Reacting To Your Assumptions About Me…


  1. Victoria Doolittle

    Victoria Doolittle7 dias atrás


  2. virginia travis

    virginia travis26 dias atrás

    I’m glade that him and roi are still friends maybe there be another Richard and Rolonda video miss that

  3. V i V i

    V i V i27 dias atrás

    One month later I'm dating someone and it's VANESSA

  4. Sopyang

    SopyangMês atrás

    00:49 was that Jamill?

  5. karissa march

    karissa marchMês atrás

    Alex. I don't like nessa Me. What about the video you said nessa was beautiful and didn't say it to roni

  6. Uni Buttonvz

    Uni ButtonvzMês atrás

    Ship u and vanessa

  7. Trystan Bliss

    Trystan BlissMês atrás

    Sorry but this one was boring so I had to get off and I didn't like it cuz it was too boring an entry was too and you been really really ordering so this is a boring conversation I know you're going to be bored too but I really care what you say but okay by best friend ever

  8. Lilly Albring

    Lilly AlbringMês atrás

    my middie name is love

  9. Maunica 16

    Maunica 16Mês atrás

    I love your laugh ❤️

  10. Jungshookie

    JungshookieMês atrás

    Hello Hello Uh oh😳 -Alex Wassabi 2019 😂😂

  11. Alfred Stuckman

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  12. Abigail Casillo

    Abigail CasilloMês atrás

    I miss luarex

  13. Belle Cort

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  14. Belle Cort

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  15. Jonarique Lee

    Jonarique LeeMês atrás

    OMG ! That’s how I am with my trust !

  16. Anna Nygren

    Anna NygrenMês atrás

    Hello can we get more Alex's in this world? He's so sweet and funny 💕💕

  17. Aleah Banderas

    Aleah BanderasMês atrás

    Alex what it Vanessa Merrel has a crush on you and you just crushed her dreams

  18. mi_sally

    mi_sallyMês atrás

    Idk why I'm bothered by his eyebrows.

  19. Chloe Pearson

    Chloe PearsonMês atrás

    i think he’s kinda drunk and that’s why he made this video 😂

  20. Leil any

    Leil anyMês atrás

    It’s July, why am I getting g this notification now ?🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. Shenia Charles

    Shenia CharlesMês atrás

    You mean like cool GF .......BF

  22. SAM200742 PLAYZ

    SAM200742 PLAYZMês atrás

    I still have it ex's number?? Well.. U should have her number cause she might end up texting u that "I broke up with my bf and I want u back alex"

  23. Fina Mcc

    Fina MccMês atrás

    I relate to this a little too much... kinda made me uncomfortable. But great video to watch.💙💙

  24. Lessia Breaker

    Lessia Breaker2 meses atrás

    I like how he read the assumption “your face smells like butt” 😂😂

  25. UnicornsAnimate •w•

    UnicornsAnimate •w•2 meses atrás

    Awwww I’m so sad I wanted Alex and Vanessa to get together

  26. craft center

    craft center2 meses atrás

    BROOO i finally found a conclusion, Alex is getting closer as friends with vanessa because roni and aaron are dating .....Idk but like thats a conclusion i came to after about 5 months of this video being up i did my research so yeah lol...

  27. S sisters Xoxo

    S sisters XoxoMês atrás

    craft center he could of change his mind but If that’s how they feel u can’t change it

  28. Destiny Boone

    Destiny Boone2 meses atrás

    Alex and roi is like Coop and Cami from Disney Channel

  29. Natalie uwu

    Natalie uwu2 meses atrás

    8:20 I thought he was flipping us off

  30. Hana Abdrabbo

    Hana Abdrabbo2 meses atrás

    Wait... I want him and vanessa to be in relationship 😳😳 VANESSA SHOULD BE HIS GIRLFRIEND 😩😩😩 even if they broke up after it but Alex..... You won't get another girlfriend other than VANESSA 😂😂😂

  31. Caliana Nevarez

    Caliana Nevarez2 meses atrás

    11:27 Me: damn it Also me: my life is over 💀💀💀

  32. Caliana Nevarez

    Caliana NevarezMês atrás

    Did I say it was a big deal???

