Set It Up | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  1. Bea Manela

    Bea Manela3 dias atrás

    Macho was snoring while we were watching this movie HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Coffee Mania

    Coffee Mania7 dias atrás

    Hi Pete

  3. George Coca

    George Coca7 dias atrás

    Hmm, an african-american, and an asian, more inter-racial agenda propaganda...

  4. abcd efg

    abcd efg12 dias atrás

    Just finished watching it and it's absolutely so much more than what they show on the trailer

  5. Aaron Parks

    Aaron Parks14 dias atrás

    i like this trialer

  6. Karl Marxsteingoldberg-Kikenschmitt

    Karl Marxsteingoldberg-Kikenschmitt15 dias atrás

    A movie with an interracial couple written by a Jew. What a surprise...

  7. Saanvi Sudesh

    Saanvi Sudesh24 dias atrás

    Rom Coms are usually a HUGE NO for me, but I REAAAALLLYY liked this one. If you haven't watched it, give it a shot. You won't regret it.

  8. Claire Redfield

    Claire Redfield26 dias atrás

    What's with the running commentary in this movie?? We can see we're not blind!!!!

  9. Julian M

    Julian MMês atrás

    On a binge of shitty Netflix romantic comedy trailers and this is by far the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. What a horrible and unfunny storyline, all the characters are incredibly annoying, the writing is embarrassing. If you know someone who enjoys this movie, never talk to them again. That being said I’ll probably give it a watch

  10. Ed

    EdMês atrás

    I only watched for Lucy Liu, but damn this movie was interesting...corny, but funny and likeable

  11. Julian M

    Julian MMês atrás

    The big dude on the elevator was the only shining moment in this shitshow

  12. Katarina K

    Katarina KMês atrás


  13. Lesch Nyan

    Lesch NyanMês atrás

    Love the place West 19th Street, call me

  14. 246apple810

    246apple810Mês atrás

    This is a really cute movie guys, would deffo recommend

  15. fortunated

    fortunatedMês atrás

    watch the full movie! the trailer actually doesn’t spoil everything and the actual movie is really good

  16. leechie86

    leechie862 meses atrás

    Like many have already pointed out, there's way more to this movie than one would expect. Recommend!

  17. Stella Chong

    Stella Chong2 meses atrás

    Such a great movie

  18. Maggie Wang

    Maggie Wang2 meses atrás

    Guys this movie is perfect for weekend nights, where you don't want to think to much and just eat ice cream and relax. Super cute, interesting, well acted, and a delight to watch!

  19. Nada Ahmed

    Nada Ahmed2 meses atrás

    i love this movie

  20. Jonah TV!!

    Jonah TV!!2 meses atrás

    It's funny because watching the trailer, you think the whole movie is spoiled, but it actually doesn't give away as much as you think. It is just the magic of editing at its finest.

  21. Jouvon Michael

    Jouvon Michael2 meses atrás

    Great movie. Worst assistants ever. They just wasted the time of people with actual careers. I watched it twice.

  22. Victoria Valadez

    Victoria Valadez2 meses atrás

    OMG AMAZING MOVIE I WATCH THE WHILE THING!!!!! (Held my pee in for 1 hour because I didn't want to pause) but a amazing movie WATCH IT!!!! it would be a mistake not to watch it

  23. MsTurn21

    MsTurn212 meses atrás

    This is actually really good. And the trailer don't really give away THAT much.

  24. heheheheheh

    heheheheheh2 meses atrás

    I had no idea pete davidson played in this movie

  25. Spitfire Scarlet

    Spitfire Scarlet2 meses atrás

    So....if you don't mind all the references to "baby sex" baby genitalia" and sexual references to babies, this might be right up your alley. Otherwise, if you notice things like that, this might be a "no go". I personally, am pretty disgusted with the overt propagandizing of our movies to move us toward a society completely devoid of any morality.

  26. Matthew Wong

    Matthew Wong2 meses atrás

    best movie i have ever seen in this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 1Alino

    1Alino3 meses atrás

    this movie is racist anti-white, black god. Trash movie.

