Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies With Budget Mom’s Tips


  1. Luke Wathen

    Luke WathenDia atrás

    First 20 seconds with hedphones all you here is cckckck

  2. Kimara T

    Kimara TDia atrás

    Dollar tree headphones suck

  3. ÃbrīłzGachã Płãÿž

    ÃbrīłzGachã Płãÿž3 dias atrás

    Oh lemme guess now his clothes is from goodwill..... Oh lord help them

  4. シFl0wer Yuna

    シFl0wer Yuna3 dias atrás

    If I saw one dollar head heads I’ll be like *mmm yeah no*

  5. George michael

    George michael6 dias atrás

    Save money = makeup & tattoos

  6. Battle time with savage team Xx

    Battle time with savage team Xx6 dias atrás

    I spend 2000 beacause backpacks Gucci

  7. Merlin Go hard

    Merlin Go hard6 dias atrás

    Don’t expect the headphones to last long Timmy

  8. Ellie Vlogs

    Ellie Vlogs6 dias atrás

    Yeah it’s all a good deal but the headphones and like folders and binders they were not last as long as those more heavy duty expensive ones

  9. Roblox Reviews

    Roblox Reviews6 dias atrás

    I had a kid like that in my class his mom got him dollar tree stuff and then he would always tell the teacher it broke

  10. rosegold

    rosegold7 dias atrás

    Can she save money getting those tattoos?

  11. c: c:

    c: c:7 dias atrás

    They the type of moms to buy you everything on the clearance section and nothing on your supply list

  12. Hunka Moma thunka think thunka

    Hunka Moma thunka think thunka8 dias atrás

    My 7th grade school supplies list is shorter than that.

  13. Kat Winters

    Kat Winters10 dias atrás

    okay well this works for her kid since he’s in what 3rd grade all they need is crayons, pencils and erasers which is sometimes provided by their school. But High school and college students need way more and NON cheep materials that would break on the same day. Talk about how to save on real brands and heavy duty materials.

  14. Baneen Albahdily

    Baneen Albahdily11 dias atrás

    I mean like she could’ve gone a little more expensive because her son is using it for school not to play with

  15. Allisson Mendez

    Allisson Mendez11 dias atrás

    And more folders

  16. Allisson Mendez

    Allisson Mendez11 dias atrás

    Well u will need more note books dose she not know that

  17. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez12 dias atrás

    Unlike other parents “oh that’s okay my kids got airpods 🙂 he should be good”

  18. Juan Gaytan

    Juan Gaytan13 dias atrás

    Cheap mom lol

  19. AlexDoes Vlogs

    AlexDoes Vlogs14 dias atrás

    The most annoying part is 60 percent of that supplies usually go to the teacher or different classrooms🙄

  20. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz15 dias atrás

    her voice

  21. T C C

    T C C15 dias atrás

    My mom buys stuff and then if I have empty folders I just reuse it

  22. bob the builder

    bob the builder16 dias atrás

    i just use my friends stuff

  23. Natalie Andujar

    Natalie Andujar16 dias atrás

    Extreme cheap stakes

  24. Bolt Jayk

    Bolt Jayk16 dias atrás

    What the heck is Friday folder ?

  25. Axt Trillix

    Axt Trillix16 dias atrás

    So basically CHEAPSKATE

  26. Harmanprit Singh

    Harmanprit Singh16 dias atrás

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  27. JustinProductions

    JustinProductions16 dias atrás

    yeah but when you’re not in first grade you need more then like 8 things

  28. No Entity - ダニエル

    No Entity - ダニエル17 dias atrás

    My Dollar tree don't have things like that. :(

  29. YouTube Copyright

    YouTube Copyright17 dias atrás

    Hah that’s funny mine cost over including school fees 24400 dollars

  30. SummerRayAngel ???

    SummerRayAngel ???17 dias atrás

    Get the headphones at Walmart it will work in a year

  31. Robert Heller

    Robert Heller18 dias atrás

    It's missing a gun?

  32. Pertti peräreikä

    Pertti peräreikä19 dias atrás

    How about the quality of the stuff

  33. 3itit

    3itit19 dias atrás

    That thumbnail make her look like a trans I don't hate on trainees but she look like a man

  34. Yeet Mas

    Yeet Mas19 dias atrás

    Crazy ass mom

  35. alois hermida

    alois hermida19 dias atrás

    Just use the app called honey/mrbeast. @honeyy

  36. Thass Landry Hudge

    Thass Landry Hudge20 dias atrás

    or go to the dollar tree...……?

  37. Earth Chan

    Earth Chan20 dias atrás

    I'm Happy My Country Doesn't Have The Dollar Store

  38. CC Gaming

    CC Gaming21 dia atrás

    Or you could just use honey

  39. PWR Blue Sniper

    PWR Blue Sniper21 dia atrás

    1 dollar headphones imagine the sound quality on those

  40. DarKNeSs

    DarKNeSs21 dia atrás

    This is just sad


    PRO GAMER22 dias atrás



    PRO GAMER21 dia atrás

    @Alice nice

  43. Alice

    Alice22 dias atrás

    PRO GAMER am 6th grade too XD

  44. Jays daily video

    Jays daily video22 dias atrás


  45. Fraiser Gomes

    Fraiser Gomes23 dias atrás

    Its always better to buy 30-50 dollar headphones I bought one about a year ago and still works fine

  46. Legendary King

    Legendary King23 dias atrás

    HEY MIKO wanna go bowling?!

  47. sad saddy

    sad saddy24 dias atrás

    6 huhhhhh??

  48. Worldsteezy

    Worldsteezy24 dias atrás

    What if I don’t have a staples near me

  49. Krieper101

    Krieper10124 dias atrás

    Yeah well ur son dosent need 6 folders for english

  50. Christopher’s Labb

    Christopher’s Labb24 dias atrás

    Cheap skate

  51. Jennie G. Nieves

    Jennie G. Nieves24 dias atrás

    So who pays for all the gas you use driving around 2:15 stores to pick up three and four dollar items

  52. Vbucks5

    Vbucks525 dias atrás

    Bruh i Care more about my style then school supplies

  53. Fatima Diaz

    Fatima Diaz25 dias atrás

    Tattoos and a desktop so expensive stuff but your so cheap when it comes to school really

  54. CheekyVX

    CheekyVX25 dias atrás

    honestly stuff from dollar store aint that bad for like pens markers and basic stuff the rest my parents ordered from amazon but this mom is too cheap

  55. claresthetic

    claresthetic25 dias atrás

    just use ur iphone earpods or airpods

  56. ThatOnePianist 817

    ThatOnePianist 81725 dias atrás

    Me *clicks the vid and watch it* Me after vid: *sees all my school supplies that costs $50 US money from target*

  57. Brooke K

    Brooke K25 dias atrás

    how did she only spend $6 for all that stuff at Staples?! I just got a pack of pens and that was $6 for just 5 pens!!!

  58. Josh Kenji Kayo

    Josh Kenji Kayo25 dias atrás

    i dont have to buy school supplies my school provides everything and the payment is part of the tuition fee

  59. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos26 dias atrás


  60. potato sack

    potato sack26 dias atrás

    Jeez juss drop out and you’ll definitely save money


    ITS AARON26 dias atrás

    It may be good but all that stuff is cheap

  62. daniela b

    daniela b26 dias atrás

    literally my highlighters cost my mom $20-