Sesame Street: Respect is Coming


  1. Freethinker

    Freethinker2 dias atrás

    Depression cured

  2. ionthegravity2

    ionthegravity22 dias atrás

    Elmo should've talked to Dany next....

  3. JKC

    JKC2 dias atrás

    How is this appropriate?

  4. Neon Zaku

    Neon Zaku2 dias atrás

    This is cannon

  5. ноу ноу

    ноу ноу2 dias atrás


  6. Mysteerio88

    Mysteerio882 dias atrás

    The most ambitious crossover in history

  7. Mariusz Templariusz

    Mariusz Templariusz2 dias atrás

    Elmo first of this name Westeros defender King Elmo


    ᏚᎻᎪᎻᏆᎪ ᏴᎬᏞᏙᎪ2 dias atrás

    I did not ask for this yet I am grateful

  9. Nirad802

    Nirad8022 dias atrás

    No but seriously what's the background theme near the end? Sounds so peaceful

  10. Seán Michelangelo Charles Egan

    Seán Michelangelo Charles Egan2 dias atrás

    I can't wait for Elmo's wedding

  11. Valerie C

    Valerie C2 dias atrás

    Elmo should have been the one crowned King.

  12. Tony Lawliet

    Tony Lawliet2 dias atrás

    Weird random crossover lmfaooooo

  13. BRYKS22

    BRYKS222 dias atrás

    Elmo should show up at an incest scene and give us his 2 cents

  14. Jorge Burgos

    Jorge Burgos2 dias atrás

    and then in season 8 elmo sits in the iron throne

  15. San chita

    San chita2 dias atrás

    Tbh, this is better than season 8.

  16. Andres

    Andres2 dias atrás

    I consider this the Canon ending of Game of Thrones.

  17. Senorita Aurora

    Senorita Aurora2 dias atrás

    God I love Lena Headey

  18. Franco Aguinot

    Franco Aguinot2 dias atrás

    Spoilers: Elmo obtains the Iron Throne and befriends the Drogon!

  19. Additional Pylons

    Additional Pylons2 dias atrás

    Spoilers: Elmo is actually being controlled by the 3 eyed raven

  20. Charlos 13

    Charlos 132 dias atrás

    Even tywin will be thank's to elmo. 😁😆

  21. gamerjedi 360

    gamerjedi 3602 dias atrás

    next episode elmo helps elsa jean

  22. bianca katalbas

    bianca katalbas2 dias atrás

    wow this is better than how the season ended

  23. Gnome Lord 101

    Gnome Lord 1012 dias atrás

    Is this canon.

  24. bong pal

    bong pal2 dias atrás

    i think HBO is on crack😱

  25. breasthound

    breasthound2 dias atrás

    A better ending than the one we got.

  26. JirenManoBlanco

    JirenManoBlanco2 dias atrás

    David Benioff: Elmo... Kind of forgot he's not a Game of Thrones character.

  27. Rick O'Shay

    Rick O'Shay2 dias atrás

    Cersai, just like a Leftist. "I just don't want you to get what you want."

  28. Jessica Dead

    Jessica Dead2 dias atrás


  29. Wanderer Cayne

    Wanderer Cayne2 dias atrás

    Just imagine Elmo’s laugh every time the show gets really dark. Every. Time. Each season. This is like introducing Hello Kitty to Gundam- ooooh waaaait...

  30. live14 hard

    live14 hard2 dias atrás


  31. Natasha Yatco

    Natasha Yatco2 dias atrás

    My God he got talk-no-jutsu

  32. TexanBruceWayne

    TexanBruceWayne2 dias atrás

    Cersei had a bigger role here than during the entire episode of The Bells. Shameful

  33. Z Blade

    Z Blade2 dias atrás

    Heyyy that's not what happens

  34. QTE P4ND4

    QTE P4ND43 dias atrás

    How to get your kids into GOT

  35. Thecommander248

    Thecommander2483 dias atrás

    Elmo was later hung for treason.

