Sean Evans Reveals the Season 10 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastMês atrás


  2. Alaina Hartley

    Alaina Hartley12 dias atrás

    You need to have Sean himself be interviewed. And who would do the interviewing you say? Himself in front of a mirror.

  3. Darth Black and Mild

    Darth Black and Mild13 dias atrás

    All these B-list celebrities and you won’t welcome Kevin Smith and J Mews? I won’t be watching this gimmick-y BS any longer. For shame Sean, for shame.

  4. superstar2983

    superstar298321 dia atrás

    Get Skip Bayless on

  5. Lucas Patrick

    Lucas Patrick22 dias atrás

    Klorosis I bet the questions and clips Sean brings to the table from Beast’s youtube career would make a hilarious episode!

  6. Snake iCe x08

    Snake iCe x08Dia atrás

    10 seasons... I don't think this man have tastebuds anymore

  7. anon. aki

    anon. akiDia atrás

    Homie Dabbed prior to filming...Bless his insatiable flaming heart.

  8. Darth Littlebuddy

    Darth Littlebuddy3 dias atrás

    Stephen a Smith!!

  9. T Franciet

    T Franciet4 dias atrás

    What the Fuuuuuu???!!!?.?

  10. Roue Nutter

    Roue Nutter5 dias atrás just sayin. This collab needs to happen.

  11. OuTsIdE iN

    OuTsIdE iN5 dias atrás

    Y’all ma fuckas better never get rid of Da Bomb!

  12. Julie Clark

    Julie Clark5 dias atrás

    He seems drunk here lol

  13. kody cain

    kody cain6 dias atrás

    Gotta get Catfish Cooley on here

  14. allyson plautz

    allyson plautz6 dias atrás

    If not on this season, I vote Miranda Lambert and Donald Driver next season!

  15. Artūras Lekstutis

    Artūras Lekstutis7 dias atrás

    I think he just wants to kill himself after having even hotter sauces this season, that's why he can't even act anymore.

  16. rebostorm19

    rebostorm198 dias atrás

    What’s going on in the corner of Sean’s lips

  17. J Baugh

    J Baugh8 dias atrás

    No thank you Sean Evans!

  18. Moises Ugalde

    Moises Ugalde9 dias atrás

    You’re from Evanston bruh!! Not Chicago

  19. Guðbjörn Guðjónsson

    Guðbjörn Guðjónsson9 dias atrás

    This show would be amazing if u could get Kevin smith and Jason mewes

  20. Kyle G

    Kyle G9 dias atrás

    Evans is a smug douche bag

  21. Bubby Flippu

    Bubby Flippu9 dias atrás


  22. NOTAK BO

    NOTAK BO10 dias atrás

    Travis Scott la flame please have him on

  23. LL

    LL11 dias atrás

    is sean doing some kind of method acting? or is he appealing to the mass market?

  24. cripsnblood

    cripsnblood11 dias atrás

    It's like a man on death row talking up the lethal injection cocktail!

  25. Alejandro Gom3z

    Alejandro Gom3z11 dias atrás

    Pete Davidson yo gotta have him

  26. Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson11 dias atrás

    I can't wait to see Noel Gallagher on this show, it's gonna be hilarious.

  27. Beanguap

    Beanguap11 dias atrás

    give me a kiss bro

  28. Stephen McCoy

    Stephen McCoy11 dias atrás

    can I recommend a hot sauce to try - Elijah's Xtreme | Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce

  29. Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]

    Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]12 dias atrás

    We need TheReportOfTheWeek on this show!

  30. Olufs Waterview

    Olufs Waterview12 dias atrás

    Man, watching this as a hot sauce company that sent a bottle into hot ones must be like checking the list on the wall to see if you made the team back in high school. So nerve racking 😬

  31. Alex Mendoza

    Alex Mendoza12 dias atrás

    Please have tech n9ne as a guest

  32. DJ Squirtnasty

    DJ Squirtnasty12 dias atrás

    fuck you pussy we want jay and silent bob!

  33. Oh Hi

    Oh Hi12 dias atrás

    Please interview Ryan bergara and Shane madej

  34. Lurch Skywalker

    Lurch Skywalker12 dias atrás

    I can't believe you guys turned away Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. They would have been great on here. Shame on you guys.

