Rapper 21 Savage fears deportation after ICE arrest


  1. Kevin Vazquez

    Kevin Vazquez23 minutos atrás

    #free21savage #freetayk47 #free69

  2. Shay Love

    Shay Love23 minutos atrás

    its not about immigration. stop rapping about politics.

  3. D squad

    D squad23 minutos atrás

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  4. DMT, Music Junkie

    DMT, Music Junkie23 minutos atrás

    If mexicans and muslims are getting deported, so does 21 savage. It's only fair, no one should get special treatment. HE NEEDS TO GET DEPORTED

  5. Chief Stand Still 803

    Chief Stand Still 80323 minutos atrás

    Hoax .... 21 Sellout, chosen by the Edomites, to purposely mislead the masses/the Israelites.

  6. El Junior Martinez

    El Junior Martinez23 minutos atrás

    How much are u lame “a lot” how many people play my music” not alot “

  7. KLS- 95

    KLS- 9523 minutos atrás

    Well, take care of your shit!!!!

  8. Axel C

    Axel C23 minutos atrás

    Lets give him papers.....and to 2 million hondurans

  9. TrinkBruder

    TrinkBruder23 minutos atrás

    This nigga is the definition of Shanghai

  10. Lamar Boney

    Lamar Boney23 minutos atrás

    “We got SaVaGe”

  11. Mr.t Whitie

    Mr.t Whitie23 minutos atrás


  12. Alec Ric

    Alec Ric24 minutos atrás

    I mean getting deported from the US to the UK... Almost a blessing in my opinion.

  13. Joe Orzech

    Joe Orzech24 minutos atrás

    Good bye bye don't come back

  14. Samy Hacker

    Samy Hacker24 minutos atrás

    this is clear as day that someone with alot of money and power staged his arrest, it's just too obvious

  15. Pups Kopf

    Pups Kopf24 minutos atrás

    LoL c'mon britain is such a shithole that is inhuman!

  16. Greatest Moments of EDP445 and ELPRESADOR

    Greatest Moments of EDP445 and ELPRESADOR24 minutos atrás

    Get him outta this country. He should be lynched if he resists.

  17. pummechanic

    pummechanic24 minutos atrás

    Of all pictures they have to show the one of him wearing a Gucci top smh

  18. xq Drop

    xq Drop24 minutos atrás

    Front_runner_drop205 FMOIG

  19. Bichr Salhi

    Bichr Salhi24 minutos atrás

    Laws are laws. Laws should be respected. Cut the pc crap

  20. Matthew Terry

    Matthew Terry24 minutos atrás

    The media is full of idiots. Their only purpose is to drum up problems to get you puppets enraged to sell more commercials.

  21. Amy Moore

    Amy Moore24 minutos atrás


  22. Stewart Cleesen

    Stewart Cleesen24 minutos atrás

    I say fine the holy hell out of him to pay for some folks who dont have shit and want in the usa. That takes some of the taxpayer money out of the picture and it helps his fellow immigrants. Then enroll him in the immigration program to become as us citizen and let's move on from this. It's all hype to take our eyes off of somthing and distract us. They want us to hate each other so we wont be pissed at them.

  23. Mr. MICHAEL

    Mr. MICHAEL24 minutos atrás

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha BYE

  24. Cameron Kneely

    Cameron Kneely24 minutos atrás

    I'm supposed to feel sorry for a terrible rapper that's made Millions for a lack of talent. Guess he only likes bragging about the laws he breaks that make him look cool. Poor gangster rapper.

  25. BrittDeShaun88

    BrittDeShaun8824 minutos atrás

    It’s his parents fault for not trying to make him a citizen. He was only a child, but once he realized he was here on a expired visa, he tried to go through the steps to rectify it, but felony charges effect his chances.

  26. Axel C

    Axel C24 minutos atrás

    Who's that....

  27. SIN死神

    SIN死神24 minutos atrás

    I wonder why the “celebs” want him to stay so bad, makes you wonder how bizarre an strange the music industry is

  28. Crackhead RALPH

    Crackhead RALPH24 minutos atrás

    Leak should have renewed his visa

  29. Sean Osborne

    Sean Osborne24 minutos atrás

    How you grown ass men arguing with other grown ass men on the internet over some garbage ass rapper u never met? U didnt even know who he was 2-3 years ago. U niggas need to examine ur priorities

  30. Moldygreenbean

    Moldygreenbean24 minutos atrás

    So he knew he was possibly illegal. Had tons of money and instead of first hiring people to help expedite his citizenship process and educate himself on it, he was out popping bottles, buying lavish stuff, and getting busted with firearms.