  36. bononoz2

    bononoz23 dias atrás

    This is a better ending to Game of Thrones.

  37. Esai Elyger

    Esai Elyger3 dias atrás

    0:40 Tyrion: "(cookie monster???)"

  38. Fruity Troll Roll

    Fruity Troll Roll3 dias atrás

    oh my god w h a t

  39. Ria xo

    Ria xo3 dias atrás

    And just like that everything was solved

  40. that one guy

    that one guy3 dias atrás

    Um......what did I just watch lol

  41. Helois Gevit

    Helois Gevit3 dias atrás

    Cersei got more screen time in this parody than the whole of season 8!

  42. Frost Atlas

    Frost Atlas3 dias atrás

    This is canon ending. Season 8 is fanfiction.

  43. Jason D

    Jason D3 dias atrás

    Elmo should've talked to Dany instead

  44. Beowulf DW

    Beowulf DW3 dias atrás

    Better resolution to the plot than S8E6, unfortunately...

  45. Burt Reynolds

    Burt Reynolds3 dias atrás

    This worked out better than Season 8 did

  46. PixieSpells

    PixieSpells3 dias atrás much for trying...😂

  47. tea wrecks

    tea wrecks3 dias atrás


  48. Gladiatorheit

    Gladiatorheit3 dias atrás

    This commercial is better written than season 8

  49. Reamy

    Reamy3 dias atrás

    This is better than 8 season

  50. Juleka Killashandra

    Juleka Killashandra3 dias atrás

    I like this ending better than the actual ending

  51. Will Robin

    Will Robin3 dias atrás

    This is a better ending than the one HBO gave us. Well done Sesame Street

  52. Andrew C

    Andrew C3 dias atrás

    Poor elmo would have had no chance negotiating with Danny. BTW, this is the official canon ending, effective immediately.

  53. Thomas Maner

    Thomas Maner3 dias atrás

    That ending would of been better then the one we Actully got.

  54. HeadHunter

    HeadHunter3 dias atrás

    Next episode: Elmo tries to teach Cersei about brotherly love.

  55. sarah Alvarado

    sarah Alvarado3 dias atrás

    And now....a quoting of that Thor scene in Infinity War. With Eitri. Feel free to comment and quote additional scenes from the movie or any Marvel movie of your choice Thor: *Eitri!* Eitri: *Thor? You were supposed to protect us. ASGARD WAS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT US!* Thor: *Asgard....was destroyed. Eitri, the glove. What did you do?* Eitri: * 300 dwarves lived on this ring. I thought if I did what he asked, they'd be safe. He asked me to make him, a device capable of harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones. Then he killed everyone anyway. 'Your life is yours, ' he said. 'But your hands.....your hands are mine alone.'*

  56. Yoda

    Yoda3 dias atrás

    Now this is canon

  57. leguaaniTV

    leguaaniTV3 dias atrás

    now this is the ending we wanted

  58. Abraham Rizvi

    Abraham Rizvi3 dias atrás

    Way. Better than Season 8

  59. Mars2Venus

    Mars2Venus3 dias atrás

    S U P E R I O R C A N O N E N D I NG

  60. Camilo Garcia Ylasaari

    Camilo Garcia Ylasaari3 dias atrás

    I love that their acting and dialogue is just as serious as in GoT and they don't feel the need to talk down or act overly goofy for kids. It really shows how Sesame Street doesn't treat kids as if they were stupid.

  61. Laíssa Sardiglia

    Laíssa Sardiglia3 dias atrás

    Elmo de elmo \o/

  62. Kai Bishop

    Kai Bishop3 dias atrás

    The look they exchange when he says Cookie Monster says it all. I lost it.

  63. mat p

    mat p3 dias atrás

    This is the finale, S8Ep6 was all a dream...

