Remembering Juice WRLD, Who Died at 21 After Sudden Seizure | Billboard News


  1. Rubye animationsx

    Rubye animationsx2 dias atrás

    Why does he remind me of... Someone I met at school?....

  2. Ur Mom

    Ur Mom2 dias atrás

    I can't believe he copied off of Cameron Boyce 😤

  3. Emmanuel Frias

    Emmanuel Frias5 dias atrás

    Welp i guess juice wrld has expired

  4. Lebron James

    Lebron James5 dias atrás

    Why time going fast fast fast fast. Go please bring him back back back back. This makes me really sad sad sad sad. ~me trying to freestyle like Juice and to make music like him too... trying to make the Wrld happy with my music inspired by Juice

  5. Shadow User096

    Shadow User0966 dias atrás

    "We ain't making it past 21.." -Juice Wrld

  6. 208 rc

    208 rc7 dias atrás

    When the juice expires Make a smoothie😥😥

  7. KrackenReleased

    KrackenReleased9 dias atrás

    Yo im from the future, trippie redd is going to die in 2021 dont belive me, check in in 1 year

  8. Des Perado

    Des Perado9 dias atrás

    Srsly with BTS ? What a legends Juice WRLD gone to soon ... Love his voice love his music so much ...

  9. Tyrone Jay

    Tyrone Jay10 dias atrás

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no my best youtuber 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Andrew Cjay

    Andrew Cjay10 dias atrás

    drugs.....why do famous people like smokin?

  11. Tim The emerald player

    Tim The emerald player10 dias atrás

    He is our real WRLD

  12. Anna Lee

    Anna Lee11 dias atrás

    We all miss you Juice wrld

  13. Drew LaCombe

    Drew LaCombe12 dias atrás

    You meant possible seizures as the on site medics also stated it looked like a heart attack which is also caused by perkies. And that you don't use narcan during heart attacks. But good smear job @billboard

  14. faygo_hope

    faygo_hope13 dias atrás

    He overdosed at that airport not a seizure

  15. Slanderman09

    Slanderman0911 dias atrás

    faygo_hope overdosing doesn’t cause blood to come out of your mouth. He died because of a seizure which was caused by percs.

  16. faygo_hope

    faygo_hope11 dias atrás

    @Slanderman09 it was a overdose not seizure

  17. Slanderman09

    Slanderman0911 dias atrás

    faygo_hope the drugs caused the seizure...

  18. OverArmor Shady メ

    OverArmor Shady メ13 dias atrás

    I wish this was Clickbait ;(

  19. Ricardo Delacruz

    Ricardo Delacruz13 dias atrás

    Come on xxxtentacion died now juice wrld I'm done 😤

  20. Alex Fitter

    Alex Fitter13 dias atrás

    F the person who snitched cause he had drugs and guns

  21. Mixify

    Mixify14 dias atrás

    Why the song in the background so happy

  22. Kingboy360 Cookies

    Kingboy360 Cookies15 dias atrás

    I miss him so much 😭😢😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😢

  23. Saints ANEW

    Saints ANEW15 dias atrás

    Wait he's still alive!? Or its just a rewind

  24. ǝıdǝıpʍǝd_

    ǝıdǝıpʍǝd_15 dias atrás

    Saints ANEW he died recently he wasn’t already dead

  25. Delores Marguerite

    Delores Marguerite17 dias atrás

    One of my daughters favorite artists, so sad this young man is gone ..

  26. Neil Tapia gabriel

    Neil Tapia gabriel17 dias atrás

    I have seizure and it keeps on and on and how am I still alive😪

  27. Elanna Schiano

    Elanna Schiano17 dias atrás

    Awe my favorite song with him is Hate me

  28. Snxxap

    Snxxap18 dias atrás

    which one was more sad X's death= like Juice's death= comment

  29. 100 Cents

    100 Cents15 dias atrás


  30. 100 Cents

    100 Cents15 dias atrás

    Goofyass bitchhh you really gotta delete this fucked up comment!

  31. 100 Cents

    100 Cents15 dias atrás

    Wtf Bitchh you tryna get likes from someone's death??

  32. 「 Mika 」 :D

    「 Mika 」 :D18 dias atrás

    What no.... I love him I was watching an video and was looking at the comments and one said juice wrld died cus the song was in it ..... HE DIDN’T DESERVE IT .......!

