1. Jennifer Findlay

    Jennifer Findlay6 horas atrás

    4:03 😂😂💖💖💖

  2. Jaekelo

    Jaekelo17 horas atrás

    ya'll are talking about JJ but sweet Tobi and jacked

  3. KAIOKEN 150

    KAIOKEN 15022 horas atrás

    2017= JJ and ETHAN diss tracks+BEEF 2019=JJ AND ETHAN best mates

  4. Rey Playz

    Rey PlayzDia atrás

    What did the man say after he slipped and fell on the ice? Nothing, he just gave everyone the cold shoulder.

  5. Rey Playz

    Rey PlayzDia atrás

    Pls like if any if u guys laugh at my joke


    xdCAPRICORNDia atrás

    Can we just appreciate how sick JJ looks.

  7. Bmdj 136

    Bmdj 1362 dias atrás

    17:20 Vik looks like he’s from oh sh*t a rat

  8. SLotus 7

    SLotus 72 dias atrás

    I knew almost all the answers wow

  9. TinyTrex6

    TinyTrex62 dias atrás

    my birthday is josh and freya's anniversary

  10. LegendStatusX Twitch

    LegendStatusX Twitch2 dias atrás

    anyone notice the guy behind the tarp. The button there pushing isn’t doing anything the guys pulling the lever behind the tarp.

  11. fireyscorpion 609

    fireyscorpion 6093 dias atrás

    Ethan: the whitest and blackest sidemen Ksi: ksi Simon:ksi friend Vik: the most easiest to make fun of Tobi: the most laid back Josh:the most mature Harry: the funniest

  12. ShaytoSweet

    ShaytoSweet8 dias atrás

    Harris is so funny

  13. Kierra Boundy

    Kierra Boundy8 dias atrás

    Anyone see jj at the start 😂

  14. Ab Hed

    Ab Hed8 dias atrás

    Anyone notice jj in 0:27

  15. Senper Grey

    Senper Grey12 dias atrás

    18:23 This whole moment was funny Harry's scream and Tobi running off because the water splashed him💀

  16. FrogZilla839

    FrogZilla83913 dias atrás

    pretty sure that’s the field where quetecca filmed his video for his diss on ksi

  17. EJ Jordan

    EJ Jordan13 dias atrás

    Do this again but if they get it wrong the other guys have 2 chances to hit the target to make them go in

  18. Noah Oseki

    Noah Oseki13 dias atrás

    Sub to

  19. Mohammed Safdar

    Mohammed Safdar14 dias atrás

    No one noticed my man jj.. at the start of the intro..🤣😂🤣😂

  20. Name

    Name15 dias atrás

    what's the song at the end? is that jj!? it's decent

  21. Kevin Song

    Kevin Song15 dias atrás

    People behind the red button because the red button does not activate the drop from above the button check for yourself at 4:08

  22. Terance Chan

    Terance Chan15 dias atrás

    KSI just admiring his body 0:28

  23. Alex Sand

    Alex Sand15 dias atrás

    Why does jj have actual circular bulging breasts in this vid?

  24. Milan diu

    Milan diu15 dias atrás

    16:42 😂😂jj twerking

  25. AliTheGamer YT

    AliTheGamer YT16 dias atrás

    At 16:12 there is a titi flexer

  26. Aron Willis

    Aron Willis16 dias atrás

    4:34 Ethan literally gives it away by grabbing his balls

  27. The Ace of Gaming

    The Ace of Gaming16 dias atrás

    I would happily penitrate each and everyone of them

  28. Victor G Nieves

    Victor G Nieves17 dias atrás

    No body: Vid 0:30:ksi rubbing his nipples

  29. KHangsta10

    KHangsta1017 dias atrás

    Use a ball and throw it next time

  30. Will

    Will17 dias atrás

    Y'all are so adorable and funny.

  31. JayAyWhyElEeEn HD

    JayAyWhyElEeEn HD18 dias atrás

    The anniversary of sdmn is 21st of October, not 20th

  32. JayAyWhyElEeEn HD

    JayAyWhyElEeEn HD15 dias atrás

    @Josh Harrison Yeah but the actual group was Oct 21st

  33. Josh Harrison

    Josh Harrison15 dias atrás

    It’s actually the 19th. Thats where XIX comes from

  34. Roan Pottieger

    Roan Pottieger18 dias atrás

    does tobi have 6 toes?

  35. Jacob Hall

    Jacob Hall18 dias atrás

    * everyone clapping* jj: rubs nipples

  36. Oscar Ormsby

    Oscar Ormsby19 dias atrás

    Jj fat

  37. CodGamePlay PS3

    CodGamePlay PS319 dias atrás

    16:10 Wtf this would've been better when he was fat

  38. Emma Johnson

    Emma Johnson20 dias atrás

    No one: KSI: touching his nipples in the background 0:28

  39. MockDisstrack

    MockDisstrack20 dias atrás

    Yo my man Ksi really touching his nipples in the begaining of the vid

  40. Danna Silva

    Danna Silva20 dias atrás

    Broke Boondoggle Fastidious Sickofant

  41. Mark games636 and football

    Mark games636 and football21 dia atrás

    What meme

  42. Mongy

    Mongy21 dia atrás

    viks lisp

  43. Edu García

    Edu García21 dia atrás

    1:31 ETAN!!!