  31. El Junior Martinez

    El Junior Martinez24 minutos atrás

    21 savage is wack all this new shit so called rap is trash what happened to the old school rap and beats and the freestyle on old beats.. now days they sag wear pink and color hair wtf are they rappers or mumbled bullshit...

  32. C. L.

    C. L.24 minutos atrás

    Goodbye, good riddens!

  33. RJ Jaco

    RJ Jaco25 minutos atrás

    He should've become an American citizen long ago. This all could've been avoided if he did the right thing.

  34. Dev'nique Rogers

    Dev'nique Rogers25 minutos atrás

    God Gotta Meet This Nigga💫

  35. Sunny Isaacs

    Sunny Isaacs25 minutos atrás

    Boo hoo hoo I knew what the reason was he knew you was here really hard he has money it should have been taking the steps to come assess a long time ago there's no reason to feel sorry for me he has money and he's going to be okay so we oughta be mugs on out of the men and women and children I'm not citizens yet but good meals society don't have that we chose in the veins as he does become a citizen

  36. daniel great

    daniel great25 minutos atrás

    African Americans all the black people outside of America officially don’t fuck with you because your so ignorant and don’t give a fuck about blacks not in America

  37. Yelamini Keen

    Yelamini Keen25 minutos atrás

    This land is God's land not mans land. They will be gone but the land will stay, their bodies decayed. We all gotta die one day, some by sickness, by by natural causes and some by old age, but the land stays and is a witness to all that are awake. Everyone and everything is alive, from plants and animals to grains of rock and stones and the earth it self. Energy in all beings and atoms.

  38. Big Sauce

    Big Sauce25 minutos atrás

    How many years did you spend outside of England? A lot

  39. theburners32141

    theburners3214125 minutos atrás

    Good. GTFO. We got plenty of homegrown assholes we don’t need illegals shitting on us. His music is garbage anyway.

  40. Kheiro Ťhegamer

    Kheiro Ťhegamer25 minutos atrás

    Fuck the fucking government

  41. Warren Davison

    Warren Davison25 minutos atrás

    His song a lot spoke on men being fathers and they said get this mf'er.

  42. tnxjesus

    tnxjesus25 minutos atrás

    Go get yo got damn paperwork and get yo damn citizenship people do it everyday

  43. AnupRobin

    AnupRobin26 minutos atrás

    I’m american, what’s he scared for? Imagine being deported to a better place. I’m a student, england would be better for his kids, less gang violence, less bullshit, less chance of getting shot at school, England is soo much better.

  44. Cappie

    Cappie26 minutos atrás

    News love money

  45. Anti-Aging Reverse Aging

    Anti-Aging Reverse Aging26 minutos atrás

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  46. Juanco_"C.E.O."

    Juanco_"C.E.O."26 minutos atrás

    Deport his ass, nigga is wack as fuck anyway. Mumble as mf

  47. Nova

    Nova26 minutos atrás

    His voice? You mean auto tune?

  48. Loxi Lock

    Loxi Lock26 minutos atrás


  49. TheSwimpsu99

    TheSwimpsu9926 minutos atrás

    Where in that song he talks about fucking sluts and doing drugs.....praise him you dumb liberal cucks

  50. Jeremy Rubenstein

    Jeremy Rubenstein26 minutos atrás

    Overstaying your Vesa is a crime. You can thank your mother for that. We have rules for a reason.

  51. FUCKME

    FUCKME26 minutos atrás

    Imagine if he was mexican...

  52. Dana Dana

    Dana Dana26 minutos atrás

    oh boi come back to england , benefit system waiting for u. lol

  53. Paul Kessler

    Paul Kessler26 minutos atrás

    Good get rid of his ass

  54. Michael Hefner

    Michael Hefner27 minutos atrás

    Shut your stupid ass up and know your place BOY or you will be! #magabitch

  55. TheInfamousNinaPink

    TheInfamousNinaPink27 minutos atrás

    "I've learned to embrace the times when I'm down...because it builds me up!" Amen