  35. nev ets

    nev ets12 dias atrás

    Jay and silent bob!, how u going to pass on these.. clowns?? I always felt like this was the little channel that could.. but with this action your head has gotten to big.. just silly.

  36. Daniel Hitchcock

    Daniel Hitchcock12 dias atrás

    Find space for Kevin Smith.

  37. SuperPussyFinger

    SuperPussyFinger12 dias atrás

    I was expecting next season's celebrity lineup. Instead, I'm watching an 8-minute ad for bottled sauces.

  38. snake plissken

    snake plissken12 dias atrás

    just heard hot ones were not interested in having jay and silent bob on the show so im no longer interested in this ,unsubbing bye felicia

  39. Timothy Kurek

    Timothy Kurek13 dias atrás

    Not having Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes is so uncool. You guys are forgetting where you came from.

  40. RYAN Satterfield

    RYAN Satterfield13 dias atrás

    You wouldn't let Jay and Silent Bob on so f*** this show turn on not ones by Kevin Smith

  41. Amanda Elkins

    Amanda Elkins13 dias atrás

    Why did you guys not want Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes on?!

  42. Joe Thompson

    Joe Thompson13 dias atrás

    Kev*n Smith... Jay Mewes.. Please

  43. DJ EW

    DJ EW13 dias atrás

    Sean... why did you decline Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes for being on your show? That would have been a really good episode. I just finished watching there Not Ones episode.

  44. Confusing Lore

    Confusing Lore13 dias atrás

    Should have let Kevin Smith and Jason mewes on the show.

  45. hand news

    hand news13 dias atrás

    Watch not ones with Kevin Smith

  46. hand news

    hand news13 dias atrás

    We want Jay and Bob make it happen

  47. cptsketch13

    cptsketch1313 dias atrás

    Fuck you, unsubbed for thinking you're better than Jay and Silent Bob.

  48. PSpurgeonCubFan

    PSpurgeonCubFan13 dias atrás

    love the little nod to GMM

  49. Jeremy Jolivet

    Jeremy Jolivet13 dias atrás

    you know youre a real spiceboiii when you had 7/10 of those without even trying. Just ordered 2 of the 3 i was missing tho so i guess im trying

  50. Kylynn2010

    Kylynn201013 dias atrás

    You should have Wendy Williams!

  51. Rastko Sehovic

    Rastko Sehovic14 dias atrás

    My brain on drugs

  52. Dan Jonsson

    Dan Jonsson14 dias atrás

    from da bong too da bomb. Someones in a happy condfused place :)

  53. NateMillerTime26

    NateMillerTime2614 dias atrás

    I’m pretty sure Sean’s stoned...

  54. sportsfanatic 006

    sportsfanatic 00614 dias atrás

    Uhhhhh Shawn you good bro

  55. Nicky Narcoleptic

    Nicky Narcoleptic15 dias atrás

    "You know what time it is" ummm wrong show lol

  56. Turaes Boy

    Turaes Boy15 dias atrás

    Shout out from Majalaya

  57. A S

    A S15 dias atrás

    nice rolex!

  58. Sadago

    Sadago16 dias atrás

    The most common celebrity descriptor for da bomb is "It doesn't taste like food", and that's wonderful

  59. Leonardo Ruiz

    Leonardo Ruiz16 dias atrás

    Sean Evans looks like a cool guy when he’s drunk

  60. M G

    M G16 dias atrás


  61. Lorrie

    Lorrie16 dias atrás

    Get JP from Awaken with JP? It would be highly interesting... And funny.

  62. Lorrie

    Lorrie16 dias atrás

    OMG, Sean is even better crazy stoned! I thought it was maybe just my 64 year old mind making things up, but I see others agree. I'm in California with some edibles in my purse... Been a long time, but... I will probably get stoned and buy a pack of hot sauce I can't afford...

  63. Xiang Williams

    Xiang Williams16 dias atrás

    Please do a video with Tom Holland

  64. Amilcar Trejo

    Amilcar Trejo16 dias atrás

    Ashton saying Venezuela while eating hot wings caught me completely off guard. What the hell? Hahahaha