1. Flicc 2x

    Flicc 2x6 horas atrás

    Nitty 2-1

  2. Flicc 2x

    Flicc 2x6 horas atrás

    “I got a couple triccs (tricc tricc) and arsonal you don’t know shotgun” that rebuttal was fire 🔥 💯

  3. Marxwel Smalls

    Marxwel Smalls15 horas atrás

    that nigga Danny thought he was gonna chill haha, im screaming

  4. Roy Hollins

    Roy Hollins16 horas atrás

    Gotti dunk like a bitch... 🤣 #shotguntwork

  5. Cortewita40 Cortewita40

    Cortewita40 Cortewita4018 horas atrás

    Second round suge the beginning was so fuck n hype I wait to get off work to watch this battle damn near everyday I fuck wit suge heavy

  6. Carlton, James Esquire

    Carlton, James Esquire18 horas atrás

    Rum is the God Damn Goat

  7. Damian Garuti

    Damian GarutiDia atrás

    ally-oop gotti.. that’s a rim rocker! 🔥🤮

  8. Kahlil Rush

    Kahlil RushDia atrás

    That shit didnt even whistle EMMETT TILL one of the hardest bars performed I ever seen

  9. ethan lucas

    ethan lucasDia atrás

    Man both these guys brought there A game. I got rum nitty winning 2-1

  10. Jay B

    Jay B2 dias atrás

    Anyone else notice Sandra Bullock in the green crop top?

  11. Donard Chambers

    Donard Chambers2 dias atrás

    All Twork the 2nd

  12. Tim Beamon

    Tim Beamon2 dias atrás

    Shotgun is so boring and he choked 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Beautiful Queen

    Beautiful Queen2 dias atrás

    CTFU @14:32 when Suge big ass slammed into ol' boy with the red hoodie 😢😂😂

  14. Jeremy Grant

    Jeremy Grant3 dias atrás

    Nitty crip too hard smh give that nigga some milk

  15. M Knight

    M Knight3 dias atrás

    Suge went in


    GREGSTER JEROME3 dias atrás

    Alley oop Gotti that's a rim rocker...y..why...yo..3 zip...body bag

  17. Jimmie Freeman

    Jimmie Freeman3 dias atrás

    Suge broke the basketball goal on tge second dunk

  18. Ivan Estrada

    Ivan Estrada3 dias atrás

    Sometimes I feel nitty a psychopath bc how someone come up with all this shit. Suge came with it 🔥🔥

  19. Tevin Hemmans

    Tevin Hemmans3 dias atrás

    What his life like!!!

  20. Trappincham

    Trappincham3 dias atrás

    Suge was tawwwwwkin but Rums Pen 🖊 surpasses him by so much.

  21. Opious Robinson

    Opious Robinson4 dias atrás

    Twork tried too keep a straight face while rum was rappin but that big and pac bar gave him the sour face 😂💯

  22. london jones

    london jones4 dias atrás

    Nitty is jus fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Suge was 🔥🔥 It jus wasn’t enough! I enjoyed this battle! Suge don’t get killed he go against any and everybody ! Nitty is jus to damn hard to beat!

  23. Tharea Lynch

    Tharea Lynch4 dias atrás

    "abacus, doing numbers every time I slide" ..... bar was slept on

  24. Anti Hypebeast

    Anti Hypebeast4 dias atrás

    Suge was mad af after that alley oop!

  25. Samantha Rodriguez

    Samantha Rodriguez5 dias atrás

    When you was beating on your girl I was beating on your girl that shit was 🔥 but rum his style is like jc but mad respect I give it to rum two one all because he pulled a twerk vs DNA move he for got half his 3rd round

  26. Samantha Rodriguez

    Samantha Rodriguez5 dias atrás


  27. SouthEast Wink 202

    SouthEast Wink 2025 dias atrás

    Freeze the battle at duration 14:38 an tell me Twork doesn’t look like “the thing” from Fantastic 4........this nigga is the most loudest hypeman since k shine with Rex.....u can’t tell which side he’s on,wonder who he’ll cheer for if jakkboy battle shotgun

