ROASTING MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERS (Emma Chamberlain, Cody Ko, Danny Gonzalez)


  1. Weatphia Person

    Weatphia PersonHora atrás

    Undies lol

  2. Anonimus Girl

    Anonimus Girl2 horas atrás

    Undies lol

  3. Sollus Markis

    Sollus Markis12 horas atrás

    So, can anyone tell me where Ryan lives. I kinda jump around these videos and I can't figure it out

  4. some one u dont know

    some one u dont knowDia atrás

    9:24 wow we both drank at the same time

  5. James Hubbard

    James Hubbard3 dias atrás

    Where did step 2 go

  6. Masked Number Gaming

    Masked Number Gaming4 dias atrás

    do you enjoy reading this?

  7. Masked Number Gaming

    Masked Number Gaming4 dias atrás

    undies lol

  8. Alexa Ward

    Alexa Ward4 dias atrás

    haley pham isn’t one of your favorite youtubers...?

  9. Taylor Lisle

    Taylor Lisle5 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  10. AVG Boss

    AVG Boss5 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  11. William Daly

    William Daly5 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  12. mace upton

    mace upton6 dias atrás

    Actually died laughing when he ringed his cloth

  13. mace upton

    mace upton6 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  14. Kaitlyn Dell

    Kaitlyn Dell6 dias atrás

    undies lol ola como estas me hobbies butchering the Spanish language, failing to be a human ps (hello how are you is what it says

  15. YeeYeeU_U 0_0

    YeeYeeU_U 0_06 dias atrás

    Cheese cake

  16. Jared JaMMsTeEIne

    Jared JaMMsTeEIne6 dias atrás

    Happy bday!

  17. sunflower

    sunflower7 dias atrás

    *undies lol*

  18. Billion Air

    Billion Air7 dias atrás

    Where my Greg’s at

  19. Florence Huot

    Florence Huot7 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  20. Jackie Stevenson

    Jackie Stevenson7 dias atrás

    I know Ryan has a girlfriend and Emma chamberlane is younger but I ship it

  21. Elian Montecillo

    Elian Montecillo7 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  22. iDrawSometimes

    iDrawSometimes8 dias atrás

    Undies lol... MORE LIKE LOL UNDIES. HAH, GET RECKED!... I don’t even know anymore...

  23. Poop Brush

    Poop Brush8 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  24. Bonllora !

    Bonllora !9 dias atrás

    Undies lol where my gang at?

  25. Evarose MacLeod

    Evarose MacLeod10 dias atrás

    Undies, lol

  26. val alexander

    val alexander10 dias atrás

    undies dude

  27. Arcade

    Arcade12 dias atrás

    "undies lol" its like a secret club

  28. Magical Sisters

    Magical Sisters12 dias atrás

    Undies Lol❤😂🙊

  29. Allissa haberland

    Allissa haberland13 dias atrás

    How do u like Cody ko he is horrible

  30. Morgz Dad

    Morgz Dad14 dias atrás


  31. Kaden Knaak

    Kaden Knaak14 dias atrás

    undies lol

  32. Maja Bäckman

    Maja Bäckman14 dias atrás

    undies lol

  33. Lee Keybum

    Lee Keybum15 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  34. Julia Joseph

    Julia Joseph15 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  35. Sunnie Dau

    Sunnie Dau16 dias atrás

    Ryan: Emma's video was on my recommended 1 year later Me: *YOUR* video is 1 year late on my page😂

  36. Children Can Cook Delicious

    Children Can Cook Delicious16 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  37. Stick Studios

    Stick Studios17 dias atrás

    undies lol

  38. paul lynn

    paul lynn17 dias atrás

    UnDIes Lol

  39. Mr Jay

    Mr Jay17 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  40. Melissa

    Melissa19 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  41. Steven Iaconis

    Steven Iaconis19 dias atrás

    Huh. Undies lol

  42. Abbey Ukulele

    Abbey Ukulele20 dias atrás

    9:30 tho

  43. Abbey Ukulele

    Abbey Ukulele20 dias atrás

    It’s not roasting but it’s funny so whatever 🤣🤣🤣

  44. Abbey Ukulele

    Abbey Ukulele20 dias atrás

    Undies lol ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Buddy -Johnston

    Buddy -Johnston20 dias atrás

    undies lol

  46. Christy G

    Christy G21 dia atrás

    Me a Greg... :)

  47. alexander zargarian

    alexander zargarian21 dia atrás

    undies lol

  48. Slothie Epic

    Slothie Epic22 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  49. yeet is a epic meme

    yeet is a epic meme25 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  50. zaim merchant

    zaim merchant25 dias atrás

    undies lol

  51. Issa Reed

    Issa Reed25 dias atrás

    undies lol

  52. Quinyboy12345

    Quinyboy1234526 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  53. RandomNPC gaming

    RandomNPC gaming26 dias atrás

    Undies lol Comment to make an official secret club

  54. Fiousi Gang4

    Fiousi Gang426 dias atrás

    9:15 ikr no way someone did

  55. Ερλιτο Μπασα

    Ερλιτο Μπασα26 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  56. Hyper Gang

    Hyper Gang27 dias atrás

    Undies lol

  57. savagepanda bro

    savagepanda bro28 dias atrás


  58. Applegrapegingerpaste Hey

    Applegrapegingerpaste Hey28 dias atrás

    U⃜n⃜d⃜i⃜e⃜s⃜ l⃜o⃜l⃜

  59. it’s ya girl ICEY HOT THOT

    it’s ya girl ICEY HOT THOT29 dias atrás


  60. Sandra Smith

    Sandra Smith29 dias atrás

    undies lol