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  1. Laura Sanchez

    Laura SanchezDia atrás

    In the thumbnail I thought that was Anders from workaholics

  2. Roni _82

    Roni _82Dia atrás

    This content can I watch on boxxy?

  3. Steve Wertz

    Steve WertzDia atrás

    With boxxy software you finding and playing all movies and series available on the internet.

  4. piano kagamine

    piano kagamine3 dias atrás

    absolutely loved this movie!!

  5. Efi Efi

    Efi Efi4 dias atrás

    Wtf is Pete 'camel-toe-face' Davidson doing there?

  6. fharesh francis

    fharesh francis4 dias atrás

    what is the name of background score used in this trailer

  7. Shubham Kshirsagar

    Shubham Kshirsagar6 dias atrás

    FIFA 15

  8. Strange Boy

    Strange Boy7 dias atrás

    Why did this politically correct, pro-interracial, pro-miscegenation crap get so many upvotes? Do progressives really want a future where every single person will look like Tiger Woods? Because that will be the end result of mass interracial relationships. It is impossible for a woman who looks like Katheryn Winnick to be created by an interracial couple.

  9. Pat Sulit

    Pat Sulit7 dias atrás


  10. sôphie Tlou

    sôphie Tlou7 dias atrás


  11. F Sharp

    F Sharp8 dias atrás

    "...Well bring me my laptop." LOL!!

  12. Akarsh Chaudhary

    Akarsh Chaudhary8 dias atrás

    What's the song at 00:32?

  13. Akarsh Chaudhary

    Akarsh ChaudharyDia atrás

    Rugra G. Thx ..

  14. Rugra G.

    Rugra G.2 dias atrás

    Saint Motel - My Type

  15. Vishnu Gopakumar

    Vishnu Gopakumar9 dias atrás

    does anyone know bgm being played

  16. Reggie Addison Jr

    Reggie Addison Jr10 dias atrás

    This was great. I didnt expect to like it because this isnt usualy the type of movie I sit down and watch but it was enjoyable and a good laugh.

  17. ally krotonsky

    ally krotonsky10 dias atrás

    Isn’t rick the guy in that one vine who said “people keep asking me, what’s it like to be a sexy” and then he puts his leg up on a chair and smashes his head into it.

  18. Mitchell Quartero

    Mitchell Quartero10 dias atrás

    This is my favorite movie I like it

  19. Hannah Carlisle

    Hannah Carlisle11 dias atrás

    This trailer doesn’t actually spoil the whole plot and the movie was ok pretty cliche but cute

  20. Hue Lu

    Hue Lu13 dias atrás

    Yeap they turned “teacher” as if they know what they are doing....

  21. kloe yeung

    kloe yeung14 dias atrás

    Like modern much ado about nothing

  22. daisiella12

    daisiella1215 dias atrás

    Ok I now have another movie to add to the list to see :)

  23. Manny

    Manny15 dias atrás

    Love Lucy Liu! Can't wait

  24. Nadia Bhatti

    Nadia Bhatti16 dias atrás

    This movie was so good, especially for a light summer day type of movie

  25. CaptainAwesome

    CaptainAwesome17 dias atrás

    The first time I saw this, I watched it again immediately after just because I loved it so much :)

  26. Camille

    Camille19 dias atrás

    The trailer doesn't say too much about the movie stop sayin that

  27. canadavatar

    canadavatar20 dias atrás

    Horrible Bosses 3????

  28. Aalya Qureshi

    Aalya Qureshi21 dia atrás

    stopped watching the trailer half way through once i got the gist of it cos i didnt want to watch the movie in the trailer (i think the two assistants are gonna fall in love like The Duff??!!)

  29. Andy X

    Andy X22 dias atrás

    OMG IS THAT LUCY???!!!!

  30. øtaku chan

    øtaku chan22 dias atrás


  31. øtaku chan

    øtaku chan19 dias atrás

    Rugra G. Thankyou!

  32. Rugra G.

    Rugra G.20 dias atrás

    Saint Motel - My Type

  33. Musawar Hussain

    Musawar Hussain22 dias atrás

    Y’all know the song from the beginning with the “ La la la la” and the one with the trumpet

  34. Rinamay100

    Rinamay10025 dias atrás

    Does anyone know where Glen's white shirt (with tiny dancing women) is from?

  35. tiffany’s maid

    tiffany’s maid25 dias atrás

    i know netflix was going to show too much of it in the trailer so i stopped the video half way.

  36. tiffany’s maid

    tiffany’s maid25 dias atrás

    this movie was so GOOD, they looked super cute together.

  37. Chloe Z

    Chloe Z25 dias atrás

    This movie was amazing!!