  33. Da_elephantgirl

    Da_elephantgirlMês atrás

    Caliana Nevarez why? It’s not a big deal.....

  34. GamingTube Kids

    GamingTube Kids2 meses atrás

    00:48 #Jamill😂😂

  35. Life Of Nylah

    Life Of Nylah2 meses atrás

    I have a question do you get to see moose at certain times?? Not trying to offend. I love and support you 😘🥰

  36. rizeuse

    rizeuse2 meses atrás

    He's 30 years old ???!!!!

  37. Maria Anguiano

    Maria Anguiano2 meses atrás

    Annie LeBlanc i love her so much

  38. Cris Salinas

    Cris Salinas2 meses atrás

    Alex... From México... When are you gonna come? Check out your IG.... Love your dumb smile 🙃

  39. Nelli

    Nelli2 meses atrás

    I've been single all my life dude

  40. LillyPlays

    LillyPlays2 meses atrás

    Am I the only female that said "good" when he said "I'm still afraid of girls"

  41. Lillimari

    Lillimari2 meses atrás

    When he said when youtube is over he will just come and live with you I was cool live with my fav youtuber

  42. Johnny Wilkman

    Johnny Wilkman2 meses atrás

    omg haha i laughed when he was explaining how he falls fast n hard bc its so true for me too! but honestly I do the same thing

  43. Chloe Lim

    Chloe Lim2 meses atrás

    Annie LeBlanc,Danielle Cohn, Hannah Meloche,Jess Conte and Jamill in the video!!!!

  44. Jasmine Rianna

    Jasmine Rianna2 meses atrás

    Jamill ahu ahua ahu sino mga mangdirigma gan??

  45. Rej Canoy

    Rej Canoy3 meses atrás

    Ohh my gosh is that Jamil Alex is a Filipino.Btw love ya vids

  46. Penelope Lynn

    Penelope Lynn3 meses atrás

    don't listen to them you look okay

  47. itzdenise_ playz

    itzdenise_ playz3 meses atrás

    OMG they are all speaking english except for jamill

  48. Jimin's #1 Fan

    Jimin's #1 Fan3 meses atrás

    0:48-0:51 JAMILL!!!

  49. The King Of Me

    The King Of Me3 meses atrás

    Why has this channel become Alex's love life??

  50. rocendel esguerra

    rocendel esguerra3 meses atrás

    OMG Jamill..💜💜

  51. Joanna Shane Lipio

    Joanna Shane Lipio3 meses atrás

    Why did u put jamill in here😂!?

  52. Shan Shine

    Shan Shine4 meses atrás

    saw Jamill HAHAHA

  53. caramel latte supreme 7

    caramel latte supreme 74 meses atrás

    He says at 6:03 that he didn't have his first girlfriend till 18 but when he did his "calling my ex-girlfriends for advice" video he said he got his first girlfriend at 16.......WHICH IS IT ALEXXXX WHICH IS IT?!

  54. caramel latte supreme 7

    caramel latte supreme 74 meses atrás

    He is so adorably awkward!

  55. caramel latte supreme 7

    caramel latte supreme 74 meses atrás

    Awwwww I want to date him sooo bad or someone like him, 😍 we all deserve our own Alex

  56. Dorine wannes

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  57. iblackshxdexxo productions

    iblackshxdexxo productions4 meses atrás

    can we talk about jeniffer zhang being on his video??

  58. Worldwide Stob It

    Worldwide Stob It4 meses atrás

    why did you change ur intro :

  59. Therese Advincula

    Therese Advincula4 meses atrás

    Nakita ko ang jamill!!😂 isang ahu diyan pag mandirigma karin

  60. Kayla Walujo

    Kayla Walujo4 meses atrás

    Alex's hiccups made me laugh 😂 😂

  61. Snowy Chloe

    Snowy Chloe4 meses atrás

    Ur eye brows go so high lol

  62. MeganØØF 2005

    MeganØØF 20054 meses atrás

    If Alex and nessa get together their ship name should be *valex* whaddya think?🤪

  63. MeganØØF 2005

    MeganØØF 20054 meses atrás

    *Vanessa Merrell has left the chat*