  56. 100 subscribers with no videos challenge

    100 subscribers with no videos challenge27 minutos atrás

    Ii lowkey expected him to do the interview with a British accent

  57. Alex Bentley

    Alex Bentley27 minutos atrás

    Deport him NOW!!! Millionaires and celebrities should NOT get special treatment!!!!! He’s here Illegally!! His mother should also be deported and charged with endangering a child by not renewing his visa. He is not a role model as many news outlets are promoting. He is a gangster and promotes that type of lifestyle. Just because he got rich doing it doesn’t make him a role model. A role model is someone that obeys the law, doesn’t perpetuate violence through music and doesn’t have a gangster public persona. He should be treated just like any other person that is here illegally. Why are we not calling out his parents and calling them what they are? Irresponsible and negligent! He should t be getting pity because he didn’t get to perform at the Grammys, and he shouldn’t be able to do interviews about this making it seem as if detention centers are barbaric. They are not barbaric. They are sparse and are by no means supposed to be lush and a retreat! What is wrong with people? Are we supposed to treat criminals better that the homeless? And yes he is a criminal! He is here illegally which makes his being here without proper documentation a crime. Maybe not completely his fault, but his cross to bear none the less! Quit feeling sorry for a grown ass man that has the means to live in the UK with no problems. It’s not like the vast majority of illegal immigrants that have NOWHERE to go and have NO MONEY! Our collective pity is misplaced and is frankly disgusting. Legal immigrants go through a lot to be here and it pisses them off when a freeloader wanders in and plays on people’s guilt and says shh it like humanity is not illegal! Grow up and give me a break! We need laws to protect our citizens, we need legal immigrants, we need border patrol and ICE to detain and deport those who are unwilling to do the RIGHT thing and go through the legal process of becoming a permanent resident and maybe eventually a citizen of this country. Those people deserve our respect and support! Not some multimillionaire gangster or public persona gangster only making music that perpetuates violence and the worst things in our society. That’s not a role model. Making money rapping about and claiming to be a part of a gangster culture is not a role model. He is not a role model. He is only being supported by “tha industry” because he helps sell crap. He along with all celebrities, but especially rappers are walking billboards. They wear ridiculous clothing and jewelry because poor lower class people will aspire to but that crap and upper middle class kids will buy that crap. Long story short, DEPORT HIM because it is the LAW and NO MAN is ABOVE the LAW.

  58. The Pyro Dude

    The Pyro Dude27 minutos atrás

    Just because you went to 1st grade in Atlanta dont make you a legal citizen of this country lol

  59. Steph Ss

    Steph Ss27 minutos atrás

    Overstaying the visas is why people are so pissed off about immigration. Fix the problem of the logistics. Soon, you will have to steal more children, and get rid of birth control/abortions nation wide for population control. Nobody will be living in the USA. And immigrants will avoid it al all costs... Hows your economy going to be, when nobody is working?

  60. Enrique Villagran

    Enrique Villagran27 minutos atrás

    Why are all of ya bearly realizing how they treat illegal immigrants, they been treating hispanics like that even worse

  61. Ahmad A

    Ahmad A27 minutos atrás

    Why bruh keep it a secret tho

  62. killa100

    killa10027 minutos atrás

    All this time i thought he was trash, didn't know he was actually rubbish.

  63. Madd Dogg Reviews

    Madd Dogg Reviews27 minutos atrás

    jay z a real one for hold down for my man 21

  64. Shawn King

    Shawn King28 minutos atrás

    People can't see this man is a actor..acting a role to bring attention to a certain subject.to bring. CHAOS=EXTREME CONFUSION=POWER

  65. Hyper Diper

    Hyper Diper28 minutos atrás

    Someone please explain to me how could you buy or rent properties and cars and getting bank accounts on your name without requiring a valid visa or something that proves your residence ???

  66. Lor Bmoreflow

    Lor Bmoreflow28 minutos atrás

    This nigga from atl got street cred out here went to third grade with niggas who vouch for him

  67. Le Elda Means

    Le Elda Means28 minutos atrás

    Don't know what a visa is?? Come on!!

  68. Uncooked Toast

    Uncooked Toast28 minutos atrás

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  69. gtg488w

    gtg488w28 minutos atrás

    I’m starting to think this story is fake So much Hollywood and too many hoax code numbers, There’s a mainstream media topic, immigration/illegal immigration, He had a visa to go to 1st grade here??? New video, then the lyrics about the same mainstream media topic, illegal immigration at the border I met him at the BP once lol he seems to take care of his family

  70. Suckafree FREE

    Suckafree FREE28 minutos atrás

    USA is foul for this ....if u not. White...well 😕

  71. Great Genius

    Great Genius28 minutos atrás

    Come on 21 savage, come back to the UK and collab with stormzy, dave, headie one, russ etc 😭😭😭😭😭😭


    SLIME SHIT28 minutos atrás


  73. Adam Hupp

    Adam Hupp28 minutos atrás

    “This sounds like something they set out to do and not just a random traffic stop” WOAH NO WAY, YOURE A GENIUS FOR FIGURING THAT ONE OUT

  74. Soph x

    Soph x28 minutos atrás

    Then become a citizen.. wtf do you think this is?

