party.

  17. Kapitän JadeDejavu

    Kapitän JadeDejavu9 dias atrás

    Own experience, translated: (for context, I have uploaded a picture of my chicken ) Me: "hello, can you tell me something about yourself?" Her: "Hello, I like checken eggs. And yours, too." Las thing I've ever heard/read from her.

  18. Lil Naps

    Lil Naps10 dias atrás

    1:53 I got third to that mouse lump

  19. Le Tigidou

    Le Tigidou11 dias atrás

    This was the worst reading of the word badminton I've ever heard.

  20. chewys cracked

    chewys cracked11 dias atrás

    Holy shit the Patrick Star impression was 10/10

  21. Faldoror Laridon

    Faldoror Laridon11 dias atrás

    "I'm here to change the game!" Okay, you got me. Th-That one, that was pretty good.

  22. Ryan Lierman

    Ryan Lierman12 dias atrás

    5:08 This may be obvious but that is a bit from Jim Jefferies Pls no hate

  23. UwU_Soft_Boi_UwU

    UwU_Soft_Boi_UwU12 dias atrás

    5:13 I can help~

  24. Doug Sam

    Doug Sam12 dias atrás

    Tinder is very scary now. You have to asked if she was born a guy or a woman. Then you have to asked for update pic. Then asked if she married. Because there's a lot of shady females on their.

  25. Jared Somoza

    Jared Somoza12 dias atrás

    Destruction one hunderd 1:52

  26. Mesoes

    Mesoes14 dias atrás

    Little did we know damien would becme the face of Emkay

  27. Jason Lee James

    Jason Lee James14 dias atrás

    Clearly Chelsea has never heard Big Poppa

  28. Gatsby

    Gatsby15 dias atrás

    6:37 double nip slip😐

  29. MacKeyser

    MacKeyser15 dias atrás

    Me: goes down EmKay r/Tinder rabbit hole Me also: goes blind from the blazingly white interstitials...

  30. Axton Pino

    Axton Pino15 dias atrás

    4:47 It's been over 5 months and I can't find anyone mentioning the fact that this is a stolen quote from Jim Jefferies. Edit: Scratch that, someone mentioned it, albeit in some weak-ass english. Very clearly a product of America's shitty education system.

  31. Brandin Enyart

    Brandin Enyart15 dias atrás

    If i needed to say a pick upline to someone i would say are you an electric chair because you're shocking me with how beautiful you are or I'd say are you my daughter because you'll be moaning daddy tonight

  32. TwinDragon 1220

    TwinDragon 122016 dias atrás

    I'd have bullets in my casket when I get cremated doesn't sound bad just need a bullet proof casket

  33. Thundertiel 56

    Thundertiel 5616 dias atrás

    The background music... *I'M MR. KING DICE*

  34. REASON

    REASON16 dias atrás

    If you're not the prize, than online dating is for you! As a man, she will be always under me......

  35. Chara Dreemur

    Chara Dreemur16 dias atrás


  36. Marco Pils

    Marco Pils17 dias atrás

    6:19 chicken do too

  37. NEG8

    NEG817 dias atrás

    so ive seen quite a few fake profiles^guys using filters to look like girls^ in these vids now. but i dont get it- whats the point of doing that??

  38. Ok

    Ok20 dias atrás

    Aggyrabrcn t

  39. mrtop hat

    mrtop hat21 dia atrás

    Yeah kat seems like winner

  40. Brady McDaniel

    Brady McDaniel21 dia atrás

    This should just be r/pickuplines

  41. Pat W

    Pat W23 dias atrás

    Patrick star is that really you

  42. Sarah Bussanmas

    Sarah Bussanmas27 dias atrás

    9:43 they're a couple. If you match on both that's a good thing.

  43. Meridian

    Meridian28 dias atrás

    lost it with the patric bit lol

  44. Jojo L.

    Jojo L.Mês atrás

    God, the accounting one is a big mood

  45. Jason

    JasonMês atrás

    Man this is one egger of a good video

  46. Noobie2k7

    Noobie2k7Mês atrás

    The "I like your glasses" "They're not for sale" Response was straight from Moss of the TV show the I.T Crowd. That guy's a man of culture

  47. Caecilius Gaming

    Caecilius Gaming14 dias atrás

    i’m disabled, and I’ve lost my wheelchair


    IDIOTANKMês atrás

    I wouldn't unmatch I would try to work out the three-way

  49. Jakob Recruit

    Jakob RecruitMês atrás

    I still dont understand the hospital/ vegetable joke

  50. Kin6_Zenvo

    Kin6_ZenvoMês atrás

    In 6:40 you can see a tit... *Don't ask how I found that out*

  51. Kappa My Kappa

    Kappa My KappaMês atrás

    My phone is 69%

  52. fillafle waffle897

    fillafle waffle897Mês atrás

    1:26 I don't see no dude?

  53. Chris Raeside

    Chris RaesideMês atrás

    Don't let that other voice ever do releases on your channel. He is terrible.

  54. Charles Gorillionaire

    Charles GorillionaireMês atrás

    World's first Fat Ugly Stud. I mean, Ron Jeremy?

  55. Alexander Kim

    Alexander KimMês atrás

    2:38 That one was pretty romantic tbh

  56. Kelley Condon

    Kelley CondonMês atrás

    the after you eat her ass and she says she won't give you a bj meme lol

  57. Nnnn Mmmm

    Nnnn MmmmMês atrás

    Damn ian leef

  58. that one guy

    that one guyMês atrás

    8:00 Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon-11, designated Nine-Tailed Fox, has entered the facility. All remaining survivors are advised to stay in the evacuation shelter, or any other safe area, until the unit has secured the facility. We'll start escorting personnel out when the escaped SCP´s have been re-contained

  59. FallenAngelNeko666

    FallenAngelNeko666Mês atrás

    That last one was smooth 😂

  60. Examper

    ExamperMês atrás

    9:43 Obviously keep the girl on the left.

  61. Gary Suarez

    Gary SuarezMês atrás

    1:47: Chelsea: There are no fat ugly studs! Me: Ron Jeremy Also me: Trying to expand my tinder presence by following this stellar example.