RATED-R Home Alone


  1. Виталий Колосов

    Виталий Колосов6 horas atrás

    Bad idea!!

  2. glitch gamer

    glitch gamer9 horas atrás


  3. Void_ Synical

    Void_ Synical9 horas atrás

    Nice editing

  4. Totokwa

    TotokwaDia atrás

    Its more like "Making Home Alone more Realistic"! Made me feel uncomfortable, amazing!

  5. Rob Kirby

    Rob KirbyDia atrás

    Jurassic park would benefit from this!!

  6. Packer squad 456

    Packer squad 4562 dias atrás

    This is stolen content

  7. kyukyu Kyu

    kyukyu Kyu2 dias atrás

    That's....soooo scary....

  8. Delicious Hot Shmoze

    Delicious Hot Shmoze2 dias atrás

    I died when the second van pulled up. Major props to Corridor for this.

  9. JurassicHero 3

    JurassicHero 33 dias atrás

    Next on Film Theory, Harry and Marv are... actually the good guys?

  10. kcazzzzz

    kcazzzzz3 dias atrás

    we already have a rated r home alone, or sequel of the home alone. its called the saw franchise, kevin became jigsaw

  11. Jack septiceye2

    Jack septiceye23 dias atrás


  12. Jun Samio

    Jun Samio3 dias atrás

    I love it i love blood ☺

  13. David W. Coxwell

    David W. Coxwell3 dias atrás

    @Corridor Can you do a Rated R version of Harry Potter ?

  14. paul thomas

    paul thomas3 dias atrás

    Truly great

  15. ggrasmuz44

    ggrasmuz444 dias atrás


  16. SH1T KID

    SH1T KID4 dias atrás

    Make hocus pocus less family friendly

  17. Googlen Käyttäjä

    Googlen Käyttäjä4 dias atrás

    You gotta make cars R-rated lmao 😂

  18. Fynn the Fox

    Fynn the Fox4 dias atrás

    Kevin McCallister is Jigsaw Confirmed?

  19. The epic dude Man

    The epic dude Man4 dias atrás

    You didn’t make this. A channel made this, and you took it out.

  20. Fake Aztrosist

    Fake Aztrosist3 dias atrás

    yeah, they made it on their other channel and uploaded it here

  21. Baller Boy

    Baller Boy5 dias atrás

    Jesus thanks for ruining my childhood

  22. KYIMz_FM K

    KYIMz_FM K5 dias atrás

    lmaoo kevin gangsta

  23. Preston Endres Movies

    Preston Endres Movies5 dias atrás

    Oh so pretty much they mixed up his home alone role with the one from The Good Son

  24. Anthony Trujillo

    Anthony Trujillo5 dias atrás

    Fuck u guys

  25. PowerRangers12984

    PowerRangers129845 dias atrás


  26. IronMinecart 99

    IronMinecart 995 dias atrás


  27. M3NG

    M3NG6 dias atrás

    Now, make Tom & Jerry Rated-R, I challenge you.

  28. Firepanda 260 YT

    Firepanda 260 YT6 dias atrás

    That's rad

  29. Byron Mach

    Byron Mach6 dias atrás

    2:25 put the speed on 0.25x it's brutal

  30. Mike L

    Mike L6 dias atrás

    Best home alone ytp ever 😂😂😂

  31. Awsomekai.101 Awsomekai

    Awsomekai.101 Awsomekai6 dias atrás

    How did you edit this

  32. Пользователь А.

    Пользователь А.7 dias atrás

    1:26 A Quiet place, good Easter egg, guys

  33. Ebola City

    Ebola City7 dias atrás

    Child hood destroyed Threat eliminated

  34. Respect Yourself

    Respect Yourself7 dias atrás

    excuse me what the fuck

  35. BiggestBlox

    BiggestBlox7 dias atrás

    EH ive seen enough from my favourite movie

  36. luke the beast

    luke the beast7 dias atrás

    They already have a movie like this the good son and macualy kulkin is the villan

  37. Denias Gibran

    Denias Gibran7 dias atrás

    That so brutal

  38. SymbiontUV Plays

    SymbiontUV Plays7 dias atrás

    I would watch this if it was a real movie. lmao I'm 11 and I'm fine with this stuff


    RØÇKÄÑDRØLLÅ 988 dias atrás


  40. Noah Batiz

    Noah Batiz8 dias atrás

    I think this kid is the SAAAAAW


    KHOA LUONG8 dias atrás

    Evil kevin

  42. Denise Gandee

    Denise Gandee9 dias atrás

    Caven kill his family

  43. Denise Gandee

    Denise Gandee9 dias atrás


  44. Denise Gandee

    Denise Gandee9 dias atrás

    Are not do spongebob killing do RATED - SPONGEBOb

  45. Denise Gandee

    Denise Gandee9 dias atrás

    RATED-R spongebob is good do him killing

  46. Denise Gandee

    Denise Gandee9 dias atrás

    That was so cool I like it l watch home alone l like one the police came and he rand away

  47. Einezweioctopi

    Einezweioctopi9 dias atrás

    Such a horiffyingly satisfying twist.

  48. Trebor Sarertnoc

    Trebor Sarertnoc9 dias atrás

    Home Alone 3: Losing Sanity

  49. Matt25

    Matt259 dias atrás

    Best editing ever

  50. Choco Boi

    Choco Boi9 dias atrás

    Saw but a kid Verison

  51. Brendan McParlane

    Brendan McParlane10 dias atrás

    This takes hello neighbor to a WHOLE new level.

  52. Arturo Madden

    Arturo Madden9 dias atrás

    Thats not hello neighbor.

  53. NoahBlack88

    NoahBlack8810 dias atrás



    P VS B MASTERS10 dias atrás

    The klock is 5 in a mitel of a nite

  55. vincent allen

    vincent allen10 dias atrás

    this would be fukin great

  56. Febian Lexandri

    Febian Lexandri10 dias atrás

    Nice edit

  57. XxŁõůïśxX Ýőůťůbė

    XxŁõůïśxX Ýőůťůbė11 dias atrás

    Back door teleprted to front door 2:30

  58. RockstarXboy12 x12boyx

    RockstarXboy12 x12boyx11 dias atrás

    okay than 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  59. Noor eldeen

    Noor eldeen11 dias atrás


  60. John Doe3

    John Doe311 dias atrás

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The gore!

  61. Avacados

    Avacados11 dias atrás

    I will never see home alone the same way

  62. FastDorito123

    FastDorito12311 dias atrás

    I think home alone was supposed to be this, but the company had a kid in it sooo they made it for kids and deleted some scenes.... Just a theory! 😱