Senator Kamala Harris: ‘President Donald Trump Got Punk'd’ On North Korea | MSNBC


  1. Michael Krick

    Michael Krick4 horas atrás

    Too bad we can't deport Harris, and I'm being nice and won't call her what I really think of her.🤔

  2. frank harris

    frank harris10 dias atrás

    She's beautiful...

  3. Dude Lebowski

    Dude Lebowski12 dias atrás

    Kamala who? What does she know about foreign affairs? She has NO experience - just hate-filled opinions. She's been a joke in the debates and is running on fumes now. Her campaign ends in Iowa. Maybe she could focus on doing something for California (Fucktardistan).

  4. Beachdudeca

    Beachdudeca13 dias atrás

    Harris is Vile




  6. Gregory Alfano

    Gregory Alfano17 dias atrás

    Must be some good koolaid man. Kamal isn't good at anything but she's especially bad when it comes to self promoting herself as God's gift to mankind (Willy "Shagbark" Brown oughta know) and a being of pure light. As in a virgin and honest and without original sin etc. I guess that's why she is able to mock and smear and lie and pretend about the imperfections of one DJT. That's why she can get away with a profane laced hateful tirade full of false allegations while promising to be above all of that herself. While she just got done doing what she said Trump was guilty of. Harris is an excellent race baiter. A hateful racist against white males. A fake opportunist courting the black vote as a black person who isn't really black. Of Indian (India) and Jamaican decent. Not African American. Just wants the power. Reminds me of the Indiana Jones Holy Grail movie. At the end when the Crusader castle is disintegrating and Jones has the beautiful Elsa by one hand as she's dangling high over the bottomless pit. Elsa wants the power of the Grail. But Jones can't hold her any longer. Your life or the Grail. In the end? Neither.

  7. Vasilijan Nikolovski

    Vasilijan Nikolovski17 dias atrás

    Oh cool, so Kamala agrees with John Bolton. Good to know.

  8. The Alien

    The Alien18 dias atrás

    Donald trump got punkd?

  9. Blas Santillan

    Blas Santillan19 dias atrás

    Lol she sounds like a bimbo blurting bs with no facts behind it none of these guys have a chance TRUMP has had the best foreign policy for “our time” but in the future we may need a kayaks Harris if we are all unconscious

  10. Tyler McNeil

    Tyler McNeil16 dias atrás

    We got played by North Korea that's what you call winning?

  11. Red Neck

    Red Neck19 dias atrás

    Herself? Kinda puttin the cart before the horse, aint’cha?

  12. breathnstop

    breathnstop19 dias atrás

    all true

  13. m. nguyen

    m. nguyen19 dias atrás

    She’s bullshittin

  14. Karim Zakaria

    Karim Zakaria19 dias atrás

    A year ago when the mainstream media was pushing hard for Kamala, I said she would eventually be irrelevant and the Marco Rubio of this years primary and look now.... she’s polling at 1-2%

  15. Johnmatrix1000

    Johnmatrix100019 dias atrás

    He has got a lot further than any war monger Democrat got. The left are a disgrace.

  16. Troy King

    Troy King20 dias atrás

    Thank God for Donald Trump The peoples president not the governments president.

  17. Joe Fischetti

    Joe Fischetti20 dias atrás

    Camel lips Harris must have stayed up all night memorizing this little speech that was written for her. You can see that it was memorized and there was no feeling in what she said. Word on the street is that she does her best work on her back.

  18. Mister Grizz

    Mister Grizz20 dias atrás


  19. Mountain Dew

    Mountain Dew20 dias atrás

    she has not enough cash to reach the finish, pitty

  20. Abyyou Bbyyou

    Abyyou Bbyyou17 dias atrás

    She did what she was supposed to.



    👎👎👎👎👎no no no 👎👎👎👎👎

  22. mark baughman

    mark baughman20 dias atrás

    Kamala Harris your state is a f@#king sorry state of affairs. What have you done for them. Nothing thats what. Your the black Hillary Clinton and the American people are not buying it. You got punked in the debate and your not top tier. Give it up.

  23. lemmon

    lemmon20 dias atrás

    I'm from Asia. If not for trump having this 'personal' relation with Kim for whatever its worth, this part of the world would still be in a tense state. Today Asia is safer because 2 people chose to meet and talk to each other face to face. One cannot expect decades of animosity to change overnight but its a good start. Which other sitting president would do such 'silly' act. I dont think an egoistic person would be able to pull this off. A very underrated President.

  24. Johnmatrix1000

    Johnmatrix100019 dias atrás

    I agree with you

  25. Michael Granja

    Michael Granja20 dias atrás

    @jonte green that's funny coming from a trump cultist

  26. Chad Applin

    Chad Applin20 dias atrás

    Thank you!!!!

  27. jonte green

    jonte green20 dias atrás

    He's clearly not a sheeple like you Michael

  28. Michael Granja

    Michael Granja20 dias atrás

    Then you clearly don't know our president

  29. zarzarbeast

    zarzarbeast20 dias atrás

    Harris is so disgusted by her own race she would not marry one of her own. She married a wealthy influential Jewish man instead, Douglas Emhoff. This is what self hating blacks do. They scream at the top of their lungs about their own race's struggles then do everything they can to avoid their own people, through marriage to another race, living in wealthy white/jewish neighborhoods, etc...

  30. Miss Avenger

    Miss Avenger20 dias atrás

    Here is a tip for Kamala that I guarantee will raise her poll numbers. She needs to shorten her answers by making them clear and concise. When she drones on she loses her audience everytime.

