Secret Life of Pets 2 Review: WHO CARES?


  1. therandon commenter

    therandon commenter3 horas atrás

    Thank you so much for recommending my roommate is a cat

  2. Ronan Buddy

    Ronan Buddy18 horas atrás

    Tiffany Haddish also plays one of the birds in the Angry Birds movie 2

  3. Boop-chan

    Boop-chan5 dias atrás

    The only thing I liked was when pickles was "pissed"

  4. kemuael

    kemuael5 dias atrás

    Very rare I actually agree with a woman when it comes to movie, but in this case I Agree!!!

  5. Ali Brennan

    Ali Brennan5 dias atrás

    Demon Slayer 🗡️👹👺 is awesome!!

  6. Haybone

    Haybone9 dias atrás

    I thought Harrison Ford was the only good part of this film

  7. Panda Aaliyah H

    Panda Aaliyah H10 dias atrás

    I saw its and I got bored like In 7 minutes at the beginning of movie

  8. david fitzpatrick

    david fitzpatrick10 dias atrás

    tbh all dogs tend to love babies when they are born after the dog is bought by the parents. Most people would say that this is because the dog realizes that the baby is a part of his "pack" which isa why some dogs such as huskies or shepherds are REALLY PROTECTIVE OF BABIES!

  9. Maya Grayson

    Maya Grayson14 dias atrás

    Oh the dog can’t get under the table with the cone on

  10. Richard Ramos

    Richard Ramos15 dias atrás

    This movie sucked

  11. AwebudVlogz

    AwebudVlogz20 dias atrás

    Why do you have such a grudge against Illumination? Sure, they have made some dumb stuff before, but your context of hating Illumination is the same as somebody hating Pixar because they made Cars 2.

  12. Beta I.G.

    Beta I.G.20 dias atrás

    Another cute for the sake of cute anime with cats: Nyanko Days

  13. gtyler5

    gtyler521 dia atrás

    Stop comparing this movie with tar. At least tar has substance.

  14. Armageddon_girl

    Armageddon_girl21 dia atrás

    I saw this in theaters😖 My mom was going to a rated R movie, so she let me pick a movie to watch on my own. I picked Dark Phoenix, went in, and the movie was 30 minutes in. So I went to Godzilla. Same thing. Literally the ONLY movie that hadn't started yet was pets 2.

  15. Hi! Bye.

    Hi! Bye.21 dia atrás

    WARNING: The following comment might annoy you to the core; thank god that dislikes don't add up on YT comments. People think that they will get attention by saying how bad this movie is and basically following the crowd, even though the one who gets attention is the one who has her own opinion aka Cellspex. :) I also watched like most of the movies that are featured as "the worst " (I don't have bad taste, It just happens.)in Cellspex's reviews and I kinda liked some of them. I still like Cellspex because she is funny and also cute af when she is angry, but I think people should stop acting like some sheeps. *Unless they actually hate the movies** (but I _highly doubt_ that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE THEATERS *did* ). *If this applies to you forget this comment. It wasn't meant for you :D.

  16. KingAlex 105X

    KingAlex 105X22 dias atrás

    I was kinda hoping Illumination was gonna fix their stuff with this movie from the trailers but really sounds like they arent

  17. Rio 3 and Zootopia 2

    Rio 3 and Zootopia 222 dias atrás

    I actually love this movie!!! 9/10!

  18. Julian Stephenson

    Julian Stephenson25 dias atrás

    If the secret life of pets films are to be believed, I’m pretty sure that means that when Louis CK grows up, he will become Patton Oswalt

  19. Xanegoh

    Xanegoh26 dias atrás

    Read "Nukoduke" instead. It's stupidly adorable.

  20. The 12th Dimension

    The 12th Dimension28 dias atrás

    Allumination makes soo much money because cute is profitable, and really easy to accomplish

  21. The Elder Scout

    The Elder ScoutMês atrás

    How does this have over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes?!

  22. The Elder Scout

    The Elder Scout19 dias atrás

    Valenzuelas Studios it’s coming to digital on August 6th and DVD on August 27th. I don’t know about Netflix

  23. Valenzuelas Studios

    Valenzuelas Studios20 dias atrás

    @The Elder Scout Is it on dvd or Netflix yet?

  24. The Elder Scout

    The Elder Scout20 dias atrás

    Valenzuelas Studios I really recommend King of the Monsters

  25. Valenzuelas Studios

    Valenzuelas Studios20 dias atrás

    @The Elder Scout I didn't see either movies and we know imdb and medicritic is better.