  75. Chamberlain Cody

    Chamberlain Cody28 minutos atrás

    Expired 13 years ago and the system is broken please you had time to renew your visa don’t blame the system for your laziness

  76. DestinedAlpha

    DestinedAlpha28 minutos atrás

    He’s a criminal that is not legally here, this is an easy choice

  77. Nova

    Nova28 minutos atrás

    DEPORT HIM. One less thug/criminal. People with face tattoos do not obey laws of society.

  78. lamar mikell

    lamar mikell28 minutos atrás


  79. TheInfamousNinaPink

    TheInfamousNinaPink29 minutos atrás

    He missed the superbowl and the Grammys??!! That's fkd up...

  80. :D

    :D29 minutos atrás

    Nikola Tesla overstayed his Visa, so what. If he can contribute well to US economy without crime. Let him stay. Everyone deserves a second chance, we may not know what circumstances led to overstay, every case is different.

  81. Success Storm

    Success Storm29 minutos atrás

    *Heyyyyy guys 69 is getting out of jail* 🙄

  82. JayR Jay

    JayR Jay29 minutos atrás

    Yo honestly... if you woke you woke... but this shit hella Illuminati... He knows the elite are watching... The way he answer when asked for personal information about that exact moment. He wants to say a lot, but can’t because his life/career is on the line. When the woman asked 21 what message does he have for the people having the same issue.. Look at the way he looks at the camera.. 21 knows he has the power. He wants to use it in good ways, however, the elite won’t allow that.. ‘they’ just want to send drug, sex, homophobic messages to us. Think about it.. why is it that almost every celebrity (knowing that they had the power & the people) that wanted to make a positive change in the world passes away someway or another... like yes, some are for natural causes, but most of them are bogus.

  83. Cosmic Klutz

    Cosmic Klutz29 minutos atrás

    ABC, I think you meant Rapper "Sir Savage the 21st" fears deportation after ICE arrest

  84. 々ȺSH々

    々ȺSH々29 minutos atrás

    police :we got savage lol............

  85. Amy Sullivan

    Amy Sullivan29 minutos atrás

    But hes black he can claim racism and blame a white person so he can do what he wants, Nancy pelosi will make him into a mortar.

  86. Olivia B

    Olivia B29 minutos atrás

    Tough. Ignorance isn’t an excuse for anyone else, why does he get special treatment? He should get what his attorneys can get him, nothing more.

  87. Steve Brown

    Steve Brown29 minutos atrás

    We're deporting this lying, fake, retarded criminal back to England. England can send him back to Africa.

  88. Ecig Accessory

    Ecig Accessory29 minutos atrás

    He here illegally and he needs go

  89. Evan

    Evan29 minutos atrás

    Man I hate when my credit card expires too!!

  90. l g

    l g29 minutos atrás

    Just the perfect type to MAGA.

  91. Mitch Rice

    Mitch Rice30 minutos atrás

    Deport him, I don't care

  92. Remedy

    Remedy30 minutos atrás

    Its a knife...

  93. logice350

    logice35030 minutos atrás

    What a joke

  94. lane bellamy

    lane bellamy30 minutos atrás

    He came to the US when he was 7 as a British citizen. He traveled back to England at the age of 12 (2005). What sort of passport did he have? Then he came back to the US a month later which REQUIRED a H-4 visa that expires in one year. So he and his mother know he is NOT a US citizen and his visa has expired. Why didn't his mother take care of this YEARS ago? Does he even have a social security number? If so, how did he get it? The whole situation was completely avoidable!

  95. S Erick

    S Erick30 minutos atrás

    Is he still here illegal?

  96. Tosen

    Tosen30 minutos atrás

    4:28 Id expect a better welcome from my kids damn

  97. Sterlin Walker

    Sterlin Walker31 minuto atrás

    @ABC News 21 Savages attorney almost slipped up and called him an English National lol. What do you think is gonna happen when the rest of our nation realizes they are still in England and are your King's , Queen's, and nobles? I suggest you get your stories straight for the next Nuremberg trials!!! brreporter.com/v/video-Yro25JUuKUo.html?t=4m7s

  98. J DUB Beats

    J DUB Beats31 minuto atrás

    Where tf is the full video they always tryna give us just what they want to

  99. PAYDAY Batson

    PAYDAY Batson31 minuto atrás

    Now I’m seeing blackface in the watch later

  100. Michael Harpole

    Michael Harpole32 minutos atrás

    Build the wall deport them all.