RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend


  1. Nicole

    Nicole10 horas atrás

    Omg I actually cried even though she was not my dog.. it's so sad.. I feel so bad for you, I lost all of my pets so I know what it feels like stay strong guys.. 😢😞

  2. XxSøpië Rose

    XxSøpië Rose10 horas atrás

    Why did god took diamond away....... Diamond didn't deserve it

  3. Sioban Warne

    Sioban Warne11 horas atrás

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful diamond. I lost my little Molly few months ago my heart is still breaking. I'm so sorry stay strong. 💗💗💗💗💜💜💜💜💜

  4. Rane ROBERTS

    Rane ROBERTS13 horas atrás

    How tf do you even dislike this?

  5. Amanda B

    Amanda B14 horas atrás

    I know you pain mines passed two years ago 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  6. Matilda Clarke

    Matilda Clarke15 horas atrás

    R.i.p diamond😭💔

  7. Romie Lorenzo

    Romie Lorenzo16 horas atrás


  8. Christian Fincher

    Christian Fincher18 horas atrás

    Diamond will be forever missed.

  9. Marisol Baetiong

    Marisol Baetiong18 horas atrás

    No...... 😢😢😢😢 i cried a lot, i know the feeling bcoz i lost my baby dog airel she had a cancer, and i think she saved me.... RIP diamond star....

  10. Loser Wolf

    Loser Wolf19 horas atrás

    This shows That jefree Loves his Family

  11. Michael Monte Carlo

    Michael Monte Carlo19 horas atrás

    I can’t believe I you guys must feel just at least remember she is safe and well wherever she went

  12. ris katindig

    ris katindig21 hora atrás


  13. ColdHeart. Coons

    ColdHeart. CoonsDia atrás

    I'm a all natural woman, I hate makeup i never wear it and im 41 do i look my age

  14. Benito Camelo

    Benito Camelo16 horas atrás

    What does that have to do with this video?????

  15. Rebecca Spalding

    Rebecca SpaldingDia atrás


  16. Crystal K-Heemsah

    Crystal K-HeemsahDia atrás

    A Dog Charm Bracelet or necklace?...Such A Missed Sweet Presence.

  17. Allie Watt

    Allie WattDia atrás

    Love you I’m sorry I’m just hearing about this...

  18. random crap

    random crapDia atrás

    My sisters dog died a few years ago and she was real sad bc she had her for a long time even before I was born! And then she died unexpectedly in like February of 2015 or 16. Now she is at peace at our backyard since we can’t afford a burial at a local pet cemetery. I love you Minnie, even though you used to bark at me. ??? - 2015-16

  19. Breeanna The Gamer

    Breeanna The GamerDia atrás

    I cant even imagine 😭😭 😭 im crying and it breaks my heart 💔😭

  20. Kid NPN

    Kid NPNDia atrás

    I wish you alll happiness and rip diamond we live we love we lost

  21. Bella McHenry

    Bella McHenryDia atrás

    Oh my goodness i feel your pain soo much, i had a rabbit for 6 years and he was my best friend and then one day i woke up and my mom took me to her room and both my mom and dad told me that he passed away, and i cryed for 3 days......i feel the pain of losing a pet/ best friend😢😢😢😢 But i know our pets are running around rabbit gets to run free then be stuck in a cage and diamond is with a big heart now....may they rest in peace

  22. Claire Tawhiti

    Claire TawhitiDia atrás

    i took a photo with her the same night she died i was deverstated but i love my little baby so i will always remember her in my heart im so sorry though hopefully you fell better anyway diamond is in heaven so she must be doind good

  23. Claire Tawhiti

    Claire TawhitiDia atrás

    yeah make a diamond palette so u can remember her my dog passed away as well so i know how u feel she was the same as diamond white and beautiful and small and very cute

  24. Tommy Featherstone

    Tommy FeatherstoneDia atrás

    We love you diamond ❤️❤️❤️ RIP

  25. Jessica Cole

    Jessica ColeDia atrás

    I'm still catching up on your videos & I'm so so sorry about your loss. We lost one of our family dogs & didn't have the chance to bring her home to let our other dog say goodbye to her & it was devastating for him. He howled all night looking for her & couldn't be alone anymore until he passed 5 years later so giving your other dogs closure is amazing.

  26. cat777123

    cat777123Dia atrás

    So sorry for your loss. God brings fur babies into our lives for a reason, and are our companions. What a beautiful puppy Diamond is. I hope that you find peace, and know that her spirit is amongst you.

  27. katt dreamer

    katt dreamerDia atrás

    She had the best parents tho... Just remember that

  28. Giselle Young

    Giselle YoungDia atrás

    Sorry girl 😔

  29. kevin Diaz

    kevin DiazDia atrás

    I know the feeling of a best friend that's always been on your side just leaving you and wishing them the best, i miss mine so much, and at this day i still think of our memories and his cuddlesand his happiness and when we used to play so much. My goodness, nothing can replace that love.

