1. Ryland Adams

    Ryland AdamsAnos atrás

    I hope you enjoy today's video! I had so much fun going down memory lane with these celebrity interviews. Hope you have the best week ever!!!

  2. Melody da cra cra

    Melody da cra craMês atrás

    Omg ryaland your so good at yoga!!

  3. Bich-bam Boozled-me

    Bich-bam Boozled-me3 meses atrás

    What did Jeffrey put on ur skin after he used rubbing alcohol and popped ur pimple that would “make it go away the next day” ? Serious buyer here lmao

  4. Hazzz

    Hazzz7 meses atrás


  5. tooopure

    tooopure7 meses atrás

    Ryland Adams wait what was that spot treatment Jeffree used? 🍵

  6. Qrow Let's Plays

    Qrow Let's Plays8 horas atrás

    That tea room I'd love to go there

  7. Boca Moon

    Boca Moon19 horas atrás

    I had to turn my volume down when they were popping pimples because my parents thought I was watching porn

  8. Karla Robertson

    Karla Robertson3 dias atrás

    Ohh Shane’s so cute with that facial hair!!

  9. Vanessa Davisson

    Vanessa Davisson5 dias atrás

    Oooh I stan Shane’s beard 😍

  10. Heck

    Heck11 dias atrás

    Dunno if déjà vu or if fr I have seen the first part of this video before :’)

  11. Anna Fenina

    Anna Fenina11 dias atrás

    I missed ryland old way of editing

  12. Crossed Wires

    Crossed Wires13 dias atrás

    thumbs down for full frontal zit popping without warning


    SOLTBRAF14 dias atrás

    Why is watching Ryland do yoga SO satisfying?!

  14. Rose Amore

    Rose Amore16 dias atrás


  15. Brianna's World

    Brianna's World19 dias atrás

    I LOVE Andrew's laugh😂😂❤

  16. HotMess Mom

    HotMess Mom19 dias atrás

    6:15 the Loch Ness monster makes an appearance.

  17. Leah G

    Leah G19 dias atrás

    Gee Shane, Are u trending? I couldn't tell.. XD He only said he's trending (or some version of that) 7 times.. (no hate just)

  18. G Feather

    G Feather19 dias atrás

    Ryland showing off the coolest looking yoga poses...💗💗💗

  19. Annisa Nurul

    Annisa Nurul19 dias atrás

    Omg that’s why when u and shane do the announcement about your relationship, i was like ‘wait wasn’t that guy the one from dirty laundry’

  20. Jen Curry

    Jen Curry20 dias atrás

    So sweet and cool for Shane to include Andrew and Ryland in the "trending" conversation and give credit where credit is due. SUCH a sweet guy.

  21. Justin Turner

    Justin Turner20 dias atrás

    Who watching this particularly on a Monday lol

  22. Jayden Duganitz

    Jayden Duganitz21 dia atrás

    YoU nEvEr WeNt To DiJi FeSt😂😂😂

  23. unwanted_ mary

    unwanted_ mary21 dia atrás

    Why is this only now in my recommendation

  24. Alisha Chawdhary

    Alisha Chawdhary21 dia atrás

    I love how the American’s call scones biscuits 💕

  25. Crunchy B Roll

    Crunchy B Roll21 dia atrás


  26. Sashy Pooh

    Sashy Pooh22 dias atrás

    I'm pretty sure Ryland is making a lot more $$$ with his channel, but the big network got him recognition which is good. Congrats Ryland , on your success!!!

  27. Shelby Morrow

    Shelby Morrow22 dias atrás

    I need Garrett

  28. Olivia N

    Olivia N22 dias atrás

    What’s the stuff jeffree uses on ryland In The beginning of the video to get rid of his acne

  29. Mayra Nicola

    Mayra Nicola22 dias atrás

    Yoga channel asap plsssssss!!!!!

  30. Dragonfenity

    Dragonfenity22 dias atrás

    *shane going to rob a bank* Employee: CALL THE COPS Shane: no.. *im trending*

  31. Adrienne J

    Adrienne J22 dias atrás

    Marijuana + Ryland & Shane = Life 😂

  32. Adrienne J

    Adrienne J22 dias atrás

    & Jeffrey lol

  33. Jules Reed

    Jules Reed23 dias atrás

    Wait Americans think scones are biscuits, wwwwhhhhhaaatt

  34. Katherine Ashley

    Katherine Ashley23 dias atrás

    Jeffree causally holding his stiizy

  35. Jazz Antics

    Jazz Antics24 dias atrás

    Shane looks so good with his Beard in this video, it elongated his face and made his cheek bones more risen. He looked snatched.

