1. bentley 23

    bentley 234 horas atrás

    i have a matching scar too!

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    SamanthaMorganFan4 dias atrás

    We need more sister videos.

  3. CoCo's Way

    CoCo's Way8 dias atrás

    All The Sisters Should Do The How I Did My Makeup In High School Challenge & Tell High School Stories

  4. Ashley Harris

    Ashley Harris13 dias atrás

    I’m a figure skater so I find this super funny😂

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    kiran kaur14 dias atrás

    This actually made me laugh! lol love these videos

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    Lisa McCurdy16 dias atrás

    Love all your videos with your sisters. :-)

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    Tati, do you watch Riverdale? 🙂

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    elizabeth maloy19 dias atrás

    Omg I’ve been to that mall

  10. Roxana Corrales

    Roxana Corrales19 dias atrás

    This is so adorable I enjoyed it so much! Makes me want to hang out with my sister way more

  11. Laura Turner

    Laura Turner23 dias atrás

    I live in Bremerton, WA and Tati, we do the same thing with Tim's Jalapeños Chips. They are the best!! You have to try their "special batch" of garlic and Parmasan. Not sure if it's PACNORWEST only or not. The BOMB!

  12. Lisa Hamilton

    Lisa Hamilton24 dias atrás

    I jst watched your embarrassing stories & now this. I adore your stories, dramatic Tati is so funny 😂😂😂

  13. Aracelis Morales Garcia de Ramos

    Aracelis Morales Garcia de Ramos25 dias atrás

    I ❤️ Archie & Jalapeño chips as well. Good times. Love these vids.

  14. naturellebella

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    Watching this video now because I watched the most recent one with both sisters. Can't believe I missed this one! Tati should do Hot Ones because she loves hot food!

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  16. c p

    c pMês atrás

    Their mom kindly gave them all the short nose n long upper lip i see.

  17. Rebecca Goodrich

    Rebecca GoodrichMês atrás

    This might be my favorite video you've ever done. Your sister is so cool and the warmth and love between you is delightful to watch. XOXO

  18. sfarsta

    sfarstaMês atrás

    This made me miss my sisters

  19. Tiffany Yu

    Tiffany YuMês atrás

    lol you guys shake chips reminds me of when asians go to supermarket and slap the fruit to c if its fresh or not

  20. 안유리

    안유리Mês atrás

    Omg as soon as i heard Larisa's voice she like right away reminds me of a elementary teacher, a librarian, a mom, or someone who calls you sweetie/honey >.

  21. Ashley Cooper

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    OMG Tati!! Loved this sister video!! Sister's are such an incredible blessing!!

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    Oh my gosh I love this😂♥️

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    This was so sweet and wonderful!!!

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    I so love this video! I think this is one of my absolute favorites!💕😍

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    So pretty! I love how your sis lights up with her lashes on😍 This makes me miss my sister❤️

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    This was so fun to watch! The dynamic between you and Larissa is amazing, I was watching this on a bus and had to quietly laugh! Loved this! Xx

  27. Holly Bagley

    Holly BagleyMês atrás

    Loved this so much!! You and your sister are so beautiful!! 💗💗 My sister currently lives in China. This makes me miss her even more and sharing childhood stories and laughing, sometimes crying too. I love how down to earth you and your family are Tati! Forever a subscriber!!!😘

  28. Lottie J

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    Tati.... SINGS?!?!

  29. Lottie J

    Lottie JMês atrás

    Good genes!! Damn good genes!!

  30. Lottie J

    Lottie JMês atrás

    your sister looks like khloe kardashian and has similar voice too

  31. The Chronic Mommy

    The Chronic MommyMês atrás

    😭 you two remind me of me and my sisters! I’m the oldest sister of four girls.

  32. Jessica Mcgreevy

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  33. Amy Wildman

    Amy WildmanMês atrás

    Dying at this!! My brother did something similar with nail polish! We lived out in the country (really buses at all, 16 houses total, no shops) my mum had a friend over one night for some drinks so my brother and me were sharing my bed for the night (I was about 13, he would have been 7) he went upto bed first, found my nail polish and painted his eye lids with it!!! Long story short we spent the night in accident and emergency! He was totally fine, but so stupid!

  34. Karolina Riihinen

    Karolina RiihinenMês atrás

    Your sister is also so beautiful and sweet 😍

  35. AnamaryV

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    LOVED the video!!!! PLEASE do more with her or your sisters!

  36. Kaylan

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    i legit have the same scar from getting stitches in my chin from ice skating too!

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    Loved this video

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    Love ur channel and ur sister! I have all sisters and they live out of town too. Watching this reminds me of them!

  39. Megan Tinney

    Megan TinneyMês atrás

    My absolute fave thing about Tati is that she acts the same no matter who she is with. She acts the same when she is alone, when her sister is there, when her stepson is there - just goes to show how genuine she really is!!! Love her!

