Shannon Sharpe reacts to Chiefs' victory over Patriots | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDMês atrás

    Should the Patriots be concerned about their playoff chances?

  2. Callie Mae Stone

    Callie Mae StoneMês atrás

    The only concern about the PATRIOT is the OFERENCE LINE. And PLAYERS not catching passes from BRADY. Plus BRADY overthrowing ball to his players. And the kicking problem. Other than that PATTIOT should be good to go.


    VASHtheREAPRMês atrás

    @Ryan Friesen Patriots have had a ton of BS calls go their way, just saying when it comes back around don't be surprised.

  4. arcticwanderer2000

    arcticwanderer2000Mês atrás

    Steven Dobson Already playing the poor black man is always a victim of racism in case they don’t win.

  5. naruto uzumaki

    naruto uzumakiMês atrás

    @Sean S. ZA

  6. Mike Wiggins

    Mike Wiggins3 dias atrás

    "All of sudden the pressure would be on the Chiefs..." - Yeah, Skip, that Pat Mahomes is such a dog under pressure situations. LOL.

  7. Chris Palo

    Chris Palo16 dias atrás

    Skip Bayless=idiot. A guy who has never played the game thinks he's such an expert. I'll take Shannon Sharpe's analysis any day of the week.

  8. Chris Palo

    Chris Palo2 dias atrás

    If he were sitting anywhere, it would have been in the bleachers. I'm sure his own teammates would have found him to be annoying on the bench.

  9. Mike Wiggins

    Mike Wiggins3 dias atrás

    Shannon knows great QBs, he caught passes from one of the greatest and got to the Hall of Fame doing it. Dude won 3 Superbowls. Skip played no football and sat on the bench on his high school basketball team. FACTS.

  10. Keishawn Ardoin

    Keishawn Ardoin19 dias atrás

    Who’s here after the pats lost to the titans

  11. Jeo Jetson

    Jeo Jetson21 dia atrás

    I’m shocked but I’m not surprised by Shannons take. We know you don’t like Tom Brady but as a receiving player who catches passes and scores touchdowns how can you not feel for N’Keal Harry who made the catch stayed inbounds and reached for the pylon successfully but wasn’t rewarded with the touchdown?

  12. M???????? A???????

    M???????? A???????22 dias atrás

    Hear it from a guy that has 3 SB rings of his own Tom Brady and the Patriots will not be in the SB this season

  13. Yahari Butler

    Yahari Butler28 dias atrás

    Skip don't want that smoke.

  14. Kyunia 1

    Kyunia 1Mês atrás

    “Tom Brady playing bad” THE REFS ARE TRASH. They been trash all year long ur just a hater

  15. lou sasso

    lou sassoMês atrás

    Pats are all done when they walk away winners.. It's truly increadable how great Brady is at 42..all year. Brady is done. Brady is done.. So stupid..he showed all how done he was against buffalo. I no what I watching all season.and Brady was not the problem. Wow it will be so sweet when Brady walks away a will happen..when. is the bet. He's all done?? Lol

  16. MosMoneyENT

    MosMoneyENTMês atrás

    Old man is disrespectful smh

  17. Metal Steve

    Metal SteveMês atrás

    chiefs got lucky winning , if they meet again the patriots will beat them

  18. Luther Vandross

    Luther VandrossMês atrás

    "No; no, no, you're Tom Brady!" "Now someone is going to pout." Lol!

  19. BouldryGuyWill Gaming

    BouldryGuyWill GamingMês atrás

    Shannon complains he doesn’t get respect and screams sSKIP every minute

  20. Zach Dawson

    Zach DawsonMês atrás

    There was a block in the back on the out of bounds play

  21. RamblinroseDigger Winton

    RamblinroseDigger WintonMês atrás

    Oh skippy boy, they would have not gotten too the end zone if the refs would have seen the block in the back so the refs were doing a terrible job! How about when mahome boy got blatantly tackled out of bounds and no flag!! Brady wouldn't have had the points he had at the end of the game skippy! Your dog meat boy!