  36. Nilay Benli

    Nilay Benli24 dias atrás

    I have the same makeup remover with Jeffree. I feel rich

  37. Liberty S.

    Liberty S.24 dias atrás

    I'm 99% sure I have seen this when if came out but I am watching it again because it was in my recommended

  38. Emily Addington

    Emily Addington25 dias atrás

    What did Jeffree use on Ryland's pimples?? I need to know what that sting sensation was !

  39. Sophia Griffiths

    Sophia Griffiths28 dias atrás

    Put milk and sugar in ur tea pllsssss I know tea sis I’m English 😂

  40. Gabriela Chang

    Gabriela Chang28 dias atrás

    I miss Ryland’s weekly vlogs!

  41. Bruno Gressier

    Bruno Gressier28 dias atrás

    Am I the only one Who think for a second that the Black thing in the pool was a penis at 6.25 😂

  42. Deborah Knezevic

    Deborah KnezevicMês atrás

    OMG finally i found someone like me =) Shane doesn't like strawberries OMG yAAAASS

  43. Missgrace97

    Missgrace97Mês atrás

    Jeffree is part of the SIIIZY gang

  44. Leslie Churchwell

    Leslie ChurchwellMês atrás

    HOLY SHIT...RYLAND! Love the vid ,but seriously, that top Jeffree has on in the 1st scene...Is EVERYTHING! [LMAO, I BEEN WATCHIN Y'ALL TOO LONG... DO U SEE HOW I JUST WORDED THAT?! Lolol.] ~Also... "They brought a literal stool for my Gucci." 🤣 [I do that in restaurants too, Babes.]

  45. Green Skittles

    Green SkittlesMês atrás

    Grow you're hair!!

  46. Dadrunkcheese

    DadrunkcheeseMês atrás

    Jeffree with his stiiizy.

  47. Afrodite ΜIcheals

    Afrodite ΜIchealsMês atrás

    Andrew is very handsome;)

  48. Alondra Coronado

    Alondra CoronadoMês atrás

    13:40 what u really are here for ☕️

  49. Jason Williams

    Jason WilliamsMês atrás

    I hate these videos! They are so look at me!! Look how popular I am! These videos are so look at me!! They are so stuck up! I lost so much respect for Ryland!! Hate this video

  50. Tristyn The Great

    Tristyn The GreatMês atrás

    When he were doing yoga he looked like a sim

  51. Sonia Duncan

    Sonia DuncanMês atrás

    3:24 that part me so satisfied

  52. Shellea' Svendsen

    Shellea' SvendsenMês atrás

    Jeffery’s house is always a mess!!! There piles of clothes every where. It’s such a shame for such a nice house to be trashy like that.

  53. Arline Jernigan

    Arline JerniganMês atrás

    Ryland, you need to take Yoga with me !!!

  54. Mikayla M.

    Mikayla M.Mês atrás

    I thought the number 1 balloon floating behind Ryland during his yoga time lapse was a inflatable penis and I didn't even question it bc that's pretty usual for Shane and Ryland lmao

  55. hanna

    hannaMês atrás

    absolutely no one: shane: my blanket needs movement!

  56. Yesenia Robles

    Yesenia RoblesMês atrás

    Im so high watching this.... and its TRPPING ME OUT.... 🤣


    LOIS MOLLOYMês atrás


  58. Christina Garza

    Christina GarzaMês atrás

    I use the same pimple acid stuff!

  59. Carys Broughton

    Carys BroughtonMês atrás

    13:39 look at shanes face

  60. Josie Nichols

    Josie NicholsMês atrás

    Ryland honestly does look like eleven from stranger things season 1

  61. Chloe Kim

    Chloe KimMês atrás

    "Your cuticles make me want to cry looking at it"-Jeffree Star 2K18 😂😂😂

  62. A. M.

    A. M.Mês atrás

    With that beard Shane can fuck me anytime.

  63. Tiffany Lauria

    Tiffany LauriaMês atrás

    I love at the end that Shane told you exactly how he felt and wasn't worried about offending you.

  64. Ashley Meehan

    Ashley MeehanMês atrás

    Shane is literally my favorite😂❤️

  65. Sweet T

    Sweet TMês atrás

    Ryland really busting out his breakdancing moves for us