Shaq predicts LeBron will be on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore if he 3-peats with AD | First Take


  1. Roland Booker

    Roland BookerDia atrás

    Ultimate Respect for Shaq.....that's how the true greatest athletes speak and mature when it's all over.....😎💪☝️👍

  2. Buddyd

    BuddydDia atrás

    He won't even get 1

  3. TheSmigko

    TheSmigkoDia atrás

    In other news plants are living life form

  4. Woles Dowell

    Woles DowellDia atrás

    It will takes 4 more years as lakers and championship each years for the king to be on the mt. Rushmore

  5. TheRealGunner

    TheRealGunner2 dias atrás

    1:23 I thought people were clapping

  6. Mario Nelson

    Mario Nelson2 dias atrás

    Why always these debates ? The best is Wilt period coz I don’t look at the rings coz it’s a teamsports so you depend on your teammates but pure individually there is no one better than Wilt coz his stats are unhuman ! 50 rebs a game 😳 100 pts in a game 😳😳 and we don’t even mention his blocks !

  7. Jethro Barnes

    Jethro Barnes3 dias atrás

    Shaq is trying to be reasonable and diplomatic about grading players and all that but everyone else is trying to get irrational statements from him. The disrespect

  8. Flying V

    Flying V3 dias atrás

    Jethro Barnes I agree with what he says about the player by era part.

  9. John Gladman

    John Gladman3 dias atrás

    I respect the humility of Shaq. What makes it hard to be a Laker great is the fact that there are so many Laker Hall of Famers. Kobe, Kareem, Magic, Shaq, Wilt, Jerry, but now you add LeBron and AD who are two top 5 players in the NBA today. LeBron top three of all time. It’s tough but to be a Laker great LeBron would need at least 2 Rings.

  10. Homer Obojski

    Homer Obojski4 dias atrás

    Max Kellerman Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 6 championships he doesn't even know that and he's an expert what an idiot

  11. Prodromos Peios

    Prodromos Peios4 dias atrás

    5:24-5:28 is the reason Shaq is really in Mount Roushmore, to get there, LeBron needs to 3-peat with AD.

  12. Shane Fernandez

    Shane Fernandez5 dias atrás

    They should bring on Ryan Hollins whenever they have nothing to talk about and just roast him for being Ryan Hollins.

  13. Dragonspheres

    Dragonspheres5 dias atrás

    Kobe was not in his prime when he won in 2010 he was 32 going on 33. Also he was Finals MVP 2 in a row. If not for Shaq, Kobe would have 5 Finals MVP. Either of them had a case for finals mvps those years.

  14. Dragonspheres

    Dragonspheres5 dias atrás

    Mounth Rushmore Lakers Kobe Magic Kareem West Shaq would be on there if rushmore was a 5 man thing. And I love my Lakers but I don't think LBJ and AD can win 3 chips together. Maybe 2, definitely 1. But that's not enough. West did so much more outside of a chip for Lakers. That's why he on there.

  15. Diego

    Diego5 dias atrás

    Shaq shouldn’t be allowed on anywhere else but tnt dude is dumb

  16. bm shaw

    bm shaw5 dias atrás

    So Jerry West should be there because he was the logo? Huh? That makes absolutely zero sense, lol.

  17. Dwain Sellers

    Dwain Sellers2 dias atrás

    Oh he was so much more than just the logo.

  18. ariamhe 032

    ariamhe 0325 dias atrás

    Okay now. Those who preach KD is so much better than Bron, stand up . KD is not even in the conversation. And this topic is about ALL TIME / Mt. Rushmore. Jokes all on you. Hahahaaa

  19. Mitochondria Powerhouse

    Mitochondria Powerhouse8 dias atrás

    Wilt, Kareem, Magic, and Shaq are on the Lakers Mt. Rushmore

  20. Baini Amo

    Baini Amo8 dias atrás

    Ryan Hollins is cancer

  21. LJ TV

    LJ TV8 dias atrás

    I would rather see a compilation of Molly interrupting ppl while they are talking than see Ryan Hollins open his mouth 🙄🙄

  22. Fred Gullo

    Fred Gullo11 dias atrás

    How does ryan hollins turn everything into a goat decision with lebron

  23. bran

    bran11 dias atrás

    Oh nooooo. NOT RYAN HOLLINS!

  24. Bryan Smalley

    Bryan Smalley11 dias atrás

    Lakers need a bigger mountain

  25. Arturo Soto

    Arturo Soto11 dias atrás

    That is a great point shaq, defining by eras is the best thing to do. Like he said, in his era, lebron wasn’t the best. Kobe had that locked. To define as 1 person as the best is called “griping” where I come from. Shaq, u just earned so much respect!

