Real Reasons Why Jon Moxley Chose AEW Over WWE (Dean Ambrose Signs With All Elite Wrestling)


  1. Archuleta 94

    Archuleta 9410 horas atrás

    Imagine Reigns and Seth also join AEW????


    DAWN LISA RAGE15 horas atrás

    I cant wait until the day comes when three beloved aew well known heroes become villains forming a new nwo not called nwo they put wwe on notice ratings go through the roof and monday night wars begin again reminiscent of when wcw was better than wwf

  3. Bobby B

    Bobby B2 dias atrás

    Tony Khan must be shelling out some big bucks if it's Jericho's biggest payday. I imagine they had to make it big if Jericho was gonna take this chance and possibly ruin his relationship with WWE.

  4. Mansoor Nandlal

    Mansoor Nandlal4 dias atrás

    Hope Seth and Romans join him here, then we let Shane and his puppets Drew and Alias shove their asshole in WWE.

  5. TheSuper LuigiFan

    TheSuper LuigiFan6 dias atrás

    And if Seth Rollins and Roman reigns go to AEW Then we might see the shield again if they go if

  6. TheSuper LuigiFan

    TheSuper LuigiFan6 dias atrás

    I think Seth Rollins and Roman reigns should go to AEW like if u agree

  7. Lexie and spyder delux And bloopers

    Lexie and spyder delux And bloopers9 dias atrás

    He made wwe it will definitely die soon aew will be better😭😭

  8. Vickie Thomas

    Vickie Thomas11 dias atrás

    Why wouldnt he sign with AEW hopefully he wont have STUPID acts to do. Hes a great wrestler

  9. Chris Rollins

    Chris Rollins16 dias atrás

    I Think Moxley Will Be Having More Motherfucking Opportunities In AEW And He Was Motherfucking Miserable In WWE

  10. Teez Williams

    Teez Williams17 dias atrás

    Bro, some ppl worrying about AEW takin down WWE,, I’m already just happy watching wrestlers that love the business, and almost had Vince suck all their love out, then seeing them breakaway from the egos and suits, and creative nuesses, to be able to do what they love again, and feeling finally free, and at better pay, and knowing they care about the product, fans and performers

  11. O

    O18 dias atrás

    ryback should join aew

  12. Durga Khadka

    Durga Khadka21 dia atrás

    Dean ambrose is in raw but now he is not in raw 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. jmo

    jmo22 dias atrás

    did you know Jon Moxley once fought in WWE?

  14. Carlos Slump

    Carlos Slump23 dias atrás

    Wwe fucked up we finally seeing the downfall to Wwe. Childhood Wwe fans are moving to AEW

  15. Justin Gunn

    Justin Gunn23 dias atrás

    Renee you better get out of WWE right now and go to AEW and support your husband you might be able to get a job as his manager or as a commentator where you team with the legendary Jim Ross

  16. Justin Gunn

    Justin Gunn23 dias atrás

    Because Vince McMahon made a dumbass by making Dean Ambrose weak as a Heel and killed his lunatic character

  17. Courtney Thomas

    Courtney Thomas23 dias atrás

    Because jon moxley is Ambrose dunbass

  18. Alex Hickman

    Alex Hickman24 dias atrás

    He signed because wwe didn't use him correctly and aew the only other big enough company

  19. Weeding A Loud

    Weeding A Loud24 dias atrás

    Good call bro hope to see more aew vids as I’m from Florida .Finally glad to see another pro wrestling venue to compete with the wwe and the mcmanns!

  20. Joker

    Joker24 dias atrás

    So is AEW " fake"?

  21. Tony Perez

    Tony Perez24 dias atrás

    Johnny Impact or Mundo or Nitro needs an AEW contract. Impact wrestling sucks and he needs out of that shit hole

  22. NeverMindGaming

    NeverMindGaming24 dias atrás

    Creative Is the problem

  23. Hamzah Iftikhar

    Hamzah Iftikhar25 dias atrás

    Good choice he made

  24. Simon Rabadan

    Simon Rabadan25 dias atrás

    I was a fan of WWF, and WWE until 2011, started watching it again in 2017-2018, it wasn't the same, and I haven't been up to date until 2 months ago, saw that AEW is something new in wrestling and I see that they have the potential to actually take WWE down, I think I'm a new AEW fan.