  28. Ed

    EdMês atrás

    Lol idiot

  29. Burns me up.

    Burns me up.2 meses atrás

    Oh no! someone should tell the two young white actors about this so the roles can be reversed... yeah we can have seasoned veteran actors Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs work for these nobodies instead because that makes more sense right?

  30. Priya k.p

    Priya k.p3 meses atrás

    Was that pete davidson

  31. Angel Bee

    Angel Bee3 meses atrás

    This movie made it to my top 3 best movies. So much to learn about relationships. Thanks. I hope it wins an award.

  32. Christelle Wawa

    Christelle Wawa3 meses atrás

    I just realise a thing in that movie.if someones of you guys have seen the movie.Do you remember when she was described her boss and the boss of his friend... in the match ? She described her boss like a very feminine(i think it was another word lol sorry i watched it yesterday and i'm high) with black hair.And the other guy... she said that it's just a guy... (she din't compare the skin tone )right now i'm thinking why i'm thinking about it? It's a chineese girl and a black guy...and i'l remeber the part when 2 guys where kissing . A sweet kiss.they yell a booooo. And everybody else was watching like what ???? And they responded: it's not what you guys are thinking... love that movie on netflix.Go wacth it. For me Netflix it's doing a pretty will job. And next now : crazy rich asian. And to all the boys i loved . I'm a girl and i'm black.because i don't have any pic yet on youtube .but i am half haitian and asian chineese = blackneese ( a nickname of some old friends of mine )

  33. Vloggetts

    Vloggetts3 meses atrás

    Omg I was going to not see it because I felt like they gave too much away but it was actually amazing. the direction is great, it's so funny and there's so much more to the story. Highly reccomend

  34. sophia

    sophia3 meses atrás

    If y'all watch it it doesn't give that much away

  35. Methni XD

    Methni XD3 meses atrás

    I see Pete Davidson

  36. Sana Ahmad

    Sana Ahmad3 meses atrás

    The song is My Type by Saint Motel in case somebody wants to know.

  37. joan

    joan4 meses atrás

    I actually watched the movie before watching the trailer. And i loved this movie! Its so cute, funny not so cheesy and it hit me hard specially the dialogues between career.

  38. tubeyou89119

    tubeyou891194 meses atrás

    Hated the bosses characters. waste of time...

  39. Druid Riley

    Druid Riley4 meses atrás

    Movie was cute, funny, charming and adult. Not for kids. Great chemistry between the two leads. Nice to see the two main characters not be 100% nice perfect people.

  40. Dumpling

    Dumpling4 meses atrás

    DUDE! Saint Motel music?! I'm watching this.

  41. Dansque

    Dansque4 meses atrás

    Y'all there's so much more in the movie, you shouldn't assume that the assistants would fall in love and the boss would fall in love and it's happily ever after. Watch the movie and you'll realize that it's all mixed up.

  42. zawaman123

    zawaman1234 meses atrás

    Song name?

  43. MasoutisHools

    MasoutisHools4 meses atrás


  44. Za Ha

    Za Ha4 meses atrás

    This Sums up how European Conquer All with their Beliefs.

  45. Princess Consuela banana hammock

    Princess Consuela banana hammock4 meses atrás

    this is such a cute movie.its totally predictable but so cute.if u haven't watched it u should defined do that

  46. Genevieve Gonzales

    Genevieve Gonzales4 meses atrás

    wow. Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs. brings me back to Ally McBeal S4 memories Interesting!

  47. Thiago South 93

    Thiago South 934 meses atrás

    Música de fundo ?

  48. Anjishnu

    Anjishnu4 meses atrás

    Which fifa was it?

  49. jojo be

    jojo be4 meses atrás

    Are u guys really saying you saw the movie from the trailer or you just trying to get likes? I mean I dont

  50. Cindy Irizarry

    Cindy Irizarry4 meses atrás

    I hate this types of trailers i feel like i watch the whole movie in just this trailer

  51. Kierra

    Kierra4 meses atrás

    Kill bill

  52. chanel 2

    chanel 24 meses atrás

    That's Chad from scream queens

  53. astilove

    astilove4 meses atrás

    i love this movie.. so great 😂😂😂 and i lovs zoey ❤️

  54. Gwyneth Cochrane

    Gwyneth Cochrane4 meses atrás the full movie here