Ruining Your Fav YouTubers (Jacksepticeye, JaidenAnimations, Pewdiepie)


  1. Let Me Explain Studios

    Let Me Explain StudiosAnos atrás

    Hey Explainers! If you like this video and want me to ruin more of your favorite BRreporterrs later on, please let me know! And I'm so excited that we are almost to 1 million subscribers! A special video is on the way! :D

  2. Highland Panda

    Highland Panda2 meses atrás

    Final relpyyyyyy

  3. General_von_grenades 1300

    General_von_grenades 13002 meses atrás

    Why did you add legs? He doesn't have them (lol)

  4. SAKI 451

    SAKI 4513 meses atrás

    thanks for the work

  5. Peppa Is Bacon

    Peppa Is Bacon3 meses atrás


  6. DollworldCity

    DollworldCity4 meses atrás

    Pleeeeease make a series

  7. kokichi ouma

    kokichi oumaDia atrás

    becca: oh I'd do anything for you dear anything for you mean everything to me. me: would u climb I Hill? Anything. Where a daffodil? Anything. give me all your will. anything. Even fight? my bill. What fisticuffs? i know i'm such a geek.😅 please respond Becca i gave u a show.

  8. Marlen De Jesus

    Marlen De Jesus3 dias atrás


  9. Bluy ellow

    Bluy ellow7 dias atrás

    Sad Becca

  10. AJ Loves_cookies

    AJ Loves_cookies8 dias atrás

    DO I HEAR A GRAVITY FALLS REFERENCE! Rip gravity falls We all miss you

  11. Castiel N. Guzman

    Castiel N. Guzman8 dias atrás

    this really hurt my feeling when you ruined my fav youtuber jaiden animation

  12. Gacha Ally Draws

    Gacha Ally Draws9 dias atrás

    Now pewpiepie has 102M subs

  13. JosiahPlayz YT

    JosiahPlayz YT11 dias atrás

    Awwww even though Ari is a monster he’s still sooooo cute!!!

  14. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth Afton12 dias atrás

    @Let Me Explain Studios *LEL Jackseptisans XDXD

  15. Brian Hann

    Brian Hann14 dias atrás

    Gravity falls fan and I know the bottomless pit episode

  16. Maria Clarissa Santos

    Maria Clarissa Santos15 dias atrás

    roses are red violets are blue you ruined jaiden you will be ruined to *burns the drawing*

  17. Susanna Curtis

    Susanna Curtis16 dias atrás


  18. Mugman

    Mugman17 dias atrás

    (Ok I wish I could comment on your comment, Rebecca but I can't cuz it's 500 so, I'mma do it here) Wait, she definitely knows Cuphead WAIT PLEASE DON'T BE THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND MAN PLZ PLZ

  19. Ww Chia

    Ww Chia18 dias atrás

    Still not ruined.

  20. Simon Roa

    Simon Roa19 dias atrás

    I like the Pewdiepie drawing.

  21. Holli Brogdon

    Holli Brogdon20 dias atrás

    The Bottomless Pit is DEFINITELY From Gravity Falls

  22. Alf 42069

    Alf 4206922 dias atrás

    Jack inspired me to get green hair thx jack 🇪🇪😎👋🏿

  23. Ice Lord

    Ice Lord23 dias atrás

    Notice when her first drawing was the guy falling in mid air if you look at it backwards

  24. Rylee Smith

    Rylee Smith26 dias atrás

    Do James from TheOdd1sOut :)

  25. Bed Head

    Bed Head26 dias atrás

    Can you please make this into a series?!

  26. Ashlyn Rollis

    Ashlyn Rollis27 dias atrás


  27. What :P

    What :P29 dias atrás

    Rebecca: **Has About A Billion Layers** Me: *"This Is A God Level Threat"*

  28. VinDuo

    VinDuoMês atrás

    You got the Pewdiepie drawing wrong You see, he doesn't have legs

  29. Vafa Ghanbri

    Vafa GhanbriMês atrás

    i still like them. face it. to me they will never be ruined. :)

  30. UCG-gaming

    UCG-gamingMês atrás

    Jack also has an alter ego: antisepticeye.

  31. Constellation Tea

    Constellation TeaMês atrás

    the last one reminds me of bill cipher possessing sixer

  32. David Mills

    David MillsMês atrás

    Can you ruin lazarbeam please?