  25. braru91

    braru9125 dias atrás

    Jon Moxley might be the new Stone Cold

  26. Mao Sama

    Mao Sama26 dias atrás

    he only went to wwe to fight batista ... now batista is retired there's nothing there to keep him to stay.

  27. DimebagVision

    DimebagVision26 dias atrás

    Moxley could CZW in AEW Ambrose a shield reunion just to put boring lames over which only puts over Rollins

  28. Jason Young

    Jason Young27 dias atrás

    This is great for us fans if aew really can become as big as WWE we all win besides Vince & family

  29. Mitch fka Joost Memorial

    Mitch fka Joost Memorial27 dias atrás

    How do you know anything? Do you know Moxley or anyone who was involved int his deal? While I am happy he left the hell hole that is the WWF, other than he has stated you don't know anything. Regurgitating dirt sheets speculation before his interview is not reporting.

  30. elliot bizness

    elliot bizness27 dias atrás

    Finally, competition, I'm rooting for AEW

  31. Taufik Rahman

    Taufik Rahman27 dias atrás

    I don't want him to go but after what WWE do to him in recent months. Jon made the right choice to join AEW. Wish him the best of luck. ☺

  32. Shane Canning

    Shane Canning27 dias atrás

    Real reason is on y2j podcast

  33. Carlo Reyes

    Carlo Reyes27 dias atrás

    I wish Roman and Seth could also be in AEW


    ROFLCOPTERLOL27 dias atrás

    His finisher is cringe

  35. Sexxton james Hardcastle

    Sexxton james Hardcastle27 dias atrás

    Stinko been with wwe for almost 18 years or so

  36. Xyz Abc

    Xyz Abc27 dias atrás

    WWE sucks

  37. Francisco Villajuana

    Francisco Villajuana27 dias atrás

    Wwe is going down hill

  38. Charles kilmore

    Charles kilmore27 dias atrás

    Its all fake.. Watch MMA

  39. riikerman

    riikerman27 dias atrás

    Real Reasons Why Jon Moxley Chose AEW Over Impact Wrestling?🤔🤷‍♂️

  40. KingVik

    KingVik27 dias atrás

    Maybe they just offered a bigger contract and are gonna make him a star?

  41. alex kanyima

    alex kanyima26 dias atrás


  42. Goryo Banua

    Goryo Banua27 dias atrás

    Weak wrestler

  43. Professor Jackson

    Professor Jackson28 dias atrás

    Watch my latest video about 10 matches that could save WWE!

  44. Mr. Rob

    Mr. Rob28 dias atrás

    I am not watching wwe since 6 years because of poor scripted fights.. Wwe is drama not a wrestling

  45. Jose Luevano

    Jose Luevano28 dias atrás

    One of the biggest misconception that casual fans have is that you cannot make a good living financially on the indie scene. If you are one of the best and most sought after wrestlers you can make very good money. Promoters will pay top dollar to give fans a dream match. The internet now affords wrestlers the opportunity to sell their merchandise and allow them to keep a large percentage of the profits. WWE wrestler's must feel like college athletes in that their likeness and names are making others rich while they get table scraps. Now I not saying everybody is making out like bandits. But many can. The WWE's changed their business model when they started giving away all their PPV's on their network. But in doing so they hurt many wrestlers financially. That coupled with the no longer necessary 300+ work year burns so many guys out. If the WWE said we will compensate those PPV bonuses with a larger part of merchandise sales profits it might make things better. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to merchandise is that WWE has a history of making really bad merchandise. In the Attitude era they always felt the need to put stuff on the back of the shirt that was very inappropriate or dumb. If I were a wrestler in the WWE I would probably be embarrassed to wear some of my merchandise. You don't have that on the indy scene. You can customize a shirt just how you want it.

  46. Eddie Hubbard

    Eddie Hubbard28 dias atrás

    He left the wwe at the right time. WWE is on it's way out. It is a bore to watch.

  47. Andrew Burns

    Andrew Burns28 dias atrás

    Because wwe has been over for a long time can’t believe people are brain dead enough to watch it

  48. Allen Ballesteros

    Allen Ballesteros28 dias atrás

    Okay, wrestling is fake but AEW stars deliver their moves more realistic than wwe.

