Samsung Galaxy Fold review: after the break


  1. The Verge

    The VergeMês atrás

    Hi friends, I see some of you are commenting about how we used a bit of clay to shoot some footage of the phone. To be super clear, we cleaned it off very rigorously. In my original article (, I just said it MIGHT be what caused the screen to break, just because it’s important to me to be very transparent and honest. But the truth is that: 1. No fewer than five review units have been broken so far. 2. I don’t really think it was the clay, but I might be wrong! 3. No matter what, it is VERY troubling to worry that anything could get inside the device. Just like Lew said: “I’m fairly confident that some substance on this hinge component could possibly work its way into the device. ... Maybe you have to baby it.” Nobody wants to have to baby a phone! - Dieter

  2. Kaloyan Vladimirov

    Kaloyan Vladimirov15 dias atrás

    Why out of five hundred devices all “broke down” only in one country of the world, one can only guess... :D

  3. david park

    david park27 dias atrás

    ​+Brian The fact that he wasn't being honest was the point. Clear difference between reviews looking for headlines and honest reviews. If a disclaimer gets lost in the headlines... pretty obvious what kind of review it is.

  4. Hector Alvarado

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  5. Mateo Valdes

    Mateo Valdes4 dias atrás

    Me, I don't have the device myself but if I did the reason I would really like it is that it replaces the tablet that Cant call that can now Call, (i will still probably ONLY use the tablet layout mode) but I am Really Disappointed that there isn't water resistance on this phone, and I really don't think it is a risk I am willing to take to buy myself that phone with a chance the screen will break till they fix the issue.

  6. Charles Simpson

    Charles Simpson5 dias atrás

    That opening song is so nice. Any one have a link? Seems like a cool alarm or ringtone.


    SACY VACHHAR6 dias atrás

    So who’s here after MKBHD dope tech

  8. victor555117

    victor5551176 dias atrás

    2:10 for the Probe lens shot

  9. Fares Djebbar

    Fares Djebbar6 dias atrás

    Came here after mkbhd dope tech probe lens video :)

  10. Derrick Feng

    Derrick Feng7 dias atrás

    The intro shot is dope!

  11. SDU-Tango

    SDU-Tango8 dias atrás

    I like how he presentation.

  12. Ayoub Faisal

    Ayoub Faisal10 dias atrás

    The most professional entertaining video I have ever watched. Please, please and please use the black background as usual as shown in this video. Thank you.

  13. Ivan Hekli

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  14. Wilson Wijaya

    Wilson Wijaya13 dias atrás

    Great, a 4:3 ratio. I can get to see VHS movies on a road trip. Thanks Samsung.

  15. LyRi

    LyRi14 dias atrás

    it aint it chief

  16. Richard McKenna

    Richard McKenna15 dias atrás

    Well that just made my mind up not to get it and to wait and see what else comes out. Thank you

  17. Kaloyan Vladimirov

    Kaloyan Vladimirov15 dias atrás

    In the US, four journalists “broke down” Galaxy Fold, in three cases, the top layer of the display was deliberately torn off, one had something under the screen, but the smartphone continued to work. Why out of five hundred devices all “broke down” only in one country of the world, one can only guess. :D

  18. Vasee karan

    Vasee karan17 dias atrás

    Apple: *REMOVES THE HEADPHONE JACK* The internet: OMG! APPLE REMOVED THE HEADPHONE JACK! IPHONES ARE TOO PRICEY! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Samsung: Releases a phone that bursts into flames, releases a $2000 prototype foldable phone that breaks easily. The internet: oh well, they tried.. BIASED MUCH?

  19. Pankaj Rai

    Pankaj Rai19 dias atrás

    Sponsored by samsung

  20. Zi jie Lim

    Zi jie Lim19 dias atrás

    It’s like the perfect own for iPhone SE uses and tablet users

  21. rahman baig

    rahman baig20 dias atrás

    Here because of mkbhd's live stream

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    Who is here after marques live stream?


    iTAMIZHAN TECH20 dias atrás

    Who is here after mkbhd's intStagram live

  24. Siva kanth Sharma

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    There'll be more now that he made a video about it


    iTAMIZHAN TECH19 dias atrás

    +arjun yep

  26. arjun

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    is that intro he was talking about

  27. Jay J

    Jay J22 dias atrás

    Why ordinary users got no issues, and never heard from their complaining for such problem? only called "tech reviewers" normally have paid from other tech companies and sponsors bash Samsung galaxy fold. It is this clear LOL

  28. Arriaga Two

    Arriaga Two22 dias atrás

    Just buy a tablet, goddammit

  29. jack sjsjs

    jack sjsjs22 dias atrás

    Yeah I dont buy the excuse that it's some protective layer problem, anyone else buy it?

