Scuba Diving Underneath Military Base and You Won’t Believe What I Found! (Restricted Zone)


  1. TTV. magzravez

    TTV. magzravez6 meses atrás

    Great, now we have DALLMYD to scuba dive underneath Area 51. Now we can attack from below!

  2. Ben Parker

    Ben Parker24 dias atrás


  3. maxwellbailey_ mtb

    maxwellbailey_ mtb26 dias atrás

    TTV. magzravez its a shame the raid wasnt successful

  4. Zainab Vlogs 1234567

    Zainab Vlogs 123456727 dias atrás

    Yep lol hahha☺😃😃😃😃😃😃lets tel the master of nortro run

  5. Christopher Larson

    Christopher Larson2 meses atrás


  6. dice1of1 gameing

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  7. Kooper Fuller

    Kooper Fuller25 minutos atrás

    That is a tank round

  8. Games And Stuff For You

    Games And Stuff For You2 horas atrás

    0:15 Now that is American accent, and I love it!

  9. Brady Sentz

    Brady Sentz2 dias atrás

    Jake: we could walk away with some crazy finds Brandon: I’m so nervous I could die

  10. Jsv Nabsb

    Jsv Nabsb2 dias atrás

    8:23 artillery round

  11. Camden The kid

    Camden The kid3 dias atrás

    That bullet shaped thing is a tank missel or bullet

  12. ?? RR

    ?? RR3 dias atrás

    7:39 O ”blubb” M ”blubb” G

  13. Landon Marietta

    Landon Marietta4 dias atrás

    *picks up artillery shell*military bases “mission accomplished!”

  14. James Kellam

    James Kellam4 dias atrás

    NOT smart touching UXO...

  15. Geoff Millar

    Geoff Millar6 dias atrás


  16. Titan TT

    Titan TT6 dias atrás

    Maybe a tank bullet

  17. Jennifer Linnell

    Jennifer Linnell6 dias atrás

    alligator finds rifel 360 no scope

  18. Jennifer Linnell

    Jennifer Linnell6 dias atrás

    aligator throw bomb back explosed no more scuba diving

  19. Jennifer Linnell

    Jennifer Linnell6 dias atrás

    nazi bomb throw iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boom boom boom boomm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. Jennifer Linnell

    Jennifer Linnell6 dias atrás

    ohhhhh a hand granade oh I should throw best idea


    SKYGUY GAMEING YT7 dias atrás

    4:44 pipe bomb

  22. Alverene Mckenzie

    Alverene Mckenzie7 dias atrás

    Aret you scard

  23. Jeanna Krestinski

    Jeanna Krestinski8 dias atrás

    area 51. haha.

  24. Alexander Kenney

    Alexander Kenney10 dias atrás

    So u guys found a ww2 tank but if u can tell me where u were I can study it. Also I i subbed and turned on notifications also I

  25. Raven__310

    Raven__31011 dias atrás

    That’s a 75mm tank round from a Sherman tank

  26. Javier R

    Javier R11 dias atrás

    I just realized brandon shaved his armpits 😂

  27. Kostas Drakakis

    Kostas Drakakis12 dias atrás

    Every one before: HE FOUND TANK after: only the bullet

  28. Xi Jinpingpong

    Xi Jinpingpong12 dias atrás

    Nice tank shell. Hey Jake. What is your depth watch called?

  29. Ashley Hicks

    Ashley Hicks12 dias atrás

    You should join naked and afraid i know you could do it

  30. Lucas vdL

    Lucas vdL13 dias atrás

    7:47 "can it explode?" "lets shot that thing up!"

  31. Lal Mohan

    Lal Mohan14 dias atrás

    I thought u found a tank

  32. Jana F

    Jana F16 dias atrás

    That "pipe bomb" looked like the gas cylinder for chairs, like office chair

  33. Eyad Tahoun

    Eyad Tahoun17 dias atrás

    The first spot was the army spot

  34. Wolfstanus

    Wolfstanus17 dias atrás

    I suggest learning a little more about the things you find. Might save your lives or might help keep you from throwing away interesting things through ignorance

  35. Victoria Zimiga

    Victoria Zimiga18 dias atrás

    i would be so scared

  36. Sue Holmes

    Sue Holmes19 dias atrás

    It wyd a doombugy

  37. Emma Dean

    Emma Dean19 dias atrás

    my dad works in the military and the thing that Jake was holding is an un exploded bulit or bomb or explosive.