  33. Briana Reaves

    Briana Reaves18 dias atrás

    Stay away from drugs

  34. Cindy-Joy Africa

    Cindy-Joy Africa19 dias atrás

    He is still alive he faked his death he sed on Instagram that hell fake his death

  35. Judel Gravesande

    Judel Gravesande19 dias atrás

    Crying why did he had to die 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

  36. Apex Bogus

    Apex Bogus19 dias atrás

    “we die in three like musketeers” r.i.p xxx r.i.p lil peep r.i.p juice wrld 😭🖤⚡️

  37. Joelle Poche

    Joelle Poche2 dias atrás

    Apex Bogus hey! U forgot about Cameron even if he isn’t a rapper he awesome may him rip

  38. fuck off

    fuck off7 dias atrás

    @Sydnie-jay Cleveland cameron wasn't a rapper tho

  39. beserk

    beserk8 dias atrás


  40. Sydnie-jay Cleveland

    Sydnie-jay Cleveland8 dias atrás

    And Cameron

  41. fuck off

    fuck off9 dias atrás

    what about 2pac, mac miller :(

  42. Clerk_The_ God

    Clerk_The_ God20 dias atrás

    Devils work

  43. Kelly Chloe

    Kelly Chloe20 dias atrás

    Only those who miss him click

  44. Veronica Soto

    Veronica Soto21 dia atrás

    Aw man.😭😭juice world was my favorite rapper like of all time I heard two things, he died in airplane and died of diesese🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺does anyone miss juice world like down below if u do🙂👎👎👎

  45. Tyler Kosin

    Tyler Kosin21 dia atrás

    Poor juice wrld

  46. Luxmys life

    Luxmys life24 dias atrás

    1st camerom then him whats this world rip u are a real inparation and still will be

  47. Master Genix

    Master Genix24 dias atrás

    Protect ski mask the slump god at all TIMES


    GAILEYT25 dias atrás


  49. Real Talyntz

    Real Talyntz25 dias atrás

    He died from mixing drugs plus alcohol

  50. Sector 6

    Sector 626 dias atrás

    Every juice has an expiry date...

  51. Build-CuZz

    Build-CuZz24 dias atrás


  52. Crystal Ramirez

    Crystal Ramirez27 dias atrás

    FIRST XXX NOW JUICE wrld man I am sad now

  53. Steven Phipps

    Steven Phipps27 dias atrás


  54. •Rᴏɴᴅᴇᴋ•

    •Rᴏɴᴅᴇᴋ•27 dias atrás

    I’m just asking is he rlly dead.. I mean he said in a song he would day a few days after his 21 birthday in a airport and about faking his death and that happened!

  55. Hampton Holcomb

    Hampton Holcomb28 dias atrás

    he's with jesus

  56. Zachary Cabello

    Zachary Cabello29 dias atrás

    Bru are you kidding me

  57. Zachary Cabello

    Zachary Cabello29 dias atrás

    Come on! Now juice wrld is died🥺😭I love his music like lucid dreams and all girls are the same ♥️

  58. Zachary Cabello

    Zachary Cabello29 dias atrás

    RIP Juice ⁉️💔

  59. Harley Parker

    Harley Parker29 dias atrás

    Camron Boyce xxxtenticion lil pep juce wrld whos next

  60. Salty SaladYT

    Salty SaladYT29 dias atrás

    He is the best rapper alive

  61. C J

    C J29 dias atrás

    Atleast he’s with XXXTENTACION now

  62. Crystal Ramirez

    Crystal Ramirez27 dias atrás

    Shane Gans how are they are in hell

  63. Shane Gans

    Shane Gans28 dias atrás

    In hell

  64. Janai Jones

    Janai JonesMês atrás

    I'll never forget my you

  65. Evanelle Tenorio

    Evanelle TenorioMês atrás

    Noone deserves this. Everyone wants be famous & rich. But the rich aren't happy. Juice world never let that change him. Depression is real god bless his soul

  66. poptartdogs 1

    poptartdogs 1Mês atrás

    that's a young age

  67. Julian Arnold

    Julian ArnoldMês atrás

    My birthday is December 8th and that’s the day he died R.I.P Juice WRLD. Every time it’s my birthday now I’m going to think of Juice WRLD dying. 😭😩☹️

  68. Vvx

    VvxMês atrás

    It’s scary how he said we ain’t making it past 21 He predicted his death

  69. manduiscool

    manduiscool29 dias atrás

    He took too many pills, so he basically commit suicide

  70. fan edits

    fan editsMês atrás

    😔😔😔😔rip juice wrld

  71. Zaida Naranjo

    Zaida NaranjoMês atrás

    He knew how he died 😞

  72. TCC Dark

    TCC DarkMês atrás

    Ookoicujrigjdiic juice weldggdusjfjdhdh died

  73. It's syrine RM

    It's syrine RMMês atrás


  74. Zane _

    Zane _Mês atrás

    He did not die

  75. Jiggly Nutts

    Jiggly NuttsMês atrás

    He’s dead. Funeral happened the past week.

  76. Bee Stinger

    Bee StingerMês atrás

    Get a drum beat box become a rapper... Simple

  77. AreYou TheOne

    AreYou TheOneMês atrás

    I got a question for all you, Why does everyone cry and is so sad when a rapper dies, but when someone who fought for are country dies everyone acts as if nothing happend, I understand that the rapper could have helped you through some rough times,but someone who dies for you,this country nobody cares...

  78. imGoated

    imGoated29 dias atrás

    Because they ain't mainstream

  79. Christian De Nuntiis

    Christian De NuntiisMês atrás

    RIP juice wrld loved u music