  38. SonKuantum Bükücü

    SonKuantum Bükücü27 dias atrás

    music name ? plase

  39. Rugra G.

    Rugra G.20 dias atrás

    Saint Motel - My Type

  40. ForeverxGymnast

    ForeverxGymnast27 dias atrás

    my dumb ass really thought that the main guy was cameron from ferris bueller's day off

  41. valar

    valar28 dias atrás

    Best Netflix original movie yet. They've upped their game pretty quickly, Hollywood and its $12 a ticket shit-producing machine should be worried.

  42. Anji Reddy

    Anji Reddy28 dias atrás

    can somebody tell me What was the song playing in background from 1.28 to 1.36.?

  43. Anji Reddy

    Anji Reddy19 dias atrás

    Thanks a lot Rugra G

  44. Rugra G.

    Rugra G.20 dias atrás

    Saint Motel - My Type

  45. 23feb2013

    23feb201329 dias atrás

    This is the only Netflix special rom com I’ve ever liked

  46. ishouldbestudying

    ishouldbestudying29 dias atrás

    he doesn't look like 28 i thought he is like 38

  47. Muneeba's guild

    Muneeba's guildMês atrás

    Some of the Netflix movies onlyyy some are good but taking random new actors ruins the fun. Take good known actors please

  48. Ethan PARK

    Ethan PARKMês atrás

    The racist formula of Hollywood movies holds white women in the arms of white men and oriental women in the arms of white or black men. Asian men are treated as worms in American movies. Black women are also in the arms of white or black men. It is a Hollywood movie that white men can embrace women of all races. The Hollywood film industry uses blacks and Asians as accessories to prove that they are not racists. The film chose accessories as a combination of black men and oriental women.

  49. Cecille Marasigan

    Cecille MarasiganMês atrás

    for those of you that thinks the trailer already showed you the whole film, you're mistaken. go watch the movie. its good and it will make you want to be or have an assistant lol 😂

  50. The_other_black_guy

    The_other_black_guyMês atrás

    Cecille Marasigan eh it kinda is the whole film

  51. MANA

    MANAMês atrás


  52. The Nice Guy

    The Nice GuyMês atrás

    Name of the background music in the trailer? THAT SAX SOUND

  53. Rugra G.

    Rugra G.20 dias atrás

    Saint Motel - My Type



    I saw it Its a nice movie BTW!

  55. Jackalofdeath

    JackalofdeathMês atrás

    this looks bad

  56. Jenna Binder

    Jenna BinderMês atrás


  57. Jonie Scott

    Jonie ScottMês atrás

    I need to watch this Zoey Dutch is actually so funny!

  58. Suraj Yadav

    Suraj YadavMês atrás

    Zoey is awesome, She's the next star of era

  59. Bobby

    BobbyMês atrás

    Dont waste your time on this trash movie. Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs wanna hold on to whatever career they have left.

  60. Utah Malone

    Utah MaloneMês atrás

    I love this movie. It remind me of the parent trap movie to, they both are good.

  61. taylormxrie

    taylormxrieMês atrás

    This movie was cute, I recommend watching it if you haven’t already!

  62. beez waxx

    beez waxxMês atrás

    i liked this more than those bs midnight sun and kissing booth *gags*

  63. Bugaboo

    BugabooMês atrás

    Oh wait, Lucy Liu's from Elementary.

  64. percumi

    percumiMês atrás

    Never ever watch e trailer to the end. This movie is my next favourite rom-com. I'm definitely watching it again.

  65. lalala girl

    lalala girlMês atrás

    This is an amazing movie, definitely loved it! Recommend watching this!😍😍

  66. Dexter Williams

    Dexter WilliamsMês atrás


  67. Dexter Williams

    Dexter WilliamsMês atrás

    Horrible movie. Just a derivative of "The Father's Love" . Another trash movie. (No longer interested in Lucy Liu or Taye Diggs.) 🎥

  68. sarah

    sarahMês atrás

    I really liked it. It is lighthearted and a throhback to the classic rom coms. :)♥

  69. Dogan demirbas

    Dogan demirbasMês atrás

    Filmin tamamını hd kalite izlemek için

  70. ManuelPabloArnao

    ManuelPabloArnaoMês atrás

    Love Zoey but this looks terrible

  71. mpbirk

    mpbirkMês atrás

    Plotless... Pass

  72. akshay pandey

    akshay pandeyMês atrás

    nice moviee

  73. Champ GT

    Champ GTMês atrás


  74. Jose Reyes

    Jose ReyesMês atrás

    I’m here for Pete Davidson

  75. Victoire Gss

    Victoire GssMês atrás

    looks like a cheap The Evil wears it

  76. glinda kushero

    glinda kusheroMês atrás

    This looks fun, but I wish so much wasn’t revealed!