  38. Omega Y

    Omega Y19 dias atrás

    The first item you found is a attachment to a. Gun like a suppress attachment I tgink

  39. Jaxson B

    Jaxson B19 dias atrás

    Don’t worry dude I’m scared of alligators too😱😨

  40. David Garza

    David Garza20 dias atrás

    Me when he said "ima hold your hand let me hold your hand":*burst out laughing*but yeah if I was u guys I would've done the same with my bff

  41. Adi Maz

    Adi Maz20 dias atrás

    I can't be the only one breathing manually the entire video, right?

  42. fortnite lover

    fortnite lover20 dias atrás

    Yo I’m 15 minutes away from there I’m in Dothan

  43. Michal Daszuta

    Michal Daszuta20 dias atrás

    50k now do the alligator prank

  44. Braden Cox

    Braden Cox21 dia atrás

    was that a army tank

  45. MeKillYouTo

    MeKillYouTo22 dias atrás

    8:05 that looks like is a High Explosive Anti-Air round, or a HE AA round, use in WW2 the explosive part anyway, they are right there was something else attached to it to launch it but that part explodes too, be careful with it!

  46. MeKillYouTo

    MeKillYouTo22 dias atrás

    6:04 sick transition

  47. Leopoldo Hernandez

    Leopoldo Hernandez22 dias atrás

    The grenade pipe looking thing is I think something for a tank or a gun

  48. from my balls

    from my balls22 dias atrás


  49. UndeadOtterYT

    UndeadOtterYT22 dias atrás

    8.48 it looks like a high explosive shell

  50. Carter Brunson

    Carter Brunson24 dias atrás

    I wanna see the prank

  51. ETY Boy

    ETY Boy25 dias atrás

    You shold of used flash lights

  52. Melvin elder

    Melvin elder25 dias atrás

    The "bullet shaped thing you found" is a tank round and the car you Found is a Willie's Jeep!

  53. Russell hughes

    Russell hughes25 dias atrás

    Jake why do you have to prank the other guy so much

  54. Sy the Guy

    Sy the Guy25 dias atrás

    Now DALLMYD is gonna scuba dive under area 51 we will attack from there!!! Great plan!!

  55. Oddaj Dzieci

    Oddaj Dzieci24 dias atrás

    This meme is so dead

  56. kc saphire

    kc saphire26 dias atrás

    That big bullet u guys found mightve been a tank shell

  57. Emily McAdam

    Emily McAdam26 dias atrás

    Yessss an alligator remote control prank yessshhhhh

  58. robyn thompson

    robyn thompson26 dias atrás

    In the bullet you sent with the tank run

  59. robyn thompson

    robyn thompson26 dias atrás

    It's a boat flipped upside down

  60. YaBOI ANDY

    YaBOI ANDY27 dias atrás

    The first find was a German stickgrenade

  61. Magic Missiles

    Magic Missiles26 dias atrás


  62. DreamKrushGaming

    DreamKrushGaming27 dias atrás

    I think ur first find was a German ww2 stick grenade

  63. Tanya Taylor Dominick

    Tanya Taylor Dominick27 dias atrás

    That fish is huge that is like the size of my big stuffed unicorn

  64. kawaii whale

    kawaii whale27 dias atrás

    I bet you will get eaten

  65. Samuel Van Dorsten

    Samuel Van Dorsten29 dias atrás

    That shell is probably an armor piercing high explosive shell

  66. moustafa moharrem

    moustafa moharremMês atrás

    he sounds like a dieing duck

  67. Flying Eagle

    Flying EagleMês atrás

    I think that‘s a Tank bullet