  31. Elias Cervantes

    Elias Cervantes20 dias atrás

    Lol not even black people like this hag

  32. Nathan Nunnery

    Nathan Nunnery20 dias atrás

    Funny how North Korea isn’t a threat anymore until trump got elected. We showed strength to them for once and they backed down

  33. Nathan Nunnery

    Nathan Nunnery16 dias atrás

    michael wilson how did he get punked? North Korea has missiles yes but they’re not making threats. Trump and Kim get along so that means no war. You want us to go to war? All of the other presidents wish they could have done what trump has done with North Korea. You’ll hate trump for anything. It’s a win for the USA for us not to be in another war. That’s not getting punked

  34. michael wilson

    michael wilson16 dias atrás

    @Nathan Nunnery Trump did get punked. He told Kim Jong Un to denuclearize and Kim Jong Un basically stuck his middle finger up to him. Lol

  35. Nathan Nunnery

    Nathan Nunnery19 dias atrás

    Chris Tse remember when trump walked across the north-south Korea bored to shake Kim’s hand. Remember when he had all of those military drills in South Korea showing our strength on display. Then trump and Kim met to stop the fighting and threats. I remember that. Stop hating trump for every little thing and actually pay attention. Stop watching one sided news also I can tell you do that.

  36. Jeremy Habegger

    Jeremy Habegger20 dias atrás

    Full Yang recap here ;)


    HAUS OF AARON20 dias atrás

    I love this woman

  38. Milen Technique

    Milen Technique20 dias atrás

    HAUS OF AARON you like a bedwench who harass black men like u? Are you stupid? She be better off sleep

  39. YT4Me57

    YT4Me5720 dias atrás

    Well said.

  40. Ohshumuki

    Ohshumuki20 dias atrás

    that was not a debate

  41. lonewolfanddog

    lonewolfanddog20 dias atrás

    Harris is so fake. She speaks with a forced twang to try and appeal to African Americans

  42. Tanis C

    Tanis C8 dias atrás

    @Daemon Nine LMAOOOO😂😂😂

  43. Daemon Nine

    Daemon Nine20 dias atrás

    I'm surprised she hasn't stopped using Afro-Sheen to try and go full nappy on the campaign trail.

  44. Daemon Nine

    Daemon Nine20 dias atrás

    You noticed that, did you? Yeah, you can go back and listen to her early clips and see how she began to blackify her communications.

  45. Strong Mountain Runner

    Strong Mountain Runner20 dias atrás

    Hey TRUMPANZEE....go back to your SHITHOLEFOX

  46. auggiedogg46

    auggiedogg4620 dias atrás

    The more she talks the more she exposes herself, hang in there as long as possible lol if she wasnt a california senator i would say her days are numbers as a senator but Californians are gonna vote dem no matter how much it hurts themselves

  47. Raymond C

    Raymond C20 dias atrás

    MSNBC should not be allow to host another debate. Worst debate ever.


    HAUS OF AARON20 dias atrás

    Girl hush.

  49. YT4Me57

    YT4Me5720 dias atrás

    I can't stand these clips. Why not just replay the entire debate?! Foolishness.

  50. Eric Wetzel

    Eric Wetzel20 dias atrás

    Lmao so does that mean also he got Punk'd and played by Putin then?

  51. 49 reasons

    49 reasons20 dias atrás

    Yes. Yes, it does.

  52. Poet Flows To You

    Poet Flows To You20 dias atrás

    Yes Senator Harris! Tell em about it now.

  53. George Sanchez

    George Sanchez20 dias atrás

    No way get that skank out of here.

  54. Trey

    Trey20 dias atrás

    You know.... she can say THEMSELVES instead of making a show of saying “herself” to pretend that thats equality when it’s divisive and continues a divide when it doesn’t need to exist. But ok....

  55. Malaysia Riley

    Malaysia Riley19 dias atrás

    Trey 🙄 someone’s toxic masculinity is on display. Like Klobuchar said let’s play a game ... name you favorite woman president. Point is you can’t and that’s the problem 🤷🏼‍♀️ if you can’t see that your part of the problem

  56. Eric Martens

    Eric Martens20 dias atrás

    Really annoying when she says "Concerns herself" in reference to the president. You are not and never will be president Kopmala. Bernie 2020.

  57. Dawn-Marie Langlois

    Dawn-Marie Langlois20 dias atrás

    @Eric Martens Thank you Eric for clarification I love Bernie too. We are on the SAME page.

  58. Eric Martens

    Eric Martens20 dias atrás

    Dawn-Marie Langlois trust me it’s not gender bias. Tulsi is my 2nd favorite candidate after Bernie. There are legitimate reasons to hate Kopmala.

  59. Dawn-Marie Langlois

    Dawn-Marie Langlois20 dias atrás

    Come one turned off by a little humor or gender bias?

  60. D Man

    D Man20 dias atrás

    This woman is angry and unhappy....sad

  61. Marlene Parchejo

    Marlene Parchejo20 dias atrás

    I don't believe every single word coming from this woman's mouth!

  62. Strong Mountain Runner

    Strong Mountain Runner20 dias atrás

    Hey TRUMPANZEE....go back to your SHITHOLEFOX

  63. YT4Me57

    YT4Me5720 dias atrás

    So she lied about the effect Trump has had on foreign policy? Smh...

  64. ღSwnsasyღ _

    ღSwnsasyღ _20 dias atrás

    Marlene Parchejo I don't believe ANY so...

  65. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez20 dias atrás