Silk City, GoldLink, Desiigner - Loud (Official Audio)


  1. Valentina Nica

    Valentina Nica8 meses atrás

    This song should have been more visible when launched. Now it is dying in the BRreporter history.

  2. Nat Kibuuka

    Nat Kibuuka8 meses atrás

    One of the best songs evarr...slightly nostalgic, groovy and might be best dance track of year so far

  3. 황치현

    황치현10 meses atrás


  4. Kitzberger Soma

    Kitzberger SomaAnos atrás

    I'm here just Desiigner! Braaaaa😉👌

  5. NateTheFourth

    NateTheFourthAnos atrás

    Him and Kendrick dance so oddly lol

  6. Sasi V

    Sasi VAnos atrás

    Aguante Mark Ronson y Goldlink vieja!!

  7. Anton Gray

    Anton GrayAnos atrás

    "Since Steez passed away, most of you niggas don't even deserve a track from me"

  8. 青山力也

    青山力也Anos atrás

    My best of 2018

  9. Irvin Hdz

    Irvin HdzAnos atrás

    Amazing ! Silk city are great.......

  10. sxkchyxt

    sxkchyxtAnos atrás

    Is it just me or is Goldlink sounding like Big Sean?.

  11. Veronica Reyes

    Veronica ReyesAnos atrás

    Awesome song!

  12. Shurick

    ShurickAnos atrás

    This song gave me such a vibe, fucking damn.. Did my first time X with dis :D

  13. Djibrine Mahamat

    Djibrine MahamatAnos atrás

    Who knows the name of the dancer in this video???

  14. Dan Streit

    Dan StreitAnos atrás

    Swins Jean-Charles

  15. Spholile Shabalala

    Spholile ShabalalaAnos atrás


  16. Ferenc Farkas

    Ferenc FarkasAnos atrás

    Best of bests!!!


    DAHYE KIMAnos atrás

    박명수씨 중간에 피쳐링한줄 알았다

  18. mohit kaushik

    mohit kaushikAnos atrás

    absolute banger 👍👍

  19. Dom Jú

    Dom JúAnos atrás


  20. Flashkiiddo

    FlashkiiddoAnos atrás

    im i the only who heard Future on this track

  21. hannahlena

    hannahlenaAnos atrás

    im loving this beat!!

  22. Courtnee Owens

    Courtnee OwensAnos atrás

    Sounds like them old school bouncy Kaytranada/Goldlink collabs.

  23. Byron Charnley

    Byron CharnleyAnos atrás

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Omar Garcia

    Omar GarciaAnos atrás

    sounds just like that song from Vic Mensa...

  25. 나는야아인슈타인 보다 더 똑똑한 사람

    나는야아인슈타인 보다 더 똑똑한 사람Anos atrás


  26. Mai Mohamed

    Mai MohamedAnos atrás


  27. Mai Mohamed

    Mai MohamedAnos atrás

    Here before 1M?😍

  28. Elemix AR

    Elemix ARAnos atrás

    really ?

  29. br8kstr

    br8kstrAnos atrás

    I work in IT and i was sitting here figuring out if my monitor was messed up haha

  30. FSL

    FSLAnos atrás

    Dj playing loud in the speaker 🔥🔥

  31. Thiago Vidotto

    Thiago VidottoAnos atrás

    Why is this not being promoted?

  32. ArcticLost

    ArcticLostAnos atrás

    This song is fire. Can't stop listening to it!

  33. Richie Starburst

    Richie StarburstAnos atrás

    the song is kinda ehhh

  34. Luis JR

    Luis JRAnos atrás

    Cued for the morning commute.

  35. Don Dizz

    Don DizzAnos atrás

    Nigga doin too much twirling around for me, dope song tho

  36. feckless entity

    feckless entityAnos atrás

    am i trippin

  37. KingVision

    KingVisionAnos atrás

    Goldlink need to make a God Complex 2

  38. Prada

    PradaAnos atrás

    Есть русские?

  39. Lord

    LordAnos atrás

    Holy crap 3 artists gathering damn From great to amazing IMO - In my opinion Great Ronson, Better Designer, Amazing GoldLink

  40. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    dysperisenjoyinghimself.Anos atrás

    y’all really want desiigner back that badly.

  41. Drop Records

    Drop RecordsAnos atrás


  42. Karen Mc

    Karen McAnos atrás

    Dance baby 😀✨😍♥️

  43. Karen Mc

    Karen McAnos atrás

    Bomba ✨🎵😍🔝▶️⏩🌍

  44. Veg V

    Veg VAnos atrás


  45. Jerry Diamoy

    Jerry DiamoyAnos atrás

    When goldlink open with that iconic kanye!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Tajh xo

    Tajh xoAnos atrás

    Goldlink is such a blessing 🙌🏾

  47. Lynette Capulso

    Lynette CapulsoAnos atrás

    the man the myth the legend is back

  48. Anom Mona

    Anom MonaAnos atrás

    This is why I became a fan of Goldlink. He needs to stop getting on them simple ass rap/hiphop beats and half ass rnb beats and just follow this wave. That is why you never hear about Vic Mensa anymore.

  49. Tuleni Shivute

    Tuleni ShivuteAnos atrás

    Preaacch...down on my luck was his biggest hit!! That's what I've been saying this whole time !

  50. Javier Prado

    Javier PradoAnos atrás

    Ur hearing a lot about Vic now....

  51. Mr. 폴

    Mr. 폴Anos atrás

    yeah dude you cannot compare Goldlink with Vic Mensa. They on different level imo.

  52. ron.steez

    ron.steezAnos atrás

    We don't hear about Vic Mensa anymore because he's ass lmao

  53. Peter Stewart

    Peter StewartAnos atrás

    Everyone that’s looking in the comments like my comment plz

  54. Shaymon 16

    Shaymon 16Anos atrás


  55. Marco Tarek Tailamun

    Marco Tarek TailamunAnos atrás

    Goldlink doesn't even need a beat to make a song

  56. 1997Loyalty

    1997LoyaltyAnos atrás

    This is so refreshing damnnn

  57. Rokkuman Gaming

    Rokkuman GamingAnos atrás

    No one here for designer 😂😂😂

  58. Spooks McGhie

    Spooks McGhieAnos atrás

    How is this?

  59. Momo Delapego

    Momo DelapegoAnos atrás

    a party begining song

  60. davus

    davusAnos atrás


  61. j M

    j MAnos atrás

    more of this

  62. sqwale7

    sqwale7Anos atrás

    Find a Goldlink song you dislike challenge is impossible!

  63. Astiana Alissia Lynn

    Astiana Alissia LynnAnos atrás

    Goldlink got that Jamiroquai feel! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  64. Se'Viona B

    Se'Viona BAnos atrás

    5 seconds in and I've already liked the song .


    STARTER GANGAnos atrás

    that shit hard af!!!