Risk of Rain 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


  1. Dwarf Orange Bulborb

    Dwarf Orange Bulborb2 dias atrás

    anyone know where I can listen to the song that plays during this? or what it's name is?

  2. EndlessNomad

    EndlessNomad13 dias atrás

    Risk of Rain 3 will be in 4D

  3. CitrusStat

    CitrusStat14 dias atrás

    Anthem but better

  4. Angel Orozco

    Angel Orozco14 dias atrás

    Is this online multiplayer online or could it be couch co-op multiplayer?

  5. m m

    m m14 dias atrás

    I just realized how perfect "mr. Blue sky" by electric light orchestra would've been for this trailer.

  6. Beach Episode

    Beach Episode15 dias atrás

    Praying the game gets split-screen at some point

  7. 寝ても覚めても

    寝ても覚めても15 dias atrás


  8. Hunter Whittredge

    Hunter Whittredge15 dias atrás

    Is it 4 player offline coop ?

  9. Sir-Scroogins

    Sir-Scroogins16 dias atrás

    I fell in love with the original on PS4 now I'm just sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to announce the second one coming to Playstation

  10. Jared Lucus

    Jared Lucus15 dias atrás

    Sir-Scroogins lol lucky you!! ;)

  11. BlueMaster75

    BlueMaster7516 dias atrás

    Risk of Rain 2 is spreading very quickly, and I like that.

  12. m m

    m m14 dias atrás

    The first one is so underrated

  13. Jeremías Azcona

    Jeremías Azcona17 dias atrás

    is that an epic version of coalecence? I WANT IT

  14. Spazziest

    Spazziest18 dias atrás

    Can't wait to play it at 15 fps

  15. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless Pizza18 dias atrás

    I’m convinced this will most likely drop August 30th

  16. ApexLegends YT

    ApexLegends YT15 dias atrás

    drop today! ur right!

  17. tHB MeseeKs

    tHB MeseeKs17 dias atrás

    Boneless Pizza I really hope so!

  18. Cat Cowboy

    Cat Cowboy19 dias atrás

    so this game has to come out this month to be in summer 2019 not many days left if it don't come out by friday I will be upset

  19. Cat Cowboy

    Cat Cowboy16 dias atrás

    @CloutCowboy its friday where is it at lmao

  20. CloutCowboy

    CloutCowboy18 dias atrás

    I’m really hoping it drops Friday as well fellow cowboy

  21. Tristan Kinney

    Tristan Kinney20 dias atrás


  22. Micah George

    Micah George21 dia atrás

    29.99 on eShop So prepare y'all wallets

  23. Micah George

    Micah George19 dias atrás

    @Boneless Pizza no date yet sadly. The price recently appeared on eShop

  24. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless Pizza20 dias atrás

    Micah George when does it come out

  25. Dremurian The Culprit

    Dremurian The Culprit21 dia atrás

    Watching Mark did a run that took over weeks This Video: Amatuer

  26. Amphy Boi

    Amphy Boi21 dia atrás

    do NOT miss this game, trust me

  27. Charles Wellington

    Charles Wellington22 dias atrás

    The game is not even done on pc version and they releasing it on consoles 😑

  28. kulu

    kulu22 dias atrás

    I can't wait

  29. TheBurkinator4

    TheBurkinator423 dias atrás

    I really hope there's crossplay!

  30. Robert Walter

    Robert Walter23 dias atrás

    Such a soulless trailer for a soulful game

  31. Measurer

    Measurer24 dias atrás

    Huntress lookin extra thicc in hi-def

  32. Scoobis Playz

    Scoobis Playz24 dias atrás

    Will it be cross platform or local play?

  33. Serius Black

    Serius Black24 dias atrás

    Thank you!

  34. Citrussock awn

    Citrussock awn24 dias atrás

    This game is definetly harder than risk of rain 1

  35. Tosat

    Tosat25 dias atrás

    whoever put riffs in from the first game's music (Chris?), thank you.

  36. Kevin Hone

    Kevin Hone25 dias atrás

    It looks like they took the characters from Destiny!!!

  37. Pikmin88

    Pikmin8821 dia atrás

    Not if you play the actual game. Take a look at the characters in-game. I've played Destiny and it doesn't have a 4-legged plant-robot.

  38. Randall

    Randall25 dias atrás

    I have over 110 hours logged of this game on PC. I never buy Early Access games on principle but something about this was different. I haven't had this much fun with a game in a VERY long time, and v1.0 isn't even out yet. Seriously, buy this game.

  39. hispanic paul blart

    hispanic paul blart25 dias atrás

    i had the original on steam i should probably get this

  40. Phish Food

    Phish Food25 dias atrás

    Gyro aiming though?

  41. Leganda

    Leganda25 dias atrás

    Release date?

  42. Leganda

    Leganda25 dias atrás

    @ThatDiverseGamer ty

  43. ThatDiverseGamer

    ThatDiverseGamer25 dias atrás

    This summer, probably at the most August 30th!!!

  44. Pootis man

    Pootis man25 dias atrás

    Risk of Rain. Coming to theaters August 2022.

  45. Scoobis Playz

    Scoobis Playz24 dias atrás

    Nope, this year

  46. 아단

    아단25 dias atrás


  47. 30 SWITCH

    30 SWITCH25 dias atrás

    Whats this remix of monsoon please share this music

  48. MiKey

    MiKey26 dias atrás


  49. Jet Bastos

    Jet Bastos26 dias atrás


  50. Brandon Lockridge

    Brandon Lockridge26 dias atrás

    Normal People: Nice Video JoJo Fans: 0:24 ZA WARUDOOOO!!!!

