1. Imogen Lisson

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    I really like how Larisa did her eyes!

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    I LOVE her sisters hair color! Very pretty! ❤️

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    Tati, we need to hear you sing!!! Please, please, please. GREAT video. I love my three sisters, and know what that strong bond has meant to me my entire life.

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    Whoa wait.. Tati sings???.. TATI we NEED to hear that!! Next vid "Tati's hidden talent" 👩‍🎤🎤💋💜

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    She’s beautiful!!

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    Love your sister already

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    I’m so jelly ...I had only brothers mom was a quitter after 4 really I feel more ..jk..however I’m jelly

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    Watching this for the 6th time since release and I still love it. Omg I NEED-and I mean NEED-a PART TWO to this!!!! Loved this sooo much

  9. Maija Miller-Christian

    Maija Miller-ChristianMês atrás

    Tati was a Rebel lawdddd. That's good that your instincts lead you to go back safely.

  10. Emilie Arrighi

    Emilie ArrighiMês atrás

    I also have a scar under my chin from when i was super little. We were at the bowling alley for a tournament my brother was in and I was jumping between the seats and somehow smashed my chin on the seat and split my chin open. I was bleeding pretty good and definitely needed stitches. So my mom pulled my brother from the tournament and grabbed me and off to the ER. My brother still holds it against me nearly 20 years later haha

  11. Jenny Earls

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    I couldn't possibly love this more. I really enjoy the videos with your sisters. Y'all give me warm fuzzies. ❤❤❤❤

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    I LOVE VIDEOS LIKE THESE FROM YOU!!! You should do more GRWM story times type of videos !!!❤️❤️ i love your videos so much !

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    The sister love is beautiful!

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    Toepick! Watch the movie "Cutting Edge" :)

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    *shakes my phone* ohhh this is a spicy video😂😂

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    I’m dying over the zamboni driver story 😂 I was a competitive skater my whole childhood and my husband drives the zamboni for work, he would’ve loved to sign your book 😂😂😂

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    I love you guys when you tell stories! This is so fun!

  18. Ashley Stack

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    Love Larissa!

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    I want a sister ..:((( give me one of yours , u got to many! you guys all cool!

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    I love these videos!! I sat here and actually laughed out loud the entire time

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    I love Tati sooo MUCH!!! Does she own any heels without an open toe?

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    I totally know you girls grew up in my era! No cell phones, Blockbuster video! Yes!

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    who’s michelle?

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    You have the most gorgeous family! I LOVE videos where you share your stories!

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    r u russians or ukranian? Larisa and Tatisns sre russian names

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    I have that same scar too! lmaoooo

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    ok..that’s weird..I have a scar there too and had to get stitches from falling on the ice. except I was “skating” with rubber boots on.

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    I can definitely see that Larissa used to model. She is still so beautiful!

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    The bit about y’all shaking chip bags to find a good one killed me lmfao 😂😂

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    Something could have gone really wrong y’all got lucky

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    Tati where is your sweater from?

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    I died laughing through this video! I had a huge dinner, and I’m trying to relax, but the air-seizing laughter is hurting my stuffed tummy XD So fun to see you with your family, Tati, thanks for sharing!!

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    You and your sisters are literally the “Friends”

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    I like the sisterly love

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    Watching this video reminded me of how much I always wanted a sister when I was growing up. I have a younger brother who I am super close with, but I always wanted another girl to share makeup with since my mom isn't into it like I am. I love watching sister interact with each other. You two were so precious, Tati. I loved seeing y'all share makeup and reminisce on the past. This was such a precious video to watch. :)

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    Watching Tati with her sisters I wish I had one.


    SILA FILIK3 meses atrás

    Your Sister is so beautiful 💜💜💜💜

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    i love your relationship you guys have wow loveeeeee this video tati !!!!

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    I really want to meet my step sister now....

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    Um can Larisa adopt me?

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    Love this kind of videos, you should get the twins together on a get ready with me.

  42. Jessica Austin

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    omg i remember putting red nail polish on my lips as a child because i wanted to play with makeup!!!

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    I wish I had a sister

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    Oh Tati you sing? You should do a duet with Sis. James!

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    This was the best lol I enjoyed your guys stories

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    EVERY DAY i do a poof in my hair too

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    You are blessed Tati

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    do u watch riverdale?!?!?!

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    I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and listening to you guys made me feel right at home. It is so fun to gather together and tell "when we were growing up" stories. Unfortunately it has been several years since we have all been together but listening to you two made me think of good times with them. Thanks for a great video!

  51. Mayari Castrolugo

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    Oh my🤣 the ice skating story, don't worry tati, I'm more experienced ice skating but I fell doing the same move not paying attention. Almost broke my knee

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    i have a matching scar too!

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    We need more sister videos.

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    All The Sisters Should Do The How I Did My Makeup In High School Challenge & Tell High School Stories

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    I’m a figure skater so I find this super funny😂

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    This actually made me laugh! lol love these videos

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    This is so adorable I enjoyed it so much! Makes me want to hang out with my sister way more

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    I live in Bremerton, WA and Tati, we do the same thing with Tim's Jalapeños Chips. They are the best!! You have to try their "special batch" of garlic and Parmasan. Not sure if it's PACNORWEST only or not. The BOMB!

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    I jst watched your embarrassing stories & now this. I adore your stories, dramatic Tati is so funny 😂😂😂

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    I ❤️ Archie & Jalapeño chips as well. Good times. Love these vids.

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    Watching this video now because I watched the most recent one with both sisters. Can't believe I missed this one! Tati should do Hot Ones because she loves hot food!

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    Their mom kindly gave them all the short nose n long upper lip i see.

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    This might be my favorite video you've ever done. Your sister is so cool and the warmth and love between you is delightful to watch. XOXO

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    Omg as soon as i heard Larisa's voice she like right away reminds me of a elementary teacher, a librarian, a mom, or someone who calls you sweetie/honey >.

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    OMG Tati!! Loved this sister video!! Sister's are such an incredible blessing!!

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    Loved this so much!! You and your sister are so beautiful!! 💗💗 My sister currently lives in China. This makes me miss her even more and sharing childhood stories and laughing, sometimes crying too. I love how down to earth you and your family are Tati! Forever a subscriber!!!😘

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    Tati.... SINGS?!?!

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    😭 you two remind me of me and my sisters! I’m the oldest sister of four girls.

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    Dying at this!! My brother did something similar with nail polish! We lived out in the country (really buses at all, 16 houses total, no shops) my mum had a friend over one night for some drinks so my brother and me were sharing my bed for the night (I was about 13, he would have been 7) he went upto bed first, found my nail polish and painted his eye lids with it!!! Long story short we spent the night in accident and emergency! He was totally fine, but so stupid!

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    My absolute fave thing about Tati is that she acts the same no matter who she is with. She acts the same when she is alone, when her sister is there, when her stepson is there - just goes to show how genuine she really is!!! Love her!

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