  49. AkshayTEM

    AkshayTEM28 dias atrás

    I will call him Ambrose who agree with me plz leave a like

  50. Harold Edwards

    Harold Edwards28 dias atrás

    Lol, they thought they was burying him on his way out of wwe but they was jobbing out their own character Dean Ambrose, he didn't give a fuck cuz he's Jon Moxley now, lol.

  51. T-Fitz21013

    T-Fitz2101328 dias atrás

    I think it has to do with something along the lines of AEW is awesome and WWE sucks

  52. Anthony Gilbert

    Anthony Gilbert28 dias atrás

    They paid him a lot of 💰 he's a joke cactus jack wanna be

  53. NeverMindGaming

    NeverMindGaming24 dias atrás

    Anthony Gilbert wow you’re an idiot

  54. 007 cw

    007 cw28 dias atrás


  55. James  Swanson

    James Swanson28 dias atrás

    I will say I think it's cool that the wrestlers will be doing their own promos...

  56. James  Swanson

    James Swanson28 dias atrás

    He looks like Triple H Jr in skinny pants...

  57. Gamer Plays

    Gamer Plays28 dias atrás

    At WWE 2k20 game Dean remove?

  58. EnZo AmORe

    EnZo AmORe28 dias atrás

    Strowman needs to come to AEW they are killing his character in WWE. I'd like to see Abyss as well from Impact

  59. cow foolish

    cow foolish28 dias atrás

    Ah! Another " real reason " video I see

  60. RichardHead

    RichardHead28 dias atrás

    Next to show up in AEW....Sasha Banks

  61. Deacan Fletcher

    Deacan Fletcher28 dias atrás

    To want to be a wrestler you want the best for your carrer aew is doing some fantastic things for peoole like cody and hopefully jon moxely

  62. Christian Bozwell

    Christian Bozwell28 dias atrás

    Where to watch this?

  63. ryan peace

    ryan peace28 dias atrás

    All the rest of the answers are bullshit. Money and not being buried under bigger acts.

  64. Luca Jones

    Luca Jones28 dias atrás

    Moxley is gonna vs Juice for the IWGP US Title and hopefully will win

  65. Samuel Johnson

    Samuel Johnson28 dias atrás

    Jon moxley made the right decision going to AEW instead of wwe because wwe doesn't let wrestlers say whatever they want and it's for kids

  66. RealestThinker

    RealestThinker28 dias atrás

    Two words: "INTERGENDER MATCHES". That was enough emasculation for our lunatic fringe...

  67. Dean Ambrose

    Dean Ambrose28 dias atrás

    Why Moxley Join AEW? Here's Why When Dean Coming Back On Wwe Due To Injury Dean Ask Vince That He Want To Return As Jon Moxley But Vince Disagree So Dean Did Not Like The Desicison That's Why He Did Seperate Ways On The Shield Rollins Called Dean A Lunatic Dean Did Not Like It Then He Broke The Shield And Reunite With It Because Vince Tell Him

  68. James W Ormand

    James W Ormand28 dias atrás

    This is so awesome. Love AEW especially stoked its gaining popularity with fellow fans of wrestling.

  69. saurabh rathour

    saurabh rathour28 dias atrás

    Now raw is bore

  70. Skull Mature form star purple/blue

    Skull Mature form star purple/blue28 dias atrás

    Great Choice Jon Moxley

  71. MattMonk

    MattMonk28 dias atrás

    I remember listening to an interview with Moxley back in 2010ish in which he was talking about retirement, he seemed like he was done. Crazy to think about now.


    DESI ANIME ART28 dias atrás

    Moxley did what was best for him and Im actually feeling positive for AEW, it might become a new fans favourite wrestling show, well being said that I stopped watching WWE like for so long, so I don't know who is who in WWE right now there are lot of new faces in WWE at the moment. I wish all the luck to the new better, stronger and faster WWE which is AEW. Anyway when will it air on TV?

  73. Jay Rock Jinx

    Jay Rock Jinx28 dias atrás

    The reasons are obvious.

  74. Lee Howling

    Lee Howling28 dias atrás

    WWE is shit, end of

  75. Pee Geezee

    Pee Geezee28 dias atrás

    He will always be Dean Ambrose of The Shield to me 👊👊👊

  76. aarons1980

    aarons198028 dias atrás

    MOX = 316 on the back of Moxley’s merchandise on double or nothing ppv

  77. lagster 101

    lagster 10128 dias atrás

    Main reason is he doesn't want to job too roman reigns and part timers Glad he made this decision Bring on: Jimmy Havoc Vs Jon Moxley

  78. lagster 101

    lagster 10124 dias atrás

    @NeverMindGaming what ??