  30. Taimour Maqsood

    Taimour MaqsoodDia atrás

    Miss you diamond 😭😭😭

  31. Breeana McLean

    Breeana McLeanDia atrás

    I’m so sorry ❤️

  32. Mengzhi Bai

    Mengzhi BaiDia atrás

    Those people who said "it's just a dog", I don't know why they say that! Some of the people think the pet are a part of the family, and watch you language you never know how important the pet to them!!!

  33. Ivano Loncaric

    Ivano LoncaricDia atrás

    And my dog past avay

  34. Ivano Loncaric

    Ivano LoncaricDia atrás

    O btw my cat got lost and never com back,and mi secend cat past avay,we lost a nother cat hu is proboli dead bat ther is a chanc da he is sil alive

  35. Ivano Loncaric

    Ivano LoncaricDia atrás

    So SAD😭😭

  36. Emeel Eid

    Emeel EidDia atrás

    Fuck you

  37. Arun Chauhan Eren

    Arun Chauhan ErenDia atrás

    I understand my idol... I've also loss my pet too a day ago... Literally... It's so shocking too know... N accept that... Our baby is died.... N may our pet is resting in gods hands... Amen.

  38. Arun Chauhan Eren

    Arun Chauhan ErenDia atrás

    @Is mayonnaise an instrument? yeah... Pal🙏

  39. Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    Is mayonnaise an instrument?Dia atrás

    I'm so sorry that you lost your baby , I know how it feels. :(

  40. Mileena Collazo

    Mileena CollazoDia atrás

    I'm so so sorry for your loss 😇😇😭😭😭 but she in heaven now

  41. Mileena Collazo

    Mileena CollazoDia atrás

    I'm so sorry for your kid!! !

  42. Ελένη Χατζημανωλάκη

    Ελένη ΧατζημανωλάκηDia atrás

    Omg😱😭🙏🏻rip little diamond💎!! 😓

  43. ashleigh lagreco

    ashleigh lagrecoDia atrás

    I’m so sorry that y’all lost your baby :( I’m keeping y’all in my prayers. ♥️ stay strong and keep pushing through ♥️

  44. Ms Behaving

    Ms BehavingDia atrás

    I just lost my baby Daisy 2 days ago. She past in her sleep. She was a 14 year old teacup Maltese. My husband and I were devastated. But today we lost her sister Roxy. We are utterly shook to the core. She was a 10 year old teacup Yorkie. We dont know what happened because she was healthy. I really think that even though it was only 2 days, she missed her sister so much that she died of a broken heart. Our house is so empty now. I know this video is a few months old so I hope you and nate's hearts have healed if only a little but knowing how i feel know i dont know if I'll ever get over this loss😢

  45. Hannah Sporbert

    Hannah SporbertDia atrás

    3:20 Jeffree: Were trying to stay strong Me: CRYING IN MY BED

  46. Alannah Tabert

    Alannah TabertDia atrás


  47. Amanda Vlado

    Amanda Vlado2 dias atrás

    I feel so bad for you😭

  48. logan cook

    logan cook2 dias atrás

    R.I.P Diamond we will miss you im really crying right now thank god im not wearing makeup im so shook right now im so sorry jeffree i really wish they was something i could do but stay strong we will be here and hoping that everything gets better i wish you best of luck and she was a beautiful dog so i feel your pain we love you and diamond R.I.P you are now a true star

  49. Pheurbel VLS

    Pheurbel VLS2 dias atrás

    I grieve with thee. I had an animal soulmate too!💚💚

  50. Ruben Pratti

    Ruben Pratti2 dias atrás

    I'm so sorry for ur loss I lost two dogs a few years ago and I was crying for weeks

  51. Ruben Pratti

    Ruben Pratti2 dias atrás


  52. Sienna Eve

    Sienna Eve2 dias atrás

    I send you all the best wishers and love❤️ We all loved her😊 She is heather and happier, love you both very much❤️❤️😊

  53. Alyssa Sanders

    Alyssa Sanders2 dias atrás

    My heart is breaking for you. I am so so sorry for the loss of your baby💜😢😢All my love goes out to you and your family.

  54. RO danah-fied

    RO danah-fied2 dias atrás

    I'm so sorry honey I feel your pain I just lost my love Hercules. He was my not only my dog he was my baby my son my service animal it's so hard to go on but time will heal

  55. RO danah-fied

    RO danah-fied2 dias atrás


  56. darkqueen286

    darkqueen2862 dias atrás

    Shes watching over you now. Loosing a fur baby is hard and I'm so sorry for your loss. Much love for you and your family.