  64. Spaghetti Nipple

    Spaghetti Nipple3 dias atrás

    I wonder if elmo had sex with his sister too

  65. Nataly Eichentopf

    Nataly Eichentopf3 dias atrás

    Jajajaja 😂😂😂

  66. Roman Minaster

    Roman Minaster3 dias atrás

    Enemy on the battle Field: Says curse word Elmo: *"THATS NOT VERY NICE"*

  67. Chocolat Duhcemin

    Chocolat Duhcemin3 dias atrás

    That was far better than season 8 final

  68. David Tello Benites

    David Tello Benites3 dias atrás

    Imagine if Joffrey was still alive and Elmo teaches him. Joffrey would've had a breakdown if Elmo said it.

  69. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez3 dias atrás

    You win respect. You dont buy it. Get the elmo! *elmo died after the toast*

  70. Oli Os

    Oli Os3 dias atrás

    Better than the real ending.

  71. Marc Roth

    Marc Roth3 dias atrás

    5 year olds: What show are they from any way? Watches GOT I'll leave you to the rest

  72. Marc Roth

    Marc Roth3 dias atrás

    Did someone say Red

  73. Gabriel Reichert

    Gabriel Reichert3 dias atrás


  74. Başak G.

    Başak G.3 dias atrás

    This is a better ending than what we got.

  75. Stan Wheeler

    Stan Wheeler2 dias atrás

    Başak G. You mean than we game of thrones?????ill leave

  76. Nicole Rain

    Nicole Rain3 dias atrás

    This would have been a better ending than what we got

  77. Sunny Lovetts

    Sunny Lovetts3 dias atrás

    This will be in my nightmares tonight

  78. Luqman Hayazi

    Luqman Hayazi3 dias atrás

    Better ending than the season finale

  79. vassalofanubis

    vassalofanubis3 dias atrás

    As far as I am concerned, this is the canon ending of the TV series.

  80. DJ Montgomery

    DJ Montgomery3 dias atrás

    This has better writing than the actual show

  81. Ria

    Ria3 dias atrás

    yeah. she ded.

  82. Agustín Salvatierra.

    Agustín Salvatierra.3 dias atrás

    I can't believe this is happening...

  83. Masoom Rana

    Masoom Rana3 dias atrás

    Damn, still works better than Season 8.

  84. Elaina Zimmerman

    Elaina Zimmerman3 dias atrás

    I wish the finale end it like this LOL 😂😂😂😂

  85. Chris Galinato

    Chris Galinato3 dias atrás

    Better writing than season 8

  86. King Alphonso 87

    King Alphonso 873 dias atrás

    I bet they'll kill him off too

  87. Renus

    Renus3 dias atrás

    To me, the show ended here. :)

  88. Радмир Бакимов

    Радмир Бакимов3 dias atrás

    Ending that we deserved...

  89. ESOULA

    ESOULA3 dias atrás

    did more for westeros than Bran every could

  90. hilyfe01

    hilyfe013 dias atrás

    Oh how this is the sudden tone shift in the *ACTUAL* Finale... sad

  91. TheBrabon1

    TheBrabon13 dias atrás

    shouldve made elmo king

  92. pastelpurpledeathbed

    pastelpurpledeathbed3 dias atrás

    Cersei dies.

  93. IllCaesar

    IllCaesar3 dias atrás

    Better than the actual finale.

  94. Rachel Fourie

    Rachel Fourie3 dias atrás

    Why are they introducing an adult show on Sesame Street? In what way is that appropriate?

  95. cam in the cut

    cam in the cut3 dias atrás

    this has better writing than the actual final season

  96. M FC

    M FC3 dias atrás

    So weird seeing both of these things together.

  97. Ata Butter

    Ata Butter3 dias atrás


  98. Pistachio Lover

    Pistachio Lover3 dias atrás

    This is so cute 😂😂

  99. capness1228

    capness12283 dias atrás

    Honestly a better ending than the real finale.

  100. Sean

    Sean3 dias atrás

    Legitimately better than the final season.

  101. It's that guy

    It's that guy3 dias atrás