  79. NeverMindGaming

    NeverMindGaming24 dias atrás

    lagster 101 nah


    KIM JONG UN28 dias atrás

    Aew.. the bellator of wrestling

  81. Nemesis T-Type

    Nemesis T-Type28 dias atrás

    The only piece missing in AEW is CM Punk.

  82. Vigilante Troll

    Vigilante Troll28 dias atrás

    Biggest reason Moxley joined AEW, was that he didn’t have to work with his wife any longer! That must of been a nightmare having two bosses at work!

  83. Carlnj74

    Carlnj7428 dias atrás

    God, it must be so satisfying that after all of the years of being the aloof, “I don’t care” guy in WWE, he can actually show real intensity in the ring and in his promos.

  84. Dr.smoky420 999Army

    Dr.smoky420 999Army28 dias atrás

    The "mysterious benefactors " I bet it's Shane mcmahon . he once told Vince he would destroy wwe. He comes back shortly afterwards aew spawns . he is watching on the frontline while its destroyed and not trying to stop it letting senile Vince ruin it and secretly pulling talent into aew with freedom of expression. Lol

  85. Ken Chidester

    Ken Chidester28 dias atrás

    plus he's won every belt there in wwe

  86. we goula

    we goula29 dias atrás

    Cm punk pipe bombs about aew might save wwe

  87. Chris Martin

    Chris Martin29 dias atrás

    Good on him, WWE is getting embarrassing to watch.

  88. Jay Hardamon

    Jay Hardamon29 dias atrás

    I think he did knowing where he'll go next.

  89. mneri84

    mneri8429 dias atrás

    Moxley going to AEW is as similar as Luger showing up at the Mall of America on Nitro.

  90. Mike Carr

    Mike Carr29 dias atrás


  91. kenny allen

    kenny allen29 dias atrás

    So the Dean/Jon Moxley thing is not a work, never was, dude is really down with AEW which is good but it could had been a work, why? one name BRIAN PILLMAN, dont know who that is and what he did? well shame on you but yeah BRIAN PILLMAN

  92. Nostalgia Addict1978

    Nostalgia Addict197829 dias atrás

    He chose AEW because he got sick of the Shield garbage...Good for Moxley

  93. Abhiram Kuklux

    Abhiram Kuklux29 dias atrás

    Dean ambrose is better than Jon moxley

  94. Sofiane So

    Sofiane So29 dias atrás

    Im french, i love wrestling but in my opinion today WWE is lost, you just have to see what poor segment officials write for wrestlers, less and less hype, really disrespecting talents. AEW is a fresh new concept and wrestlers like moxley could express more their talent, they can make even they have to make a great story on this new company.

  95. Warrior Bros

    Warrior Bros29 dias atrás

    Ambrose is the best

  96. David hunter

    David hunter29 dias atrás

    I don't like this guy.

  97. Naomi Williams

    Naomi Williams29 dias atrás

    Good for him

  98. Steve o

    Steve o29 dias atrás

    Hope punk joins aew

  99. Kevin Powell

    Kevin Powell29 dias atrás

    AEW = Actually Excellent Wrestling WWE = Working its Way to Extinction

  100. alex kanyima

    alex kanyima26 dias atrás

    Best paragrah

  101. Petar Stanchev

    Petar Stanchev29 dias atrás

    Hearing JR voice i am home.... next RayBack and CM Punk make em an offer...

  102. Thomas RockBottom45

    Thomas RockBottom4529 dias atrás

    Is AEW treating their workers better than WWE?

  103. Angel Rosario

    Angel Rosario29 dias atrás

    I wanted to watch this. But the constant commercials killed it for me. Moving on...…...

  104. LOPS666Orange

    LOPS666Orange29 dias atrás

    Big fish in a little pond.... While in wwe he’s a medium to large/big fish in an ocean...sorroynded by bigger fish n a few sharks.

  105. Charlie Martinez

    Charlie Martinez29 dias atrás

    I remember when wwe stars would go to tna and become champ by nights end... Guess that's y Dean went to aew...😎