  22. lil duby

    lil dubyMês atrás


  23. Phil Perri

    Phil PerriMês atrás

    Chiefs are not going to the Superbowl. They were handed the win with the Harry TD denial by the Ref's and the dead-ball whistle on the Patriots fumble pick-up that would have gone to the house.

  24. martin moreno

    martin morenoMês atrás

    skip ur funny he was out when he hit the marker dude

  25. KCKSUTX 48

    KCKSUTX 48Mês atrás

    Read the description of the video. Did the refs, or tom brady had to do with the loss. Nothing. Nothing about the chiefs.

  26. kassy E

    kassy EMês atrás

    The refs did hurt the Patriots; that was a touchdown let's be honest here. But why are some people ignoring that the chiefs ALSO got robbed by the refs? That no-call personal foul on Mahomes for example; I mean sure, it wasn't a touchdown call, but poor refereeing either way. Seriously, why can't some people just accept the fact the Patriots offense is struggling this season. Every time I tell that to someone they get offended. The only reason why the Patriots have that record is because of their Defense, and playing teams that they should beat for the majority of the season. They're a good team, Brady is a good QB, but this season that offense is struggling. Brady isn't that great when he is under pressure because his o-line doesn't give him enough time, his receivers can't get open and at times drop the ball, and I'm sure there are other reasons.

  27. Jeffrey Locke

    Jeffrey LockeMês atrás

    The Chiefs won and no matter what the coach of the Patriots says the referees gave the game to the Chiefs or commentary by the talking head.

  28. Ruby Lambert

    Ruby LambertMês atrás

    They used up their challenges call in the beginning two quarters

  29. Jess E

    Jess EMês atrás

    When they're not talking about LBJ or the Cowboys I actually enjoy both of their takes and it's a great show

  30. MrBirdmann87

    MrBirdmann87Mês atrás

    Damn... I was waiting for one of these guys to jump across the table and start throwing hay makers. I think Skip & Shannon need couples therapy after this one.

  31. alice in chains

    alice in chainsMês atrás

    Shannon : are we finished or are we done ??

  32. alice in chains

    alice in chainsMês atrás

    So if they won would the trick plays be valid? Put some respek on Tom Brady’s name i won’t say it no mo.

  33. Callie Mae Stone

    Callie Mae StoneMês atrás


  34. mahoganyc miles

    mahoganyc milesMês atrás

    Oh please

  35. Timothy Barend

    Timothy BarendMês atrás

    Great clip

  36. Holifield23

    Holifield23Mês atrás

    Skip cut Shannon off 3 mins in and said he talks too much then talked for 10 mins straight smh lol

  37. THE PACK

    THE PACKMês atrás

    Every time patriots or cowboys lose he has excuses. Skip is horrible and needs to retire

  38. Holifield23

    Holifield23Mês atrás

    All the games patriots won off bad calls; they finally lose off calls and skip is mad lmaooooo foh. Tell the great Billicheck don’t use all his challenges so soon lol

  39. Holifield23

    Holifield23Mês atrás

    Shannon talked for 3 mins and skip mad. Skip talks for like 10 mins and so slow and boring. Just cuz u don’t agree with Shannon doesn’t mean he is boring but skip had different points. I was dying laughing so still entertaining tho

  40. Holifield23

    Holifield23Mês atrás

    Skip stay talking mad long idk why he mad at shannon #soreloser lol

  41. Hog Farmer

    Hog FarmerMês atrás

    These two are just so great together

  42. Bob Powers

    Bob PowersMês atrás

    There needs to be someone off camera who's job is to slap Skip every time he goes "hmmmm.."

  43. Joey Pierce

    Joey PierceMês atrás

    Skip rude. He complains about shannon time but he takes the most time

  44. Dayzo

    DayzoMês atrás

    Ima need these woman to talk more in all these shows not just mediate you feel me you guys got voices too not just beauty. These comments be disrespecting these women too much.