  40. Krista Sandoval

    Krista SandovalMês atrás

    Your videos and story’s genuinely make me smile 😃

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    You should do more videos with you sisters!!

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    This was my favorite video ever!!!

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    I love this video so much. Your sisterly bond and your stories and sharing makeup! Makes me happy!! Makes me wanna get ready with my younger sister!

  44. Brynn Leighty

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    Tati: “They were yellow, then they got red” Me: Volume Up

  45. Marsya Azzahra

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    Tims jalapeno chips are my FAVORTIE food ever

  47. KelseaMajestic

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    Omg you could have been an amazing Dorothy!

  48. KelseaMajestic

    KelseaMajesticMês atrás

    Mom Tati- "don't do that." Points with makeup brush. 💙💙

  49. Gabriele de filippo

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    omg ur sister is so funny lmao i loved this!! wish to see her more on ur channel

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    matching scars awe

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    Tati pls sing for us omg

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    I was dying laughing. I loved this video so much

  54. ParkinsonElliex

    ParkinsonElliex2 meses atrás

    I would love all your sisters and mum together to do a video of stories.

  55. Liv Dood

    Liv Dood2 meses atrás

    i SWEAR tati & i are the same person 😂 we have so many similar stories, the same skin, the same hair, the same daily issues, etc.

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    Do you watch Riverdale if you love Archie

  57. iman 07679

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    Pick me

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    More,more, more family videos!!! 😊

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    Larisa has glowed up! Big time

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    I’m pausing the video so I’m not sure what comes next, but I think I speak for all of us when I say, we’re going to need to see those Nordstrom photos.

  62. Lisa H

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    You should have added some of the photos. So funny!

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    Omg!! My name is Sabrina and you have a sis named Sabrina! Love you Tati!!

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    This is my fav video of yours honestly. Hope I can do this with my little sister too one day

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    Your sister is so cool

  67. alicia parham

    alicia parham2 meses atrás

    OMG when I was maybe 8 or 9 I let my brother give me a makeover with my little crappy make up set and he put nail polish on my eyelids. It got in my eye. There was crying, screaming, etc.

  68. Roxanne Linder

    Roxanne Linder2 meses atrás

    Please do a singing video!!!

  69. India Kees

    India Kees2 meses atrás

    also u cant hold youre singing talent back! we want to hear you sing!!!!! at least i do xx

  70. India Kees

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    omg i love you two together!!! soo fun to watch

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    I really appreciate your zooming effects

  72. Belen Diaz

    Belen Diaz2 meses atrás

    Taaati, I love you!!!! You make me remember my childhood. When I was 7 I tried to imitate Shakira in a children party and then I fell and the first thing to touch the floor was my chin, I have a scar there too. Btw, I'm also the middle child 😂😂😂

  73. laughygirlmaris

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    This is the first video in a while that I throughly enjoyed. It made me smile and feel so many family vibes. I love it. Please do more videos like this!!!!

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    Omg, this was so sweet seeing you with your sister! And LOL the zamboni driver 😂

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    FAVORITE VIDEO!! I have three sisters, this is so great 😂

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    I didn't know you sing I would love to hear a cover from you.

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    i was named after the Archie comic books! love you lots Tati💛

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    You're both so gorgeous! Tati please SING FOR US!

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    But were still alive, haha!!! 😂 I love you Tati!

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    I love riverdale which is based on the Archie comics

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    You two are adorable.

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    Also Larisa is a natural, talking to a camera isn't easy and she is just nailing it every time.

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    This video is perfect.

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    We love seeing how close you are with your family!

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    So Tati you have found your calling :) . You and your sister Larisa are so funny lol it brings back memories of my child hood with all of my sisters and brothers .

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    I love your sister!

  87. Mrs. Fiore 4

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    Love these so much!

  88. Mrs. Fiore 4

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    I wanna hear Tati sing!!!

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    Your sister has the most gorgeous skin!!!! Also I don't know what it is about the way you guys talk but you guys sound so similar!!

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    Hello Tati! Your sister is pretty too!

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    Hey! That was fun! Sisters are the best. You two should do more videos together. And you both look great, BTW. 💋

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    ❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤ *Jesus Christ is the only true God!* *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.* *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.* *also heal their bodies.*

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    This is the best I love this so much!!!

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    "you had a moment" "i had a few good moments" Larisa is iconic

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    Loved this video so much!!! It was so cool to hear all your childhood stories, you should so do another video like it, maybe with all your sisters. Larissa is so gorgeous and just seems like the best sister. Seeing you relationship just makes me wish I had sisters haha xx

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    this was such a cute video

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    I bet their other sisters are gorgeous too!! Omg!! 😆💖💖

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    I wanna see a closet tour!

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    I love when Tatis family is on her channel. Her sister is sooo pretty she gives off such sweetheart vibes I just wana hug her ❤️❤️❤️