  77. Leslie Dane

    Leslie DaneMês atrás

    Does anyone know the title of the song??

  78. Nik

    NikMês atrás

    One chinese chick, one black guy and two white trying to set them up. Netflix banking on racial profiling.

  79. GiGixx621625

    GiGixx621625Mês atrás

    Will only watch this for Lucy Liu's love plot. I don't give a damn about the assistants' storyline, though I am sure it's wonderful

  80. fatima barrera

    fatima barreraMês atrás

    The trailer actually doesn't give the movie away!!! It's the most amazing current romcom!!!

  81. Chris

    ChrisMês atrás

    This was such a good movie. Would totally recommend.

  82. Felicity

    FelicityMês atrás


  83. maya p.

    maya p.Mês atrás

    is that pete davidson

  84. Fangirl -nim

    Fangirl -nimMês atrás

    Just finished watching the movie and they were so cute and hilarious!! I just the love the last scene, it just made me squeal. 💕

  85. molly h

    molly hMês atrás

    the trailer doesn’t give away as much as it seems, this movie is SO good

  86. im Rose malik

    im Rose malikMês atrás

    Love you zoey ❤❤❤❤👌👌

  87. Isabela Carvalho

    Isabela CarvalhoMês atrás

    Does anyone know the song before saint motel? Until 0:33 seconds, with a whistle?

  88. jaime Nieto

    jaime NietoMês atrás

    un like

  89. jaime Nieto

    jaime NietoMês atrás


  90. Francisca Ferreira

    Francisca FerreiraMês atrás

    Watch this movie! Wounderfuly written, wounderfuly directed, wounderfuly casted.

  91. lemonscented

    lemonscentedMês atrás

    Really good!

  92. jpowers55

    jpowers55Mês atrás

    So in an attempt to make their bosses fall in love, they fall in love instead? How cute. I guess Lucy and Taye don't work out though? Oh well. Not watching this anyway. Let me know when the new seasons of Orange and Glow return.

  93. Alice Ek

    Alice EkMês atrás

    What happened to the golf guy?🤔🤔

  94. Wendell Solis

    Wendell SolisMês atrás

    I came dislike this bitch!!!!!!! I hate this fucking commercial popping up every time I watch a goddamn video. Dislike. FUCK YOU.

  95. darockk

    darockkMês atrás

    i reckon the girl and the guy will end up together at the end

  96. Warrior J Gamer

    Warrior J GamerMês atrás

    0:41 I thought this was bizarre from D12

  97. Adina Ann

    Adina AnnMês atrás

    This movie was amazing. At first I thought they gave out way too much in the trailer but they actually didn't.

  98. fatima omer

    fatima omerMês atrás

    Only here for Pete

  99. rune titan

    rune titanMês atrás

    i have not seen the show but this trailer seems to give everything away

  100. Orecon 125

    Orecon 125Mês atrás

    I smell a theatrical releas

  101. ingdanify

    ingdanifyMês atrás

    She has the cutest little run/walk at 1:40 :)

  102. Gelia Zurbano

    Gelia ZurbanoMês atrás

    HELLO TO THOSE PLANNING TO WATCH THIS‼️ The trailer didn’t give it away, there’s actually much more happenings in the movie itself!! Btw it’s good, it’s one of my faves now

  103. TributesAndUnique

    TributesAndUniqueMês atrás

    Why is the hell is Lucy Liu's character's last name Stevens?

  104. Nusrat Faiza

    Nusrat FaizaMês atrás

    This movie is so cccuuuttteee.. 😍😍😍😍😍I still can't get over these two..

  105. Jared Kaiser

    Jared KaiserMês atrás

    just finish watching this movie, amazing story 10/10

  106. Damo Revo

    Damo RevoMês atrás

    more over sanitised millenial garbage

  107. Eca De Guzman

    Eca De GuzmanMês atrás

    Can we talk about how hot Lucy Liu is??

  108. Palwasha Khan

    Palwasha KhanMês atrás


  109. Ardhia Popi

    Ardhia PopiMês atrás


  110. daphnelullaby

    daphnelullabyMês atrás

    i cannot begin to explain how good this movie is. Even though you can pretty much guess the entire plot from the trailer, the movie is infinitely more funny and the characters are so well developed and the personalities are just really well done. The acting is superb, especially on Lucy Liu's part, but everyone really became their characters imo!!

  111. Smiling Kanye

    Smiling KanyeMês atrás

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