Rihanna's ANTI diaRy: Room 7


  1. Kama Elon

    Kama ElonMês atrás



    JONAS MARSHMês atrás


  3. David Moreno Belmonte

    David Moreno Belmonte4 meses atrás

    That was......... really Illuminati.....

  4. Rick Thomas

    Rick Thomas9 meses atrás

    Foxxxy lady

  5. Nelson Pereira

    Nelson Pereira9 meses atrás

    She was ACTING

  6. Reece Cosgrove

    Reece CosgroveAnos atrás

    Who was the women at the desk it look like Kim Woodburn ?

  7. emrah kama

    emrah kamaAnos atrás

    sen ne konuşuyon degişik hayat boyle işte eminem

  8. emrah kama

    emrah kamaAnos atrás

    4 adam ne alaka kafasında şapka rihanna hepsi yalan kafa karştırmakdan başka bişey degil bunları araştırım beyninizi yemeyin 4 12 calisiyorum işden cıkdım servise bindim eve gelirken bir cocuk gördüm bildigin zombi olmus yazık vityoları izliyorum herkes olmuş zombi uyanın artık ölüyorsunuz dünyada ne kadar ünlü varsa deccalin kölesi olmuş deccal sana inanmıyorum mehdi seni yok edicek bunu ben görücem insallah diyorumki ben ölmeden seni bir kere göreyim deccal hahahahahahahah hhh

  9. emrah kama

    emrah kamaAnos atrás

    samsung liiii aypon turkcesi rokkkk. hahhaha

  10. rihanna4life

    rihanna4lifeAnos atrás

    this one is a weird one im sure it is about how she met her fame her money and fortune

  11. Jordan Hardeman

    Jordan HardemanAnos atrás

    qq q w2w w aooollooo o op p iiiiioo o pp

  12. justice swain

    justice swainAnos atrás

    i love her makeup job

  13. Betty Scott

    Betty Scott2 anos atrás

    U know when she put the crown on her head she considered the illumanti queen

  14. Betty Scott

    Betty Scott2 anos atrás

    What's the message behind this ablum

  15. Beautiful Reaction World

    Beautiful Reaction World2 anos atrás

    Is it weird iv already seen all of the rooms and heard the song

  16. Bryan Messi

    Bryan Messi2 anos atrás


  17. Severdjana Gashi

    Severdjana Gashi2 anos atrás

    I love you 😘 😘 😘,

  18. samuele bucceri

    samuele bucceri3 anos atrás

    beautiful woman

  19. Ni Co

    Ni Co3 anos atrás

    Horor Bitch!!!

  20. Ni Co

    Ni Co3 anos atrás

    fuck Rihanna and illuminati

  21. Mamaa Mia

    Mamaa Mia3 anos atrás

    yall so silly man the woman with devil figures above her on the marble gave her orders to go in room which is filled w gold im guessin she already made her promise to the devil bcause she finally got her crown then she sees the darker side ...

  22. Ceah Tad

    Ceah Tad3 anos atrás

    are we just gonna ignore how demonic this shit is..

  23. Marceline Abadeer

    Marceline Abadeer3 anos atrás

    "The story told through the videos show Rihanna going through an occult transformation as she rises in status in the music industry. Her journey begins as an innocent, white-clad girl." vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/occult-meaning-rihannas-antidiary-videos/

  24. Perla Ferretiz

    Perla Ferretiz3 anos atrás

    this is just creepy

  25. S M

    S M3 anos atrás


  26. BlaqueSunflower

    BlaqueSunflower3 anos atrás

    Here she goes with her initation!


    #ALIENDANCEMUSIC3 anos atrás

    I spy a clone

  28. Trellie The Thug

    Trellie The Thug3 anos atrás

    who's lost & doesn't understand any of these ? ...just me ..ok

  29. Matthew Taylor

    Matthew Taylor3 anos atrás

    Music from 00:32-00:42?!? Anyone know!?

