Riso ComColor GD Series

  • 8 Dez 2016
  • 18 933
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  1. nagori360

    nagori360Anos atrás


  2. Muneeb Rahman

    Muneeb RahmanAnos atrás

    Hi please send me the details at cash10print@gmail.com

  3. Bilal Ahmed

    Bilal AhmedAnos atrás

    Hi, price in chaina


    UMMAR FARUKAnos atrás

    Model number

  5. Alejandro182220

    Alejandro182220Anos atrás

    Hi, price in Colombia?

  6. manu Shakthinagar

    manu Shakthinagar2 anos atrás

    Printer Friends, dont buy this machine. This machine is having ink drying problem and master exponding problem, The registration is not perfect. Impression cost is more than they say. specially they dont have trained service person in India. please dont buy.... We are fooled by RISO Company.

  7. Indra Budiono

    Indra Budiono4 meses atrás

    First, there is no master for this printing machine, second, in my town there is a printing agent that use this machine for 4.600.000 copies without change part except roll and ink... Did u mistaken with other product ?

  8. Sangram rath

    Sangram rathAnos atrás

    can this printer print on glossy art papers

  9. Wayne van de Werken

    Wayne van de WerkenAnos atrás

    This machine does not have a master...perhaps you are referring to the RG Series and not the above ComColor range.

  10. Kent Moon

    Kent MoonAnos atrás

    I was considering buying this machine. Can I talked to you? www.theaddressers.com

  11. Shamad Unding

    Shamad Unding2 anos atrás

    how much?