Remy Ma Vocalizes Stance On Nicki Minaj Beef With Joe Budden


  1. Miss Dominique

    Miss Dominique4 horas atrás

    Remy is fake just doesn't want that smoke from the barbs

  2. mariyaa111

    mariyaa111Dia atrás

    This is exactly why Monique says that Charlemagne is bad for the culture. He wants to sit here and preach about anxiety and mental health awareness, yet cracks jokes on Lamar Odom's addictions. I seriously cannot stand him.

  3. richards5800

    richards58004 dias atrás

    No real story here.. waiting on remy to be that monster.

  4. Seth J

    Seth J5 dias atrás

    Envy is such a clown 😂 I’m dyin

  5. Christina Glenn

    Christina Glenn6 dias atrás

    Dat Angie act like it’s hurting her to say Nicki name tf

  6. javier rocha

    javier rocha7 dias atrás

    I really dont understand why DJ Envy is needed. He adds NOTHING to the show...honestly.

  7. Bryonna Johnson

    Bryonna Johnson10 dias atrás

    Charlemagne is so ignorant sometimes. Can’t pick and choose when you want to advocate for mental health 🙄


    BAGS_OF_BISCUITS12 dias atrás

    ASAP...... stop calling yourself a pretty boy....let’s call things as they are

  9. Black Girls Watch

    Black Girls Watch13 dias atrás

    ASAP Rocky is a pretty boy????🤔 definitely self proclaimed.... but okay😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Power I Be

    Power I Be13 dias atrás

    We love you Remy ma

  11. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone13 dias atrás

    I dnt think anyone cares about Remy. Shes a female 50...minus the $$$.....lets jus be real...all she does is hate....think theres enough hate goin around remy

  12. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone13 dias atrás

    Ima pretty boy......yea they thought that in jail to huh asap cocky?

  13. Lyrical L

    Lyrical L14 dias atrás

    Watch how yee looked at charl after he said that 5:47

  14. Lyrical L

    Lyrical L14 dias atrás

    Charlamagne: When you think of singer you already think of somebody POPPIN poppin Politics: YES

  15. Isiac Artison

    Isiac Artison14 dias atrás

    DMX still strange

  16. kitches

    kitches16 dias atrás


  17. Xiomara Tha Goddess

    Xiomara Tha Goddess16 dias atrás

    This isn't even the first time Rem defended Nicki... She had her back with that BET shit, too.

  18. Elle Michael

    Elle Michael17 dias atrás

    Starts at 3:45 the Remy ma stance

  19. Black Label

    Black Label18 dias atrás

    Not getting paid for singing but calling yourself a singer smh😭 is like accepting a participation trophy for a game u say on the bench the entire time for. LoL

  20. Cat T

    Cat T19 dias atrás

    ASAP ROCKY: I’m a pretty boy Kandi meme: WHO SAID THAT? 🤔😩

  21. Marsha T

    Marsha T19 dias atrás

    ctg, and others who indulge in porn and pornography of any types & kinds are sinful all these sinful and lustful behavior is folks sinful nature, yet these shenanigans are deemed okay and a norm, thus others accept it and or jumped on the bandwagon of foolish and trickery by demonic evil spirits Galatians 5 speaks of all these covetousness

  22. Debb Vaughn

    Debb Vaughn20 dias atrás

    Bc he didn’t want to be seen with a white 👧

  23. SN M

    SN M20 dias atrás

    Nothing that Remy said surprised me. She's grown, classy, and keeps it a buck at all times.

  24. Kieyanna Moman

    Kieyanna Moman20 dias atrás

    They picked the ugly picture for Remy, just lowdown 😂

  25. Higgzmusik

    Higgzmusik20 dias atrás

    Angela Ye just seems so exasperated with Charlemagne... and I can understand her

  26. khalil Kennedy

    khalil Kennedy20 dias atrás

    A singer is a singer regardless if he or she is famous or not. And not all famous people can fucking sing 🤷🏽‍♂️

  27. khalil Kennedy

    khalil Kennedy20 dias atrás

    Angela didn’t wanna mention Nicki make tho smh

  28. Ayden_Chadway

    Ayden_Chadway20 dias atrás

    Wait...Asap said he's a pretty boy? Where??

  29. Ksavage2010

    Ksavage201020 dias atrás

    There is no Joe vs. Nicki beef.There are no sides.

