Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Impressions: A Great Duo!


  1. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleeMês atrás

    6:55 I should mention... that should say 256/512GB of STORAGE, not RAM 😅

  2. Zeedan Shah

    Zeedan Shah3 dias atrás


  3. neo tv

    neo tv14 dias atrás

    Do vivo nex 3

  4. JOnTHeMOnSoon

    JOnTHeMOnSoon16 horas atrás

    Fuck bigsby, and Samsung for making the stupid mistake of removing the headphone jack. Honestly seems highly unnecessary except for them to save money and sell u a fucking ugly ass dongle that u wouldn't had needed in the firat place. Korea, wtf?

  5. Carracio Mendes

    Carracio Mendes2 dias atrás

    Is that a stock wallpaper on the device ?

  6. Andreas Susanto

    Andreas Susanto2 dias atrás

    No giveaway?

  7. Ernest Skiba

    Ernest Skiba2 dias atrás

    Why are we always talking about the headphone jack, who wants cables when we are in the age of wireless....we might as well talk about bring back tactile keyboard or rotary phones...come on!

  8. rohan tiwari

    rohan tiwari3 dias atrás

    Can anyone please tell me from where can I get this wallpaper used in the video 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Monique Villamonte

    Monique Villamonte3 dias atrás

    Link for that cube wallpaper pleeease 🙏🏻

  10. genetic gamer

    genetic gamer4 dias atrás

    The next gen will Not get a chance to see Headphn Jack 😞😞

  11. Hamza Iqbal

    Hamza Iqbal4 dias atrás

    what wallpaper are you using? do you have a specific application for wallpaper?

  12. Michael Szendrey

    Michael Szendrey4 dias atrás

    You can make the button turn the phone on/ off

  13. themarcshark

    themarcshark4 dias atrás

    What's that wallpaperrrrr

  14. Clap Aknote

    Clap Aknote4 dias atrás

    Anyone knows if there is any way of having a stylus on a normal android phone ?

  15. Rch_iD

    Rch_iD5 dias atrás

    Wallpaper download Link ?

  16. Milton Corbin

    Milton Corbin5 dias atrás

    You can change the power button settings

  17. roni das

    roni das6 dias atrás

    mkbhd =man known by...... ??

  18. MonsterChuck

    MonsterChuck6 dias atrás

    No mention of Samsung removing pro video mode from all phones with the Pie update. Even phones that had it previously do not now. Samsung are a bunch of thieves. Selling phones with features then removing them.

  19. Samuel Alake

    Samuel Alake8 dias atrás

    How do you turn on the phone after shutting it down?

  20. Charles Moore

    Charles Moore10 dias atrás

    would rather no front facing camera than the hole punch. would like headphone jack and 5000 mah battery perfect note

  21. Charles Moore

    Charles Moore10 dias atrás

    its a terrible excuse they are liars. bring headphone jack back. or give us a 5000 mah battery

  22. Yogesh

    Yogesh10 dias atrás

    Do you think that the s11 will have under screen cameras?

  23. Toxic Death

    Toxic Death7 dias atrás


  24. Ali Reza

    Ali Reza11 dias atrás

    Watching on my Note 10 Plus :))

  25. zeezeebo

    zeezeebo11 dias atrás

    Question, Marques, what do u do with all the multiple phones u review? You know, your sister could use one at a discount price

  26. Belle T.

    Belle T.11 dias atrás

    is it sad that the only reason i know bixby is because of that one jolly video

  27. Godswarrior 4ever

    Godswarrior 4ever11 dias atrás

    I have the s10 plus and its a pretty amazing phone gonna be hard to switch !

  28. Aymen Hamza

    Aymen Hamza11 dias atrás

    when i saw 256/512GB RAM i was like wtf is this the future .

  29. Noname

    Noname12 dias atrás

    There is wireless charging too

  30. Conventionally Unconventional

    Conventionally Unconventional15 dias atrás

    Hi! This is my first comment!

  31. Johnny Emezie

    Johnny Emezie15 dias atrás

    The price gap is worth spending the extra buck even for non power users.

  32. AhToca

    AhToca17 dias atrás

    I'm using note 8, when note 9 come out I didn't see any reason to upgrade and decided to wait for note 10. Note 10 come out and know I'm looking for another brand to buy. I'm quite happy with my Note 8 other than small, quick draining battery. Note 10 is a total joke, does Samsung really thinks that people who buying note series are only professionals who does not take pictures? Cheap A series have cameras up to 48MP and Note 10 still using same sensor with S7??? This is unbelievable!! 12MP camera is a joke. And there is no headphone jack which is a big minus for me (well new phones does not have it, but still note 10 is a joke)

  33. Edward Edwards

    Edward Edwards17 dias atrás

    God I hate Bixby. It is 100% the reason I'll be moving to a Pixel as my next phone

  34. Arvind

    Arvind17 dias atrás

    Where can i get this wallpaper ?

  35. Txnzim

    Txnzim17 dias atrás


  36. Parth Somaiya

    Parth Somaiya18 dias atrás

    Link for the wallpaper ?