  45. Dayzo

    DayzoMês atrás

    Hi jen I hope you have a good day today. love you shannon and skip shows been going strong im happy for you guys.

  46. Carter Autry

    Carter AutryMês atrás

    Listen, the pats did not lose because of the refs, but it was an inexcusable blown call. It was a blatant example of a ref not doing his job correctly. In real time, it is a difficult call, but damn it there is review. This ruins the integrity of the game, and I’m not even a pats fan. I just hate to see this kind of garbage. It reminds me of the saints situation. The NFL needs to have an option to officially review anything if there is a blatant mistake. Obvious mistakes need to result in an official timeout.

  47. um me

    um meMês atrás

    Um, he has a bunch of garage receivers except for edelman. They were dumb to get of gordon, he averaged more yards per catch than edelman. And more than most in the league.

  48. Brandon Smith

    Brandon SmithMês atrás

    I think i love this video mostly, of them two, because you can tell that their friendship is real, in this one. Only friends go in on each other like that! Lol

  49. Zach Holoien

    Zach HoloienMês atrás

    They know about the spice.....

  50. Anthony

    AnthonyMês atrás

    😂😂 Skip was legit mad about that call lol

  51. Copper Hands

    Copper HandsMês atrás

    wow the patriots got's almost like the chiefs didn't block a kick, or like they wasn't on the two yard line to tie the game, or their offense didn't play horrible the whole game.

  52. Wu Tang Klan

    Wu Tang KlanMês atrás

    Shannon right about Brady being in decline, but ima have to side with Skip on this one. That amount of blown game changing calls is out of hand.

  53. Dusty Brown

    Dusty BrownMês atrás

    Lol!! Chiefs fan here says it was a TD and a great play! Too bad though. Wired game! Class up bean town

  54. Jack CoopeCooper

    Jack CoopeCooperMês atrás

    I've stopped watching football because the refs are horrible in all games on both sides of the teams

  55. Jack CoopeCooper

    Jack CoopeCooperMês atrás

    Man Shannon you gotta watch your mouth don't be surprised if Tom gets you out of the hall of fame since he will be the best in the Hof

  56. Daniel Muniz

    Daniel MunizMês atrás

    Preach on Skip preach on you are 100% correct !! Awful just awful referring !!! Win out rest of season the Pats will be just fine with a week off to rest and heal up for the post season !!!😎😉👍

  57. rluellam

    rluellamMês atrás

    Wish I could have heard more of what Shannon thought about the Chiefs. Not interested in a big debate about refs. They were bad for both teams!

  58. A.S.A.P

    A.S.A.PMês atrás

    Preach Shannon !

  59. Excobar Cortez

    Excobar CortezMês atrás

    I am not one to defend the Patriots. In many ways I'm quite sick of them winning. But is it that Tom is struggling or is Belichick sabatoging him? Where are his weapons and protection? Btw, go CHIEFS!

  60. Itz Jessayy

    Itz JessayyMês atrás

    Skip can't talk about penelties, what about that "tripping" call vs the cowboys

  61. kylechouinard99

    kylechouinard99Mês atrás

    Lol skip and Shannon fight like I fight with my brother

  62. Roberto Lemus

    Roberto LemusMês atrás

    What ifs don't matter Chiefs for the win baby!

  63. Jae

    JaeMês atrás

    Shannon and Skip are like a married couple...

  64. christian

    christianMês atrás

    Damn he knew where the ref graduated from college smh

  65. Daunta Batiste

    Daunta BatisteMês atrás

    Shannon actually got mad this time😂 Skip just cant take a L💀

  66. Christine Parsons

    Christine ParsonsMês atrás

    Can we bring up the fact that the Patriots keep getting caught cheating?

  67. Scott Loring

    Scott LoringMês atrás

    "Change the whole flavor of the game" - they still had first and goal at the three, Skip.