  30. Urban Precariat

    Urban Precariat3 anos atrás

    7 planets, 7 chakras, square and compass, etc. yes there is the exoteric, she sees the money men, the child is an adult and now the blinding materialistic crown fits, but why 7 rooms? Oh, no reason right? Anybody know why CIARA wears that GOLDEN DAWN JACKET? fashion? dig deeper, your mind is a shovel.

  31. Davida Gene

    Davida Gene3 anos atrás

    does anyone know the song from 0:34-0:44

  32. Light ismyonlyway

    Light ismyonlyway3 anos atrás

    Have you noticed that when you turn your computer screen upside down and you pause the image, you can see Satan represented in the marble ?

  33. osho

    osho3 anos atrás

    wow I LOVE SAMSUNG!!

  34. Official Candymane

    Official Candymane3 anos atrás

    so much subliminal images especially in this video

  35. Işıl Yavuz

    Işıl Yavuz3 anos atrás


  36. Kiera Lerner

    Kiera Lerner3 anos atrás

    These give me such an AHS vibe... She would be really good for that

  37. Amine

    Amine3 anos atrás


  38. 꽃돼지컹컹

    꽃돼지컹컹3 anos atrás


  39. valarmorghulis

    valarmorghulis3 anos atrás


  40. Rackel Peake

    Rackel Peake3 anos atrás

    The girl wearing the crown is actually Chris Browns daughter royalty a few years later

  41. the one

    the one3 anos atrás

    apples are so 2006

  42. the one

    the one3 anos atrás

    apples are rotten. samsung is the only phone to rule the future. get one or be in the old apple dayz

  43. Ariel Soonachan

    Ariel Soonachan3 anos atrás


  44. Patience Montgomery

    Patience Montgomery3 anos atrás

    If you're a conscious black person or woke, then you know exactly what's going on here. No damn illuminati at all lol.

  45. Ori Cohen

    Ori Cohen3 anos atrás

    @Patience Montgomery​ but what does it have to do with being a conscious black person?

  46. Ori Cohen

    Ori Cohen3 anos atrás

    +Patience Montgomery i want to know... explain

  47. just gurl

    just gurl3 anos atrás

    drop the album


    BAGS_OF_BISCUITS3 anos atrás

    what the fuck Rihanna. if I have to wait til your birthday fine, but if anti isn't out after your bday I'm fucking done. like I will hop on that Rita oral bitches nuts ( even tho she's nowhere near as talented as you)

  49. Nicolas Mota

    Nicolas Mota3 anos atrás

    Shok de monstro!!!

  50. Shameka Johnson

    Shameka Johnson3 anos atrás

    I must say this girl has put enough crap out for the album, it needs to be released!

  51. Shameka Johnson

    Shameka Johnson3 anos atrás

    I must say this girl has put enough crap out for the album, it needs to be released!

  52. sirensirennn

    sirensirennn3 anos atrás

    what the fuck is all this shit, JUST DROP THE FUCKING ALBUMMMMMM

  53. valarmorghulis

    valarmorghulis3 anos atrás

    Will she drop the album on Grammys??? or even a new single???

  54. clauwtje

    clauwtje3 anos atrás

    it takes waaaay to long ...

  55. No Name

    No Name3 anos atrás

    I'm just saying she might not even release the album when #R8 is revealed but I'm 100% confident that she'll release ANTI right before her tour in February. I mean...she just has to...

  56. Filipe Da cunha

    Filipe Da cunha3 anos atrás

    Rihanna diamont

  57. John

    John3 anos atrás

    GUYS ANTI'S GONNA DROP BEFORE THE SUPER BOWL OR GRAMMYS www.rap-up.com/2016/01/16/rihanna-cbs-promo-super-bowl-grammys/

  58. Biagio kappa

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  59. Kenneth Miller

    Kenneth Miller3 anos atrás

    Where is the ALBUM!!!😫😫😫😫

  60. Rah L.

    Rah L.3 anos atrás

    What does any of this mean?

  61. Wallison Costta

    Wallison Costta3 anos atrás

    R8 sai em 2090

  62. Astraphobia

    Astraphobia3 anos atrás

    Ok, "room 8" in Jan. 18... I think