  26. Wawol Cornbeef Wawol

    Wawol Cornbeef Wawol12 dias atrás

    90's Jordan 2000's Kobe 2010's Kd

  27. Flying V

    Flying V3 dias atrás

    Wawol Cornbeef Wawol 80s Magic/Bird 90s Jordan 00s Kobe 10s LeBron

  28. 251Trioxin

    251Trioxin13 dias atrás


  29. Angel Perez

    Angel Perez13 dias atrás

    Take Shaq off what !!! If he wasn't there Kobe wouldn't have 5 chips facts !!! Would he still be on that list ?? So Shaq the reason they got a 3peat but they gona leave him off the list n put his sidekick what's the world coming to ! 🤣

  30. Piphol P

    Piphol P14 dias atrás

    Mt. Rushmore doesn't matter.

  31. Moses Sulph

    Moses Sulph14 dias atrás

    LBJ is the GOAT

  32. Ohene Karikari

    Ohene Karikari15 dias atrás

    I agreed with shaq's define by era


    STEPHEN WILLIAMSON15 dias atrás

    shaq has a statue in front of staples

  34. Josh Volpe

    Josh Volpe15 dias atrás

    Why is Ryan allowed to speak ever

  35. Simone Wright

    Simone Wright15 dias atrás

    Shaq is 100% correct

  36. ljhood 99

    ljhood 9915 dias atrás

    Shaq has a great point we should define the greatest players by Era bc each Era has been very different. The game is less physical n more speedy buu when jordan played it was physical n not as fast paced.


    ILL TRILLZ16 dias atrás

    Man ryan hollins trash

  38. Yo Boi Loc

    Yo Boi Loc16 dias atrás

    James worthy ?????

  39. Dante Fajardo

    Dante Fajardo17 dias atrás

    This guy is so stupid.

  40. igor

    igor20 dias atrás

    Oh if he 3 peats yeah, but they were way too banged up n slow and unathletic

  41. Albert Pringle

    Albert Pringle21 dia atrás

    Dud is right player's now days do speak their mind alot more then in the past BUT there are some player's who use their jersey to cover their mouth when they're talking being all Sissyfied. . . . SAY IT WITH YO! CHEST

  42. Zac

    Zac23 dias atrás

    Don’t know a heap about Shaq but I definitely have a higher opinion of him now after hearing him chat so respectfully of the older generation of players.

  43. Flamey

    Flamey24 dias atrás

    I like the mentality shaq, but Wilt would close your eyes. He was the more dominant force in his era of the big men.

  44. Sanchez Mott

    Sanchez Mott25 dias atrás

    Shaq is on that Mountain Rushmore for The Lakers and the best to ever do it

  45. Umar Abdul-Ali

    Umar Abdul-Ali26 dias atrás

    What iz a Bronsexual, Ryania Hollins, Nickie Wright, Shannie sharp, Chrissy Broussard. NBA dictionary established 10-2019

  46. Sol Christian Sayre

    Sol Christian Sayre26 dias atrás

    If he three peats in LA. Ill consider him the 2nd greatest all time.

  47. rGG

    rGG28 dias atrás

    Ryan is delusional.

  48. Angel Fernan

    Angel Fernan28 dias atrás

    Ryan Hollins has the worst and most idiotic opinion of all time; 1 championship to be in mt rushmore!!! What a stupid guy!!

  49. Grim Reafer

    Grim ReaferMês atrás

    That's true, but...That's a lot at this time.

  50. David Hammond

    David HammondMês atrás

    Lebron wins regular season and finals MVP this year . He looks good with AD Inspired I would say

  51. David Hammond

    David HammondMês atrás

    While LJ wins three with AD he will the take the career scoring title, and be regarded as the best LAKER/PLAYER ever

  52. Salvador Mota Alvarez

    Salvador Mota AlvarezMês atrás

    Ryan Hollins= thumbs down.

  53. Rene Chang

    Rene ChangMês atrás

    Respect to Shaq for being real and not biased.Honorable.

  54. Chosen one

    Chosen oneMês atrás

    Nick van exel, Kobe Bryant, Robert horry, Shaq lol

  55. Jordan Morrow

    Jordan MorrowMês atrás

    Ryan Hopkins is the biggest most dumb person who talks about basketball. Does he even watch the sport🤦🏻‍♂️. Golly he is stupid

  56. Damien Lee

    Damien LeeMês atrás

    Get rid of Ryan Hollins

  57. Jared Lewis

    Jared LewisMês atrás

    Lakers are getting that chip though. Who stopping them?

  58. Daniel Ruvalcaba

    Daniel RuvalcabaMês atrás

    Wth was wrong with that idiot?! 1 championship? Poor guy!!!

  59. Tarek El-Maddah

    Tarek El-MaddahMês atrás

    Reporters talk numbers, x players talk truth... they’ve been there

  60. Vighnesh Ramesh

    Vighnesh RameshMês atrás

    Shaq is humble, Shaq is the most dominant player I’ve ever seen and his four year stretch at the lakers was unparalleled

  61. Andrew Cobb

    Andrew CobbMês atrás

    Shaq is right its all about era's

  62. James Bowser

    James BowserMês atrás

    Let's pump the brakes! Primary, Let Bron get the first Laker ring before you talk about a three peat.

  63. Jimmy Hendrix

    Jimmy HendrixMês atrás

    Max was low key throwing shade on Shaq