  26. The Elder Scout

    The Elder Scout20 dias atrás

    Valenzuelas Studios I know. There the same reviewers that gave King of the Monsters 40% and gave The Last Jedi 90%

  27. CloudyGamer41

    CloudyGamer41Mês atrás

    The only reason I watched the film is bc my sister wanted to, both me and my dad could have gone to see the live action aladdin instead I MISSED ALADDIN FOR THIS MONSTROSITY I literally just turned the brightness down on my phone and put on netflix with subtitles im not even joking


    BARF_SIDEOSMês atrás

    I just noticed that secret life of pets wrote as its first letters is SLOP

  29. Eat At Joe's

    Eat At Joe'sMês atrás

    The fact I just forgot about this movie is a testament as to how mind-numbingly meh it is. The fact that I forgot about the first movie aside from the trailers is a feat in itself.

  30. Shizzle Official

    Shizzle OfficialMês atrás

    When I heard this movie came out, I was so upset. Why make a sequel to a movie nearly everyone will forget.

  31. Daddy Veo

    Daddy VeoMês atrás


  32. Antonio Alejandro

    Antonio AlejandroMês atrás

    Somehow this movies feels like they appear every year :/

  33. einstinscintist

    einstinscintistMês atrás

    who cares we need this its more lore for the best anime ever made since minions

  34. Silvean

    SilveanMês atrás

    I loved it 😂 Don’t judge I’m only 14

  35. Gamer Dude/G-man

    Gamer Dude/G-manMês atrás

    Don’t worry friend I’m 24 and I absolutely loved the movie

  36. Jason Todd

    Jason ToddMês atrás

    I liked it

  37. Pepsiman

    PepsimanMês atrás

    Sgin 2 lance will beg to have ash in his life but ash has feelings for Johnny but johnny has feelings for guys.

  38. Olivier Therien

    Olivier TherienMês atrás

    Disney:LETS MAKE EVERY MAJOR MOVIE A SEQUEL Dreamworks: GREAT IDEA!WELL DO THE SAME Sony,Bluesky,Illumination:Well make horrible movies that are easily marketable to small children AND sequels for maximum cash grab. Public:😭😭😭

  39. Banoffee De Fairikaik

    Banoffee De Fairikaik9 dias atrás

    Laika: We're down here with a strict 'no sequels' rule and making great movies no matter what

  40. Olivier Therien

    Olivier TherienMês atrás

    Just when we thought this year was going to be flawless with animation...

  41. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristMês atrás

    I saw the movie, and I almost fell asleep. I tried to stay awake and I did. I just took out my phone and watched BRreporter from being so bored.

  42. Petros

    PetrosMês atrás

    I’ve seen tmnt vs Batman it was great

  43. inigo pascual

    inigo pascualMês atrás

    Ill watch it just for the cute imagery

  44. Olivia Muchow

    Olivia MuchowMês atrás

    Me: at the beginning being my fangirl self praying that she says voltron *doesnt say voltron* Me: writes a comment about it

  45. artemisgirl91

    artemisgirl91Mês atrás

    Yu yu hakasho ova!! Going now!!!!!!

  46. FireCracker Hermanowicz

    FireCracker HermanowiczMês atrás

    How hold is the dog is my question

  47. Shiny Umbra

    Shiny UmbraMês atrás

    the only parts I liked were snowballs new character with daisy, and rooster and max's relationship, and can I just say the villain in this movie is horrile and every human in the movie is ugly af

  48. Oliver The cat

    Oliver The catMês atrás

    My roommate is a cat in my opinion is boring it’s just supposed to be cute but that’s it

  49. Luciana Vasquez

    Luciana VasquezMês atrás

    I love the first one, but the second one ... I laugh and love snowball and norman but just that, really a flop

  50. wolfgamer 372

    wolfgamer 372Mês atrás

    Don’t forget jojo part 5

  51. Jack Morgan

    Jack MorganMês atrás

    What is your problem with Illumination? I mean seriously, I am so sick and tired of you complaining about it all the time.

  52. I'mjustRandom

    I'mjustRandomMês atrás

    *says star vs. The forces of evil* Me: yes...Yes..YeS...YES

  53. Golden Light Pictures

    Golden Light PicturesMês atrás

    Jim Carrey: nobody cares!! Lol jk

  54. Final Master

    Final MasterMês atrás

    To me, the movie is less of horrible and more of "Where are they going with this?" The worst I get is facepalming. Not disgust or anger. Facepalming. It's passable, but not by much.

  55. LegendaryOdin

    LegendaryOdinMês atrás

    Hell yeah, Yu Yu Hakusho!

  56. Darly Johnson

    Darly JohnsonMês atrás

    Secret - s Life- l Of-o Pets-p S l o p

  57. Not A Doctor

    Not A DoctorMês atrás

    Was it bad? No. Mediocre? Absolutely. Harrison Ford has yet to be in a bad movie.

