Royal Marines Band (Portsmouth) Festival of Remembrance


  1. ralroost einsnulldrei

    ralroost einsnulldreiAnos atrás

    Whats the first piece they played?

  2. Thesinglemaestro Rosado

    Thesinglemaestro RosadoAnos atrás

    Inspirational go Royal 👑 Marines.

  3. EngaPheniks

    EngaPheniks2 anos atrás

    What are those long trumpets called?

  4. Leslie Weddell

    Leslie Weddell2 anos atrás

    To announce luncheon is ready.....(They are FANFARE trumpets)

  5. İbrahim Onlu

    İbrahim Onlu2 anos atrás

    Çarmıh için ve ön iki imam şekli için saygı ile teşekür

  6. İbrahim Onlu

    İbrahim Onlu2 anos atrás

    SELAM herşey için teşekkürler

  7. mark payne

    mark payne2 anos atrás

    Can' t begin to say how proud I am to be British?

  8. mark payne

    mark payne2 anos atrás

    Best advert for Brexit and our survival afterwards !

  9. Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus

    Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus2 anos atrás

    US Marine Band > Royal Marine Band None of you can convince me otherwise, unless you find a video with 4 perfectly tubes piccolos.

  10. J. Richards

    J. RichardsAnos atrás

    You yanks just arn't in the same class; all the gear, but no idea!.

  11. cura5000

    cura50002 anos atrás

    I don't understand why people have to make everything into a competition, both bands are world class with very unique styles... not really comparable in my oppinion

  12. KJTrance

    KJTrance2 anos atrás

    haha good one...

  13. MAVERICK 42

    MAVERICK 423 anos atrás

    Lol at the audience jumping when the explosions happened.

  14. John Johnson

    John Johnson3 anos atrás


  15. don eustace

    don eustace3 anos atrás


  16. Samuel

    Samuel3 anos atrás

    don eustace Zulu

  17. Audrey Poulter

    Audrey Poulter3 anos atrás

    what is the first song called anyone?

  18. Julie Bleach

    Julie Bleach4 anos atrás

    Having lived in the Staff Quarters at Eastney Barracks as a child...1965...I have never forgotten waking to hear the Royal Marine Band practise on the parade ground behind our house....In my heart forever. ...... Wendy lloyd-Smith

  19. Andy Sayers

    Andy SayersAnos atrás

    you very lucky man, no more said

  20. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook2 anos atrás

    As a kid of 5yrs old I vividly remember the Royal Marines Band marching down Queen Street in Portsmouth, we lived in a flat that looked out to the wall of the barracks opposite..........1953 !! dad used to take me out to watch them whenever they paraded and I was totally fascinated.

  21. mike04535

    mike045355 anos atrás

    A note to the BBC producer. The music and the choreography of the band are much more important than your annoying knob twiddling and switch throwing. You do this every time you film military bands and drill squads. While they are performing just go and have a cuppa and let us enjoy the spectacle.

  22. Martijn den Hartog

    Martijn den HartogAnos atrás

    mike04535 i am learning for the this job, and trust me , he anoys me just as much...he does things thats just unpleasant to see...

  23. Ashey Westerby

    Ashey Westerby5 anos atrás

    Second song called Royal blue

  24. Ashey Westerby

    Ashey Westerby5 anos atrás


  25. Miguel Conceicao

    Miguel Conceicao6 anos atrás

    Love The band;Royal Marines Porstmouth The Best "

  26. Miguel Conceicao

    Miguel Conceicao4 anos atrás

    Opps looks like -it sorry

  27. Chay Kent

    Chay Kent4 anos atrás

    +Miguel Conceicao did you just reply to your own comment? xD

  28. Miguel Conceicao

    Miguel Conceicao4 anos atrás

    Same here mate ,they are the best

  29. Joey Robstill

    Joey Robstill6 anos atrás

    I would love to compete against these guys. Really nice job

  30. ScottyP1991

    ScottyP19916 anos atrás

    Anyone know the name of the 2nd tune?

  31. Ashey Westerby

    Ashey Westerby3 anos atrás

    royal blue

  32. jerdemooij

    jerdemooij6 anos atrás

    still the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. yomanry1

    yomanry16 anos atrás

    thank you so much. listened to some of the versions but still, the royals have nailed it absolutely wonderfully. go royals.

  34. yomanry1

    yomanry16 anos atrás

    thank you.

  35. fschnell

    fschnell6 anos atrás

    Royal Blue Ken Peers/Steve Savage

  36. fschnell

    fschnell6 anos atrás

    Royal Blue

  37. Evan  Lessels

    Evan Lessels6 anos atrás

    What's the name of the first song

  38. David Gordon

    David Gordon6 anos atrás

    just a citizen. I have a friend who is American who is in the process of joining even now.

  39. MsBongkong

    MsBongkong6 anos atrás

    As a Canadian you're part of the Commonwealth, so you do have a connection to Britain! Commonwealth citizens can join the British Army bands so I assume the same rule might apply to the RMBS. You can check their website and email them if you're really interested.

  40. ejdelaney1

    ejdelaney16 anos atrás

    this is amazing. What is the 2nd song called? does any one know?

  41. 2 1

    2 12 anos atrás

    ejdelaney1 royal blue

  42. Amanda Pembroke

    Amanda Pembroke6 anos atrás

    I love the royal marine band service. I would love to join but I'm a Canadian and I have no connection to Britain. Do you have to be a British to join the RMBS?

  43. Darren Channing

    Darren Channing2 anos atrás

    Amanda Pembroke if you're Canadian you already have a great connection with Britain

  44. Evan  Lessels

    Evan Lessels6 anos atrás

    whats the song at 2:45?

  45. Bruno Anastacio

    Bruno Anastacio7 anos atrás


  46. Ryan Doyle

    Ryan Doyle7 anos atrás

    By far one of the best Royal Marine Band's performances I've seen - God save the Queen!

  47. Victor Lance

    Victor Lance2 anos atrás

    God save her, we Americans are tired of paying the bill..

  48. yomanry1

    yomanry17 anos atrás

    what about the second song? it was soooo epic! what's it called?

  49. Chay Kent

    Chay Kent7 anos atrás

    good choice my friend

  50. Chay Kent

    Chay Kent7 anos atrás

    What do you play?

  51. James

    James7 anos atrás

    Amazing performance.

  52. jordi12233

    jordi122337 anos atrás

    0:22 Kellymouthpieces XD

  53. theferryyman

    theferryyman8 anos atrás

    This is Chuck Norris's favourite music...

  54. Humberto Vicente

    Humberto Vicente8 anos atrás


  55. Chay Kent

    Chay Kent8 anos atrás

    @ 1:55 - Would be very grateful if anyone at all has the bit here that's cut; I know the band can't teleport, as epic as they are. Watch closely (you don't have to really) if you missed it.