  57. Laura L Hobson

    Laura L Hobson2 dias atrás

    Poor baby

  58. Sarah S

    Sarah S2 dias atrás

    💔💔💔 I feel for you so much 😪 I just lost my 9yr old kitty, Buddy(Budders) too soon due to a vehicle running him over. It’s my fault for having him as an outside kitty. I’m glad you all got to say goodbye. I know what you mean about how precious it is to have your pets there for you in dark times. That cat made my life so much brighter. Again I’m so sorry about your baby Diamond Peace and Love to your family ❤️

  59. Gripco1

    Gripco12 dias atrás

    I won’t even watch this cuz it’ll be too sad. But I see the below post that people we’re saying “it’s only a dog”! Obviously they have a closed heart, and can’t feel the love and absolute healing we humans and dogs get from each other. And I believe if your heart is closed off to dog love, then it for certain is closed off to human love. True love.

  60. Sophia Collins

    Sophia Collins2 dias atrás

    Bless your guys heart ❤ you guys gave an her amazing beautiful life and doing that is the biggest heart touching thing a person could do

  61. Elizabeth Perez

    Elizabeth Perez2 dias atrás

    We love you rip Diamond 😢 ♥️

  62. LuxuryGamerPlays

    LuxuryGamerPlays2 dias atrás

    I've lost my dog 3 weeks ago and I still cry to this day . It literally feels like Half of my heart has been ripped out 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  63. Black Barbie

    Black Barbie2 dias atrás

    What the heck I can’t stop crying 😕😔 I’m so sorry 🙏🏽..

  64. Logan Dakota

    Logan Dakota2 dias atrás

    That made me so sad. I pray nothing but good energy headed your guys way. That's gotta be the toughest part of life to go though. May peace be with you and your loved ones.

  65. Azriel Vargas

    Azriel Vargas2 dias atrás

    God bless you guys and RIP DIAMOND

  66. Denise van Doorn

    Denise van Doorn2 dias atrás

    Had the same with my boyfriends dog. She ate a bone and couldn’t poop anymore. She tried but we went to the vet and she had an emergency surgery. After a day she was just standing in a dark room so we called the emergency vet. We went there and it was all wrong.. She had one last chance and didn’t make it. I’m still heart broken. I can imagine how you feel, dogs and animals overall are a BIG part in our lifes and in part of our family ! ❤️

  67. Catherine Michelle McCubbins-Jurado

    Catherine Michelle McCubbins-Jurado2 dias atrás

    My sincerest, deepest condolences. She was a beautiful soul💔💔💔

  68. Nat G

    Nat G2 dias atrás

    I remember losing my dog 2 years ago. It never feels the same. But I’m proud of you both for celebrating her life! Love coming from me.

  69. Lena Shimizu

    Lena Shimizu3 dias atrás

    I’m so sorry

  70. GoldieLocks

    GoldieLocks3 dias atrás

    I know I'm behind posting this...but as an animal lover my whole life I am SO SOOO SORRY!!!! That's a heart wrenching thing to go through. It's honestly something you never really get over esp when you don't have children. Those animals become your children. 💔😢 RIP Diamond.

  71. Erica Grebe

    Erica Grebe3 dias atrás

    I'm so sorry 🙁😢😢😢

  72. Jackson Wang

    Jackson Wang3 dias atrás

    To whoever says “it’s just a dog” Some people really need their animals to live.

  73. Jade Marie

    Jade Marie3 dias atrás

    I understand your pain guys😔 I’m very sorry for the loss of Diamond. She was beautiful. I recently loss my dog too and the pain is indescribable. It hurts like hell, stay strong 💞

  74. Tressa Oetker

    Tressa Oetker3 dias atrás

    I'm very sorry for your loss. Pets are family. I had to put my cat to sleep last year. She was my best friend for 15 years. Diamond isn't suffering anymore.

  75. Jared Cyáhrsh Polinñol

    Jared Cyáhrsh Polinñol3 dias atrás

    It’s ok Jeff here some hearts💜❤️🧡💙💚💛💞💘💝💞💓💗💖❣️💕for u and Diamond and we are here to support you guys

  76. Andrea Hinojosa

    Andrea Hinojosa3 dias atrás

    Omg I understand this to the core. I’m so sorry 😔

  77. lisa hey

    lisa hey3 dias atrás

    Hello i'm french je suis vraiment désolée

  78. alexandra melo

    alexandra melo3 dias atrás

    i know the feeling and i can only send my love and support

  79. Rosie moua

    Rosie moua3 dias atrás

    I'm sorry for that but it cute dog

  80. Tala XD

    Tala XD3 dias atrás

    R.I.P Diamond

  81. MILEy LOVE

    MILEy LOVE3 dias atrás


  82. Emily Lang

    Emily Lang3 dias atrás

    You should release a pallet for her x

  83. blank name

    blank name3 dias atrás know what? i wont deny it.. it's not dust, not onions.. it's tears. TEARS .

  84. 彡Vlogsquad fan彡

    彡Vlogsquad fan彡3 dias atrás

    All love come to a end... but atleast you have more 😔