Seth Rollins joins AOP in a brutal beatdown of Kevin Owens: Raw, Dec. 9, 2019


  1. citi24

    citi246 dias atrás

    Dont mess with puniabi jatts lol

  2. llama girl01

    llama girl018 dias atrás

    Hey loved the face Rollins but no matter what I love him

  3. Cleiven Carvajal

    Cleiven Carvajal10 dias atrás

    Nms se le cayó la chaqueta de Rollins... :v tiene que esforzarse en la actuación

  4. Travis Rehder

    Travis Rehder13 dias atrás

    Once again Rollins Turned heal again

  5. Adam K

    Adam K13 dias atrás

    I’m a casual wwe fan and i can only watch when Seth rollins is involved in big story lines, he’s the only real old school type that has everything, natural talent. I believe his “money in the bank” wrestle mania was the last entertaining main event you’ll ever see. The man will carry WWE for the next 10 years

  6. Stunt 904

    Stunt 90417 dias atrás

    I Would Love To See Seth & A.O.P Go Up Against The OC

  7. يحيا جاسم

    يحيا جاسم19 dias atrás


  8. يحيا جاسم

    يحيا جاسم19 dias atrás


  9. JakePlayz

    JakePlayz23 dias atrás

    Ummmmm is this age restricted or is it my phone going crazy because it’s a new frikin decade

  10. AYAN gaming

    AYAN gaming24 dias atrás

    Seth is best

  11. Aevery Brown

    Aevery Brown24 dias atrás

    Aop Assault.

  12. Aliullah Hayat

    Aliullah Hayat26 dias atrás

    Seth Rollins was such A Dominant Architecture Student , that his classmates sometimes don't know Even who is The Teacher and who is The Student .

  13. Stevie Spotted Tail

    Stevie Spotted Tail28 dias atrás

    I fill bad for Kevin Owens go just got attack by Seth and AOP

  14. Tammy Stewart

    Tammy StewartMês atrás

    Why doesn't any baby faces take up for each other it's so STUPID the heels stick together like glue. Why is seth/AOP beating up everybody? STUPID are all the faces scared that's what it looks like STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

  15. Tammy Stewart

    Tammy StewartMês atrás

    aop talk bout how tough they are. Look like to me all they are is Seth's guard dogs. They ain't won ANYTHING. Just beat up people they jump & have out numbered. What LOSERS

  16. Anthony Spencer

    Anthony SpencerMês atrás

    I thought it was Paul Ellering for a second there

  17. 0 Comments

    0 CommentsMês atrás

    Lmao I wonder if owens will start appearing on NXT

  18. TheFoxSaysWhat

    TheFoxSaysWhatMês atrás

    This is so goofy lol

  19. cristhian coveñas

    cristhian coveñasMês atrás

    Xd la pelea

  20. Marchy Bachelor

    Marchy BachelorMês atrás


  21. Marchy Bachelor

    Marchy BachelorMês atrás


  22. Zailan Jeffers

    Zailan JeffersMês atrás

    I hate to say it Kevin sucks

  23. umut kurum

    umut kurumMês atrás

    Age restricted wtf

  24. Samuel braafheid

    Samuel braafheidMês atrás


  25. it crazy girl carzy

    it crazy girl carzyMês atrás

    Or doing is look for is shiled again because ur lost with out ur brothers

  26. Thiên Quốc Đinh

    Thiên Quốc ĐinhMês atrás


  27. PlayStation gamer

    PlayStation gamerMês atrás

    Now that wasn't very Jesus like Jesus I mean seth

  28. TakeDaLkid

    TakeDaLkidMês atrás

    This is what the feind does to you he turns you heel. Just look at Finn balor



    🙏🙏🙏🙏 0:52 💙❣ dec 2019? 👇 👇 👇 👇🧡

  30. asojud asojud

    asojud asojudMês atrás


  31. I Am Jewel

    I Am JewelMês atrás

    Seth Freaking Rollins is now Seth Freaking Rollins .For the past three years he only had the name but now he is proving it

  32. Beck Sheaf

    Beck SheafMês atrás

    No new shield



    Prodigious video production, i love it so much . Top-drawer part is 1:24. *I up 1st twerking, Plsss check and comment your opinion* 💓 🖤 💛

  34. radentsgo2

    radentsgo2Mês atrás

    Member when AOP had that same vest jacket and people called them the Shield 2.0, look now

  35. Black Star

    Black StarMês atrás

    When did tucos cousins become wrestlers

  36. wade cody

    wade codyMês atrás

    I like Seth Rollin a lot and I wish I could meet him just that I live in South Afrika

  37. عبدالله المطحني

    عبدالله المطحنيMês atrás

    Nooooooooooo 👊👊👊👊👊😑😠😠

  38. sk rizwan

    sk rizwanMês atrás

    Doesn't matter seth is heel or face he do his job better than ambrose and roman

  39. Matthew Armstead

    Matthew ArmsteadMês atrás

    sk rizwan true

  40. Stephen Judah

    Stephen JudahMês atrás

    Its me austin!

  41. Nerd Gamer

    Nerd GamerMês atrás

    Heel Rollins miss his blond hair though

  42. worken360

    worken360Mês atrás

    In the voice if David Arquette Wrestling no fake!

  43. Rickashay vaught

    Rickashay vaughtMês atrás

    Ahhhhhh hell!

  44. Atif Raja

    Atif RajaMês atrás

    Seth look handsome in jacket

  45. XxCorrupted_DeathxX

    XxCorrupted_DeathxXMês atrás

    0:19 when someone steals your car...

  46. Honeymoon Globe

    Honeymoon GlobeMês atrás

    1:25 ummmm

  47. David Wallace

    David WallaceMês atrás

    THE ARCHITECT ‼️‼️‼️

  48. kk riz

    kk rizMês atrás

    How much heel turn in this year Finn styles Seth more

  49. B B

    B BMês atrás

    1:49 fail?

  50. Adrian

    AdrianMês atrás

    Seth Rollins playing a cm punk type role?

  51. Tiger Sailing

    Tiger SailingMês atrás

    Alexa bliss needs to join this group

  52. Gavin Schulz

    Gavin SchulzMês atrás

    Haha Rollins looks so tiny compared to the aop.

  53. Azyn Styles

    Azyn StylesMês atrás

    Didn't they so this already

  54. K aweso

    K awesoMês atrás

    Seth Rollins is the best heel

  55. Minga Velasquez

    Minga VelasquezMês atrás

    Oh yeah I already watched it Seth Rollin and AOP are going to be a new shield trust me

  56. Minga Velasquez

    Minga VelasquezMês atrás

    I knew it I knew this was going to happen they attack kevin owen again and let me guess it going to happen over and over until it's over t Seth Rollins you stop beteryaning The Shield to even though you're not the shield

  57. teddysphotos

    teddysphotosMês atrás

    "Never trust a man in the back of a van" - Booker T

  58. David M.

    David M.Mês atrás

    Especially with tinted windows

  59. Diamond Edmond

    Diamond EdmondMês atrás

    Make Seth a face if he’s not turning face I’m never watching wwe again

  60. ChristmasLoad 123

    ChristmasLoad 123Mês atrás


  61. kevin saeteurn

    kevin saeteurnMês atrás

    So I’m guessing Seth Freakin Rollins is Heel

  62. Pretty Girl

    Pretty GirlMês atrás

    Has anyone noticed when the fiend had matches with Finn and Seth they turned heel

  63. TheDMB411987

    TheDMB411987Mês atrás

    Things I find interesting in WWE: 1. The fiend/Bray Wyatt 2. AOP. 3. The rest: meh