  58. David Cheater

    David CheaterMês atrás

    I thought the first movie was aggressively dull. I can amuse myself with the concept that no other movie I see this year - no matter how bad - is going to be as dull as this one i'm skipping.

  59. JKLitttleMan

    JKLitttleManMês atrás


  60. Firebreather719

    Firebreather719Mês atrás

    Looks like a lot of people didnt care, because this movie did a disappointing 225 million dollars.

  61. Manula all rights

    Manula all rightsMês atrás

    I loved the movie! 💖

  62. Kevin Reyes

    Kevin ReyesMês atrás

    Without spoling anything, J. K. Simmons showed up again. You called it.

  63. Pikakip 379

    Pikakip 379Mês atrás

    I'd rather watch my own spiral into insanity and sadness than this movie.

  64. EveeKennY 64 Mazariegos

    EveeKennY 64 MazariegosMês atrás

    0:32 I thought it was good why is it bad?!

  65. Cole Takahashi

    Cole TakahashiMês atrás

    I think your boring.

  66. Cole Takahashi

    Cole TakahashiMês atrás

    I didn't think it was boring.

  67. Ghost Arrow Fire!

    Ghost Arrow Fire!Mês atrás

    @Cole Takahashi the movie was basically an advertisement. Not like the Lego movie were they actually had charm, a story and creativity.

  68. Ghost Arrow Fire!

    Ghost Arrow Fire!Mês atrás

    @Cole Takahashi fortnite minecraft pokemon brawl stars clash royale splatoon

  69. Cole Takahashi

    Cole TakahashiMês atrás

    @Ghost Arrow Fire! learn not to suck.

  70. Ghost Arrow Fire!

    Ghost Arrow Fire!Mês atrás

    Learn to edit ur comment

  71. little toad

    little toadMês atrás

    It was pretty bad in a lot of ways but I liked it tbh

  72. Oscar Santiago

    Oscar SantiagoMês atrás

    Hey dream walker is about the main character poet anderson having night terrors a demon coming after him called a nightmare walker when he falls asleep and is attacked in a subway train his guardian angel of sorts comes to save him guardians are called dream walkers by the end of the video hes able to face his fears and become a dream walker himself.

  73. T TUBER Rza

    T TUBER RzaMês atrás

    The only part of the movie that I enjoyed was the panda rap at the end of the movie

  74. Angel Rivera

    Angel RiveraMês atrás

    Why would you hate this beautiful movie

  75. Ghost Arrow Fire!

    Ghost Arrow Fire!Mês atrás

    Box office results plz

  76. Collided Worlds

    Collided WorldsMês atrás

    When i noticed i was more excited for the angry birds movie 2 than this, i knew something was wrong

  77. Ronald Andrew Donald McDonald

    Ronald Andrew Donald McDonaldMês atrás

    I just watched this because I needed an excuse to have sweets

  78. Litteraly all I do is write comments

    Litteraly all I do is write commentsMês atrás

    Everyone: How bad will this one be? Illumination : YES!

  79. David Soto

    David SotoMês atrás

    0:33 that’s even worse

  80. Salad Man

    Salad ManMês atrás

    Protecting new member of cast? Toy Story 4?

  81. Pro Wrestling & Video Game Fan 486

    Pro Wrestling & Video Game Fan 486Mês atrás

    I wasn’t gonna watch this anyways as I hated the 1st one.

  82. Ka Boom

    Ka BoomMês atrás

    Now we need a vid of you saying everything better than secret life of pets 2

  83. E A

    E AMês atrás


  84. BudiPlot

    BudiPlotMês atrás

    I'm not even gonna watch it anyway, simply because they're attracting fellow kids, and more importantly, SINCE WHEN DID WE ASKED FOR A SEQUEL OF SECRET LIFE OF PETS!?

  85. Fierce 90

    Fierce 90Mês atrás

    I Actually liked these movies. Simple Stories, but it’s entertaining enough.

  86. alex c

    alex cMês atrás

    Did you wait for the post credit there is thanos

  87. Richard Lu

    Richard LuMês atrás


  88. Ghost Arrow Fire!

    Ghost Arrow Fire!Mês atrás

    Cellspex idiot

  89. wind Style

    wind StyleMês atrás

    Can you do a review for endgame

  90. Craig Mills

    Craig MillsMês atrás

    My own list now naruto Death note

  91. red raptor

    red raptorMês atrás


  92. Pika 1305

    Pika 1305Mês atrás

    Is your favorite character in Persona 5 Morgana?

  93. MarioATWLink

    MarioATWLinkMês atrás

    Wait wait wait.... There was a OVA for Yu Yu Hakusho.... how did I not know about that. Heck with watching the rest of this video, I already know the movie sucks, I need to track down that OVA now.