  37. Harry Banda

    Harry Banda18 dias atrás

    I will never use a phone with a notch or a hole on the screen would rather use the galaxy note 9.

  38. Brandon 2SS

    Brandon 2SS14 dias atrás

    Stop being stubborn.

  39. Io_ael22 2005

    Io_ael22 200519 dias atrás

    Can you please do a note 10+ vs one plus 7 pro comparison?💙

  40. Io_ael22 2005

    Io_ael22 200519 dias atrás

    Can you please do a note 10 plus vs s10+ comparison?🖤

  41. Shafi Sediqi

    Shafi Sediqi19 dias atrás

    Police: what color was u r phone... Me: ....... have u ever seen the back of a CD?

  42. The Syndrosphear

    The Syndrosphear2 dias atrás


  43. Kesha Johnson

    Kesha Johnson19 dias atrás

    Think I’ll just get the s10 plus. I have AirPods right now but I still like the option of being able to use my wired headphones when the wireless headphones die. I also still use the aux cord in my car so I like being able to charge my phone while listening to my music. Not everyone wants to spend unnecessary money on adapters and Bluetooth radios etc. the phones already $1000+

  44. umar mohmmd

    umar mohmmd19 dias atrás

    Pls this walpaper download link not 10 p6

  45. sajesh yesodharan

    sajesh yesodharan19 dias atrás

    Hey please share the link for that wallpaper

  46. Raja Roshan

    Raja Roshan19 dias atrás

    Any one please this vedio phone wallpaper link

  47. Seijosske

    Seijosske19 dias atrás

    What wallpaper you use

  48. Arnab Bag

    Arnab Bag20 dias atrás

    Samsung always bargains with the battery. It is good to have less explosive in pocket.. 😂

  49. Prajwal Pramod

    Prajwal Pramod20 dias atrás

    Why these could be better: 1. The long press on the power button SHOULD ALWAYS be used for turning the phone off, nothing else. 2. A 3500 mAh battery on a phone that costs $950 doesn't sound great. The $250 Moto G5 Plus which I got in 2017 comes with a 3000 mAh. 3. Like you said, the screen isn't really state-of-the-art.

  50. Henry Idrovo

    Henry Idrovo20 dias atrás

    Zoom: You gotta press the button and make that circular movement with your hand just ONCE and it will do the zoom until you release the button

  51. Vivian Chandru

    Vivian Chandru21 dia atrás

    Screen saver where can I get . Can y send a link.

  52. Jermaine Williams

    Jermaine Williams21 dia atrás

    Ok but that's a pretty good trade off at least they made drastic progress before removing the damn headphone jack🤷🏾‍♂️

  53. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C16 dias atrás

    Nothing was traded they just simply removed the headphone Jack because they wanted to not because they had to.

  54. kakaw Martin

    kakaw Martin21 dia atrás

    Can anyone tell me what wallpaper did Marques have used?

  55. RareS MotoC

    RareS MotoC19 dias atrás

    Zedge - cubes

  56. Oreostriker 979

    Oreostriker 97921 dia atrás

    What kind of wallpaper is that

  57. Entertainment Insider

    Entertainment Insider21 dia atrás

    Cam anyone tell me which wallpaper is that and what is the name?

  58. Ol12 Gaming

    Ol12 Gaming21 dia atrás

    yay my phone has a headphone jack.

  59. HU ViDs

    HU ViDs21 dia atrás

    Note 10 plus is awesome

  60. mj Jones

    mj Jones21 dia atrás

    So what was the point of makin the reg note 10 ??.

  61. anonymous 101

    anonymous 10121 dia atrás

    My guess is it was made for people who never had note

  62. CakeAndShoes

    CakeAndShoes21 dia atrás

    Stop this Eye makeup.

  63. Ali E. Haider

    Ali E. Haider21 dia atrás

    Note 10 plus just a copy of Huwaei P30 pro.

  64. Ali E. Haider

    Ali E. Haider19 dias atrás

    @Khalid Al Wadany i am talking about the design and shape and the color and the camera position.

  65. Khalid Al Wadany

    Khalid Al Wadany19 dias atrás

    Naah the Huawei doesn't have a pen

  66. Mangelferre

    Mangelferre21 dia atrás

    which is better: s10+ or note 10 (small) ?

  67. Raheel Hussain

    Raheel Hussain22 dias atrás

    Blame apple for no headphone jack...Apple is pushing it

  68. Daron TheOne

    Daron TheOne21 dia atrás

    It's a active decision by these companies no one is just removing the Jack because apple did it it's because more and more people are switching to wireless devices and how exactly is apple "pushing it"

  69. Bryant Sánchez

    Bryant Sánchez22 dias atrás

    How I can find that wallpaper? (The 3D purple boxes)

  70. Body Snatcher

    Body Snatcher21 dia atrás

    bump google

  71. Aswin Aravind

    Aswin Aravind22 dias atrás

    4:54 Is it image stabilization

  72. DemonicHellcat 707

    DemonicHellcat 70722 dias atrás

    I need 10 reason to upgrade from my note 8 go 👂👂👂