Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect


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    Amazing how you can stay #1 on trending for 24 hours!

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    Why was the AIO radiator where the exhaust fan usually would go???

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    Loved the bloopers

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    Post more

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    do a collab with eminem

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    I liked voice box seg

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    Used to be called French toasted 😐

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    My 6 year old sons idea for the Wheel Unfortunate ? ....lay in a tub of glue, then in a tub of feathers. 😂

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    Y'all bout to beat WWE

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    Eat raw steak

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    Everyone knows they are the best show it with some love

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    now we're heading onto overtiiiiiiiiiime

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    I didn’t like wasting food, might be somebody need it

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    It’s been number 1 trending for awhile now! I wish my videos could do that 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    I love cool not cool!

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    Can I have all of the items on Cool / Not cool?

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    When you try your best and you don’t succeed

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    Imagine trying to do trickshot for 2 hours and make it but the camera is not recording 😭🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂

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    lol im watching this on tv

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    The Loser of Wheel Unfortunate must walk around all day with those very tiny annoying rocks in their shoes! They may not take the shoes off all day!

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    Go be a greeter at Walmart for the day

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    11:22 anything besides battlefield 1 😭

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    Ned is literally the reason I watch overtime😂

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    The Best

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    2 Wheel Unfortunate Ideas: - Hey Hot Stuff Meaning- Eat 5 Jalepenos slices then immediantly drink a cup of hot sauce, then squeeze a lemon in your mouth OR - Baby Smooth Meaning- Wax all hair off both legs Like if you want to see these happen!!!

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    Congrats on #1 on trending!

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    His eyebrows are coming back

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    In wheel unfortunate you should add eat a spoonful of vegimite

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    The only reason Ty says he likes wheel unfortunate is because he is the one and only GOLDEN BOIII!


    Jul!a I МАSTURВА!ТЕ P.U.S.SY! WAT!СН V!DЕ0!53 minutos atrás

    What was the most tries, you had to do for a trick shot?

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    probably the paper in the shredder one

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    Congrats for #1 on trending!

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    Love blacks

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    overtime is the best please post once a month

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    😉CONGRATULATIONS! 😉 Award- 1st on BRreporter TRENDING!!!

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    10:47 The biggest blooper is the fact that he's eating cereal with water instead of milk... smh


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    Who remembers the old intro for overtime “Beard Twins Tall Guy Purple Hoser”?

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    Dude imperfect

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    Corys eyebrows are still growing back

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    My favorite segment is "COOL NOT COOL"

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    Also, you had your Bow and Arrow trick shots 3 or 4 video and said to help you think of a new target to hit. I think I've got an idea for a target to hit. Maybe a soda can or bottle? Use it when it's full or empty. Shoot a bow and arrow straight through the can, or throw a blitzball at it, or a baseball right off the bat, or drop something on top of it.

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    i love your vids

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    ? should be do the catterpillar dance step on the footpath for 100 metres

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    2:03 finally I’ve been looking for another Cooper btw my name is cooper.

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    The question mark should be to eat bugs


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    Plastic golf battle

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    They should do Impressions.

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    1 like= 1 prayer for garret’s xbox and disc

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    Dude perfect you guys are awesome

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    Instagram: @stoiichew

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    I love dude perfect

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    who else watched before rename

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    7:48 shame on you guys for sneaking a product placement of your own pc and letting everyone say " OoH tHaTs CoOl"

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    brush your teeth then drink orange juice for wheel unfortunate

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    How many of you have been watching dude perfect for years and still can’t get there names straight

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    Laser tag battle

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    Canada is mad for wasting their syrup

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    by far one of the most unfortunate punishments yet XD

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    For the question mark it should be: drop your phone from the 2nd floor

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    Eat one jar of "haragos Pista" That's a really hot sauce in Hungary.

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    Let's go lads

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    You guys should do bloopers for all of your trick shot videos. Maybe save those bloopers for the Bloops segment.

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    Fly to Alaska and jump in freezing cold water

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    and people in africa are hungry...

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    Legends to Brazil please

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    I'm The Only One That's Gonna Like This Thanks For All The Likes

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    U should give the eggs an toastes to People who dont have something to eat

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    im glad they changed the title and thumbnail cuz that defeated the purpose of wheel unfortunate

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    hey dude can u added turkish subtitle to me and to turkish humanss

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    For the wheel on fortunate make the ? To get a perm

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