  28. Ryan Blanco

    Ryan Blanco5 dias atrás

    Looking for a reason to kill em I'm nit picking that was crazyyyyy🔥🔥

  29. Ryan Blanco

    Ryan Blanco5 dias atrás

    Lean on em that nigga rum got me fucked up🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  30. Jesse Pacheco

    Jesse Pacheco5 dias atrás

    Suge is the most improved battler in years

  31. Joshua morris

    Joshua morris5 dias atrás

    12:05 you lil ass bully 💀

  32. S kay

    S kay5 dias atrás

    Both niggas 1st Rd ?! Straight fire! 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Milwaukee Quel

    Milwaukee Quel5 dias atrás

    Damn they intro' s are long😂

  34. tuhduh battle

    tuhduh battle5 dias atrás

    This should have 5m views it's a classic battle

  35. antoine adkins

    antoine adkins6 dias atrás

    Guns and a Obama mask...that’s a arsenal in another nigga face.... what??

  36. R&B

    R&B6 dias atrás

    This BATTLE WAIT...........JERSEY!

  37. R&B

    R&B6 dias atrás

    The Famous Jersey!

  38. Shaad Mass

    Shaad Mass6 dias atrás

    Fight at 23:29

  39. Kailab Kilo

    Kailab Kilo7 dias atrás

    . . . GHOST . . .

  40. WinterJackRabbit

    WinterJackRabbit7 dias atrás

    Damn that boi nitty hungry 🔥🔥

  41. Black Ceaser

    Black Ceaser7 dias atrás

    No way Danny held onto his phone after Suge rocked on'em!

  42. Cortewita40 Cortewita40

    Cortewita40 Cortewita4018 horas atrás

    Black Ceaser Lmfao 😂

  43. Roland Duson

    Roland Duson8 dias atrás


  44. Gang Way Productions

    Gang Way Productions8 dias atrás

  45. YB Maccashe

    YB Maccashe8 dias atrás

    Who baby in the lime green

  46. good as a gogurt

    good as a gogurt8 dias atrás

    they need to put these battles back in the venues the crowd isnt existent anymore

  47. Wilbert Garner

    Wilbert Garner8 dias atrás

    13:27 me and twork had the same face from that bar

  48. Justin Pettit

    Justin Pettit8 dias atrás

    Watching this battle and the two lines that I heard the crowd scream at were lines I either didn't understand or couldn't hear cuz they screamed before I could hear the bar. Lol

  49. Kings Sing

    Kings Sing8 dias atrás

    Rum could have ended his 1st with the olley oop to Gotti 🔥 🔥 🔥

  50. LA Bal2ckz

    LA Bal2ckz9 dias atrás

    Best moment of the battle at 12: 18

  51. LA Bal2ckz

    LA Bal2ckz9 dias atrás

    But let's get one thing straight_______suge vital signs________.

  52. SpitReal TV

    SpitReal TV9 dias atrás

    22:45 all u do is write raps and cuff sluts😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀

  53. Hit Addictz

    Hit Addictz9 dias atrás

    Click the link to to see WHAT REALLY HAPPENED at Summer Impact in Charlotte!!

  54. Cleve

    Cleve9 dias atrás

    This was the most physical yet hilarious battle ever and no negative energy was shown on contact, just good vibes and metaphors 💪🏾✊🏾

  55. Moodiy Shamrouk

    Moodiy Shamrouk9 dias atrás

    This was the funniest battle I ever watched!!!

  56. dinkdaplaymaka

    dinkdaplaymaka9 dias atrás

    Can we get a designated person to tell when the battle start lol #fuckintros

  57. HotGritz910

    HotGritz9109 dias atrás

    I like that hard ignorant shit so i favor suge but this battle is a classic.. dead lock certified!

  58. rather unique

    rather unique9 dias atrás

    Suge and Twork in tears during Rum first round.

  59. Anthony Kirk

    Anthony Kirk9 dias atrás

    3-0 Suge

  60. Cortewita40 Cortewita40

    Cortewita40 Cortewita409 dias atrás

    Man this was a fire 🔥 ass battle both was good.

  61. John Morgan

    John Morgan9 dias atrás

    Gotteem, then alley oop gotti Issa rim rocker

  62. Jessica C.

    Jessica C.9 dias atrás

    Pretty sure Rum Antonio Brown brother