  30. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Jonathan Samudio-Facyson20 dias atrás

    God bless to Lamar for his choice

  31. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Jonathan Samudio-Facyson20 dias atrás

    Good for X

  32. Nicole Montgomery

    Nicole Montgomery21 dia atrás

    Remy dnt know if she wanna side or hate Nicki she wrote a whole dam song about how much she hate her then a year later wanna talking about some “I feel where she’s coming from” she has a weird obsession with Nicki

  33. AJ henry

    AJ henry21 dia atrás

    I think DJ Envy should be treated like Wanda

  34. AJ henry

    AJ henry21 dia atrás

    Charlamagne is a real a****** Nicki Minaj is right he cackles like a chicken and DJ Envy did say he was going to get Nicki Minaj banned from the radio stations because she said she was going to bring some goons to take care of some dude I forgot to do name so yeah but that's why he was supposed to be ban in her oh yeah DJ self right he said he was going to get her banned from the radios yep the radio stations I heard him say that myself and he was mad he said you can't be talkin about bringing somebody up to the radio stations doing whatever and he said he was going to talk to DJ self and see what DJ self wanted to do stop lying DJ Envy

  35. Jazz S

    Jazz S21 dia atrás

    Charlamagne will mention beyonce/jayz every 2 days 🙄

  36. Frank Dogg

    Frank Dogg21 dia atrás

    Imagine u quit watching porn and it becomes news lol

  37. Jurmen Refos

    Jurmen Refos21 dia atrás

    I love remy ma

  38. ThaPod Father

    ThaPod Father21 dia atrás

    Nicki gonna piss herself

  39. TheCs19871

    TheCs1987121 dia atrás

    I Love When Women Sexually Dominate Me

  40. Angel Austin

    Angel Austin21 dia atrás

    I've never seen someone so unenlightened about how the world works. Yes, there are Africans throughout the Diaspora who speak Spanish. Yes, porn is addictive and can extremely affect marriage in an adverse way. How in the world do you write a book on mental health and, in turn, claim to be an authority on ANYTHING, and be so ignorant about so much? I don't get it...

  41. Not99always100

    Not99always10022 dias atrás

    Asap Rocky is not ugly but he's not fine enough to be as arrogant as he is.

  42. On the Rocks with Jayda

    On the Rocks with Jayda22 dias atrás

    Why hasn't Megan been on the show yet!?!?!?

  43. Niccole Evans

    Niccole Evans22 dias atrás

    *Addiction is addiction* - regardless of what it is u're addicted to. Clowning Lamar is immature and insensitive AF! It's definitely not funny 😒😕 We all can benefit from self-improvement and it is just like another person, to tear someone who is trying, down - never understood that 😒

  44. kellee williams

    kellee williams22 dias atrás

    ASAP rocky gay asf jail is the perfect place for him. He admitted he liked men look it up on BRreporter.

  45. Chastity B.

    Chastity B.22 dias atrás

    ASAP Rocky not ugly but he’s not exactly a pretty boy either lol

  46. Chastity B.

    Chastity B.22 dias atrás

    ASAP Rocky ain’t no pretty boy lol who gassed him???

  47. creoleDJ

    creoleDJ22 dias atrás

    These motherfuckers ALWAYS on some shit like that. Just like how they got that Murder Inc. story (supposedly not being able to get into a club) incorrect. Smdh

  48. Johnny Five

    Johnny Five22 dias atrás

    When a woman has to talk for you you still doing it

  49. Tug Harris

    Tug Harris22 dias atrás


  50. Smart Mom Tv

    Smart Mom Tv22 dias atrás

    I can’t wait for Angie’s show!

  51. karnasge

    karnasge22 dias atrás

    Foh Ja rule..nobody kidnapped DMX..stop playing with people bro..everybody ain't the same..and everybody dont play games.

  52. Réy V

    Réy V22 dias atrás

    Something was not clicking with charlamagne I swear this nikka is slow

  53. Odel George

    Odel George22 dias atrás


  54. Tyjie Samms

    Tyjie Samms22 dias atrás

    How does someone just up and STOP watching porn.

  55. rockafellagold

    rockafellagold22 dias atrás

    You're not a singer until you get paid to sing

  56. Smok Biggarton

    Smok Biggarton23 dias atrás

    Jamie Fox was dating Katie Holmes for 6 years? Wow didn’t even know

  57. Smok Biggarton

    Smok Biggarton23 dias atrás

    That Angee Show looking dope

  58. Kingkristinej

    Kingkristinej23 dias atrás

    Remy is nothing but a kiss ass plain and simple

  59. Juvoisean Mathena

    Juvoisean Mathena23 dias atrás

    Angela be tired of Charlemagne dusty azz Frfr she be looking at his azz like...... "Stfu"

  60. Juvoisean Mathena

    Juvoisean Mathena23 dias atrás

    Porn is a DISGUSTING display of Sex