Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)


  1. Claudia Jane

    Claudia Jane15 minutos atrás

    Didn’t they already bring back the Mac and cheetos?

  2. Don't Censor

    Don't Censor2 horas atrás

    The cheetos one would be better if it was just cheese covered in the Cheetos stuff.

  3. Mueseek

    Mueseek2 horas atrás

    Impressive packaging, great job whoever did that!

  4. Darrian Weathington

    Darrian Weathington5 horas atrás

    Josh uses frame data? I bet he mains blanka... Dont shake blanka players handa

  5. WayfindersDestiny

    WayfindersDestiny5 horas atrás

    Rhett, I'm Australian and I have no idea what you're talking about.


    AVATAR6 horas atrás

    Burger King has some shady buisiness in south america

  7. MildGonolini

    MildGonolini8 horas atrás

    Number 15.

  8. Brunos HD

    Brunos HD9 horas atrás

    should’ve done the Red Velvet oreo milkshake was the best thing burger king has ever put out !

  9. Nathan Zhang

    Nathan Zhang11 horas atrás

    does anyone remember the tater tops with cheese in it?

  10. ninja gingja 54

    ninja gingja 5411 horas atrás

    Is it me or dose there chewing make me hungry🍔🥓🍔🥓

  11. Christy Wallace

    Christy Wallace11 horas atrás

    They sell those cheeto mac n cheese things at walmart

  12. Mekayla Garcia

    Mekayla Garcia13 horas atrás

    But does anyone remember the french fri burger 🍔 that was bomb, i was sad they didn't put it in here because that is a definite bring it back

  13. Tweet The Furry

    Tweet The Furry15 horas atrás

    Keep it up dudes! Great job!!!

  14. Ameenah Eloi

    Ameenah Eloi15 horas atrás

    I like my whooper with sweet n sour sauce on it

  15. Xaviar Frye

    Xaviar Frye15 horas atrás

    Burger King has very unoriginal ideas.

  16. Ellie DeVries

    Ellie DeVries18 horas atrás

    Australians call sandwiches sangers! Yes, I looked it up!

  17. Queen Krystal

    Queen Krystal21 hora atrás

    Link where’d the gray hairs come from? 0.0

  18. Moomoo pvp

    Moomoo pvp21 hora atrás

    Burger King foot lettuce

  19. Arda Cimen

    Arda Cimen22 horas atrás

    Who else is hungry now

  20. Edy

    Edy23 horas atrás

    who ate banana watching this video?

  21. gianna hall

    gianna hall23 horas atrás

    you can still get th freid chetos

  22. Irish 2ties

    Irish 2tiesDia atrás

    you could use GMM as an ASMR channel. Your welcome.

  23. Talon Elliott

    Talon ElliottDia atrás

    And cheetos!!!

  24. blubby

    blubbyDia atrás

    In Australia Burger King is called hungry jacks

  25. Voodle Vane

    Voodle VaneDia atrás

    Fun fact I worked for Burger King while the whopperito was sold and we would slice up the burgers and mix in taco sauce so there was extra flavor in the meat

  26. Anna J

    Anna JDia atrás

    Oh dear lord... I was pregnant in June of 2016 and I saw those commercials for the Mac n Cheetos and I was craving them so bad. I got them once and they were terrible. I ate half of one and tossed them... they had a disgusting chemical taste to them. Felt kind of like I shouldn’t be feeding that to the babies growing in my belly. That was definitely the most disappointing pregnancy craving I had. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  27. Kru :3

    Kru :3Dia atrás

    I don’t know why I watch these videos when I hate the sound of people eating (I have misophonia)

  28. Joe Stefanik

    Joe StefanikDia atrás

    Why haven't you guys done a tea/coffee taste test yet???

  29. xXH3CTORXx

    xXH3CTORXxDia atrás

    What about there chicken whopper ?

  30. Bre Pilman

    Bre PilmanDia atrás

    In the memory of funnel cake sticks from burger kind ????-2012

  31. kpack90 Pack

    kpack90 PackDia atrás

    The Whopperito is a stoners sandwich lol.