  51. MoltoRubato88

    MoltoRubato8826 dias atrás

    Edge of Tomorrow meets Fortnite?


    SCIFI RICE24 dias atrás

    no. You start in an area and you have to find a way out while constantly being attacked by enemies, gathering upgrades, and fighting the boss guarding the exit. with the game getting harder the longer you are playing

  53. GoldenCarrot Max

    GoldenCarrot Max26 dias atrás

    How much space would this take? Surely alot.

  54. GoldenCarrot Max

    GoldenCarrot Max25 dias atrás


  55. Matt Wong

    Matt Wong25 dias atrás

    On PC, it's about 4 GB, so it'll most likely be the same on the Switch

  56. Konfliktas

    Konfliktas26 dias atrás

    Will this have cross platorm between switch,ps4 and pc?

  57. Mauricio José Osuna

    Mauricio José Osuna26 dias atrás

    Boy, would we be happy campers if we had THAT level of graphics! This is bad, this is really bad. People will be so turned down once they see the real graphics, like, everyone knows the trailers never reflect the real product's quality, but in this case the difference is literally interplanetary!

  58. eeveefan03

    eeveefan0326 dias atrás

    Where do I put the money

  59. Marco DiSilvestre

    Marco DiSilvestre26 dias atrás

    Just bought the switch about 2 weeks ago, and happened to buy risk of rain 2 on PC around the same time. I was just thinking about how perfect it would be if it was on the switch. I'm so happy now, it's such a fun game.

  60. angelo de guzman

    angelo de guzman26 dias atrás

    Switch is on fire 🔥Oman. So glad to own a switch!


    ZOMBiE CYGIG26 dias atrás

    Mysterio wants his helmet back

  62. Unknow0059

    Unknow005926 dias atrás

    Goddamn. This trailer looks so good.

  63. J Antone

    J Antone26 dias atrás

    YES! Never heard of it till before borderlands 3 and I was so mad it wasn’t on switch!!!

  64. montork

    montork26 dias atrás

    I'm not subbed to this Why is this in my notifications? I hit no bell icon I don't want this game now. Because Nintendo an youtube shoved it in my face. Thumbs down

  65. Nameless Watcher

    Nameless Watcher26 dias atrás

    Now this does put a smile on my face... *turns on the switch dramatically*

  66. Matt Wong

    Matt Wong26 dias atrás

    Will there be crossplay with PC?

  67. Leaf Maltieze

    Leaf Maltieze26 dias atrás

    I wish the game looked anything close to this good. Please add HAN-D, and Acrid from Risk of Rain 1, if not all the missing ROR1 characters.

  68. Leaf Maltieze

    Leaf Maltieze21 dia atrás

    @Pikmin88 I know, I even played as him back before they patched out the host being able to switch other player's character. However the official word is that they are going to be focusing on new characters until the game is released. They said that the presence of any characters files in the game is not a guarantee that they will be added. They also have said that they are not going to bring all of the old characters over.

  69. Pikmin88

    Pikmin8821 dia atrás

    Han-D is already in the files and a model called HANDteaser is in the bg of the character select. Han-D is more than likely.

  70. Leaf Maltieze

    Leaf Maltieze25 dias atrás

    @Jaiden Dunn Not really. He already has a ranged attack that dealt damage over time, which is on what would be his right click in ROR2. Just increase the range, and he's already got a leg up on the Mercenary. Allow him to jump higher when using his excretion ability which would be his shift, or whenever he's on his slime, and he can reach some high fly enemies for his basic attack. His Ult is also already ranged as well.

  71. Jaiden Dunn

    Jaiden Dunn26 dias atrás

    Acrid will be hard to transition to 3D

  72. ZedX 13

    ZedX 1326 dias atrás

    Cross play?

  73. Raptor Dave

    Raptor Dave26 dias atrás

    I used a balance shrine. All my items got turned into the goat leg. Gotta go fast.

  74. Cosmic

    Cosmic26 dias atrás

    0:39 sounds like brreporter.com/v/video-RaMIIpc46gM.html lmao Definitely looking forward to this and Prime 4

  75. Sperling U

    Sperling U26 dias atrás

    Loved the first game on Switch and now being hyped and impressed the second one is coming to Switch as well. But I wonder if it will have gyro control? And maybe crossplay please??

  76. Atrio Berlyn

    Atrio Berlyn26 dias atrás

    This indie is great 😲

  77. Midnight_Dante

    Midnight_Dante26 dias atrás

    Mysterio crossover!?


    SCIFI RICE24 dias atrás

    no, that guy is the default character you play as. hes been around long before mysterio finally showed up in a movie

  79. Jerardo Contreras

    Jerardo Contreras26 dias atrás

    I just want the ost of the trailer...:( and the game now

  80. obnoxious man of potassium

    obnoxious man of potassium26 dias atrás


  81. Eduardo Pereira

    Eduardo Pereira26 dias atrás

    i was NOT expecting this to come out for the switch. The switch will probably melt after an hour of gameplay though.

  82. grey davis

    grey davis15 dias atrás

    I don know about that, this game seems to be pretty lightweight and efficient. I guess it all depends on the port quality

  83. Grizzly Melon

    Grizzly Melon26 dias atrás

    Worth it tho