  30. Yusuf

    Yusuf23 dias atrás

    No headphone jack lol

  31. Kay Hud

    Kay Hud23 dias atrás

    "Android isn't where it should be in tablet mode" bro that goes for every platform out right now! Have you ever used an iPad? 😒

  32. Terry Olay

    Terry Olay24 dias atrás

    Samsung really screwed up by releasing or attempting to release an unfinished product.

  33. Terry Olay

    Terry Olay24 dias atrás

    +Sarah Dohring They were delusional. The thing is more fragile than a raw eggs.

  34. Sarah Dohring

    Sarah Dohring24 dias atrás

    They spent 8 years on it and thought it was finished.

  35. Adrienne McCue

    Adrienne McCue24 dias atrás

    Great review on the Galaxy Fold... some great things coming out of Samsung!

  36. Seung Hyun Kim

    Seung Hyun Kim24 dias atrás

    Dear verge. The top layer of galaxy fold is a cpi film. U shldnt tear it or mess with it. Lmao tho. Pretty sure they would come back w better stuff. Samsung doubtless, has one of the top quality stuff in this industry for now. So i guess we have to believe them?

  37. Suzy Siviter

    Suzy Siviter24 dias atrás

    Will samsung fold after this product?

  38. Manuel Mihajlovic

    Manuel Mihajlovic25 dias atrás

    wait wtf? no headphoness??? can i use earpots or something?

  39. Nildo Oliveira

    Nildo Oliveira25 dias atrás

    the wallpaper lives up to the screen

  40. Debra Dukes

    Debra Dukes26 dias atrás

    Dieter Excellent Review. And I'm with you will definitely be thinking about it. And so hope they Correct it all. Because I love the whole Concept and if they fix the issues then maybe I won't think about it and just might get one.Thanks so much for sharing Deb.😉👍✌

  41. GamingTV

    GamingTV26 dias atrás

    the verge really should stop reviewing things, they're bad at it

  42. Pnuttz Clark

    Pnuttz Clark26 dias atrás

    It would drive me crazy having to “baby” this device Everyday. I work outside in a shop with a lot of dust, there’s no way I could get the fold.

  43. Marnette Todd

    Marnette Todd26 dias atrás

    These seem like very small issues they will fix it like every phone the first release brings about changes. Im still in for it

  44. jenny chen

    jenny chen26 dias atrás

    boo ya samsung sell the fail product ....

  45. Manoj Ramesh Shastri

    Manoj Ramesh Shastri26 dias atrás

    Lighting on this video is nailed to its fullest. The best lighting i have ever seen in any BRreporter video.

  46. MFORCE1

    MFORCE127 dias atrás

    2 grand is a complete joke these won't sell well

  47. Vincent F Yue

    Vincent F Yue27 dias atrás

    Samsung tried to copy Apple on applying cutting edge technology but failed

  48. Zylice Liddell

    Zylice Liddell28 dias atrás

    Samsung are stupid for releasing this product so soon. Delays would have been better so that they could test it!

  49. bersem tech

    bersem tech28 dias atrás

    I always worry about it folds by itself when I using . Maybe that is my problem ,heheh e

  50. MickyAvStickyHands

    MickyAvStickyHands28 dias atrás

    Stacking two phones together is not innovation. Apple put the damn smart phone in your pocket 12 years ago and that was our gen's version of the car innovation. We'll know it if it happens again, but this ain't it.

  51. Doc Johnson

    Doc Johnson28 dias atrás

    Crease and Dings ..mmkay Samjunk

  52. Sean Verso

    Sean Verso28 dias atrás

    Wait it will be standard in 2 years

  53. TJ T

    TJ T28 dias atrás

    Honestly, the Huawei fold design is much smarter.