  32. AlittleBitGrim

    AlittleBitGrimDia atrás


  33. Olivia Rose

    Olivia RoseDia atrás

    B u r g e r k i n g - *Y o u ' v e g o n e t o f a r*

  34. Sky_dawg

    Sky_dawgDia atrás

    Link: That tomato... I gotta get that out Me: I feel you man

  35. Henredd

    HenreddDia atrás

    Then I get a McDonald’s ad :/

  36. Rachel Wagner

    Rachel Wagner2 dias atrás

    I love how I got an ad with a salad in it right after the mac and cheetos 😂

  37. Paulina

    Paulina2 dias atrás

    Someone feed me that whopperito now

  38. MonochromeWench

    MonochromeWench2 dias atrás

    my schhol canteen used to sell something called a yumbo, which is similar to that

  39. siriacha hot sauce

    siriacha hot sauce2 dias atrás

    now do taco bell

  40. jimbo111589

    jimbo1115892 dias atrás

    They do have ham at BK. It's on the breakfast sandwiches.

  41. J. S.

    J. S.2 dias atrás

    Here back at home in NC the mac'n Cheetos stayed around till about 6 months ago I remember getting some when my cousin was born

  42. LukasFilms

    LukasFilms2 dias atrás

    n u m b e r f i f t e e n

  43. Jordan Sabbe

    Jordan Sabbe2 dias atrás

    Don't forget that Rhett and Link where in Dirty 30 as stoners

  44. sam neiman

    sam neiman2 dias atrás

    Wooper the candy

  45. pancudowny

    pancudowny2 dias atrás

    How about recreating the Whopper... as-in, how it tasted before getting absorbed by PepsiCo in the mid-90s: Good.

  46. Army Men Stop Motion

    Army Men Stop Motion2 dias atrás

    Oh boy 3 AM

  47. Daniel Banuelos

    Daniel Banuelos2 dias atrás

    This was on my birthday

  48. Sam Plautz

    Sam Plautz3 dias atrás

    I just had a customer tell me that our mashed potatoes were too hot to eat. Lol

  49. Meme Sen

    Meme Sen3 dias atrás

    the mac & cheetos are actually amazing

  50. sky sky

    sky sky3 dias atrás

    mac wraps aren't advertised but they're still on the menu lmao i mean i could ring it up if you asked for it

  51. Ismael 7

    Ismael 73 dias atrás

    What's McDonald's biggest burger I can order. I rarely eat there I'm more of a Farmer's Boys cause of their bigger and juicier burgers.

  52. Austin Duncan

    Austin Duncan3 dias atrás

    next mcdonolds

  53. Pedro Lepe

    Pedro Lepe3 dias atrás

    On another note, Germany has the old apple pies that y'all were talking about on a different episode, and yea they taste better fried.

  54. sawyerfan01

    sawyerfan013 dias atrás

    The mac and cheetos were good but they really did need some sort of dipping sauce because they didnt have a lot of moisture to them. Like you think mac and cheese, you think creamy and gooey. And that's hard to achieve with fried mac and cheese let alone mass produced fried mac and cheese. They should have either had a cheese sauce dip/spicy cheese dip or like a complementary ranch or something!

  55. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow3 dias atrás

    bring back the mac, for a cardiac attack!

  56. Erich Schiller

    Erich Schiller3 dias atrás

    What about the Burger Buddies? Those were great.

  57. Terren Orndorff

    Terren Orndorff4 dias atrás

    The hot Cheetos Mac and Cheetos where the bomb

  58. Zair Dawn

    Zair Dawn4 dias atrás

    that is because they never look like they are in the why eat it. that is what i dont like about food fast food places..they never look the same. ewww

  59. Jarred .2019

    Jarred .20194 dias atrás

    They actually listened! There’s now Mac n Cheetos!!!

  60. supreme art of Yard

    supreme art of Yard4 dias atrás

    Burger king foot letuce is discontinued

  61. 人可

    人可4 dias atrás

    I believe is sanga in Stralia~

  62. Dragonbreath 1013

    Dragonbreath 10134 dias atrás

    I still have the Cheetos at my burger 🍔 king 🤴

  63. emilie tessier

    emilie tessier4 dias atrás

    I don’t remember half this shit my god

  64. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 dias atrás


  65. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 dias atrás


  66. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 dias atrás


  67. SpaceCatCan't

    SpaceCatCan't4 dias atrás

    All burger king is pretty much shit, so if all of it is never brought back, I cant blame you haha. No offense to BK lovers, but their burgers are dry and flavorless af now, i imagine the old stuff was pretty decent.

