Sing Trolling on FORTNITE | Lil Nas X, Lil Tecca, Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello!


  1. Døpėÿ

    DøpėÿMês atrás

    I want a full cover of señorita. Your voice is so relaxing to listen to & I also can’t wait for your song to come out!! I’m excited!

  2. Mason Kwade

    Mason KwadeDia atrás


  3. JordanPlayzRoblox

    JordanPlayzRoblox2 dias atrás

    Yes I would love a full cover of it to

  4. Sleepycut

    Sleepycut3 dias atrás

    Døpėÿ I like your positivity

  5. _brazyy. Mesha

    _brazyy. Mesha6 dias atrás

    Yeah that would be cool

  6. Free FireGamer

    Free FireGamer6 dias atrás

    That is true

  7. Maso

    Maso58 minutos atrás

    Sing suge

  8. YT_Devin 1

    YT_Devin 13 horas atrás

    I look like AZeerz but curly hair

  9. Ilija Dangubic

    Ilija Dangubic3 horas atrás

    Can you do Captain America voice?

  10. Reap

    Reap5 horas atrás

    Make a cover on the song intro

  11. 90ASB

    90ASB6 horas atrás

    Full cover of panini tho?

  12. Sheralyn Andrews

    Sheralyn Andrews11 horas atrás

    Do Thotiana

  13. Sheralyn Andrews

    Sheralyn Andrews11 horas atrás

    6:11 I cried somehow Even though ITS BABY SHARK

  14. Youngdagger GNOD

    Youngdagger GNOD13 horas atrás

    These kids are annoying

  15. Panda TG

    Panda TG13 horas atrás

    I'm friends with the dude that says "what the heck" at 3:56

  16. Power

    Power14 horas atrás

    *sings baby shark* "This guy got baaars"

  17. Jesy Van Barr

    Jesy Van Barr14 horas atrás

    Do 29 by bankrol hayden please👌👌👌

  18. Max Smith

    Max Smith21 hora atrás

    Your voice is amazing, it’s so calming and relaxing 🥰

  19. nd mafiaa

    nd mafiaa21 hora atrás

    dababy voice change

  20. Beeraj Rai

    Beeraj Rai23 horas atrás

    Omg 😯

  21. Mario Senko

    Mario SenkoDia atrás

    make an unofficial video of seniorita your version is better

  22. Crunchy Mine

    Crunchy MineDia atrás

    That kid that sang I need to here him sing

  23. V B

    V BDia atrás


  24. Jorbi Herrera

    Jorbi HerreraDia atrás

    Got that that album on repeat lowkey👌

  25. Jazlynn Benavidez

    Jazlynn BenavidezDia atrás

    tbh i had a headache and i heard him sing and it started to go away uwu

  26. LaTonya Pugh-Corbett

    LaTonya Pugh-CorbettDia atrás

    Ok I did say that I’m done with baby shark but if azzers sings it then I’m fine Do judge me -w-

  27. Ernesto Vasquez

    Ernesto VasquezDia atrás

    Sinner-by phora

  28. Unknow Person

    Unknow PersonDia atrás

    Im sorry to say this but stop trying to sing like a try hard

  29. Annie DeMartino

    Annie DeMartinoDia atrás

    Em u should stick with youtube

  30. jojo 12

    jojo 12Dia atrás

    Changis by x

  31. Mandy Blair

    Mandy BlairDia atrás

    i got black i got white witch you want hop outside the gost and hop up in the phantom i now im bout to blowwowo i ant done thay try to take my flow i take they ass for Ransom i know that im gone thas it lyrics

  32. Jimmar Boston

    Jimmar BostonDia atrás


  33. AyoGOLD

    AyoGOLDDia atrás

    7:01- 7:03 "I wish u were my dad" EVERYONE: "wHaT" 🤣😂

  34. L1L B3A5T

    L1L B3A5T2 dias atrás

    3:10 How did you know Dababy was gonna do a remix with him man😂

  35. JordanPlayzRoblox

    JordanPlayzRoblox2 dias atrás

    Agreed azerrz pls make a full cover of Señorita u sing it better then the original artist I love that song too it would make my day if u make a cover for it is I wanna play that song while I’m in the game :)) keep up the good work Ly azerrz best BRreporterr ever :))

  36. Micky Patino

    Micky Patino2 dias atrás

    Please sing ransom

  37. Papa Castro

    Papa Castro2 dias atrás

    Do moonlight from xxx

  38. HaRji

    HaRji2 dias atrás

    7:44 Bro I swear to god ur voice is amazing and so relaxing, I really love ur voice Ur my fav BRreporterR

  39. lilcarrot

    lilcarrot2 dias atrás

    That 69 intro was littttt

  40. Christine Abreu

    Christine Abreu2 dias atrás

    You should make a whole BRreporter channel about this

  41. Christine Abreu

    Christine Abreu2 dias atrás

    Do more

  42. lil dali

    lil dali2 dias atrás

    i cant listen to this without blushin man fool you got me cryin 😭

  43. mrassperv

    mrassperv2 dias atrás

    Bro half these guys sound white so no

  44. Lucid BenBTW

    Lucid BenBTW2 dias atrás

    4:10 - ransom

  45. Kasim Uddin

    Kasim Uddin3 dias atrás

    sing post malone rockstar

  46. Kasim Uddin

    Kasim Uddin3 dias atrás

    when he sang baby shark omds aahhahahahaa

  47. Bonnie Gamer

    Bonnie Gamer3 dias atrás

    Your a good singer you should make a music video

  48. Cammi Girl

    Cammi Girl2 dias atrás


  49. MobileBtw_ ツ

    MobileBtw_ ツ3 dias atrás

    Anyone gonna talk about FaZe Cloaks death on 7:05?

  50. Blake Fulton

    Blake Fulton3 dias atrás

    Im falling asleep to this

  51. Gelo

    Gelo3 dias atrás

    4:24 Who dis

  52. Prashant Croissant

    Prashant Croissant3 dias atrás

    Pleaseee make covers for songssss

  53. djm 5586

    djm 55863 dias atrás

    And my favorite is old town road

  54. djm 5586

    djm 55863 dias atrás

    Are you you really that good.

  55. DT_Hokeypokey

    DT_Hokeypokey3 dias atrás

    i want the full cover of ransom,its gud cuz its the calm ver

  56. Down to Earth

    Down to Earth3 dias atrás

    The fuckin kids bro 😂😂

  57. Michele Sickle

    Michele Sickle3 dias atrás

    Try to do yoshi

  58. Christian Polycar

    Christian Polycar3 dias atrás

    Yoooo the widow. That shit that shit omg keep it uppppp the widow ggoooooo hard

  59. Rommie Waller

    Rommie Waller3 dias atrás

    Sing worh it by yk orisis

  60. •ItsssWolfy •

    •ItsssWolfy •3 dias atrás

    1:40 😂😂😂

  61. Diamond Billips

    Diamond Billips3 dias atrás

    He made me love baby shark so beautiful😫

  62. Roougm Fortnite

    Roougm Fortnite3 dias atrás

    Bro do music that was awesome. Also great vids

  63. Alex Hardy

    Alex Hardy3 dias atrás

    😂3:51 😂

  64. smilyWTF unknown

    smilyWTF unknown3 dias atrás

    Please if u get to read this am begging make a sñorita full song pls edit: oh and ransom

  65. ツAPPLE

    ツAPPLE3 dias atrás

    Sing a song in different voices on American got talent

  66. KAKE2.0

    KAKE2.03 dias atrás

    azerzz how do u do it?