  54. Optillian

    Optillian21 dia atrás


  55. kcb5150

    kcb515028 dias atrás

    I love how the thickness of this when closed is all good but they won't make a thicker normal phone and dump in a massive battery.

  56. RageJ

    RageJ28 dias atrás

    I think it would be cool if you guys tried building a computer

  57. 3 8

    3 829 dias atrás

    How do you review a product like this and ignore the problems of the screen? Isn't that just giving it a free pass.....

  58. Nathan Johnson

    Nathan Johnson29 dias atrás

    so basically he’s saying he wishes apple made it

  59. Black Condor

    Black Condor29 dias atrás

    C'mon man,this phone is a joke

  60. Claude Crevecoeur

    Claude Crevecoeur29 dias atrás

    I'll pass on this device 🤔🤔🤔 too expensive

  61. Emanuele Barbato

    Emanuele Barbato29 dias atrás

    Recent Dieter reviews need a “hold on” moment because of issues of any kind. Poor Dieter.

  62. Shifu Matt

    Shifu Matt29 dias atrás

    A review on a recalled product... Hmmmm. I guess its a beta review then 😂

  63. Timo

    Timo29 dias atrás

    Don't get me wrong, I also think it was a horrible mistake of Samsung to push that device to marked without proper testing, however your argument that the multi tasking is worse than on an iPad ( 7:40) is a poor comparision because if you fold your iPad it doesn't restore the multi tasking layout either ;)

  64. Arched Phoenix

    Arched Phoenix29 dias atrás

    You want to know what I'm angry about? Those damn GALAXY FOLD phones. Hazardous, unreliable, cheap materials, rip off phones. Yes, I said it. Boom!😂

  65. Kaio -Sama

    Kaio -Sama29 dias atrás

    Everyone: "Thank you for keeping the headphone jack." Samsung: "What's that? Remove it and add another two cameras? Done."

  66. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker29 dias atrás

    china is the solution for your bird scooters 😂👍💩 to be cheap and cheerful

  67. VideoPine

    VideoPine29 dias atrás

    They put clay on the back of the phone to stand it up for pictures. Avarage users dont do that.

  68. ADC Bot

    ADC Bot4 dias atrás

    If a piece of clay can get in the back of the phone, what stops pocket lint and dust from getting in the phone? Are people not supposed to put it in their pocket?

  69. Walter White

    Walter White29 dias atrás

    Im going back to the zack morris phone

  70. Malc180s

    Malc180s29 dias atrás

    This is a gimmick phone. In 2 or 3 years when it's half the thickness and actually durable then sure, but right now I genuinely can't see the point. The Huawei offering looks far more interesting as an idea anyway, and when durability is so poor on the Samsung the fact that the screen is on the outside doesn't seem like the big problem some made it out to be.

  71. lex luthor

    lex luthor29 dias atrás

    i feel like i live in the future

  72. Joshadowolf

    JoshadowolfMês atrás

    I don’t trust Galaxy Fold. 🤨

  73. Benjamin Fragoso

    Benjamin FragosoMês atrás

    Am I the only one that kinda found the jellyfish thing funny?

  74. meloD30

    meloD30Mês atrás

    10:40 Mmmmm... I don't know what this reward is for, but imma take it and run.

  75. Martin Zone

    Martin ZoneMês atrás

    I can guess what was stuck underneath. A grain of rice?

  76. mrmiddl

    mrmiddlMês atrás

    Sounds like a bunch of idiots don't need a $2k 1st gen foldable phone

  77. Dale Brooks

    Dale BrooksMês atrás

    Gimmick. Folding phones will not last. Especially at that price.

  78. iPhonedo

    iPhonedoMês atrás

    10:42 GENIUS!

  79. Knight Ranger 222

    Knight Ranger 222Mês atrás

    Actually only ONE has failed. All of the others were not due to a defective device but to the negligence of the reviewer not reading the operational manual. Which was also explained in their own Videos. So everyone will now be making videos on this, search: Samsung Galaxy Fold Failure. And they will get the views because people LOVE DESTRUCTION. Watch Unbox Therapy he removes the real screen protector with the TAB at the bottom.