  33. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth AftonMês atrás

    *OMG, Becca!!! Do DanTDM!!!!!!

  34. CAA avery

    CAA averyMês atrás

    captain sauce

  35. NovaBearBear

    NovaBearBearMês atrás

    Top of Morning!!!

  36. Èļíżábéťh deep sea

    Èļíżábéťh deep seaMês atrás

    No itsfenneh is my fav

  37. Tari Gunawati

    Tari GunawatiMês atrás

    Jacksepticeye's art is after a joke :Yo Mama So Ugly, she gave Jacksepticeye an EYE INFECTION!

  38. Toastte

    ToastteMês atrás

    Buh- Buh Becca is my favourite youtuber!

  39. the oogie boogie man

    the oogie boogie manMês atrás

    I draw their pins. (Yours too! Let me know were you want me to send you the art. I want you to have it! Thanks or its fine A very little oodle lally The person with fan art

  40. dreadygirl :3

    dreadygirl :3Mês atrás

    you can draw all you want, Becca. Most of us don’t give a darn. Just do what you like! :)

  41. Alygator Gaming

    Alygator GamingMês atrás

    Next time can you do theodd1sout, Tim Tom and hamation

  42. Fluffy nugget

    Fluffy nuggetMês atrás

    Gravity falls forever♡

  43. Space Kid

    Space KidMês atrás

    I live in Sweden and have never watched a single video of PewDiePie ✌️

  44. Casey Cross

    Casey CrossMês atrás

    Oh boy, I hope Becca hasn’t seen Endgame yet

  45. JamieBuz

    JamieBuzMês atrás

    Good Beca! You ruined Jack!!!

  46. Immypiggle Holden

    Immypiggle HoldenMês atrás

    Me at start of video: how do you ruin Jaiden animations?

  47. ツGachaAlphaXD

    ツGachaAlphaXDMês atrás

    I have red hair irl

  48. UwU

    UwUMês atrás

    Just look at the comment below me

  49. Gacha bug

    Gacha bugMês atrás

    Hey, how do you ruin yourself cuz you are one of my favorite BRreporterr`s

  50. Justin Ellis

    Justin EllisMês atrás

    I dont like pewdiepie

  51. Fragile_Cutie Gacha !!!!!!

    Fragile_Cutie Gacha !!!!!!Mês atrás

    Me:Sees the Pencil in Rebecca’s hand Me ...DoodleBob.....

  52. Alexandra I am not telling

    Alexandra I am not tellingMês atrás

    Please make this into a series I want to see more of my favorite BRreporterrs

  53. Astro Boy

    Astro BoyMês atrás

    I dare you to try ruin James/ TheOdd1sOut Adam/ SomethingElseYT and Alex/ AlexClark

  54. Raspberry Cat

    Raspberry CatMês atrás

    Quick question, what app do you use to do animations?

  55. Galaxyzside Kitten2010

    Galaxyzside Kitten2010Mês atrás

    In Year Four When I Got New Shoes ALL The Boys Shouted “WHAT ARE THOSEEEE!?” I Wanted To Shout “THAT’S A DEAD MEMEEEEEEEEE!”

  56. Spikø [GD]

    Spikø [GD]Mês atrás

    Day 27638183718373 and pewdiepie has not commented...

  57. Nerd About Everything

    Nerd About EverythingMês atrás

    My name is sam. Guess my gender.

  58. Skylanders 7 pls

    Skylanders 7 plsMês atrás

    I hate to say it but its the wrong eye on jack XD

  59. Mudkip

    MudkipMês atrás

    Can you ruin me??? XD XD

  60. Lesly Scott

    Lesly ScottMês atrás

    Die how dare you do that to Jaiden

  61. Adeepseafish 123

    Adeepseafish 123Mês atrás

    The bottomless pit is an escape from reality

  62. topaz the gem

    topaz the gemMês atrás

    You dont even know my fav youtubers Its call me kevin

  63. AlexanderBg Plays

    AlexanderBg PlaysMês atrás


  64. SnowballHD

    SnowballHDMês atrás

    Can you just ruin a bunch of animators next time?

  65. chromebook man

    chromebook manMês atrás

    draw sketch