  68. David Armistead

    David Armistead4 dias atrás

    He needs a med kit

  69. Ariel Mermaid445

    Ariel Mermaid4454 dias atrás

    I miss the crown shaped nuggets 🥺

  70. Steven Pickett

    Steven Pickett4 dias atrás

    I remember the whopperrito. That was gross

  71. lightning20070

    lightning200704 dias atrás

    the last thing you want in your burger king burger is someones foot fungus

  72. Yella Dart

    Yella Dart4 dias atrás

    Hamburgers aren't called that because they have ham in them. They don't. They're named after Hamburg, Germany.

  73. Lana chui

    Lana chui4 dias atrás

    they discontinued the mac and cheetoes? didn't they have that or something similar in burger king in 2017? I remember they some sort of cheetos I haven't gone there in a while though.

  74. Riek Rik

    Riek Rik4 dias atrás

    They’ve done there history

  75. Natarific Studios

    Natarific Studios4 dias atrás

    *bUrgEr KiNG YoU'Ve GoNe tO FAaAar!*

  76. Matthew Posta

    Matthew Posta4 dias atrás

    No BK Broiler?

  77. Ashleigh Mccall

    Ashleigh Mccall4 dias atrás

    Fun fact they brung back the mac cheetos in canda in 2016 or 2017 :)

  78. OpinionsGetYouBanned

    OpinionsGetYouBanned4 dias atrás

    Mac & Cheetos are good.

  79. Kaptain Kmann

    Kaptain Kmann4 dias atrás

    whoever told them it was just like the kraft mac n cheese is out of their mind, it was more like that gross crap they pawn off grade school kids . it looks like almost white cheese with no taste and whatever they wrapped it in taste stale. if they bring it back that person should be fired .

  80. Uranium 235

    Uranium 2355 dias atrás

    I can't wait until the bulbous bouffants go out of style.

  81. Drew Kirner

    Drew Kirner5 dias atrás

    Happy National Fast Food Day, by the way.

  82. Melissa Remley

    Melissa Remley5 dias atrás

    The whopperito is the Burger King versión of Rhett’s shirt

  83. Random Channel

    Random Channel5 dias atrás

  84. Dashxe

    Dashxe5 dias atrás

    10:28 No tomatoes on my taco no tomatoes!!

  85. Spencer Moore

    Spencer Moore5 dias atrás

    Burger King has ham on the Fully Loaded breakfast sandwiches...

  86. BlackPhoenix 640

    BlackPhoenix 6405 dias atrás

    I remember AGP’s video on the Whopperito and he loved it. R.I.P. AGP 🙏

  87. Green Gazelle

    Green Gazelle5 dias atrás


  88. Andrea Teal

    Andrea Teal5 dias atrás

    Do Australians call sandwiches "a sanger"? I wonder if this is the word Rhett was looking for.

  89. AliWally exe ok

    AliWally exe ok5 dias atrás


  90. Snakeman 4949

    Snakeman 49495 dias atrás

    they should have done the A-1 burger and the mushroom swiss burger

  91. CJ

    CJ5 dias atrás

    All fast food companies should really sponsor GMM.

  92. CJ

    CJ5 dias atrás

    Where's the foot lettuce, like cmon they gotta bring that back in a commercial saying ''all out lettuce is foot lettuce!"'

  93. CJ

    CJ5 dias atrás

    They should've put pasta on the pizza burger and called it the spaghetti beef king

  94. Macey Thomasson

    Macey Thomasson5 dias atrás

    I don't like Burger King.

  95. PoURtheSauC E

    PoURtheSauC E5 dias atrás

    treaty of paris was 1763

  96. nizcomix

    nizcomix5 dias atrás

    I memorized the lyrics For the macaroni commercial lol

  97. Jeremy Lui

    Jeremy Lui5 dias atrás

    These nerds have no business making fun of our dear Clifford.

  98. Ryan Patt

    Ryan Patt5 dias atrás

    You can get Mac and Cheetos at Walmart

  99. BADVIBEZ \m/

    BADVIBEZ \m/5 dias atrás

    I need food

  100. It's ya boi

    It's ya boi5 dias atrás

    Anyone else miss the 5 for four