  80. shane bundy

    shane bundyMês atrás

    Great review seems like your a Mac head though. I could of course be wrong ;)

  81. puttha sangkla

    puttha sangklaMês atrás

    can i know more detail about the shooting technique that you guys show at the end of the clips? what is that camera? what is the trick? Thanks

  82. bigmaxcc

    bigmaxccMês atrás

    Look at all the dislikes

  83. em.fotografik

    em.fotografikMês atrás

    Dumbest device ever! That’s what the hell tablets are for.

  84. Young Wong Park

    Young Wong ParkMês atrás

    It's a real review. Some review only used this to make hot dogs.

  85. ImHereForPearlJamVid

    ImHereForPearlJamVidMês atrás

    can somebody pass a message from me to Samsung? "no one likes Bixby. no one". thanks.

  86. Ki Ki

    Ki KiMês atrás

    china is the solution for your bird scooters 😂👍💩 to be cheap and cheerful

  87. Vardhan Gupta

    Vardhan GuptaMês atrás

    Liking just for that opening shot.

  88. Krombopulos Michael

    Krombopulos MichaelMês atrás

    Holy Lemon Batman, this is the price of an A-B vehicle...

  89. superhyperbole

    superhyperboleMês atrás

    Not gonna lie, personally I like the jelly scroll affect

  90. Noble3781

    Noble3781Mês atrás

    When everyone kept crying that the mate x was not as sturdy as the fold 😅😅😅

  91. DemonikJD

    DemonikJDMês atrás

    I love your reviews man but this really feels like you like it for the gimmick and the honeymoon period is strong. There seems like next to no wins here, especially for 2K

  92. Abhi Vishwakarma

    Abhi VishwakarmaMês atrás

    Yes you are right

  93. Bernard Traquena

    Bernard TraquenaMês atrás

    Perhaps secretly the verge did some stress bend testing of the fold... LOL :D

  94. Nytes1982

    Nytes1982Mês atrás

    Apple made the first foldable phone. iPhone 6 Plus....

  95. William Reynolds

    William ReynoldsMês atrás

    Your pocket has lint in it that would definitely get into every crack and crevice. That phone is never going to work until at the very least they put some sort of bellows to stop anything from getting behind the screen

  96. Hunter's Moon

    Hunter's MoonMês atrás

    Folding screens = Bad Idea.

  97. Ricardo Gurgel

    Ricardo GurgelMês atrás

    AMAZING review The Verge !!! Thanks god ! A great missing review, that every one MUST see. And it makes me thought.. Galaxy fold is a mediocre/average phone, or maybe an innovative/interesting tablet that can fits in your pocket?

  98. Brandon Prentice

    Brandon PrenticeMês atrás

    CREASE! 3:14

  99. Carlo de Guzman

    Carlo de GuzmanMês atrás

    Its a plastic screen! Wow society has a short memory.

  100. Filipi Melo

    Filipi MeloMês atrás

    PLEASE, make an "BackStage" of those videos

  101. Joel Sawyer

    Joel SawyerMês atrás

    Officially delayed indefinitely now, new release date within two weeks...

  102. G Philip C

    G Philip CMês atrás

    When a Bump becomes a Bulge...could be steroids.

  103. JOHNWAYNE1920

    JOHNWAYNE1920Mês atrás

    Seriously, buy an iron bro

  104. Milton Bradley Voice of the Mummy

    Milton Bradley Voice of the MummyMês atrás

    Alto's Odyssey is the surfing game.

  105. Imthemichaelphelpscantswim

    ImthemichaelphelpscantswimMês atrás

    exposed... apple gonna win this coming fall

  106. sorin crivat

    sorin crivatMês atrás

    is this an ipad commercial?

  107. Frank Vincent Tolores Gesmundo

    Frank Vincent Tolores GesmundoMês atrás

    It turned into another perspective when you had experienced it first hand, but technically it's the owner's duty to take care or not his phone, all modern phones are fragile, no exemptions.

  108. Vynx

    VynxMês atrás

    Next video : how repair a Samsung Galaxy Fold

  109. RandomTechS@#T

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    Wanna hear a joke? Bixby